Cheryl and I


Cheryl and I were having dinner with Lisa and her boyfriend, Mark and they described the sexy see-thru lingerie Lisa had purchased and they were really enjoying. Cheryl and I talked about it and the next weekend Cheryl went shopping with Lisa.

They came back from the store and Cheryl told me she purchased some HOT lingerie similar to Lisa’s. Mark was there with me and we sort of teased them to model for us. Cheryl was sitting on my lap and she looked at me and I said: “I’d like to see you in it.” She agreed that she would show it just to me and got the bags and went into the bathroom.

After a couple minutes, she called me in. I went in and Cheryl closed the door behind me; I could see a lacy black bra underneath her white blouse. She unbuttoned the blouse and showed me the lacy bra – it was see-thru and I could see her nipples and the dark area around them. I reached out and felt them and the bra and her tits felt good. She said: “I got the matching garter belt and panties, do you want to see them?”

I nodded yes and she slowly pulled her skirt up, showing the darker tops of her black stockings and then I could see her garter straps. She was hot! I felt my cock getting harder as I looked at her and then she pulled the skirt up to her panties. She showed me the side of her panties, they were string bikini panties.

I said, “I like them, a lot.” Then she lifted her skirt and showed me the rest of her panties, the front panel was sheer and you could clearly see her dark bush. I could see where her pubic hair began and I reached over and felt her as she pushed back at my hand. I slid a finger between her legs and I could feel she was getting wet. I said, “These panties look good enough to eat.” I knew that would drive her crazy hearing me talk about eating her. She was pushing against my hand as we kissed.

Just then Lisa yelled, “What is going on in there? Are you coming out to model?”

Cheryl shook her head NO.

“Go ahead. You look great.”

She said, “OK, but I’m putting my blouse and skirt back on.”

I said: “Fine, I can eat you later.” She shuddered and we kissed hotly again. With that, she slid her skirt back on and I helped her with her blouse. She reached over and felt my cock thru my pants and said, “He is wide awake.”

“And hard for you.” I said. She squeezed my cock again and opened the bathroom door

I went back to the chair I had been sitting on and Lisa and Mark were across from me on the couch. Cheryl walked up to them and modeled, turning one way and then the other. You could see her bra nicely. Lisa asked about the rest of the outfit and Cheryl said she wasn’t wearing the slip or camisole. “How about the garter belt?” Lisa asked.

Cheryl came over to me and with her back to them, slid her skirt up to show me her stockings. She slowly slid it up until I could see her panties and I asked her to step closer. She did and I reached up and placed my hand on her panties and slipped my finger between her legs. She was very moist and I pushed her panties into her cunt a little. I looked her in the eyes and said, “Show them how nice you look.”

She looked at me, again with her large eyes and I said, “Please, you look so good. You know how good, right?” She had that look again as she was getting wetter, thinking about me eating her pussy.

She let the skirt slip back down and turned around. She walked over toward them, her high heels clicking. She then did the same show for them as she showed them her stockings then slid her dress up more to show the side of her panties; then turned, faced them and lifted her skirt and let them see her complete front.

I said, “You might as well take off your skirt, we’ve seen everything.”

With that she unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She looked great and then she bent over to pick it up. She showed me a great Escort Bayan view of her pussy when she bent over.

Lisa said, “Aren’t they pretty?” and Mark responded with: “They are hot!”

Cheryl turned around and came over and sat on my lap, looking sexy. I reached up and felt her breast as we kissed. I started working on the buttons of her blouse and she helped me unfasten them all. We slipped her blouse off and Cheryl was sitting on my lap dressed in just her bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and heels.

We were making out and my hands were all over her. We looked over and Lisa was also down to her bra and they were pulling her skirt off.

I slid my hand inside of Cheryl’s panties and felt for her wet cunt. She pushed against my hand and I slipped a finger inside her. She was squirming as I slowly finger fucked her. Then I pulled my hand back out and let her watch me lick and suck on my finger.

I said, “Do you want me to eat you here or do you want to go into the bedroom?”

She said, “Let’s leave.”

“OK, but can I eat you now?”

Her eyes were cloudy as she said, “Yes, please.”

I said, “Take off your bra before we go in, I love your breasts.”

She had no complaints as she reached back and unfastened and removed her new bra. I then felt and kissed her tits with one hand back inside her pussy.

