Chloe Ch. 16


16. Chloe discovers her true buyer.

Chloe had been kidnapped a second time, taken to a slave market and sold on an auction block. She had been purchased by a handsome Arabic businessman in an expensive tailored suit. He tied her up, put her on board his private jet airplane, used her for his pleasure, and brought her here to this apparently private airport. She had been placed in a spartan room with no windows, two chairs, a table and a locked door. She was unbound and sitting there with nothing but her permanent collar on. Where was she? Why was she unbound and locked in this room?

Suddenly the door burst open and Chloe was afraid of what was going to happen. In strode Ben and Chloe squealed with delight and launched herself into his arms, hugging and kissing him on his face and neck, her legs wrapped around his waist. Chloe was beyond ecstatic at seeing Ben and just kept hugging and kissing him, finally finding his lips and they kissed for several minutes before Ben finally broke the kiss.

“I may be strong, but I can’t hold you like this forever,” Ben said walking a few steps and sitting down in one of the chairs.

“Oh Master, I thought I’d lost you forever,” Chloe said, completely out of breath.

“I know, it took me a while to track you down.”

“Master,” Chloe said fearfully and slipped off his lap and knelt in presentation as her new Master walked in the door and smiled.

“What’s the matter, Chloe?” Ben asked.

“H — He is my new Master, he purchased me at the auction,” Chloe said and bowed her head in submission. Ben and her new Master burst into laughter and Chloe looked up in bewilderment.

“Chloe, this is Amir, my new best friend. He purchased you for me, I bought you, he was just my ‘agent’,” Ben said with a chuckle and Chloe’s eyes widened in surprise.

“I — Is this true, Master?” Chloe asked looking up at Amir’s smiling eyes.

“Yes, it is true, my little one,” Amir grinned down at her.

“But you — you purchased me, and let me believe I was your slave. You used me like a slave, you — ,” Chloe said but was interrupted by Amir.

“Did I, little one? I never called you slave, and you offered yourself to me. How could I refuse such a beautiful submissive woman, doing what she does best, pleasing a man?”

Chloe knelt there with her mouth open in shock. It was true, he had never called her slave, she had assumed because he had purchased her. She had offered herself to him in an effort to be more pleasing to her assumed new Master.

“So you tasted of my slave’s delights?” Ben asked.

“Yes, she is exquisitely skilled and enthusiastic. I would love to purchase her for my harem. The bitches could learn a thing or two from this little minx. No one has ever sucked my cock so well or squeezed my dick so fabulously with her cunt as this little one, I will give you one billion dollars for her,” Amir replied.

“Master?” Chloe questioned, looking up at Ben and Amir.

“Be quiet slave, we are discussing your sale,” Ben said tersely and looked at Amir. “So the offer is one billion dollars for this worthless slut?”

“Come now, you are not talking to some peddler on the street, you are talking to a wise businessman worth many times more than I just offered you for this talented slave.”

“I won’t sell her to you, Amir; she’s worth much more to me than money.”

“Alright, two billion, no — no make it five billion.”

“F — Five billion, that’s a lot of money Amir, are you sure you could come up with that much?”

“Yes, I am sure. So will you sell this hot little slave to me for five billion?” Amir asked and Ben seemed to be thinking about it. Chloe trembled in fear, thinking that Ben might actually sell her to Amir. Sure, he said he loved her, but with that much money he could surely find another slave to take her place.

“No — No, I cannot sell her Amir. You know how much trouble I went through to find her, I’m never letting her go,” Ben said and Chloe sighed in relief. Again, the men burst out with laughter and Chloe realized she had been tricked again.

“I am serious, my friend, if you do ever decide to sell her, my offer stands,” Amir said and left the room, closing the door behind him.

“Master?” Chloe looked up at Ben with a questioning look on her face.

“No, I will not sell you, you are my one true love in this life. I treat you like a slave and you keep coming back for more, I love you so much, Chloe, get up here and sit on my lap, I’m not done with my slave.”

“Yes Master,” Chloe happily complied and climbed into his lap, her legs spread wide around his waist, facing him, kissing his neck and hugging him as tightly as she could. “Mmm, Master, is your slave exciting you?”

“Yes, it’s been rough not having you around these last few weeks. Prepare to be used for my pleasure, my hot little slut slave.”

“Ooo, yes Master, which hole would you like to use?”

