Christmas cums early


As I wake sleepily I remember that it’s Christmas morning. I look up at the projection of the time on the ceiling from my alarm clock and find that it’s quarter past 6. Only another 15 minutes before the kids’ alarm clocks wake them at 6.30 and they jump out of bed, rushing into our bedroom shouting ‘IT’S CHRISTMAS’ at the top of their lungs like they are the lead singer of Slade.

It is only then that I realise that a hand which isn’t either of mine has slipped inside my boxers and is gently stroking my enormously erect cock.

I Look over to see my Wife awake, looking back at me with lust in her eyes. One hand is tucked behind her head while the other disappears under the duvet (presumably into my boxers). It is then I notice she’s wearing a red tank top which is obviously one size too small for her body as I notice it can barely contain her luscious breasts. She then leans in and plants a gentle yet passionate kiss on my lips, which tastes sublime and makes me want more. However, as quickly ankara escort as she had moved in to kiss me she moves away again, teasing me with two fingers from her non stroking hand against my mouth to halt me following after hers.

It is then that she removes her hand from my boxers, reaching up to the duvet before pulling it off of us enough to reveal both my bulging shorts and her distinct lack of pyjama bottoms, leaving only her moist, trimmed, gorgeous pussy. She then climbs atop me and, pulling my boxers done to release my hardened member, lowers herself onto me also most effortlessly thanks to her sopping wet cunt. As she does this, a small groan escapes my mouth. My wife puts her fingers to her mouth to tell me to be quiet, before sucking what presume of mine on them off. I know exactly why, no point waking the kids before they get up. She then pulls out the scrunchie in her hair, releasing her shoulder length brown locks as she begins ride me back and forth.

I grab her soft hips escort ankara in my hands and help with the momentum, making her rock harder to my ever increasing frustration. Meanwhile her hands, which up until this moment had lay on my chest to keep her balanced, moved up her body as she rode me, aiming directly for the straps of her top and pulling them off the shoulders before pushing the front of her tank top down to release her heaving bosom from its fabric cage.

Unable to deny myself such an obvious invitation, I sat myself up and caressed her immensely hard nipples with my mouth, her body arching back as I did so with a soft whimper escaping her mouth. Wrapping my arms around her body, I hungrily immersed my face into her breasts, sucking, licking, nibbling and kissing them with wild abandon.

As I did this, I felt her riding my harder and faster and my face stayed locked to her chest not just out of pleasure, but out of necessity to stop me from groaning to loud. As I did this I felt ankara escort bayan her lower her head and place my mouth against my hair as she too attempted to stifle her moans.

It was then that her riding of my incredibly hard cock became to much as came inside her, pumping my load with all my might. I instinctively held her body tighter and all of this seemed to push her to the limit as I felt her pussy tighten around my cock, her arms tighten around my body and her mouth push deeper into my hair as attempted to withhold what I believe was a scream.

We sat there for what felt like an eternity as our bodies twitched and shuddered in response to our respective orgasms. Eventually, however, we subsided and realised our grips of each other, moving away just enough to look each other in the eye.

‘God, she’s gorgeous’ was all I could think as we then leaned in for a passionate kiss before she broke it off and quickly slid off me, producing one final groan from my mouth.

With that she rolled back onto her side of the bed, rearranging her cleavage as she did so, before reaching down for her pyjama trousers and returning them to cover her modesty just in the nick of time for….


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