I looked over at Lisa and Mark. They had removed her bra; she was down to her black sexy lingerie and Mark was feeling her exposed tits as his other hand was inside of her panties and she was raising her hips as he removed her panties.

I said to them, “Lisa didn’t model for us.”

They finished removing her panties and her pussy looked delicious as she sat there in her garter belt, black stockings and heels. Lisa looked at us and slowly spread her legs wide showing us her wet pussy and said: “How is this?”

I said, “That looks good enough to eat.”

Cheryl poked me as Mark said, “That’s what I’m going to do.”

They looked good. I said, “Excuse us, we are going into the bedroom after Cheryl shows us hers.”

I helped her remove her panties and had her sit down and spread her legs to give everyone a good look at her wet pussy. Then Cheryl got up and faced them and they looked at her naked except for her stockings garter belt and heels. She looked HOT.

We walked into the bedroom where she started on my belt and I removed my shirt. We both undressed me and I was down to only my panties as we moved to the bed. As she was feeling my hard cock Cheryl said, “Maybe we will get you some lacy see-through panties.”

We kissed and I moved down to admire her tits and kiss them, then I kissed down across her stomach and she was moaning already. I felt her warm, moist pussy and felt her sexy stockinged legs. She spread her legs wide and I could see her pussy lips as I slid a finger back inside of her wet cunt. She moved against my hand and I pulled my finger out as I leaned down and touched her cunt with my tongue. She was delicious as I ate her and lapped her juices.

She squirmed and squirmed as she got closer to cumming for me. I know they could hear her as I ate her pussy. She was pulling at my head as she said, “Fuck me now, I want your cock inside of me now. Please fuck me!”

I pulled up from her juicy pussy and kissed her, covered with her juices as she guided my hard cock into her. I pushed it home and we slowly started fucking as she moved her hips and legs under me. We fucked for several minutes and I could feel her getting ready to cum again as I got closer to cumming and we managed to cum together as I shot my load into her pussy.

When we were both done, my cock was still inside of her growing smaller. She looked at me and said, “It’s getting smaller and now it’s going to fall out. Do you have anything else you could put there for me? Are you still hungry, are you interested in eating something? Will you eat me now big boy?” She gave me a big sexy smile.

I looked at her, this was something she had just started doing recently. “I eat it when I suck you. Don’t you want to eat me now?” We found out it could turn me on when she asked me to do this. She said, “I eat it when I suck your cock. Please eat me, come on, eat it for me.”

It was working. My cock was growing again and I was moving toward her cum filled pussy. I reached down and ran my finger along her cunt lips and let her watch me as I licked it off. I made some noisy licking sounds as I put my finger into her pussy and brought it back out with cum dripping again and put it to her lips. She eagerly sucked on my finger and licked it clean.

“See.” she said, I like it. It tastes like you. Now your turn, show me.”

I moved my head down to her pussy and licked it again this time tasting myself mixed with her pussy juices and smells. It was delicious and it tasted like sex! I ate her and ate her until she was cumming again. My face was covered with cum and her pussy and pussy hairs were soaked. I moved up to her and we kissed again, this time sex was all over the air and all over our faces as we both had been eating from her cum filled cunt.

We had totally forgotten about Lisa and Mark and we hoped they had fucked as good as we had.

Cheryl looked at me and said, “You are hot, that was wonderful.”

I thought she was the hot one and I told her so. She had added the cum eating and that sure turned me on.

She said, “I saw you watching Lisa suck Mark’s cock.”

“Yes, it was hot.”

“You were really watching him, watching his cock.”

“It was a nice blowjob she was giving him.”

Later that week she was still talking about how hot it was to see them both getting it on. She had her hand and mouth on my cock and was teasing me with a blowjob. She pulled up and asked me if I liked Lisa’s body and I had told her it was nice.

She said “Did you see him? Did you watch his cock?”

“Yes, I saw them.”

“Did you like his cock? You were really watching closely as Lisa unfastened and removed his pants, I think you were interested in it, were you?”

“I guess I was wondering what it looked like and if he was circumcised.”

“If he wasn’t circumcised, you wouldn’t have liked it would you?”

“I guess not.”

She smiled as she said: “So you did like it because it was circumcised?”

I said, “Sure.”

“You were really watching when Lisa was sucking his cock.”

“It was pretty hot.”

“Yes it was. Will you…”

“Will I what?”

“Will you do it for me sometime?”


