Cheating Wife Gets What She Deserves


Cheating Wife Gets What She DeservesHe worked on the docks a longshoreman for 20 years, then one day he was in the right place at the right time did a favor for the right person and he had it made. He got the golden ticket; his star was on the rise rapidly moving up in the administration of the union. Why wouldn’t he be James Dunkin was raised in an upper middle-class family was taught all the social graces, was Quarter Back and Captain of the high school football team. He stood 6’3” tall, 180 lbs, brown hair, broad sholders, tight abs, firm ass and strong legs. He is ruggedly handsome, pleasant and an outgoing personality. He can hold his own in any conversation on most any subject. He was at home from the docks to a golf course to the opera. He could be found at union meetings, the dance floor at a fund-raising charity event and a back-room poker game with union officials, politicians, Police officials, BIG Jim as he was known, knew everyone. Upon the retirement of the Union VP Jim was quickly voted in to that position. Jim was unofficially voted most eligible and desirable bachelor by all the single women and more than a few married women in the country club crowd! No doubt he had bedded more than a few of them! The daugther of the union president, Grace Dillon set her bullseye on Jim and she let her daddy know that. What Grace Dillon wanted she got! Now she was beautiful and what nature did not bless her with her plastic surgeon did! She had a fantastic body sculpted by that same plastic surgeon. The real Grace was spoiled rotten, vain, self-centered, all in all a real BITCH!Jim was well aware of her desires for him, she was blatantly obvious about at every event they both attended, it had gotten so bad as soon as Jim arrived Grace would loop her arm thru his and latch on to him like a leach! He was caught between a rock and a hard place her daddy had made it clear he was getting ready to retire but wanted his position to be kept in the family! The problem was Jim was in love and lust with a big boobed bar tender Sally down on the docks and spent every night he could get away with her. She understood the reality of their situation it had always been this way, there is no way someone from her background would be accepted at the country clubs, and charity balls, but she accepted it, and knew she was his one true love.Typically Jim would pick up Sal after work at 2:30 on Friday nights, she would walk out the bar in her uniform which consisted of a transparent white blouse with a very deep V, A black skirt so short if she sneezed her nipples would be exposed, a pair of black thigh highs, low cut black lace demi bra, matching garter belt and g-string, and six inch heels! Jim would hold the car door open for her she would walk up to him put her arms around his neck and give him a long hot kiss pressing her body up against his he would hold her tight to him kiss her back and say you feel great tonight. She would permit her skirt to slide up exposing her legs all the way up to her panties! Jim would close her door go around the car get in she would lean over kiss him and grab his cock it would always be hard, she would say why are you hard he would say I have the hottest woman on the docks kissing me of course you make me hard, she says take me home suck on my boobs and make me yours. Jim takes her home to her narrow row house built just after WWI, as they walk in the door Sal takes off heels and says my feet are killing me and lays on the sofa and asks baby would you please bring me a cup of coffee, Jimmy gets her coffee sits it down on the coffee table then lifts her feet sits on the sofa and rubs her feet to make her feel better. Sally says oh that feels great why are you so good to me, he says I only do it so I can look up your skirt! She smiles pulls up her skirt and says if I had known that I would have taken my pantys off! She stands up pulls her top and bra off sits down next to him lays across his lap puts her arms around his neck gives him a long hot kiss, then puts his hand on her boob and says rub on these and make me feel hot! Jim picked her up in his arms carried to the bed room lays her on the bed took his clothes off and she takes off her skirt and pantys pulls back the covers then pats the bed beside her. Jim looks down at her and says my god your beatiful, she says, and I have a great ass and tits too, now get in here and use me, only getting layed once a week I’m horny all the time! Jim pulls her into her arms and says there are lots of guys that would give their right nut to be your guy! She says yea but I don’t love them, don’t worry Jim I knew what I was in for when I fell in love with you, just promise me once you marry that bitch you will find time for me once and a while after things settle down. Jim says Sal you know what you mean to me, and I have avoided that woman like the plague, she says I know but we both know sooner or later she is going to get you! Jim says maybe but not tonight he pulls her into his arms kisses her hot and passionately, then kisses and nibbles down her neck and between her 38dd’s, then he sucks and nibbles her nipples, oh god Jim, oh yes bite my nipples please (it makes her pussy flood), her back arches he slid two fingers into her hot wet pussy he feels her pussy grip his fingers as she cums. Jim slides down between her legs and kisses her thighs, he could see and smell how hot she was the heat coming off her pussy, he kissed his way up her thigh he spreads open her pussy lips and licks from her little pink star up and into her gushing love tunnel then to her hard red clit, she reached down laced her fingers in his hair and pulled his face to her pussy gasps and cums all over Jim’s face, then pushes him away from her super sensitive pussy. He climbs between her legs, she grabs his cock and says there he is Big Jim, Jim slides his cock up into her she moans oh god Jim nobody has ever filled me the way you do! Jim began to slowly slide his cock in her, when she felt his hair against