Christmas Eve with Ian


I believe I left you as I was slipping into a hot bath, all bubbly. There were some surprises that I couldn’t have seen coming this Christmas. To say that I was about to be taught a few lessons in the art of lovemaking and the power of a man, well, read on.

The bath was perfect, it felt so soothing. I opened my eyes and saw the vapor floating up from the tub into the cooler aire. The water had an orange, spicy scent to it and it was soft against my skin. This tub was quite large and oval in shape. It was very easy for me to lay down into the water and submerge my body under it.

Ian was sitting on the edge of the tub surround and handed me a soft cloth that had a pearl like lotion on it.

“This is a very nice body wash Layla; it comes from Baldinne, the little shop in the square. I found it not too long ago and have enjoyed it very much. The scent is very light and clean, refreshing. You know Lizianne, the proprietor, well she has a wonderful way of learning what her customer likes and she does her very best to bring in exactly what I want. This may amuse you to know but even old men like to smell good.”

He was so right, he did smell delicious. Ian was giggling, like a school boy and had the cutest way of tilting his head when he was happy.

Suddenly, I realized that this was indeed a man who I really didn’t know. Oh, I’ve known him for some time but never on a very personal level. I had to keep from chuckling; I did in fact now know him very much on a personal level, didn’t I?

“You look so lovely lying in my tub. Never, in a million years, would I have ever thought that when I got up this morning and started my day I would see you in my tub smiling at me.”

Ian got down on his knees and took the cloth back from me and began gently washing my body. He was like a father bathing his little girl. When he had tenderly washed my arms he let the cloth barely touch my breasts, and when he loving dipped it into the warm water and let it run over my aching nipples, I winced and he understood how very softly he needed to stroke me.

Bringing the warm water and the cloth to my thighs he scarcely touched my skin. I closed my eyes, felt my body relax and take pleasure in his calming touch.

“I could bathe you all night, you are absolutely captivating. The water is beginning to cool down my sweet cherub and I don’t want you to catch a chill, so let’s get you up, dry you off and feed you.”

Ian helped me out of the tub and brought me under the heating lamp in the ceiling. If you’re fortunate enough to live in the mountains you realize very quickly how much a heating lamp in your bath is essential to not catching you’re death after a bath or shower. The room had a glow from the amber color of the glass and it was quite warm and cozy. This gentle man dried every inch of me and covered me in a soft towel that felt like a marshmallow.

“I know this old robe isn’t exactly something you would choose for yourself but it will serve the purpose for you, tomorrow we’ll shop and have some special things for the next few days. I intend to pamper and spoil you to my heart’s delight.”

I was more than happy to be spoiled, in fact I might just do a little spoiling myself. I had a few surprises in store for Ian, if i could just work out all the details in time.

“Layla, I don’t know what will happen after the next few days and I don’t want or imagine there will be any promises or commitments, I just want to have you with me and take each moment as they come. So, I believe it’s time for supper don’t you?”

We walked into the kitchen and on the table Ian had a wonderful array of charcuterie, cheeses, some toasts and fruits. The wine was light, the conversation enticing, and the mood just added to the delightful supper he had made for us.

“Layla, the Shortbread cookies you made are just like the very best from my country. Ahhh, I see the look, yes, I was actually born in Scotland, and my parents came here when I was a Wee Laddie. I’m planning a trip in the spring, at my age I may not have many more trips in me.”

I had always thought I detected a slight bit of the old country in his voice. Yes, he certainly did have the look of a strong confident man from Scotland.

“That’s the one thing I regret, that I never took the time to travel. When I was a young woman I was all about my work, and when I opened my firm it took most of my time. Like you I have been blessed and have a secure life. I think it was one of the driving forces that convinced me to move here on a full time basis and curtail most of my business. I still have a few clients I work with but on a very limited schedule. Enough of that, my tummy is full, and my body is longing for a warm soft place to crawl into and snuggle with a very cuddly fellow, what do you say old man, are you ready to take me to your bed?”

I was giggling as I asked Ian that silly question, of course he was ready.

“You don’t have to ask me twice.”

The fire in the great room had long since gone out and as we were speaking Ian and I cleared the table.

