Christine and Jonny Ch. 01


He recognized her from the pictures she had sent him, when she pulled her car to a stop in front of his house. She was prettier in the flesh, he could see, as she stepped out of the car. She was curves in all the right places.

It was a very hot and humid, lazy August afternoon. Christine was wearing a red minidress, and it looked like it had been made specifically for her. Held up by thin spaghetti straps on her shoulders, a plunging neckline, where, for a long wonderful moment, Jonny lost himself in her cleavage. He could see parts of a lacy black bra, holding her breasts up, forming those wonderful curves. The dress fit snug to her body, the thin material clinging to her sweaty skin. The minidress ended on her upper thighs, flaring out with a flirty bounce.

Jonny was sitting on a chair in the shade of his front porch. He was wearing blue jeans and sandals, no shirt. She could only see his head from the street. There was a three-foot wall around the porch. She walked up the steps.

“Hi Jonny,” she said.

“Hi Christine,” he replied, standing up. She jumped to him, and he wrapped his arms around her. “You came,” he said. “I can’t believe you came.” This young sexy woman in his arms was like something out of his best wet dream. She was grabbing onto him tightly, her hands running up and down his back. One of her hands grabbed his ass.

“Just as nice as I thought,” she said, squeezing his butt. He held her tight to his body, and grabbed her tight round ass, squeezing it, caressing it.

“You are sexier in person than in any of the photos,” he said. “And the photos were all very sexy.”

“Thank you,” she said. “Do you want to go inside?” She gently rubbed against him.

“Christine, baby, it’s even hotter in there than it is out here. Why don’t you sit next to me, or in my lap, out here for a while. I know you drove far and hard to get here. Do you want a beer or something?”

“The thing that kept me going, all the way from the coast, was knowing that when I got here, I’d finally have you inside me.”

Jonny sat down in his chair, and he looked up at Christine. “Well, I can’t say no to that.” He unzipped the fly of his shorts and pulled them and his boxers down to the ground. “Nobody can see from the street, and hardly anyone comes down this street anyway,” he said.

She eyed his cock, smiling wide. She knelt down in front of him and grabbed his cock with her small hand, and Jonny groaned. She slid her hand up and down his cock, using his sweat to lubricate him. She kissed him—finally that kiss—and he felt her tits while she jacked him, and they lost themselves in their kiss. His cock was soon at full mast, standing rock hard in her hand. She broke the kiss, smiled at him devilishly, and then, mouth open, descended on his cock, taking first the head into her mouth, sucked on it, took a little more inside, sucking on it lightly. Jonny felt the wet warm of her mouth engulf his cock and he groaned again. He took her hair in his hands and held it back behind her head, loosely. She sucked harder on his cock, taking more into her mouth. She started playing with his balls with her hand, and then he felt his cockhead hit the back of her throat, and he squeezed her hair in his hand, tightly, holding her head. He slowly moved her head up and down, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. She moaned and tried to push away from him, but he only squeezed her hair tighter and forced her head up and down faster. His cock got bigger and harder and thicker as she sucked it, and now it was filling her throat every time he brought her head all the way down. He drove his cock down her throat, burying her nose in his dark curly pubic hairs. She moaned some more, and the vibrations along his cock were too Escort bayan much for him to handle. He pulled her head up, by the hair, taking his cock out of her mouth. He pulled down on her hair, forcing her to look up, and then he pulled her closer to him, and with his free hand he grabbed his hard cock, aimed, pumped up and down just once, and blew his load on her chest, squirting gobs of cum into her cleavage, on her lacy black bra, and on her red dress.

He finished coming, let go of her hair, and fell back in his chair. She smiled wickedly at him. “You really do know exactly what I want,” she said, before grabbing her tits, one in each hand, and licked the semen off, gulping it down. “You’re delicious,” she said. “Can I have that glass of water?” He handed her his glass of water. She took a sip and then poured it on her chest, all of it, drenching the front of her red minidress, washing away what was left of the cum she couldn’t reach with her tongue.

“Did that water help you cool down?” Jonny asked her.