her shaved pussy, she remembered why she loved to shave her pussy because it made her so much more sensitive. Sally wraps her legs her legs around Jim’s legs and pulls and holds him tight in her body. They begin to rock together as they have so many times in the past. It takes just a small movement of Jim’s huge cock to set off every nerve ending inside her pussy. Jim starts pumping harder and faster, Sally enters her pleasure zone sending her far away to a place where there is just her and the gratification she is receiving from Jim. She says OH GOD JIM RIGHT THERE YES OH YES, her pussy clamps and releases clamps and releases milking his cock, Jim’s cock cant’s take any more he clutches her tight and explodes inside her pussy load after load of cum up into her womb. Sally digs her nails into his back as his hot cum has set her off into yet another climax more powerful than the last! They lay there clutching each other and Jim say oh god Sally I love you, she says I know you do, and I love you too.The next morning was the charity bachelor auction at the country club. The auction was to be held at nine am the agenda was the auction was from nine to eleven thirty. At noon the bachelors were to take their winning bidder to lunch, then they were to caddy nine holes of golf for their winning bidder, then dinner at the club, the charity ball. There was a hotel attached to the ball room and of course Jim kept a suite there unfortunately so did Grace’s Dad right next door. The auction of course started about a half and hour late, most of the bachelors were going for eight hundred to twelve hundred dollars Jim had given a woman friend three thousand to bid for him so Grace didn’t get him, they saved Jim for last. The auctioneer Started the bidding at one hundred Grace yells out ten thousand dollars. He thinks to himself FUCK! The friend he had given three thousand to shruged her sholders he just smiled. The auctioneer goes ten thousand going once, twice SOLD to bidder number 1. Jim says to himself it just a few hours he can do this.Grace latched on to him just after and hardly let loose he couldn’t believe he made it thru to the ball without killing himself or her. Actually, she was rather pleasant, but he didn’t trust her about half way thru the ball she told Jim she was tird and asked after he finished his beer if he would take her up to her suite. Jim chugged his beer and said let me help you Grace, he walked her to the elevators, when it got to their floor Jim felt a bit dizzy when they got to his door hehad to lean against it, Grace asked if he was ok, then she said let me help you in your suite Jim unlocked the door Grace helped him to his bed he immediately passed out, she took his keys, went next door came back with a bag. She had spiked his drinks all night feeding him Viagra and a roofie. She stripped him, rolled him over to the edge of the bed, stripped the quilt and sheet off the empty side of the bed then rolled him over and covered him up then she stripped her clothes off leaving on her garter belt and thigh highs. She took a small metal rod that had two wires coming out of it and plugged it into the wall. She lubed the rounded end and Jim’s ass slid the rod into him. She lubed her cunt then went down on Jim and sucked his cock till he was rock hard, she lubed his cock and straddled him and slowly impaled herself on his cock one of the biggest she had ever seen and rode him till she was on the verge of cuming she pushed the button for the metal probe in Jim’s ass which immediately stimulated his prostrate causing him to empty his balls into her ripe womb. She slid off his cock layed back on the bed raised her legs in the air, to be sure as much of his cum as possible drained into her womb, between the huge load of cum he shot into her and the fertility d**gs she had been taking the past few months, she was sure her plain had come together. She wanted to suck his cock off but needed it covered in their dried juices when he woke up in the morning. Half and hour later she lowered her legs. Pulled the probe out of his butt put it in her purse, then crawled into bed spooned up against Jim pulled his arm over her with his hand cupping her firm boob and went to sleep. As Jim stated wakening up the next morning, it was dark in the bedroom. He could feel his morning wood hard up against her firm butt, his hand cupping a big firm breast. He was still a bit d**ged and was thinking he was wakening up with Sally, until Grace says good morning tiger are you ready for round four as she spun around in his arms, facing him burying her tongue in his mouth taking her hand grabbing his cock and pulling it to her cunt, as he feels the head of his cock start to part her pussy, he pulls back and says I need to shower, as he gets up they are both uncovered, when he stands he is a bit unsteady and leans against the bed to steady himself. Jim looks back at Grace and almost jumps back in bed, Grace laying there nude is incredibly stunning! She lifts her hand and says can I come too, Jim simply could not resist her any longer and reached down took her hand and pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately, tongues searching each other’s mouths! They break their kiss, but Jim continues to hold her tight against him, her face is buried in his chest, she says Jim I Love You, so much, I have sence we were in the first grade, he feels her tears running against his chest. Jim takes his hand puts it under her chin and raises her face, so she is staring into his eyes and says you are so beatiful, I don’t know why I have resisted you this long, one thing for sure I’m no longer eligible for the bachelor auction! Grace gets an excited look on her face throws her arms around his neck and excitedly starts raining kissing him all over his face! Jim picks her up and carries her into the walk-in shower, turned on the water, pulled her to him and got under shower and slowly soaped her and cleaned her with his hands, he tells her he wants to feel every inch of her body. They spend a lot of