“Well, my darling girl güvenilir bahis let me show you my etchings.”

I realized I had never seen Ian’s bedroom. This is a huge house and there are several rooms off the great room. Hand in hand we walked thru the family room just off the kitchen and down a short hallway. The light at the end of the hall was coming from Ian’s bedroom.

The house is turn of the century and all the doors and moldings are wood. When we reached the end of the hall the door opened into a massive room.

On the right was another stone fireplace, and the fire was burning and glowing. The floors were wood and there was a very large rug that easily had to be more than twelve feet square just in front of the hearth. The bed, a massive sleigh style in very dark mahogany faced the fireplace. It was breathtaking. The shades of greens and berries beckoned you in.

“My God, I’m sad to admit that I haven’t had the pleasure of a woman in my bed for quite some time young lady, I’m suddenly feeling very much the dirty old man.”

There is something so damn sexy about a dirty old man, and now i had one right here in front of me about to take me into his bed.

“Ummm, and you are a dirty old man Ian Wilson, and I love every year of you.”

We laughed and giggled, Ian went to the fire to place a few logs and I went to the bed.

The covers were lofty and soft. I debated for a mere second and then unbuttoned the robe and let it fall from my body.

“Please, just give me a moment to look at you. My darling girl, you are a lovely woman, your body is the picture I’ve dreamed of many a night that you could be had by this man.”

Ian came to the bedside and pulled the covers down, I slipped in and he tucked them to me like I was a child in his care. He walked around the other side, dropped his robe on the chair next to the bed and slipped in beside me.

“Layla, you have made this dirty old man very happy. I don’t think I’ll sleep a wink tonight, so many things going round in my head.”

I turned and snuggled right up against his body. I felt his arms enfold me and I couldn’t quite believe I was lying in this bed, in this room, in this man’s arms. Feeling his heart beating and the sound of his breathing was calming and I felt in safe hands.

“Layla, are you sleepy?”

That question made me smile, it really asked if I was awake as he wanted to talk about something, or, do something.

“I was just thinking to myself how at ease I am, here in your bed, safe and warm. I’m so happy that I called and I’m thinking about the next few days. You are very mysterious in some regard. Why don’t you tell me about the shopping adventure you have designed for us?”

“You have never liked being out of the queue have you? I know you could very easily walk across the road and put a few things in a case and that would be fine, but let me have every part of my fantasy. This will remain a mystery until we arrive at our destination. While you were resting this afternoon I made a call to a friend of mine who has a personal driver, he doesn’t drive himself anymore, anyway, my friend will be out of town for the holidays and he offered the services of his car and driver to me. I have him arriving at ten in the morning, and he will be at our beck and call for the day and beyond. I will tell you that we will be stopping at The Farmer’s Basket; you know the little specialty shop in the square. There are some things we need to make a suitable holiday dinner and some surprises.”

A driver, a shopping spree, what else could he possiblly do to make this any more than a wonderful holiday.

“Layla, there is something else I’d like to talk about; something I think needs to be spoken in relation to what happened today. If you would give me a few minutes and not speak until I’ve finished my little disclosure I’d like that.”

I couldn’t imagine what Ian was so apprehensive about and naturally I listened quietly.

“You have made me a very happy old man my sweet angel. I was really being quite candid when I articulated the many visions and fantasies I’ve had concerning you. I’m not getting to the point, Layla, I am not a young man and at my age it was quite a surprise that my reaction, that is, my, oh hell, that I could get an erection, there I’ve said it.”

Why do men think that the only tool they have at their disposal is a stiff hard cock? I was about to say just that when I was asked to be quiet.

“Hush, I’m trying to tell you that I may not be able to do that on a regular basis, I may not be able to that again and I wanted to tell you that so you understand that if it doesn’t happen that it has nothing to do with you. I’m making a mess of this; I’ve never had to talk about such things before.”

I could sense he was becoming frustrated and just a little annoyed with his inability to communicate what he needed me to hear.

“Now it’s time for you to hush. Ian, I’m not a school girl, a thirty something who believes that the only way to satisfy any woman is with a hard stiff cock. You may be very surprised at what I’m türkçe bahis about to say so please listen closely, and excuse my bluntness. Fucking is not the ultimate turn on or the preferred manner of achieving an orgasm for me. I am very sensitive in many places other than deep inside my pussy. I would also like to say that for me, the penetration is the beginning of the end.”

