Chris and Kim pt 05


Chris and Kim pt 05This had to be heaven, Kim thought to herself. Her she was in her favorite white lingerie, spread across the bed half naked. And Chris was fucking her with every last ounce of his energy. Each thrust of his cock sent ripples through her body, it was like she was having an orgasm every time he buried himself deep inside her. Before long she couldnt even hold back, her ass was throbbing with need and her body was lost in her desire. She had never felt as complete before as she felt now with Chris inside her, just thinking about it made her cum.”God i’m going to cum Kim” Chris moaned as he ground their hips together. Her head fell back into the pillow eyes closed, yet full of images of his cock driving over and over into her wet hole.All she could imagine was thick streams of his sticky cum splashing across her lips, across her face, all over her body. She just wanted Chris’ cum, anywhere, everywhere, right now. Her mind was washed with images of all the different ways she was going to make him cum, and right now she needed him to cum as hard as possible. She wrapped her legs around his waist, arching her back to let him get every last bit of his cock as deep into her as possible before he began groaning and pumping her hole full of his hot, sticky cum. Each thrust drove his seed deep into pendik escort her, and made his hard cock feel that much more slick.”Cum for me, fill me up, I need your cum” she moaned half deliriously, her eyes were closed, and her mouth was open, gasps of pleasure coming out with every one of his thrusts, with every jet of his hot seed filling her up. She could feel his whole body tensing up as he shot load after load of cum, and she desperately wanted more. Her arms wrapped around his neck and her thighs squeezed him close as he kept pumping his hard cock into her hot ass.They made out like this for a few minutes, Kim wrapped tight around every part of Chris as he slowly kept thrusting, before he collapsed next to her on the bed, exhausted and coated in sweat. Kim rolled over, resting her head on his shoulder and straddling his thigh. Despite soaking the front of her corset with cum, she was still half hard, and the pressure of his warm thigh against her was fantastic. Her ass also felt terribly empty, and she absently slid two fingers to her ass, working Chris’ still warm cum all around and back into her little hole. Chris started kneading her cheecks and spreading them before his fingers were joining her inside her sluttly little ass, her moans and sighs only making him more turned on.All kim could think escort pendik about was how good it felt to have cock inside her, and she needed more. She wanted to ride Chris badly. With her free hand she began caressing the head of his half soft cock, running around the rim before teasing along his shaft. Her lips started playing along his chest and neck, nibbling and kissing lightly.”Fuck I want to ride you.” she moaned in a sultry whisper as she worked up to his ear, and his cock instantly started responding to the combination of stimuli, swelling in her hands as she stroked it back to its full length. As soon as he was hard enough she straddled him, holding his cock between her cheeks as she began grinding up and down against him before grabbing the base of his shaft, pointing it directly at her ass and driving herself onto it as hard as possible. Once she had every inch of him inside her again she began rocking back and forth, feeling his hot, hard cock buried inside her. With a shift of her hips she began working up and down on his shaft, her ass squeezing him tight as she repeatedly drove herself down onto him. She didn’t think it could feel any better, and then Chris began stroking her. The combination of his cock buried in her, and his hands on her cock was too much, and with a girly squeal she began pendik escort bayan shooting jetsof cum across his chest. With every shot her ass went crazy around his cock and it was only a moment before he began shooting his own load into her. Kim collapsed beside Chris this time, sweaty, out of breath, and covered with both of their cum now.”Jesus, that was amazing. We need to do this more often.” Chris laughed as he playfully smacked Kim on the ass.”yes. Just, so much yes.” She giggled back “Your cock is amazing, I cant wait to get it inside me again. I really need to jump in the shower and clean up quick though, im kinda sticky” she giggled some more as she slid up from the bed, unbuckling her corset as she stood up.Chris just leaned back and watched this sexy girl taking off her lingerie. It took a moment before she realized he was just watching, and she switched to stripping, adding lots of extra hip movement and touching. Damn, Chris had just fucked her twice, and she was already getting turned on again she thought as she slid her nylons off, pausing as she reached her ankles. She stood motionless for a moment, completely naked except for the one stocking around her ankle, her ass pointed directly at Chris. She stood up quickly before she smacked herself hard on the ass and headed to the shower.”You going to join me?” she giggled over her shoulder as she grabbed her silk robe and slipped into the bathroom.Chris sat on the edge of the bed, his half hard cock in his hands for a second before bouncing up to follow her.

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