Cheerleader’s Reunion – Michelle Part 2


Michelle awakened to the feel of masculine lips on hers and a burning sensation in her throat. Suddenly she coughed into the man’s mouth and dense white gobs of mucilaginous fluid bubbled up from her windpipe to pour from her nostrils and out over the pink softness of her lips. Pushing the man away, she inhaled deeply. The intake of air caused her to cough repeatedly, forcing more and more of the thick, salty flavored cum out through her mouth and nasal passages, creating heavy streams of pearly spunk that fell to splatter upon the golden flesh of her bare chest, a plump globule hanging clingingly to the tip of an erect and pointy brown nipple. When she finally stopped coughing and was able to regain her breath, she looked at Terry.“What happened?” She asked, wiping the back of her hand across her pretty pink lips.“You passed out,” the young, dark skinned black man replied, licking his chocolate brown lips.When she first coughed, Michelle had spewed a slimy rush of jizz from her mouth into his. The initial reaction he experienced had been revulsion and disgust regarding what had occurred. The sharp, salty flavor of his friend’s cum flowed over his taste buds in gluey clumps and strings, and he started to spit the heavy wads out, but when he looked at Mark and Charlie he saw that they hadn’t noticed what had happened so, not wanting to make them aware of what had transpired, he had swallowed the pungent fuck fluid. But the taste remained and he found that, despite his initial response, which was based more on the way he felt he was expected to respond, he liked the spicy succulence of Marks’s sperm. At least he knew he liked the way it tasted when combined with the flavor of the sexy, little Chinese girl’s mouth.“Passed out? Man, that bitch nearly died,” Mark laughed, filled with amusement regarding what had happened and relief that she had survived. He looked toward Michelle. “If Terry hadn’t performed CPR when he did you would have drowned in my cum.”“Really? It was that bad?” Michelle asked, her exotic eyes widening in awe. “Wow! You saved my life.”Throwing her slim arms around Terry’s neck, she kissed him deeply and passionately. Terrence returned the kiss with equal fervor. She felt his rough, masculine hands move across the smooth softness of her flesh as he enclosed her in a powerful embrace and their tongues swirled against one another.As they kissed, Michelle wondered at the man’s lack of reluctance to do so. She knew a lot of men would have been repulsed by the thought of kissing a woman after having watched her suck the cum from another man’s prick. She also knew that her lips were covered with thick streaks and dollops of the spunk that she had coughed up and let spill from her mouth. But he didn’t seem to be repulsed by the flavor. Instead, he appeared to enjoy it. He held her tight and kissed her hungrily, as if he could not get enough of the feel and taste of her. She kissed him back the same way. At the same time she made a mental note to find out if he liked the flavor of spunk. Considering the possibility caused her young, black haired snatch to tingle with excitement. She found herself hoping he did. If so, and he wanted her as much as she believed he did, she would move in with him immediately and make it a point to provide him with cum filled holes to eat every day.Michelle felt the young, black man lower a hand to caress the tiny cheeks of her ass and the tingling sparks within her horny Asian cunt became fiery flames. She moaned into the man’s mouth as her arousal made a major resurgence and a fragrant combination of sperm and pussy cream gushed from between the plump lips of her hairy slit. She wanted to fuck again. Despite having sucked and ridden two massive black slabs of fuckmeat through orgasm after orgasm, the pretty Chinese ankara travesti cheerleader was hungry for more.Although the three black men in the back of the van were unaware of it, Michelle Shin was one of the most insatiable young women in the school. She was a fuck hungry slut with an appetite that bordered on nymphomania. If a poll was taken regarding who was the most hot pussied bitch in Union Falls, she knew she would be rated somewhere near the top of the list. Her name would be up there with the likes of Alicia Vega, Jami Lane, The Ward Twins, and Mrs. Janet Bagglio, with Mrs. Bagglio taking the position of first place skank this year only because of everyone knowing her to be an adulterous whore who had gotten pregnant by a man other than her husband and who was fucking so many different men at the time the child was conceived that she didn’t know who the father was. Given the chance, the Asian teenager would fuck and suck the three black men until they passed out from exhaustion. But she didn’t have time for that. She felt that she only had time for one more fuck before she had to return to the gym to help complete the preparations for the night’s festivities.As Terry continued to kiss her, Michelle felt him slowly push her down on her back. The feel of the hard wood beneath her did not bother her. She