Christine smiled again. “I’m still hot where it counts,” she said. She climbed into his lap, sitting sideways across him, and they kissed again, gently, eyes closing. He held her tightly to him, his hands roaming from her sweaty thighs, to her tight round ass, across her belly, and up to her wet tits, squeezing each one gently, before roaming back down to her belly. He inched his fingers down, down, to her bare smooth thighs, and she spread her legs for him. He kept kissing her, his tongue probing her mouth now, crossing her lips, over her tongue. His fingers crawled up her inner thigh, until finally he came to the thong she was wearing. He traced a finger from her asshole, across her pussy lips, and then to her clit.

“Your panties are soaked,” Jonny said.

“That happened as soon as I saw you,” she said. They kissed again, passionately, and he slowly moved her thong out of the way of his probing fingers, and his fingers found her clit, and he toyed it between his index finger and thumb. She moaned into his mouth and he made a little circle around her clit, and she moaned again. He kept rubbing circles on her clit with his thumb, and with his index finger probed her opening, the wetness between her pussy’s lips. A few more circles on her clit, and then he slowly slid his finger into that hot wet loveliness. First to a knuckle, and then another, and then, inside her, he tapped against the upper wall of her pussy, searching for that special spot. He tapped a few times, searching inside her, rubbing her clit still, until she broke the kiss, threw her head back and moaned, loudly. He kept tapping her spot, now that he had found it, and, still doing circles on her clit… she started bucking her hips against his hand, and he slid his middle finger into her pussy. She gasped and moaned again, as he was using both fingers to rub her g-spot now.

“Jonny—I’m coming!” she cried, suddenly, and when she did, he stopped rubbing her clit, slid his ring finger into her pussy, and rapidly slid all three fingers in and out of her hot pussy. She cried out, and he fucked her pussy harder with his fingers. In and out, as far as possible, she was tossing her head back and forth and bucking her hips hard against his hand, trying to get as much of his fingers into her soaking wet pussy as possible. Her body was wracked by one last wave of wonderfulness, the orgasm overtaking her, and then she was done, exhausted from coming harder than she had in a long time. She threw her arms around him, held him tight. He slid his fingers out of her pussy and hugged her tightly.

“I’m so happy you came to me,” Jonny whispered in her ear as he held her in his strong arms. “I still can’t believe you’re actually here. This is Bayan escort like a dream.”

Christine smiled, snuggled up against his muscular body. “It’s the best dream I’ve ever had,” she said. They held each other for a while, and the day lazed away, slowly. It was midafternoon, and had only gotten hotter and muggier. “Is there any escape from this heat?” she asked him.

“Sometimes a shower can help, right around now. Wash away the sweat and the humidity,” Jonny said. Christine was up in a heartbeat.

“I only want to shower if you’re in there with me,” she said. “I’m not letting you out of my sight.” Jonny took her hand and led her inside the small house. The bathroom was across from his bedroom.

“I’ll show you that room later.”

“Okay,” she said. He opened the bathroom door and led her inside. He turned on the water, not too cold but definitely not hot, just right, and then turned to Christine. They kissed again, wrapping their arms around each other. He reached behind her and found the zipper of her minidress, and slowly pulled it down. With his free hand he slid the spaghetti straps off her shoulders, and then the minidress fell to the floor. He took a step back to admire her beauty. She was standing there in her black lacy bra and tiny black thong. She giggled, watching his eyes take all of her in. She let one of the bra should straps fall off her shoulder. He stepped to her, kissed her again, and deftly reached behind her and undid the clasp holding her bra on. It fell to the floor and her breasts fell out, perky and round, perfect, like he had imagined, and even better than in the photos. He kissed her again and she grabbed his tee shirt and pulled it up, off his body and to the floor. His shorts fell and so did his boxers, and then he knelt before her, running his hands up and down her smooth sexy legs, then sliding his thumbs inside the string band of her thong, and slid it down her body, revealing to his eyes, finally, her shaved pussy. He looked up at her, from his knees. She smiled. “Let’s shower,” she said. He stood up. His cock was hard again. He turned on the shower and they stepped in, closing the curtain behind them. He stood Christine in next to the showerhead, with her back to it, facing him, and the water splashed on her shoulders and back, running down the front of her, between and around her beautiful breasts, which Jonny could hardly, for the moment, take his eyes off. She smiled and reached over to him and grabbed his hard cock, stroked it slowly up and down. She got her hair wet, and arched her back, letting the water run over her head. She held onto his cock. He took a step closer to her and grabbed her hips. He held her close to him, and she let go of his cock, because it was right where she wanted it… between her legs. She moved her head and let the cool water splash on his chest, and she ran her fingers through the light curls she found there. She could feel the heat from his cock between her legs, the shaft rubbing against her pussy lips and her clit, the head of his cock dangerously near her asshole. She rubbed against it, relishing the heat the stiffness of it between her legs. He grabbed the soap, and, still rubbing his cock between her legs, soaped up his hands and then rubbed that soapiness on her shoulders, across her neck… and down to her breasts. He cupped each tit in a soapy hand and rubbed gently, building a lather around her tits. He then slowly moved his soapy hands down her sides, to her hips, soaping across her belly and down to her hips and then her thighs…