“Let’s start with that talented pussy of yours,” Ben said, standing up and pushing Chloe face down onto the table her ass in the air, kicking Bostancı Esmer Escort her legs apart and driving his rock hard erection into her sopping pussy. Chloe had become so excited being back with her Master that she had left a wet spot on his pants when she wrapped her legs around him. Chloe gasped and then moaned with arousal at Ben’s size, the biggest cock she had ever had in her now stretched out pussy. She climaxed after only a few thrusts and her spasms pulled Ben over the edge as well, so thrilled to be back together again.

“Oh Master, no one fucks me like you do,” Chloe moaned after she came down from her orgasm then spun off the table and knelt in presentation, taking his slimy cock into her mouth, cleaning him.

“Aahh, I’ve missed this so much,” Ben groaned. “Amir, could we get some paper towels, a Pepsi and a Mountain Dew in here?” Ben called out into the air. Just as Chloe was putting his cock back into Ben’s pants, one of Amir’s minions brought the requested items into the room, leaving them on the table and exiting as quickly as he had entered.

Ben cleaned Chloe’s dripping pussy with the paper towels and sat her in one of the chairs. He sat opposite her and pushed the Mountain Dew towards her as he grabbed the Pepsi and opened it, taking a long drink. Chloe opened her bottle and drank from it, suddenly realizing how thirsty she was.

“It took me until the second video was released to track you down. I hired an expert internet hacker and had him trace the signal back to its original source. He tried with the first one, but the trail had run cold. He said he could find it when they started with the live broadcast of the next video. We discovered it and paid to get in on the live viewing, which allowed him to track down the broadcast, which led us to where you were being held. I had become friends with Amir via the internet, in a billionaire’s only club. He told me he would retrieve you because I was too angry and might be implicated for murder if I went. I agreed because I knew he was right, I wanted to kill Tom for this stunt, but Amir assured me he could get you out,” Ben explained.

“Why did I end up being taken to the auction and sold?” Chloe asked.

“To fulfill your fantasies, you told me that you wanted to be a real slave and I figured if you were sold, you would believe that you were. Obviously it worked, since you though Amir was your new owner. I told him to purchase you at the auction and wired him twenty million dollars. He said no slave had sold at auction for more than twelve million, but he wanted to make sure he had enough. The last bid before he bid it all was thirteen million.”

“Oh my god, Master, that is so exciting. I still can’t believe I could be worth so much.”

“The blonde woman he bought at the beginning of the auction only brought five million, which is quite high for the first slave. The Hispanic woman in front of you went for nine million.”

“You saw my sale, Master?”

“Yes, Amir recorded it and sent me the video while you were in flight.”

“The Spanish girl seemed so happy when the man spoke to her in Spanish, but he was white.”

“Yes, Amir also left me little comments. Apparently the man who purchased her is from Spain and he told her how beautiful and sexy she was, it made her very happy to be purchased by a man who spoke her language and appreciated her beauty. Of course, he will still be her Master and she will still be a slave.”

“Do you think she understood that, Master?”

“I would think so, I mean she was just bid on while naked. They forced her to orgasm on the block, just like they did with you, only she was not whipped, just had her nipples pinched and her pussy rubbed until she exploded with ecstasy. These men obviously know their business. Amir was impressed, he said he’d never seen a slave orgasm from a whipping on the block before, until you.”

“I couldn’t help it Master, it was so erotic.”

“For a pain slut like you it was, but for the average slave, no.”

“Yes Master.”

“Is that collar on your neck supposed to be permanent?”

“Yes Master, Tom said it would never come off.”

“We will have to see about that, I plan to get it off eventually and then put my permanent collar on your pretty neck. Your new collar will have a GPS tracker in it so I can find you a lot faster if this were to ever happen again, though with the new alarm system and security team, I doubt that will be a problem.”

“Security team, Master?”

“Yes, I’ve hired ex-military men, I think they are all Seals or Green Berets, extremely skilled at what they do, it should keep us safe from this ever happening again.”

“Thank you Master.”

“As you know, you are very valuable, and I don’t ever want to lose you again.”

“I love you Master.”

“I love you too, Chloe.”

“Thank you Master.”

“So, we’d better get going, it’s about a two hour drive to get home from here, I had to rent this place for a day and get special clearance so we could get you here.”

“Again, Bostancı Eve Gelen Escort thank you Master.”