liked it best when there was a hard surface beneath her when she was being screwed. When she was being held down on concrete, steel, or stiff wooden boards as a man pounded his cock into her, something that had no give so that she had to take the full forcefulness of his every thrust, she always experienced her most intense orgasms. She always felt as if she was helpless and couldn’t get away as the man took her, and she loved that feeling. Just thinking about being fucked that way made her heart pound more rapidly and her cunt burn hotter, turning her fuckhole into a blazing furnace between her slim thighs.When the muscular, young black man moved to mount her, the slender Asian girl spread her golden legs and raised them along the dark brown flesh at his sides. Feeling the hard and throbbing shaft of his humongous prick lying on the taut flat surface of her belly, the bulbous ebony knob at its top reaching almost to the space between her small tits, she wanted it inside her. She wanted to feel its heated thickness stretching the walls of her snatch wide and pounding deep into her cunthole. As she lay beneath him she began to hump her hips upward and rub her dark haired pussy against the rigid column of his black cock.Drawing her lips from his, Michelle looked up at Terrence.“It’s your turn now, baby. Fuck me good with your big, black cock. Fuck me and make me yours,” she said in a purring seductive voice. “I want that. To be yours, I mean. And I know you want me too. So fuck the shit out of me and show me how much you want me to be your girl.”Terrence stared at the teenaged Chinese girl in amazement. He felt it was uncanny that she could read his emotions and desires so exactly. It was almost as if she could read his mind. They had only just met and she was letting him know that she was aware of his feelings. If the circumstances had been different, he might have been put off by the idea of a woman espousing such a presumptuous thought, especially if it was true. But gazing down into the dark, feline eyes of the horny young cheerleader who lay naked beneath him, hearing her tell him that she felt the same way and begging him to fuck her as the stiff, pulsing shaft of his prick lay atop her belly, he felt none of the fear of commitment such a statement might otherwise have evoked. Instead, it made his desire for her grow stronger.He tried to return to kissing her, but she stopped him by placing a hand between them and travesti ankara pushing against his powerful chest.“Tell me you love me,” she demanded gently.Feeling a rush of momentary embarrassment, he turned to glance at his friends. Seeing the grins on their faces as they waited to see what he would do, Terry knew they had heard her words.“Yeah, Tell the little slut you love her,” Charlie chuckled. “Hell, with all the cum I just shot in the bitch’s pussy I might have knocked her up. You could marry her and claim the kid. It’s not as if it’s something no one else would do.”Terry felt a little satisfaction when he saw Mark’s grin disappear just before Michelle reached up with her free hand to grip him beneath his chin and turn his face back to her. As he once again stared into the depths of her dark eyes, he felt the warm, soft touch of her palm and fingers glide down across his chest with tantalizing slowness, the heat of her caress like a blazing flame, causing his flesh to tingle where it passed.“Don’t look at them. Look at me. Look at me and tell me you love me,” Michelle said. Her fingers came into contact with the base of his cock and she smiled when she heard him gasp at the sensation. “Your friend is right. I’m a slut and, right now, I could be pregnant with his baby. But even knowing those things, you still love me and want me. So, say it. Say that you love me.”The raven haired Chinese cheerleader knew she was driving the young black man wild with the way she continually hunched her hips up to rub her downy furred pussy against the underside of his prick while her small hands skimmed gently over the top of it. But it was driving her crazy with desire as well. Terry’s swollen ebony shaft was so big around that she could barely encircle half of it with her fingers, and it was so hot that she felt as if the flesh of her palm was being singed on the surface of a blazing red steel rod. Michelle had never seen or felt such a monstrous cock before and, more than anything, she wanted to feel it inside her. But first she wanted to hear him admit his feelings for her. She was a young woman who knew what she wanted and was not afraid to go after it. She wanted her man to be the same way. That began with him telling her how he felt and what he wanted.Positioned above the thin Chinese girl, gazing into her eyes, Terrence knew he had to say something. He felt as if he was trapped between a rock and a bigger rock. If he confessed his love and desire for the beautiful, young, Asian cheerleader his coworkers would lampoon him unmercifully, the same way they did Mark. If he didn’t, the girl might not let him fuck her. And more than he wanted to fuck any other woman he had ever seen, he wanted to fuck the sexy little high school slut who lay under him.Okay. You got me. I love you and I want you. I felt that way since the moment you met us at the back door of the gym,” he sighed with a smile. “So what do we do now? Do we stop fucking other people, move in together, get married, have kids…?”