If I could make an impact in any one area of sexuality in regard to older men, or for that matter any man who isn’t able to achieve or maintain an erection it would be simply, who cares?

How many times have you heard the time honored phrase “Wham Bam, Thank You Madam” my understanding of that treasure is that men get an erection, shove it into the nearest pussy, fuck for all their worth and the deed is done.

Now, don’t get me wrong, a quickie every now and then can be very satisfying, but for the most part I like, no love and want all the other stuff much, much more. There has to be a reason that hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on dildos and vibrators, they should be regarded as an addition to the bag of tricks for any man. Personally, I have had the pleasure of using these little darlings with men who have ED, and we both not only enjoyed the toys, we used them even with a raging erection staring us down.

“My darling man, I am about to divulge a very well kept secret about me that in all your eighty years you would never have imagined, I have had, on more than one occasion, the pleasure of another woman. I’m telling you this because there was no rigid cock and the experience was quite satisfying. We could spend the rest of the night talking about this and it wouldn’t change anything. Sufficed to say that you are more than proficient in the various ways you satisfied this woman, naked in your bed.”

When I turned and looked at Ian he was smiling.

“Layla, why did I wait so long and waste so much time?”

“I am a firm believer in fate, karma, and destiny, whatever you choose to call it.

There is truly a season for all things and as long as we go through life with our eyes open and are willing to take chances those things that we seek will come to us, now shut up and kiss me old man.”

Ian kissed me gently, the kind of kiss that tells you, I’m happy you’re here.

The fire was dying down and the night was begging us to sleep. I turned my back to him and got as close as I could. This time when his hands found their way to my breasts it was with a gentleness and tender touch.

We drifted into sleep and spent the night wrapped in each other’s arms.

I vaguely felt Ian move away from me and get up; I was contented to stay where I was in that state of dreamlike slumber that feels so blissful.

“Good morning sweet angel, I have a tray for you.”

I opened my eyes and there he was, tray in hand, smiling like a child on Christmas morning. Ian set the tray on the side table and fluffed the pillows behind me. When I was exactly where he wanted me he set the tray across my lap.

“I slept like a baby. I’ve fixed you some breakfast, I’ve already eaten and I’ll be ready in a jiffy. Enjoy your feast, when you’re ready we’ll be on our way. It’s just after nine so get a move on. Tim will be here precisely at ten and we will be leaving for our adventure.”

I did enjoy my feast. The coffee was hot and the rest of it was equally delicious.

I crawled out of that big warm bed, reluctantly, and dressed.

As I walked into the great room, Tim was already there waiting.

“Layla, this Timothy MacClenny, he’s been kind enough to become our mode of transportation for the next few days.”

“Good morning Mr. MacClenny, this is really quite a treat, thank you.”

“Good morning miss, and please call me Tim, the pleasure is mine.”

“Alright, let’s get a move on we have a lot to do before Santa arrives this evening and I don’t want to miss a minute.”

We walked out the front door, the snow had stopped during the early morning hours but it was a snow colored sky.

The Pennsylvania plows had been out all night so the roads were fairly clear. I’m smiling as I’m writing these next few lines.

Tim opened the door for us and we got into the town car. I was sitting in the back of a sleek black car and the driver was pulling out of the driveway. Once the giddy feeling was replaced with calm and pleasure I was able to pinch myself and look forward to the day.

When we arrived at The Square it was surprising busy.

The Square is a very quaint setting. The shops are all individual buildings much like stone homes actually. The developer took great care to keep the environment and design much like it was at the turn of the century in this part of the state.

Our first stop was to the Farmer’s Basket.

Ian was so cute. He took his basket and went from spot to spot picking up his delicacies and wishing everyone a happy joyous Christmas.

Tim followed and took Ian’s treasures and put them in the car while we stopped at the bakery, the spirits shop and the florist. Our final stop güvenilir bahis siteleri was the surprise.