“You are more than welcome,” Ben said as he stood and left the room for only a few moments before he returned with leather cuffs, which he placed on Chloe’s wrists and elbows, locking them together behind her back, then attaching the leash to her collar and leading her out of the room as she followed along willingly, thrilled to be back with her Master. Amir was waiting outside the door. He and Ben hugged. “Thank you Amir, I owe you.”

“No my friend, as I said, if you ever decide to part with your slave, please allow me the first option to purchase this incredible woman,” Amir said.

“I will.”

“And Chloe, if I ever get the privilege to see you again, I hope it is as my slave,” Amir said as he hugged her, obviously Chloe could not return the hug because she was bound.

“Yes Master,” Chloe smiled up at him and then turned to follow Ben as he led her out of the airport into the parking lot to his truck. Ben lifted her into the seat and buckled her seat belt, before climbing into the driver’s seat and firing up the engine, roaring off down the road toward home. “Now I know why Master Amir blindfolded me when he took me off the plane, Master, I would have known that we were not in the desert anymore,” Chloe said as she nodded toward the trees.

“Yes, I didn’t want you to know where you were until I walked in.”

“It was a grand surprise, Master,” Chloe yawned.

“You must be tired, why don’t you sleep if you can,” Ben suggested as he pulled onto the interstate highway that would take them home. Chloe didn’t care that she was naked, she was home with her Master where she belonged and she fell asleep before they passed the next exit on the highway. Ben drove the two hours home and Chloe woke when he backed his truck into the garage.

“What day is it, Master?”

“It’s Tuesday, why do you ask?”

“I haven’t even known what day it was for several weeks, Master, I just wanted to know.”

“You may sleep in tomorrow, we don’t have any appointments until Saturday, but we have a busy day scheduled.”

“What will we be doing, Master?”

“At ten am we are going to the tattoo place to have your current collar removed and your new one put on. At two pm we are going to the genetics place to have you denuded below your eyes and your hair color changed. At seven pm we are meeting James and Kira at the steakhouse.”

“Wow, sounds like a lot, Master,” Chloe yawned, trying to wake up. “James and Kira, we were supposed to meet them at the steakhouse before, but I was kidnapped, right?”


“Sorry Master, just trying to remember.”

“It’s alright, are you hungry?”

“Yes Master.”

“How does Chinese sound?”

“Chinese sounds great Master.”

“Very good,” Ben said as he came around and helped Chloe out of the truck.

“Mmm, Master, it feels great to back in your clutches again.”

“It’s great to have you back, Chloe, I’ve missed you so much,” Ben said as he hugged her tightly. Chloe could not hug him back but leaned her head against his shoulder, soaking up the warmth of his body and embrace.

“This is where I was meant to be,” Chloe said and Ben hugged her tighter. “Thank you Master.”

“What are you thanking me for?”

“For just being you, for finding me and bringing me home, Master. Please let me give you a blow job to thank you.”

“Not until I order the food, slave, I’m starving,” Ben chuckled and pulled out his cell phone, finding the local place in his speed dial and placing their order. “Now, about that blow job…” Ben said as he unbuckled his belt, dropping his pants and pulling out his cock. Chloe quickly slipped to her knees and went to work, licking and sucking as Ben moaned in appreciation. It didn’t take long until Ben was nearing his climax. Chloe took him deep into her throat, sucking and licking and growling in her throat and Ben could not hold out any longer, sending his load straight down into her stomach as Chloe swallowed him whole.

“Ahh, yummy Master,” Chloe moaned as she cleaned him and Ben thought she looked a little flush.

“Did you cum?”

“Yes Master.”

“But — how?”

“It was a small one Master, but I am so happy to be back here and, though I am quite tired, I was so excited to be pleasing you again that I just couldn’t help myself. Something about the erotic picture and the lack of oxygen made it happen I guess. I assumed it would be alright since you were using one of my holes. That is the rule, right Master?”

“Yes, of course that’s the rule and it is more than alright, it is amazing! I’m actually happy for you, I never knew you could do that.”

“I didn’t know myself until just now, Master.”

“Incredible,” Ben said shaking his head in amazement. He lifted Chloe off the floor and sat her down in her chair, chaining her to it, her legs spread wide, before unlocking her arms, leaving the cuffs. Ben slid a bottle of water in front Bostancı Evi Olan Escort of her and Chloe opened it and took a few sips.

“Thank you Master,” Chloe said, her eyes shining before the tears spilled over the edge and ran down her cheeks.