time in each balçova escort other’s arms kissing, at one point she has his cock in her hand and tells him my god you are big thank you for going slow the first time so I could adjust to your wonderful manhood. He asks did I, I mean are you, she looks down and says no and no and I’m ovulating, we were both a bit tipsy, and kinda went at each other fast and hard the first time after you gently got your monster all the way in me! He says I guess we better be carful in the future, Grace says baby I’m afraid that ship has sailed, if it didn’t take the first time, I can assure you it did the second or third time! He said we did it three times last night she said maybe four I sorta lost count, but you were really enjoying driving me crazy with your monster!They got out of the shower dried each other off, Jim says your so beautiful, picks her up lays her on the bed, lays beside her, they kiss a long passionate kiss, then he kissed his way down to her boobs and snacked on her nipples, she moans and arches her hips up, Jim starts kissing his way down her body, she says Jim what are you doing, no Jim no lower, he frenches her belly button, she moans oh god, he reaches down slides his finger down her slit and into her pussy, she moans oh god yes Jim, he kisses inside her thighs and spreads her legs runs his tongue up her slit, she lays back spreads her legs wide as her pussy lips swell open exposing her soaking wet inner lips and her hard red clit. Jim just dove in she had the best tasting he ever licked. She grabbed his head pulled his mouth tight against her pussy as he drank her sweet pussy nectar, her body began to shake, she clamped her thighs tight around his head and screamed out I LOVE YOU JIM! She relaxed just in time to prevent Jim from blacking out due to lack of oxygen. Jim crawled up over her body, lowered his head and as he kissed her she felt his cock head at the opening to her pussy, he slowly pushed forward, she gasps as he forced open her outer, then inner pussy lips and up in her body pushing and stretching open her pussy, inch by inch he filled her pussy with his manhood, she reached up wrapped her arms and legs around him pulling him all the way inside her, she was taking him mind, body and soul, she would not be denied any of her desires. She felt his balls on her ass cheeks and his cock head against her cervix that was open due to the fertility d**gs, right there baby yes right there, oh baby you feel so good! Cum for me baby give me your love fill me take me I belong to you now. She feels his cock swell and her cervix open wide her hormones wash thru her taking control of her body, her pussy is milking his cock, she digs her nails into his back knowing the pain should spur on his climax and it does! He groans squeezes her to him and says oh my yes Grace I do love you his cum floods her pussy she shouts out in pleasure YES JIM YES TAKE ME I’M ALL YOURS!She layed in his arms his cock still hard and inside her, they gently kiss each other. Grace says why are you still hard and inside me? He says I don’t know this has never happened before but I have to do this, slowly be begins to pump his cock in and out of her but then rapidly starts to pump her faster and faster, harder and harder, Grace is yelling yes baby harder, faster take me and she explodes into a massive climax as Jim erupts flooding her pussy once more in a sea of cum. Finally, his cock starts to deflate, they relax in each other’s arms not able to let go of each other. Grace says I’m sorry he says why, she says because you smell like my pussy, he says I know wish I could bottle it! Baby you have the tightest pussy I hope I don’t ruin it, she says you will, but it will take some time and not directly, its our baby that will do that! Well I could stay here all day but their realities we need to face, decisions, we need to make! But first another shower, he pulls up in his arms and back in the shower, they kiss and hold each other in the shower stream, then quickly wash. They get out dry each other Jim grabs clean clothes his wallet and phone, as Grace finds her clothes and purse and keys, and they walk out in the hall and next-door nude and into Grace’s bedroom she asks nylonshe says always garters he says of course she asks pantys he says none or g-stringbranone or shelfShe says I like your choices now go out and let me get dressed, I have a lot to do hair, make up get dressed. Oh, please call down and get us a table for breakfast, now scoot! Once he is out of the room, she calls her Mother, Mom this is Grace don’t ask any questions I need you and Dad to be in the dining room at the club in twenty minutes I’ll be down with a susprise Oh and don’t come up to the suite! Twenty-five minutes later she walks out of the bedroom wearing a thin yellow sun dress she walks in front of the window and the dress becomes almost transparent, she slips the sholder strap off and says yellow shelf bra, yellow 6” heels, yellow thigh highs, she pulls up the side of her dress and says yellow garter belt, then she walks right up to him grabs his hand and puts it up her dress and on her bare pussy and says pink pussy! Jim says why don’t you just sit back spread your legs and I can eat right here! She says later now I’m hungry! They walk into the dining room right at eight am Grace’s Dad says Jim, GRACE! Her Mom turns around and says OH MY GOD it’s about time you two come join us they stand up Grace hugs her Dad John, and Sara Graces Mom hugs Jim, Sara grabs Grace’s hand and says we will be right back and drags her off the one of the plush wash rooms, Sara says ok how did you do it, Grace says got him drunk last night at the ball, her Mother looks at her Grace says ok so maybe something fell in his drink, I got him to his room and in bed before he completely passed out, striped him I got naked got the ejaculator out of your room lubed up his butt slid it in, sucked his cock till he was good and hard climbed enjoyed the ride and as I was coming pushed the button! Sara says your such a good lil slut, Grace says you taught me