“Yes,” Michelle grinned happily. “Well…. Except for the part where we stop having sex with other people. I mean, I’m a nasty little nympho bitch with a constantly hungry cunt and you’re a sexy, hot blooded black stud with a monster cock. I don’t think either one of us wants to  go all monogamous, now do we?””So you want us to be together, but you still want to fuck other guys?”“Yes. And I want you to be able to do other girls. I have some friends who would just love a huge black whang like this,” stated the teenager. “You got to enjoy watching as I screwed your friends and I’d love to be able to watch you fuck mine. But first you’ve got to fuck me.”Michelle flicked her tongue out to moisten her lips.“I want your big, black prick in every one of my holes. ankara travestiler I want you to start with my pussy, then split my asshole wide and pound it deep until you cum. When you cum, I want you to shoot three times in my butt then move up and stuff your cock in my mouth so that I can suck you clean and swallow the rest of your load,” she said. “Can you handle that?”“Hell yeah. I’m ready when you are.”“Good. Now I need you to lift your hips a little.”To tease her, Terry raised his hips three inches and stopped. He enjoyed the look of frustration that appeared on her face when she saw he hadn’t moved far enough.“You have to….” She stopped. Seeing the smirk on his brown lips and the glint of humor in his eyes, she laughed. “Oh. That’s mean.”“Just getting you back for the way you treated me.”“It’s sadistic. You shouldn’t treat your girlfriend that way,” Michelle playfully pouted.Terry shrugged with a chuckle.“If you’re finished getting back at me, would you mind moving back a little further?” The Golden skinned girl reached down with her other hand to wrap it around the other side of the bulky shaft of the man’s cock. Even using both of her hands she couldn’t completely enclose the girth of his prick. As she stroked her hands back and forth along its length she felt her snatch grow hotter and hotter, steaming and bubbling like a pot on a blazing fire, in anticipation of it entering her. When he didn’t move, she began to beg in a whimpering voice. “Please, honey. Oh. Oh, baby, I need your cock. I need to fuck. Ohhh. Please fuck me.”Terry lowered his lips to hers and, as they kissed, she felt him raise his hips higher. After a moment she was able to slide his cock down her body, smearing the pearly precum that drooled from its tip over her flat abdomen and through the soft, black mat of hair that adorned her pelvis, to position it between the fat lips of her gushing snatch.“Oh shit!” Michelle gasped, her mouth coming away from Terry’s as she threw her head back and her body arched. She guided the bulging head of the man’s humongous black prick back and forth through the wet, steaming furrow of her gash, feeling it skim over the ultrasensitive nub of her erect clit, sending a jolt of pleasure into her cunt that caused her to erupt in orgasm. “Oh! Oh God! I’m cummmmmiiiiinnnnngggg!”Her entire body became taut, the veins in her neck standing out in prominent relief as her face contorted in a grimace of pure ecstasy. Wave after wave of intense sensation flowed through her horny teenaged cunt and womb in flaming bursts that were unlike anything she had ever experienced before, reverberating within her pussy and filling her heart with joy. The lovely young cheerleader couldn’t believe she was experiencing such powerful pleasure and knew that the blissful feelings were being enhanced by her emotions.Oh God! I do love him, she thought. I love him. I love him. I love him. I love him.Still gripping his throbbing rod of black manmeat in her hands as she descended from the heights of rapture, the young Asian woman gazed at the man who hovered above her with an expression of awe.“Oh, baby, that felt so good. I came for you. You haven’t even fucked me yet and I’ve already cum harder for you than I have with anyone else. Wow! Now I really want to feel your cock inside me. If the feel of your prick only touching my cunt can make me cream like that, I just have to know what it’s like to have it fucking me.”Directing the blunt nose of the black man’s prick to the entrance of her gushing pussy, she raised her snatch up onto it.“Fuck your cock into me. Screw me with that big thing and make me cum again, honey,” Michelle murmured. She kissed and nibbled gently at the dark flesh of his muscular shoulder. “I need your prick. Give it to me. Push it into my pussy and fuck me deep. I want to feel every inch of it inside me.”Hearing her tell him how much she wanted him to fuck her, Terry smiled. The little high school slut was already hot to fuck, but having watched her with Charlie and Mark he knew what would make her even hotter.

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