“Why are you crying, you’re home safe now?”

“I’m just so happy, Master, these are happy tears.”

“Happy tears?”

“Yes Master, we women sometimes cry when we are happy because we are overwhelmed emotionally. I am so happy to be back with you, I was taken somewhere on the other side of the world away from you. I tried to make the best of it, but I missed you every day and often cried myself to sleep because I was missing you. I thought I would never see you again, and now here I am, back where I belong, it’s just so wonderful,” Chloe explained as the tears flowed and then she cried some more after her exposition. Ben brought over a box of tissues and Chloe used several to dry her tears and blow her nose. She finally stopped crying just as the doorbell rang with the delivery of the food.

“That must be the food, I’ll be back in a minute,” Ben said as he headed for the front door. He returned with the food and set out the dinners for them. Chloe dove in ravenously, she had eaten rather bland and also some disgusting food before being sold. The cashew chicken tasted amazing and she was quite hungry. She finished the entire dish but left the egg roll, giving it to Ben who happily ate it. Chloe finished drinking her water after she ate.

“Master, may I have a Mountain Dew?” Chloe asked and Ben jumped up with a mouth full of egg roll and grabbed a Mountain Dew for her and a Pepsi for himself. He drained the last few drops of his beer before opening the Pepsi to take a few swallows. Chloe drank her soda slowly, savoring the flavor she had not tasted for weeks.

“Are you sure you want to drink all of that, you know it has a lot of caffeine and might keep you awake?” Ben asked.

“I want to stay awake long enough to please you Master, I’m sure you will want to use me before I sleep. Plus, I am at home, I will be able to relax and sleep, all you have to do is order me to sleep, Master, you know it works,” Chloe replied and Ben nodded, he definitely wanted to use his slave before they slept and he had witnessed her going to sleep quickly after his command. Ben got up and started clearing the table.

“Master, shouldn’t your slave be cleaning up for you?” Chloe asked and Ben came over to unchain her from the chair. Chloe got up quickly and cleared the table, drinking the last few swallows of her soda before tossing the empty bottle in the recycling bin. She threw away the takeout containers and wiped down the table, then went into the living room where Ben had gone and knelt in presentation before him as he sat on the couch. Ben was watching an old movie and Chloe knelt there smiling up at him.

“Come sit up here with me.”

“But Master, I am not allowed on the furniture unless I am bound.”

“We can fix that, stand and turn around, hands behind your back,” Ben ordered and Chloe immediately complied as Ben locked her wrists and elbows behind her with small padlocks through the rings on her cuffs. She then sat on the couch next to him as he placed her arm around her and pulled her close. Chloe snuggled in, resting her tired head on his shoulder and within minutes was fast asleep. Ben smiled to himself, he knew she was very tired and he let her sleep while he watched a movie he had seen several times. Eventually, Ben himself grew weary and he turned off the TV then carried Chloe into the bedroom. He laid her gently on the bed and was about to lock her collar to the chain at the head of the bed when Chloe’s pretty blue eyes fluttered open and looked up at him.

“Mmm, Master, may I use the toilet before you lock me up for the night?”

“Yes, of course,” Ben said and carried her into the bathroom, setting her on the commode. Chloe did her business and Ben cleaned her, then carried her back to bed and locked her collar to the chain. He went back into the bathroom to relieve himself before returning to bed to find Chloe fast asleep again. He covered her over and snuggled up behind her, his erection threatening to force its way into her pert ass cheeks. Chloe moaned but did not awaken and Ben spooned her as before, her big tits filling his hands as he drifted off to sleep.

Chloe awoke alone in bed, Ben having already gotten up and was in the shower. Chloe was upset with herself, she had wanted to let her Master use her last night but she was too tired and fell asleep. Then she had hoped she would awake before Ben and at least rouse him with one of her amazing blow jobs, but that was not to be either as she heard the water in the shower. Chloe suddenly realized she needed to pee really badly and struggled to keep herself under control. Eventually Ben finished in the shower and came into the bedroom, toweling his hair dry.

“Good morning my beautiful slave.”

“Good morning Master, could I please use the toilet, I need to pee really badly?” Chloe requested and Ben rushed over and unlocked her collar from the chain. Chloe rushed into the toilet and plopped down, releasing a strong stream of urine, her wrists and elbows still locked behind her. Ben came in and hung the towel on the drying rack and started to leave. “Master, could you please clean me up?”

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