well! This morning when he woke up with his cock covered in dried cum and he saw me nude next to him he carried me in the shower, then back to bed we fucked twice in a row he never got soft until after the second time! Sara asks so how is he, Grace says he has the biggest cock I have ever had really knows how to use it and cums in buckets. He wanted to put on a condom, but I told him it was too late after last night, that I was ovulating, and he had already knocked me up. Sara asks you still got some in you, Grace says of course I didn’t douche want to leave his little wigglers in me as long as I can just in case, Sara says let me taste Grace pulls up her dress spreads her legs and Sara slides two fingers in her cunt as far as she can wiggles them around scopes up their combined juices then puts her fingers in her mouth and sucks them. Sara says damn girl you have the sweetest pussy juice and his cum good too! Sara then says now slut just don’t fuck things up stay away from the black guys, I know how much you like them, but you can’t screw up! Grace but Mom you know how easily I get bored when I’m alone one call and I can have six of them on me at once! Sara says NO, no more and you gota crush his bar girl into giving him up, Grace says I already have a plain for her! Sara says we better get back, Grace says I’m starving!When they walked back Jim and John stood up and pulled out their chairs John says before you sit down you should both know Jim, has asked me for Grace’s hand in marrage and I of course said yes, Grace throws her arms around her Dads neck and says thank you, thank you, thank you Daddy. Sara hugs Jim to her kisses him and says welcome to the family as she reaches down and grabs his cock! Jim thinks what the fuck as they sat down ordered breakfast and sip their mimosa’s. Sara says we are going to move with some urgency, do to the well let’s say impatience of these two, so we are talking engagement party Saturday evening here and wedding in a month, I mean we can’t have Grace walking down the aisle in a maternity dress! John says to Jim my wife’s family is famous for eight-month pregnancies! Grace says DAD, he says what you were an eight-month baby! Sara says be that as it may you two need to get busy, John says sounds like to me they already have been busy! They have their breakfast Jim calls for his car to be brought around and they drive into town Grace says where are we going Jim says shopping, she says OH GODDY I love shopping! She says too bad its Sunday of we could do some real shopping, I mean even the jewelry stores empty their windows as he takes her hand and lead her into a the premier jewelry store in town, she looks at him and says how he cut her off and said I made a call, she says of course you did, and he says go shop she says well you need to be part of this, then he says why do I think you already know exactly the set you want, the owns says Jim you didn’t tell me it was Ms. Grace I have exactly what she wants already resized Jim bust out laughing and says I knew it, and Grace elbows him in the ribs! She puts on the engagement ring and says what do you think, and Jim says it’s almost as beautiful as you but seriously it looks it was made for you, the shop owner says it was, she had sat down with the in-house designer and designed it! Jim paid for the ring set and they thanked the shop owner for opening up for them.They got back in his car she says let me have my ring Jim says it’s for my future fiancée, she sits back sticks her bottom lip out and pouts, he says play your cards right that might be you! She reaches around with one hand pulls his face to hers and kisses him then takes her other hand and strokes the cock thru his paints! She breaks their kiss and says how’s that, he says that’s a good start! Cranks up his pick-up and starts up the road, Grace scoots over next to him starts rubbing his cock thru his paints and when she has him good and hard she pulls his zipper down and pulls his cock out, Jim says what are you doing she says earning my ring, drops her head down and sucks his cock into her mouth and goes to work, twenty minutes later she is rewarded with a huge load of cum, but she keeps sucking until he finally goes soft and she lays her head in his lap and drifts off to sleep. When they arrive he gently lays her head on the seat, goes and opens the door then turns down the bed, goes out takes her in his arms carries her into the bed gently strips her lays her in the bed, then he goes out locks up the car and the house, he takes off his clothes, cuddles her to him, and drifts off to sleep.The next morning Jim wakes up Grace is standing nude silhouetted in front of the sliding glass doors feeling the morning breeze blow thru the doors as the as the sky begins to glow just before dawn to sound of the ocean waves crashing on the white sand beach. He walks up behind her, holds her hips kisses her neck and says good morning, she turns around puts her arms around his neck gives him a loving kiss says this is beautiful and he says yes you are, but let’s not waste the sun rise standing up here lets watch it from the beach, he grabs her dress and drops on over her head. He grabs his shorts, puts them on, takes her hand and leads her down onto the beach just at the edge of the water breaking at their feet he holds her in his arms as the sun slowly clears the horizon. Jim got down on one knee looks up at her, and says I guess we have been heading towards this sence the first grade well at least you have, this whole time I have stupidly avoided you like the plague, just goes to show you how dumb I am to avoid admitting how in love with you I have always been, do you think you would be willing to share the rest of our lives together and marry me, as he opens the ring box, but the engagement ring was missing, her face turns red and she says last night I got up to go pee, stepped on you shorts and felt the ring box, took it out karabağlar escort of your shorts, said yes and put it on so we have been engaged sence two thirty-five this