Chesterbury Tales Pt. 16


It is Winter 1966. When five couples find themselves stranded at a remote high class inn by extreme weather conditions, they amuse each other by relating stories of an erotic nature, as well as taking part in all kinds of private and group sexual activities.

The Host began with a tale about a birthday orgy involving a current top film star. The Theatre Company Manager’s tale was of her oral exploits with a famous actor and the Marketing Director’s tale of how the ‘Wife of Bath’, with her daughter, had seduced a whole management team. The Politician’s tale was about the husband’s revenge, and the Model’s tale about a country girl finding heaven between her legs – with the aid of her vicar. For the morning story of the fourth day, The Stockbroker’s Tale showed how two resourceful women turned the tables on their partners who were trying to deceive them, whilst the Aristocrat’s tale was about a sexual orgy, incest and murder in the stately home. The TV Presenter’s was of group sex with an African Chief and his bodyguards.

Chapter Sixteen: Delia’s wartime sex fantasy

as the six couples were relaxing over cocktails, the hostess, Julie, turned the conversation to conditions at home during the war years, particularly in finding food. She explained something about the rations in wartime England, though most of the guests remembered something of them, particularly the lack of sweets and fruit..

‘Each person was allowed one egg per week, if you recall, with two ounces of butter and four of margarine. Members of my family used to bargain with each other, swapping their rations – perhaps their butter ration in exchange for the jam ration.’

The guests exchanged memories of those frugal days. For lunch, Anne had even arranged a second world-war menu. A starter of prune juice, followed be piece of toast scraped with margarine, with a poached egg on it. A cup of tea accompanied the meal, which ended with a piece of carrot cake.

Afterwards, the guests had been asked to wear a topcoat, or raincoat – nothing else – and assemble in the lounge. Julie explained the purpose.

‘During the war, most husbands, boyfriends and young men had been called up to serve their country, leaving wives and girlfriends sitting at home, alone and frustrated. Masturbation is okay, but there are times when a girl wants a thick cock inside her. There was no street lighting. Everywhere was pitch black, unless there happened to be a moon. So when the frustrations became too intense, some of them would roam the streets in search of cock.’

Anne chimed in. ‘There was always the cinema, of course, where they could hope to meet up with some soldier on leave, or students whose call up to the forces had been deferred until they were twenty-one. There were also reserved occupations, like coal miners, and others whose work was essential for the war effort.’

‘They had the pick of the women left at home, lucky people!’

‘The back row of the cinema was usually full of couples kissing eagerly, and feeling up each other. In many cases it was their first exciting time of having their vulvas felt by a man! But the usherettes were told to keep an eye open for the more active couples, by shining their torches on them.’

‘Spoil sports!’ Laurie laughed, remembering the many times he had felt the breasts and vulvas of his girlfriends on the back row, and soaked their handkerchiefs with a copious helping of his daily sperm allowance to the accompaniment of muffled groans.

‘A handful of hot sperm was often the outcome, even so, and a stifled orgasm. If you happened to see a fluttering handkerchief on the back row, you knew why it was wanted.’

Julie went on. ‘The local park was often used as the best place for illicit meetings. People would go there with the sole object of getting some sexual excitement – even getting laid in the dark, if you weren’t too fussy about the owner of the cock – or pussy, for that matter. Besides, if you were desperate, it didn’t cost anything. So, if you ventured into the park after dark, that was what others assumed you wanted. And you usually got it.

‘The form of dress was a raincoat, or light coat, depending on the weather, and little else. Perhaps a blouse for the women, or a pair of trousers for the men. So, now you know why you’re dressed in this fashion. I want all of you to got into the lounge except Delia. She is to be the frustrated woman wanting sex. Any sex will do! With anyone!

Delia was the very beautiful popular TV presenter. She could appear rather arrogant and stuck-up, but that was only to hide her inner shyness. In the studios she was often called ‘the duchess’. Her large breasts and narrow waist had all the men ogling. Julie had a whim to violate that lovely figure – treat it with utter contempt. She hoped the others would have similar lack of respect.

The memory of her encounters in the dark had Julie already feeling randy again. That unmistakable dragging ache deep in her secret female passage begged for attention. Now turned şirinevler escort thirty, Julie had grown into womanhood during the years following the war, with men coming home from active service, some to find their wives with babies they knew nothing about.