There is a stylish lingerie shop in The Square, very sophisticated, elegant, Lace and Lavender imports from all over the world and generally the lingerie is often one of a kind. Etienne, the owner is a lovely woman who speaks softly and is very protective of her clientele. It’s widely understood that should a gentleman wish to send something special to his lady it does remain both personal and private.

“Layla, how lovely to see you, it’s been too long. I’m so happy to know you are now here in town to stay. And, Mr. Wison, I believe we have an appointment today.”

“Layla, I’ll be busy with madam for a bit, Tim is going to take you to Miranda’s, the little shop across the square. I want you to choose some things for the Holiday; the proprietor has already been advised as to what she might show you, please follow her suggestions. I see the look in your eyes and I will ask you to allow this old man his whim. Meet me here when you’re through, about an hour, how does that sound?”

I quickly glanced at Etienne and understood her smile.

“Why that sounds wonderful.”

I kissed Ian on his cheek and watched him follow Etienne to a private room. I knew that in that room, Etienne would show Ian several things she thought I would enjoy. I couldn’t help but feel a quiver; he was evidently enjoying this appointment.

Tim dropped me at Miranda’s as he was instructed to do by the master of the day.

It seems that Ian had called ahead and spoke with Miranda telling her that he thought I would need some particular things. I listened to her suggestions and we choose some very lovely pieces.

The hour flew by and before I could catch my breath we were arriving at Lace and Lavender. Ian came to the car with several boxes and bags. Tim put them carefully in the truck as Ian climbed in beside me.

“Well, did you enjoy you’re appointment Mr. Wilson?”

“I most assuredly did. I hope you were able to pick up what you needed from Miranda’s?”

“Ian, you’re spoiling me, and although I did fill the list you left with Miranda, I’m hoping I choose things that will please you.”

“My little cherub, you couldn’t possibly do anything else, just being with me is more than I could have dreamed.”

The day absolutely flew by. On the ride home the houses were already in full holiday splendor. You could see people arriving and carrying armloads of beautifully wrapped surprises.

It was near four o’clock when we got to the house. Tim and Ian brought all the packages in and Ian and I wished Tim a Merry Christmas and he was on his way to his family for the festivities that Christmas Eve brings.

“Layla, why don’t you go and rest for a bit. I have some things to prepare and when you wake up the celebration will begin.”

A sweet kiss and I was ushered into the bedroom for a much needed nap. I took off my things and crawled into the covers. I must have fallen asleep very quickly.

I woke up to soft music and a warm fire. The things I left on the chair next to the bed were gone and there was a beautiful box with a huge red bow on it sitting in their place. There was a card on the box and I opened the small envelop and read the note.

Layla, dinner will be served at precisely eight o’clock. Please enjoy this little gift.

I untied the ribbon and eagerly opened the box. Wrapped in the most beautiful shimmering tissue was perhaps the most beautiful lace dress I had ever seen.

The color was deep hunter green with the finest small crystals covering the bodice. I took the dress out and held it up to my body. The neckline was delicate and formed a vee just below my breasts. There was an underwire in the bodice that told me I didn’t need anything under it. The sleeves were long and would be tight on my arms falling in a soft lace scallop around my wrists. The dress was long and flowing, there was a split opened front that would begin just above my knees. It appeared to me that Mr. Wilson has impeccable taste.

I laid the dress on the bed and when I picked up the box to move it there was something else to be found. I searched through the tissue and found a pair of clear strappy sandals with the same crystals delicately placed on the instep and slim heels.

I looked at the clock and it was almost seven. I would have just enough time to shower and change.

I walked into the bath and on the surround there was a tray with perfume, mascara, lip gloss and a comb and brush. There was nothing this man hadn’t thought of and I was beginning to feel very much the princess in the castle.

I showered quickly, brushed my hair, and added some mascara to my lashes and gloss to my lips. I walked into the bedroom and stepped into the dress. The lace was soft and clung to my body emphasizing my curves, falling as if it were made for me. I turned and looked in the mirror and I was indeed the princess. The neckline fell just below my breasts, the fullness strained slightly in the fitted bodice. The split opening allowed my thighs to peek out from beneath the lace bottom and it shimmered when I moved. I stepped into the sandals and when I walked the crystals caught the glow from the fire and I looked as though I had stepped into the magical glass slippers.

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