morning, now get up here and kiss me, than take me some place and feed me and why the hell didn’t you tell me we were going away to the ocean so I could pack, oh and by the way, he grabs her and kisses her, picks her up takes her out to the car unlocks it sits her in it, gets in and heads to the diner down the road. Jim calls his office and tells them he will be off today, he was busy getting engaged! Friday evening at nine pm the union meeting is just over and Jim walks out to go across the street to break the news to Sally about his engagement, just as he got across the street he hears Grace say hey big guy looking for a date, she loops her arm thru his and drags him in Sally’s bar, the place was packed with longshoremen that had just left the meeting, Grace drags Jim up to the bar and says bartender a round of drinks for the house to celebrate my engagement to Big Jim! Sally dropped a full glass of beer she had just pored behind the bar then told her assistant manger to take over and close up as she rapidly exited thru the back door. The warning that no birth control method is 100% effective was what Sally was planning to share with Jim as she was six weeks pregnet with his baby!The next month flew by, there were two significant events during that time, two weeks after they got engaged Grace got her period, which she hid from Jim as a boult of the flu. They purchased a mansion that Grace insisted be in her parients gated, golf course community with its own private security force. Their house was on the fourth hole. Of course, she had to have a staff maids, gardeners and chiefs. Before you knew it, Jim had met her at the altar, and they were married! Following their wedding reception, a limo took them directly to the airport for their two-week honeymoon in Jamaica. They got into their suite around one thirty an went right to bed. They were both exhausted promising to comsomate their marrage with his morning wood! The next morning the phone rang wakening them at nine am reminding Grace she had a spa appointment at nine thirty and Jim had a T-Time at ten. They jumped up got in the shower as she bent over to wash her legs Jim grabbed her hips and slid his cook deep inside her and she pushed back against him and said hurry baby we don’t have much time. Jim pumped her hard and fast when Grace felt him ready to cum, she pulled off of him and sucked his cock deep in her mouth as he pumped the contents of his balls in her mouth. She stood up and put her arms around his neck and kissed him shareing their combined cum. They both rushed out for their appointments, Grace was getting a full day at the spa and she opted to get dreadlocks and go native as they were going to be there two weeks. She also was getting a full wax and massage. After lunch they finished off her hair and she was taken for massage.She was given some “special tea” they had offered her while she was waiting, and this tea had a relaxant and aphrodisiac in it. A girl came in escorted Grace into the massage room, Grace got undressed the special tea was affecting her as she had a dreamy feeling and she was rubbing her tits a little before she lay face down on the table and then didn’t even cover herself with the towel. She lay there for a little while and seemed to have almost fallen asleep when the door opened again and a young black guy wearing loose jogging shorts and a tank top quietly walked in.The young guy was one of their best masseuses and grace felt the situation was so sexually exciting that she couldn’t wait for the guy to get started rubbing Grace’s back, and as he started rubbing lower and lower she just remained laying there. Pretty soon he was massaging her ass cheeks and she started to move around a little and was rubbing her mound on the table top. At the same time her legs spread apart some as well as the black guy, could see her smooth slit and see the shine of her juices. He kept massaging her ass for a while and then moved his hands up to the sides of her rib cage and massaged the sides of her tits that were bulging out as she lay on the table. He kept going back and forth between her bulging tits and her ass and Grace was obviously getting hot as her legs spread wider and wider until he had a clear view of her asshole and very wet pussy. By this time the black guys cock head sticking out one pant leg of his shorts. Pretty soon he gently pulled on her shoulder indicating he wanted her to roll on her back and as she started to roll over, he placed her hand on his cock.As she rolled over on her back, her breasts were very full and her nipples were swollen and stiff, a sure indication that she was very aroused, and her smooth mound was fully on display. The black masseuse moved immediately to her full breasts and started massaging them and rubbing her nipples, Grace was getting more and more aroused starting to make little moans as he continued to massage her. He took one of Grace’s hands and placed it on her tit and started squeezing her hand so that she was actually playing with herself and once she was doing this on her own, he moved his hand down to her mound and started playing there. She was so hot that she immediately brought her knees up and spread her legs wide so that her pussy was wide open, and her wet cunt was pointed directly at him. The masseuse brought Grace’s other hand to her other tit and moved down between her legs and started rubbing her very visible clit, rubbing her leaking juices over it and pinching it between his fingers. She moaned even loader and pushed her hips up towards him and he replaced his fingers with his mouth, sucking her clit in and nibbling on it. She kept humping her hips up and down, so he licked her slit and slipped his tongue into her pussy. He kept eating her until she suddenly had a tremendous climax, but he didn’t stop there, he seemed to know that she would get excited very quickly again as he kept licking her pussy and sucking on her clit and sure enough in a few minutes she was moaning and humping her hips up and down. When she was climbing towards