It seemed that with each succeeding year, Julie hungered for sex more than ever, worshipping the proud, erect staff of warm male flesh and, beneath it, that lovely pair of plums she loved to fondle. Lovely hot prick and squidgy balls! Hmmmm! The bigger the better!

Julie had a powerful appetite for sex. And she enjoyed the feeling of power it gave her over others. She had grown up to adore her cunt! It gave her unlimited joy and pleasure. The cluster of damp flaps of flesh, crushed together between her thighs, pushing aside the heavy, outer lips guarding the entrance to the dark inner folds of her cunt. Some people tried to avoid using the ‘C’ word, thinking it vulgar, but she liked it. Cunt! It was old fashioned and basic, falling easily from the lips.

Cunt, cock and fuck expressed Julie’s taste for the baser instincts. Why bother with the many euphemisms for the basics of nature? She thought to herself that there was no other fulfilment – either mental or physical – to compare with fucking. Which was why she and Robert had developed their business of supplying the rich and famous with an undercover hide-away to indulge in their sexual hang-ups on occasional weekends, away from the glare of publicity.

It was during Robert’s theatrical directing days that Julie had first met him. They formed an immediate rapport at a sexy after-show party. Robert had sought and found her heavy breasts, with their hard, elongated nipples. Irresistible! They had found a spare bedroom where they indulged in much oral foreplay before fucking hard. After that, they fucked at every opportunity, eventually getting together permanently.

Leaving the uncertainty of the theatre of the sixties, Robert found an isolated roadhouse. They developed the inn into a popular, comfortable hotel which became fashionable for the upper class and wealthy middle class. It could not be regarded as a high class brothel, since they catered for couples who wished to share their fondness for open sex with others of similar interests. Anne and Mary, however, two well endowed women who worked in the hotel, were often useful in making up the numbers where necessary, or indulge in threesomes with the clients if asked. The host and hostess were also at hand for wife swapping or foursomes. Julie found having sex with wealthy – even titled – women and additional turn-on.

Sex was a great leveler! The girls working in the dark mills were as able to enjoy the fruits of sex just as much as the princesses and film stars, though perhaps in less grand surroundings. Big breasts or small ones made no matter. Fat or thin. In the throes of orgasms, who cares about the wallpaper?

The many shapes and sizes of women’s vulvas fascinated Julie. She particularly enjoyed mutual cunnilingus in the sixty-nine position, whilst watching a man’s hard cock above her face, thrusting in and out of the other woman’s cunt, driving between the wet labia, whilst she herself nibbled and licked the clitoris, until the woman bucked and jerked in a series of orgasmic spasms. If accompanied by a female ejaculation splashing all over her face, that only added to the excitement!

The guests always came back to the inn for more at regular intervals. Discreet and satisfying.

So, after lunch on the fifth day, wearing a raglan style of tweed coat and nothing else, Julie invited the guests to follow Anne into the large lounge area. Delia watched as the others drifted into the room, laughing and giggling, speculating on what might happen. She had always been turned on by the thought of having sex with a stranger in the park. Someone who wouldn’t know of her celebrity status. Just a simple fuck of nature, doing what men and women were designed to do by nature.

Once inside the room, Anne asked the guests to take up a position, but not to move about, letting Delia do the moving. In that way, they would know that it was Delia they were touching, rather than another guest. With the snow still piled up outside the windows, and the curtains tightly drawn, the room was totally dark.

A tape deck in the corner of the room was playing popular dance music of the time, very faintly.

A blindfolded Delia was brought into the room by Julie who closed the door behind them before removing the blindfold, then moving to one side, standing quite still.

Total darkness! There was an eerie pause before Delia eased her way into the centre of the room. Mingled with the faint dance music was the sound of breathing. She felt curiously nervous, and rather excited at the thought of being molested in the dark. Her nipples were stiff and swollen from the contact with the silk lining of her coat. She felt a knot of tension in her belly and a dry throat. Total darkness can şişli escort be scary.

There was now the distant droning sound of aircraft with the pop, pop, pop of anti-aircraft guns. They were supposedly in the middle of an air-raid not too far away. The crunch of exploding bombs was intermingled with the aircraft noise. It all felt so realistic.