“Will you do one for me?”

“One what?”

“A cock.”


“I think you want to, the way you looked at it and the way you watched her sucking on him. The way you enjoy it.”

“That doesn’t mean I want to do it.”

“If you don’t how come your cock is so hard – this is turning you on, isn’t it?”

“You were just blowing me and we’ve been talking about some pretty sexy stuff.”

“But you got harder when I started talking about you doing it. Will you do it for me, just once? I would like to see one in between your lips. Seeing you do it would really turn me on and you would only have to do it once, unless you really like it. It would turn me on like your sexy panties turn me on.”

She was stroking me the whole time she was talking about it. I was really turned on.

She said: “I think Lisa would go for it also – she and I hinted about some stuff after we all modeled our new lingerie. If he doesn’t want to do it, maybe we can pick up a guy in a bar for you to blow… I’m kidding, or maybe, I’m not kidding. I want to see you do it.”

With that, she went down and started sucking on my very hard cock again. It’s hard to turn her down when she has my cock in her mouth. That’s a very persuasive argument.

She pulled up from sucking my cock and said: “Do you want me to share your cum with you tonight?”

I said, “Yes.” She had been doing that recently and that turned us both on. It was like when I ate her and was covered with her pussy juices and pussy smell and then we would kiss.

She smiled and said: “That’s another reason I think you want to do it, you like cum and you wouldn’t have to share.”

She was playing with my cock and said, “Wouldn’t you like one of these in your mouth?”

I was thinking about it and as I watched her put my cock in her mouth, I moaned and said, “OK.” And the die was cast. From that moment on, all Cheryl wanted to talk about was me sucking a hard cock.

She was talking to Lisa the next morning and I heard her saying, “He wants to do it! I’m so turned on also.”

It was the following weekend that Cheryl had it arranged, they were coming over to our place.

We refrained from sex for three days and that evening, we both had a glass of wine as we waited for them to arrive.

I was wearing one of her see through bikini panties and because that was all Cheryl would talk about all week, I was really thing about it. All I was thinking about was sucking a cock.

The doorbell rang and Cheryl came over to kiss me and feel my cock. She said, “Thank you, thank you, I am so glad you are going to do this, it has turned me on so much, I am so excited and hot.”

They walked in the door and I wondered what I was doing.

Lisa came over and kissed me and said, “Mark is so looking forward to this and it is so HOT!”

Cheryl said: “Sit on the couch and get comfortable.”

They sat on the couch and Cheryl said to Lisa: “Why don’t you take his clothing off? That would make us more comfortable, right honey?”


Cheryl helped Lisa undress him and then when he was completely nude Cheryl said: “You should get here between his legs. Doesn’t his cock look good?”

I agreed and got on my knees between his spread legs. I felt his legs and put my hand on his cock. It was still growing as I moved my head down to meet it and for the first time, I let a hard cock slip in between my lips. I filled my mouth as I enjoyed its smoothness and hardness. I started to move up and down on his cock as he was fucking my mouth and I was enjoying it. I forgot about the girls as I sucked his hard cock between my lips.

I could hear him moaning and the girls encouraging me as I sucked his cock.

I was enjoying his cock filling my mouth, it felt very good in there. I was a wet pussy mouth for him and I could tell he liked my sucking. Then he put his hands on my head and was guiding my mouth as he was fucking my mouth, my mouth pussy. I liked this a lot. After a while of me sucking his cock and him fucking my mouth, I was thinking he was getting ready to cum for me.

He shouted: “I’m going to cum, what do you want?”

Cheryl answered for me: “He wants to eat it! Cum in his mouth!”

She was correct, that’s what I wanted. I wanted to feel his cum fill my mouth and I wanted to taste his cum. He moaned, his cock stiffened in my mouth and he started to spurt his load into my mouth. He was filling my mouth with his warm cum. It was thick and felt so sexy in my mouth.

Cheryl said “Show us, let us see the cum in your mouth.”

After I was sure he was done and I had milked all of his cum into my mouth, I showed all three of them my cum filled mouth and then slowly swallowed his load. It was delicious and I went back to his cock and milked some more into my mouth. Cheryl came over to me and kissed me tasting my cum coated mouth.

She looked me in the eye and said; “You are really a cocksucker now, aren’t you?”

I said, “Yes.”

Because of the way I felt I knew I would want to do this more.

I am a cocksucker.

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