another climax he pulled away and quickly removed his top and dropped his shorts. His cock must have been 10 or 11” long and looked as big around as Grace’s wrist. The black guy took hold of his monster cock and started rubbing the head up and down her very wet slit and then lodged it in her pussy and started pushing his hips forward. The head of his cock popped in with no problem and he must have buried at least 6” on the first thrust but by this time Grace had come out of her sexual haze a little and raised up on her elbows to see what was being shoved into her. She started to protest but the guy started massaging both her tits while making short strokes with his cock she had pleasure on her face as her very sensitive nipples were played with and her pussy was being stretched like never before. She stopped protesting and just watched, wet pussy swallowed more and more black cock. With a few more thrusts the black masseuse had buried the full length of his massive cock in my her pussy and was starting to make long deep strokes, each time he would pull it almost all the way out and we could see the full length glistening with her pussy juice and then he would thrust it all the way back in until his cum loaded balls slapped against her ass and mashed against her erect clit.Grace was so caught up in the intense fucking she was getting from this black stranger that she raised her legs up and hooked them over his shoulders, giving him a fantastic view of her cunt being plundered by his huge black cock and allowing him to plunge even deeper into her. She was in haven laying on her back with her legs over a black guys shoulders while he was fucking her with his huge cock and playing with her tits and sucking on her nipplesThe young black guy continued pounding his cock into Grace’s pussy and they were getting close to a climax, Grace was moaning and breathing really hard and the young guy was pounding her harder and harder. Suddenly, Grace screamed out that she was cuming and this triggered the black guys climax, he stroked faster. She was in haven as he plunged his cock deeply into her and held her ass tight filling her with hot sticky cum from a black man. Both of them continued to vigorously climax for at least two minutes and when the black guy pulled his cock out of her pussy. It was stretched more than she believed possible and his cum was flowing out, down her ass crack and forming a puddle on the table.She thought he was finished but the black guy had different ideas, his cock was still oozing cum out the slit in his cock head and he moved up until he was straddling her chest and started rubbing his cock head across her lips. She was still obviously very sexually aroused because she didn’t hesitate to open her lips and catch a big drip of his cum on her tongue. He grabbed her breasts and wrapped them around his slimy cock and started stroking between them so that his cock head popped in and out of her mouth. She didn’t know if he was having another climax, just a continuation of the one he had in her pussy, but his cock kept oozing cum and filling Grace’s mouth every time he would pull out. After a few minutes of this action he seemed to finally be drained and climbed off her, she presented such an erotic picture laying there with her legs still spread wide open, her pussy stretched open so much you could see inside and cum still leaking out, her tits shiny from his cock being between them and her lips covered with a combination of her juices and his cum. He gave her one kiss on the lips and gave her a Summers Eve douche and said to clean you, so your husband doesn’t know, then left the room, leaving her laying there alone. After a few minutes she took a towel and the douche and headed to the shower. Jim met her at the hotel bar at five for dinner as planned, he says I see you have gone native, she says yes we are here two weeks, tomorrow I start on my all over tan on the nude beach, and baby I tan dark, so by the end of the week I’ll blend right and it will be like your fucking a native girl! Jim says fine, just as long as you don’t go fucking a native boy, I don’t share my woman! So, he asks how was your massage? It was very relaxing, who would think a little island girl would be so good with her hands! He says now were talking a pair of island girls! She says slow your roll big guy I don’t share my Island Girls and I have another date for tomorrow afternoon! Jim says now that’s down right stingy! Jim says ok let’s get some dinner and get to the main event, you oral sex doesn’t count as consummating a marrage! She says about that she had a really big strap-on and I’m a bit sore and well gapped we might want to wait till the morning. He says of course then gets a real serious look on his face and says I’m all in on you and like I say I don’t share! Now let get some dinner, what do you feel like eating? She says Lobster he says great let’s get a table, but first how about a big kiss for an appetizer, I want to see your what your little island girl taste like! She thinks SHIT I DIDN’T GARGLE after he filled my mouth with cum! Before she had a chance to stop him his tongue was in her mouth, he pushes her away and spits she says whats wrong! He says I know the difference in taste between male and female cum and your Island Girl had a dick! Thank God we never actually consummated our marrage! He went to the front desk and had them bring a car around! Grace ran up to him and says stop it’s not what you think, I know exactly what it is, just tell me is he black and don’t lie because I will check she says yes. So, it was more important to fuck a black man than consummate our marrage! She says I’m sorry it just happened, then she says I‘m your wife I’ll take every penny you have in the devorce, he says actually I’m not going for a devorce izmir escort I’m going for an annulment, as we never consummated our marrage, in the eyes of the law we are not married and you are not my wife, everything is in my name solely so no marrage no money for you! She says well I’ll just