Suddenly Delia sensed someone close to her. Perhaps it was the faint sound of breathing that caught her attention. She remained quite still, holding her breath. Her nerves were fully alert, her mouth dry. When her arm was touched, Delia gasped and tensed. The fingers trailed up the outside of the coat to the shoulder, exploring the contours, reaching her neck. She didn’t move. She couldn’t!

Having found the front of the coat, the hand slipped inside it, discovering the softness of her large pendulous breasts. It began feeling her, probing the stiffened nipple, fondling the delicate flesh, whilst another hand found her trembling belly. Caressing fingers slowly teased the pubic hair as they slipped down between her thighs, eager to find the centre of her being, to cup the swollen vulva in its palm.

As her leaking genitals were squeezed hard and carefully probed by the hand, Delia held her breath, enquiring fingers seeking out the labia and the vaginal opening. It was exciting, and somehow dangerous. Her loins fluttered as two fingers forced their way into the most private part of her being, fucking her roughly and avidly. She was being violated! Lips latched on to her left teat, sucking and chewing hungrily at the distended nipple.

Delia eventually decided to respond by feeling for the intruder’s own body. Her fingers came upon the buttons of the coat, slipping inside the gap. There she felt the soft belly and the contours of a woman’s groin. Disappointed by what she had found, it was not what she was hoping for. Although enjoying the genital attention she was getting, after a brief feel of the fleshy labia, Delia was now anxious to find a stiff cock. Withdrawing herself from the woman, she moved away, suddenly bumping into another body.

A pair of arms immediately encircled her, drawing her close. Her coat was pulled opened and she felt a naked body press against hers. A hard cock pushed into the flesh of her belly. It was hard and stiff. Just what she was looking for! Lips eagerly latched onto a stiff nipple, as the cheeks of her bottom were grasped tightly, kneaded eagerly by a bunch of large fingers.

As the man bent his knees, easing them between her thighs to prize them apart, Delia was eager to get the cock inside her. The man thrust his cock against the groin until it found the cleft of her warm, dribbling vulva. Delia’s loins jerked at the touch of cock, anxious to embrace it. She threw her arms round his waist and drew him hard into her. The cock nudged at the folds of warm flesh, into the deep crevice, pushing its way into the willing passage.

A voice whispered in her ear. ‘Slut! You just want cock, don’t you? You’re gagging for it! You’re a cock maniac!’

Delia didn’t recognise the voice! Had a stranger indeed got into the room? She hoped so, gasping with joy and relief as the shaft penetrated her to the very depths of her mystery, before starting to jerk hard and fast. This was crazy! An unknown cock shagging her like a battering ram. Panting and grunting, her own loins moved to the same rhythm, encouraging the invader to even greater effort. It was sheer heaven!

‘Come on, come on!’ she whispered urgently. ‘Fuck me hard! Harder!’

‘You asked for it baby!’ and the lunging got more savage.

The gasping in her ears became irregular. Her own muscles were tensing and twitching with lust, her vagina hungry for relief, willing the climax to reach up into her belly. A loud cry, with lurching loins announced the arrival of the man’s climax as he withdrew. Delia felt a gush of warm liquid on her belly. And the man stepped back from her as suddenly as he had taken her.

With her arousal now inflamed, another cock was what she desperately wanted to satisfy the craving in her belly. The deep throbbing ache in her loins cried out for a thick shaft of stiff flesh to penetrate to the full.

Delia thought she could hear the sound of another couple fucking. The whimpers and grunts were unmistakable. She eased her way further into the room until another pair of hands grasped her arm. She was twisted round roughly. A pair of lips crushed her mouth as a hand grabbed her breasts in a cruel squeeze, the other drawing her close to the hard body. She forgot the other couple.

It was Delia who now clawed with desperation inside the coat of her assailant, searching for the shaft of rigid flesh. Finding it, she jerked and dragged at it roughly, wanting to feel it inside her urgently. Her loins ached for it. To feel the stiff cock enter into her body, sliding in and out of her vagina, thirsting for sex. Pulling open the front of the man’s raincoat, she hoisted one leg over suadiye escort his waist to get his cock close to her open vagina. She was breathing hard.

‘Come on! Yes, yes, yes! Give it to me!’ she begged in a loud whisper.

With her arms now round his neck, Delia hoisted herself up, sitting over his loins, allowing the cock to penetrate her willing body. With both legs wrapped round the man’s waist, she pushed down on it, before lifting herself up, then bouncing hard on the sturdy shaft. Sheer heaven! Except for the faint sound of airplanes and gunfire mingled with panting breath, there was nothing to concentrate on other than the hard cock crashing into her vagina. She grunted with each push, as the shaft forced air from her lungs.