He took a step back, and for a second she was sad that his cock was gone, as she had been very much enjoying grinding against it, but then she smiled again when it was replaced with his soapy hand Escort rubbing her cleanly shaved kitty, from back to front, his fingers toying for only a second at her asshole, then slowly across her pussy, pushing gently, slowly, surprisingly deeply into her, the soap in her pussy now, and then to her clit. She moaned and then started rubbing her tits with her hands, lathering the soap on her hands. He watched her touch herself and his soapy fingers probed deeper and she moaned and then reached down and grabbed his cock again, rubbing the soapy foam up and down it, her hands wrapped around it, one hand soaping his balls and the other jacking his cock, rapidly now, because the soap and water made it nice and slick.

“Oh god Christine, I can’t take it anymore—”

“Neither can I—” she said, and as she did, he grabbed her arm roughly, pulling her hands away from his cock, and spun her around, so that her back was to him. He pushed her up against the wall, pressing her harshly, pushing her tits against the cold tiles. He was behind her, and she could feel his big hard soapy cock rubbing between her ass cheeks. He still held her arm, tightly, pressing her hard against the wall. He grabbed his cock with his other hand and guided the head between her legs, and he rubbed it around, until he found what he was searching for… the head of his cock slid into her pussy, but she was tight after that. He grabbed hold of her hip and kept her pressed against the cold tiles. “Jonny—” she said, but then she was cut off as another inch of his hot cock slid into her. He pulled it back for a second, and the head rubbed against the g-spot he had been tapping earlier, and then when he thrust again, his cock slid all the way in, quickly, suddenly, and Christine gasped from the pleasure of being suddenly filled. His cockhead hit every hot spot in her pussy on its way in. He kept it in for a second, before slowly sliding it out, the head hitting each spot again, rubbing slowly against them. He let go of her arm and put that hand on her other hip, holding her body tightly, and when just the cockhead was left in her pussy, he pushed down on her hips and thrust upward with his cock, filling her even more deeply than he had before! He stepped back and guided her back, and she bent over a bit, holding herself with her hands on the wall, and he started moving his cock in and out of her a little bit faster, building a slow, steady rhythm.

“Your pussy is the most amazing thing I have ever felt around my cock,” he told her, whispering in her ear.

“Your cock hits me in all the right spots,” she said. She was coming in moments, crying out to him. He fucked her harder. He slapped her ass a few times and started driving his cock into her, fucking her hard. She cried out. “It’s so big!” she said. He rubbed her tits and squeezed her nipples, slowing down his fucking a little bit.


“I don’t think my pussy has ever been stretched like this,” she said. He rubbed her ass with one hand and then with the other reached around and rubbed her clit. “Oh, that feels good,” she said, and moaned. He rubbed her clit faster as he started fucking her faster.

“Yeah it does, your pussy is so hot, I’m gonna fill it with my cum, is that okay?”

“That’s exactly what I wanted,” she said, and when she did, she felt his cock suddenly grow even bigger, a thick rod filling her, stretching her pussylips, and she started to come, and she felt the jets of his hot cum shoot through her, deeply into her pussy, farther than she knew her pussy went. His cock held rigidly, filling her, and she came, her pussy grabbing at his cock, trying to pull his cock further into her. He pulled her close to him, his hands on her hips, trying to drive his cock further, her pussy pulling his cum out of him.

The pleasure subsided… he slid out of her, and they both fell to the floor of the tub, letting the water wash over them. He held her in his arms again, and they kissed… they never could stop kissing…

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