tell everyone we screwed all last night you can’t prove we didn’t, he said you know damn well we didn’t and haven’t, she says yes but I won’t say that. He says you just did I have been recording this whole conversation in living color with Dolby sound! She says what about our baby, Jim says oh I found your tampon box you threw away the week you had the flu! Finally, she says my father will crush you, you bastard! Jim’s car arrives she screams where are you going? Jim gets in the car as they pull off the driver asks where to sir, he says the airport.Grace runs up to their suite and calls her mother, Sara answers Grace yells out THAT BASTARD LEFT ME! Sara asks what are you talking about, who left you, Grace says JIM did she says! Sara asks what did you do why did he leave you? He found out I fucked my black masseuse today! Sara says he’s not going to do any thing just let him cool down, you have a consummated marrage and he thinks your pregnet he has too much to lose. Grace says we haven’t consummated our marrage and he knows I had my period not the flu. Her Mother yells at her you dumb cunt you fucked some black guy before you fucked your husband! Listen Mom just tell dad to crush him, she says you dumb bitch Jim controls the pension fund he has mobsters backing him and we are fucked just because you couldn’t keep you legs closed! Grace spent the next two weeks in Jamaica, staying high on local d**gs, sun bathing on the beach all day long and screwing every black cock she could stuff in her cunt. She called home numerous times, but no one had seen hide nor hair of Jim.When Jim left Grace at the resort, he went stright to the airport, he leased a private jet and flew directly home. When he arrived home, it was pouring down raining Jim was wearing a golf shirt, shorts and sandals. He hired a car to take him to Sally’s. Once he got there he spent half an hour walking up and down her block, trying to get enough courage to knock on her and tell her how bad he had fucked up. Soaking ringing wet he knocked on her door, she opened her door sees him standing there in the rain soaking ringing wet, she says Jim what the fuck get in here before to catch pneumonia. She drags him into the bathroom, immediately starts taking his wet clothes off, he is chilled to the bone shaking and babbling about being such a fool, Sally says what man isn’t. Starts up the shower as she pushes him in, he grabs her and pulls her in with him! They strip off her clothes and he pulls her in his arms, they kiss and they both cry as he holds his one true love tight in his arms, she says lets get you in bed and in my arms where you belong! They get out of the shower dry each other off.He carries her to the bedroom gently layed her in bed then go in beside him, he reached out his hand to her. She lifted from up into a seated motion, his hand caressed her thigh. Then moved along her hip to her belly. She lay still, feeling hands on her pussy. His long fingers worked around her body. He kissed her shoulder and down her arm. Then to her perky breast. The feel of his warm mouth around her puffy areola made her gasp. Something about that sensation caused her body to explode.His fingers simultaneously grazed her pussy slowly. Oh to be handled like this, she thought. For a moment, it felt like multiple men were pleasuring her at once. His mouth on her breast, his hand on her cheek and his finger slipping into her pussy.She parted her thighs and moaned. His cock rose into a thick erection. He kissed his way down her belly, her tender buttery-soft skin. Her body was so warm. His instincts kept sending him lower and lower.He moved his face over her mound. He positioned himself between her legs and dropped his head between her thighs. She tensed up, anticipating that first touch.It came with a gentle nudge of his nose. Then another. Then a light kiss from his lips. His tongue followed. She felt more tingling as her hips instinctively rose up to meet his face. He began to run his tongue inside her and felt her juices in his mouth. She swelled up. She felt herself starting to sweat. She was ready.She tugged at his arms.She was ready.He looked up at her face. With eyebrows raised with fear, her eyes begging him to enter her.She was ready.He rolled to his back and pulled her over him. She straddled his hips and braced herself with her arms around his face. She kissed him deeply as she felt him guide his cock against her pussy. Her heart pounded as she felt his body connect with hers. His head pushed through easily, thanks to his oral exploration. Her pussy was ready for him, all of him. Not right away. He pushed gently and she tensed up. He pushed again, only for her to wince and gasp.She stayed over him, her plump ass in the air, her tender pussy only perched on his cock head, for a few moments. Just that feeling alone sent waves of arousing sensations throughout her body. The tightness of her pussy against his cock, the heat she was generating and watching her face as she slowly took him in his own orgasm. Little by little, his cock filled her. She gasped with each breath. He felt his balls swelling. She sat upright on her knees, lowering herself over him. He looked up at her perfect body. Her huge breasts jiggling freely. Her eyes were closed. Her hair fell around her face. You’re so fuckin hot, he whispered.Her eyes opened as she looked at him looking at her. Something happened inside her. His eyes, the way he gazed at her, the desire they had. She felt empowered. She knew she was his woman.She leaned back over him and kissed him deeply. He held her breasts in each hand and hungrily kissed her back, she said carful with them they are very tender!She lowered her ass down and began to pump. His cock slid up and down in her. Her pussy softened and her body began to tremble. She felt a quiver deep inside her vagina.Ohhhh, she moaned.She buried her face against his shoulder.Ohhhh Godddd, she gasped.He pushed up with his pelvis and fucked her deeply.Oh yes….Oh yes…She pushed down hard against him and held herself firmly on