From the direction of the sounds, Julie judged the place where Delia was busy fucking. Hidden in the pocket of Julie’s coat was a cucumber. A large one! Groping her way to the sound of the sexual activity, she came across Delia lurching up and down. Lifting the hem of Delia’s coat with one hand, she felt for the bouncing bottom, stroking the inner thighs as the cock plunged in and out. Her honey juices had dribbled over the cleft of the cheeks of the bottom.

Then, finding the soaking opening to her other passage, Julie inserted the cucumber in one swift push. Deep into her gut! She felt Delia give a huge lunge, yelping with surprise, as a stiff shaft now filled each passage. Julie took much wicked pleasure in cramming the gorgeous Delia’s ass with cucumber, ramming it in and out in rhythm with the cock. She secretly hoped that Delia was in some discomfort, if not pain with it!

But for Delia, already reaching the delirious heights of inner tension, the sudden agonising sensation of penetration in her rear passage drove her to the very peak of ecstasy. She screamed out in relief, the orgasm exploding in her belly.

‘Oh, God!’ she screamed. ‘Fuck, fuck fuck! Argh! God! Fuck, fuck, fuck!’

Still crying obscenities, she tumbled from the grasp of her partner onto her back, her whole body thrashing in uncontrollable convulsions. Both invaders slipped from her as the spasms continued to rack her loins.

But immediately, Delia felt another body fall on her. Hands felt for her quaking legs, pulling them apart harshly by the knees. Fingers grappled for her groin, feeling for the hot entrance. Still breathless from the exhausting orgasm, another stiff shaft forced its way into her tender vagina, starting to shag it hard and mercilessly. Almost too fatigued to take in what was happening to her, she found herself almost smothered by a bunch of warm flesh pressing down on her mouth and nose. A slippery clutch of sloppy pulp ground against her face.

Julie was relishing rubbing her cunt over Delia’s face. Smearing her sticky honey over the TV pin-up’s nose, lips and cheeks. She wanted to humiliate this haughty blonde. She squeezed her bladder hard, trying to wring out some urine into Delia’s mouth. Pressing her vulva hard over the wide open mouth, trying to gasp for air, a spurt of golden liquid escaped, then another, almost choking Delia who started to gag.

The thought of this beauty being violated by her cunt brought on an orgasmic shudder. After a third spurt, the gasping Julie moved away quickly. Delia mustn’t know it was she who had peed into her mouth.

Then Delia’s face was unexpectedly slapped. It stung!

‘Whore!’ was blurted into her ear. ‘Bloody whore! You need a lesson!’

Her nipples were brutally bitten. She cried out in pain. The cock withdrew. Delia felt she was being assaulted, twisted over by her legs, her buttocks slapped and punched. Grabbed by her hair, her head was vehemently pulled back until she was forced to hold herself up herself on her arms. With her face now looking half upwards, her mouth open, fingers explored her face and lips before she felt a hard slap on her cheek, then the other.

‘Whore! Whore! Whore!’ The chant was taken up by others.

Delia’s face was slapped hard on the face, right and left several times. She screamed

‘Don’t hurt me! Please, don’t hurt me,’ she begged.

Then a cock was pushed into brutally into her mouth. It fucked her throat cruelly, almost choking her with its intensity. Her head was spinning. She was gasping for breath.

‘Whore! Whore! Whore!’ The chant was taken up again.

Quite suddenly, she was released. She collapsed onto the floor panting for air. She felt giddy. She couldn’t hear properly. Her head was in turmoil. Hands took hold of her, hauling her up to her knees.

Silence! A torchlight was snapped on. It blinded her before the beam moved around. On to her large bruised tits. Delia was aware of being surrounded by men, all with coats hanging open, the beam of the torch flashing over their hard erections. In the pale reflection of the torch beam against the pale skins, Delia could just male out their faces staring down at her. She wondered which of them had punched her in the face.

The women had moved behind the men. Putting their arms round the men’s waists, they took hold of their rigid cocks, stroking them casually. As they did, Anne moved behind Delia, taking her head in both hands, yanking it back. Delia was apprehensive. She was being treated roughly once more. What next, she wondered?

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