his dick.She panted as if she couldn’t catch her breath. She lifted herself up and back down again. Her gasps turned to cries. She gripped his hands with hers. She then kissed him deeply.He felt his cock pulsing inside her. It was only going to be another few seconds ….Suddenly, his cum shot into her pussy splashed and filling inside her! Oh fuck! he called out.They laid there, naked and fucked, for a while and took a nap. It was the middle of the night when he woke up and pulled the duvet cover over them.The next morning, they woke up Sally headed stright for the bathroom when she came back Jim got his first clear look at her in weeks, ne noticed she had developed a bit of a belly and her boobs actually looked a bit larger and her areolas had grown and were darker! He sits on the bed holds her by her hips as he looks over her, and says is there something I should know, she reaches down opens her night stand takes out her positive pregnancy test strip and hands it to him. He looks at it then up at her with a tear in his eye and says why didn’t you tell me. She says how could I you were getting married! It’s been this way for hundreds of years. He says it’s not going be that way for our c***d.Grace lands back at the airport high, drunk wearing a see thru nighty and g-string covered by a light rain coat. She calls Jim he doesn’t answer leaves him a message they need to talk, and she should be home in thirty minutes. Jim needs to get his brief case and some clothes but knows there will drama dealing with Grace so when he gets to guard shack at the entrance to his community, he asked one the Guards to come with him. The guard said Mrs. Dunkin had just come thru a few minutes earlier. Of course, Grace picked the biggest blackest driver she could find at the airport to take her home. Once he brought her bags in she dropped her rain coat and says if you want some of this get up to the bedroom get naked and take what you want! He follows her up to the bedroom she lays back on the bed and watches as he strips off clothes, she sees his ripped body and huge black cock. He climbs on the bed goes to pull her into his arms and kiss her, she pushes him off of her and says if you want me your going to have to take me! He smiles and says so you like it rough! He reaches down grabs her around the around her neck forces himself between her legs then rips open her top, then rips off her g-string, and starts shoving his cock in her, then puts both his hands around her neck and started choking her and leans down and bites her nipple and she screams out in pain. Jim and the cop are at the open front door and hear Grace scream, Jim pulls out his .45 cai. Auto rushes up to the bedroom, sees the big black guy fucking his wife her clothes ripped off and his hands around his neck and does not hesitate and puts a hollow point slug in the back of the black guys head, his face split open and covered Grace in blood and brains. She had blood and brains covering her body, face in her eyes and mouth! She started uncontrollably screaming as the dead driver fell forward on her! She pushed him off of her sat up and just continued to scream.The cop got on the radio called for back-up an ambulance and the medical examiner. He pried the gun out of Jim’s hands took some quick pictures of the seen with his cell phone before it was disturbed and says to Jim you can see to your wife now. Jim gets a blanket and wraps her in it. In a matter of minutes, the house is swarming with police, fire department and Graces pairents! Grace has been sedated but is in a state of shock, she still has his cum dripping out of her cunt, her Mom is trying to calm her. The police Chief a golf and poker friend of Jim’s is reassuring him there will be no charges filled as Jim has a legal concealed carry permit and he acted in defense of his home and wife. John is thanking Jim for shaveing his daugther, Sara says John how can you be so stupid she was fucking him you know she can’t pass up a black cock, he just spoiled her fun! Then she turns to Jim and says I don’t know if she will ever recover from this, you better damn well be ready to stand by her and take care of her! Jim says there is no way I can give her what she wants my cock is white, but she will be covered under the union’s insurance! As far as her and I my lawyers are already working on the annulment, and I should have it by the end of the week, so Sara I need you to gel all of Grace’s shit out of here tomorrow! I’m selling this place ASAP and getting out of this pompous community! Oh and John good to hear your finally retiring we will be holding an election Friday night for your replacement! Friday Jim’s lawyers call and tell him his annulment was granted, that evening the election is held and Jim is elected the new President of the union. Grace will spend years in a mental health facility, Sara made sure there were lots of black attendants to care for her! Saturday Morning Sally and Jim flew to Jamaica and Jim surprised her by taking her to the west side of the island and proposing to her as the sun set, then the next morning Jim got her up at dawn walked her down to the beach there is a tent set up, and he told her, her future was right inside the tent are you ready she says yes and walks in! An hour later the beach has been transformed into an outdoor wedding chapel. Her Mom walks out and takes a seat then her dad walks her up to the alter. Her best friends are there as brides’ maids and Jim’s buddies are there as groomsmen. The are married under the morning sky on the beach in Jamaica! As it turns out the country club crowd were far more accepting and open to a practical down to earth woman like Sally than the snobby Grace and her mother.Two years later Jim is sitting on the beach in front of the beach house at Ocean City, building a sand castle with little Jim! Sally is kneeling with them resting her arms on her big pregnet belly and says I am so happy we had the boy first so he can look out for his little sister!

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