Christmas Pictures Ch. 02


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I sat dazed as Brandy walked over and lifted my chin to her mouth as she bent over. She opened her mouth and shoved her tongue into mine. Our tongues rubbed against each other and my heart pounded and blood began to flow to my previously exhausted parts.

“I see that you and Erin already started the wine without me – along with some other things. Why don’t you get me a glass of wine while I change into something I got today.” All I could do was nod and try to stand up. But for a few minutes I could hardly move.

Still stunned I managed to get to my knees pulling on my cotton gym shorts as I unsteadily rose to my feet. I pulled on my gym shorts the rest of the way as Brandy came back. “Looks like Mr. Happy is all worn out. Too bad! I could use him tonight” she said as she patted my crotch.

She was wearing an almost transparent robe which showed her almost transparent g string through which you could almost see her shaved pussy lips. Brandy was always good at finding this sort of thing and she wore it beautifully. My imagination filled in the blanks. I could see her areole and nipples which although seemed to get blood flowing had little other effect after dropping two loads into Erin.

Brandy poured a couple of glasses of wine and turned on the stereo before she sat down on the couch and leaned against me. I was just discovered with my dick in my daughters mouth and her tit in mine and we are curled up on the couch having wine? Making it even harder to focus because I could now see her breast down her robe. I sat comparing it to Erin’s. It was all I could do to keep my hand out from drawing the robe aside and feeling and tasting it in comparison. But it seemed it might be a good idea to maybe wait and see.

“Let me tell you what just happened” Brandy said.

“Please help me out” I replied.

Brandy started out. “About a month ago while you were on assignment I came home one day a little early from work and saw that Erin’s and Samantha’s cars were parked in the drive. It was over the Thanksgiving college break and I think you were in France at that point. You’ve been away but you must recall Sam is the one that has the long wavy blond hair and the blue eyes. She and Erin have been friends from the 3rd grade. And she has grown up! Big boobs and no ass. Most women would kill for that. Erin had arrived home from her senior year for vacation in the middle of the last week and Sam must have arrived that day”.

“No space in the driveway so I left the car in the street and want around the side to the pool thinking they might be there or in the hot tub. No one was in sight. But the day was hot in the sun so they must be inside. I kicked off my shoes and sat on the chaise lounge for a few minutes before deciding I’d get something to drink from the kitchen and change to my bathing suit for some late afternoon sun”.

“With my shoes and a drink in one hand I started up the stairs unbuttoning my dress. As I came to the landing I could hear something like groaning or maybe panting would be a better description. I went on up and looked into Erin’s room. The door was mostly closed except for a 6” crack. “You know how the room is set up so I was looking at the bed from the bottom. I was stunned with what I saw. The grunts were louder at this range and came from Erin as she lay on her back holding her legs open as wide as she could.”

“There was Samantha in a view I had not seen before kneeling on the floor with her head buried in Erin’s bush and her legs spread pretty wide apart. Her nose was in Erin’s crack and her tongue was really working over Erin’s clit. Looking at Samantha’s ass with her legs open her shaved pussy was dripping – literally. Her lips were spread and swollen showing her beautiful pink crack. One hand was massaging her own clit and occasionally disappearing into her own cunt to massage her g spot”.

“I was transfixed. Shocked and terribly aroused. My pussy was soaking in a second. I found my hand slipping into my own clothes under my panties seeking my own button as I watched Samantha push harder and harder against Erin’s crotch.”

“I must have made a noise – maybe I was breathing hard – as Erin was arching her back she opened her eyes and looked right at me! Then she closed her eyes to concentrate on her own arousal. I was frozen”.

“Samantha now had her fingers of one hand on her own button and two fingers of other hand in Erin’s cunt working them in and out. Now she took the two fingers from Erin’s vagina and slid them easily into Erin’s ass. Erin’s juices had been running down her crack over her ass making it fully lubed up. That did it as Erin arched her back and let go of her legs puling Samantha’s head tighter into her crotch. After bucking for maybe 30 seconds she began to come down. Samantha seems to be cumming at the same time as she shook – held in place by Erin’s hands on her head.

“At this point I took a step back. I stood for a minute transfixed. My hand was still down the front Kağıthane Escort of my panties. I went to our bedroom holding my finger on my own clit massaging it as I closed the door. I dropped my dress on the floor and tore off my panties. I grabbed my vibrator and just buried it in my cunt – coming almost instantly.”

“It was so wild. Other than a little fooling round one year with my college roommate I had never given much thought to lesbian sex. But it was beautiful as they made each other cum. They were so focused on each other and came together. Most couples would be in heaven to be so closely connected.”

“I fell asleep after getting off and slept for a couple of hours. I awoke when the sun was setting and get up. Looking out the window I could see that Samantha’s car was gone. I didn’t hear anyone else in the house. I took off my bra and hung it up and slipped into the short pink satin robe. The one you got me in Italy”.

“I can see that this is waking you up again! We may get somewhere yet.” As her hand absently stroked my dick through my shorts.

“I went downstairs and found some leftover Chinese. I ate that with a glass of wine. I needed to relax so I turned on the low lights by the hot tub and took the glass of wine with me to massage my body in warm water.

I got in and got in the corner seat where you sit when we fuck in the tub. The nozzle that massages your nuts? Well it does a job my cunt too!”.

“As I soaked and felt the water pulsing over my crotch I would change the water flow up and down and have another sip of wine. The lights in the tub cast a warm upward glow.

“Suddenly Erin was back standing beside the hot tub with a bottle of wine and glasses. “Mind if I join you. You look so comfortable. And so beautiful” she added. Without waiting for an answer she dropped her robe and slipped into the tub”.

“I looked at her in a completely different way. I can’t describe it but seeing her nude body slide into the tub was an erotic thrill.”

“Erin poured two glasses of with and proposed a toast “To surprises and great sex”. I had to clink glasses to that.”

“After a couple of sips Erin said ‘My favorite spot is where you are sitting’ It really turns me on.””

“I said “Apparently Sam turns you on pretty well too.””

“Erin grinned and said “She sure does. Her touch sets me on fire”.”

“”How long have you to been lovers” I asked.”

“Erin smiled. “Well from a certain point of view maybe the 4th grade. When we had a sleepover we got into practicing kissing. We would sleep snuggled up and kissing. Gradually the kissing became making out. We would neck and fondle each other for hours. “”

“And I thought you guys were watching TV” Brandy said.”

“We did some of that too – especially yours and Dads porn later on. Then we would try out what was on the screen. But at first it was pretty innocent”

“”What about your boy fiends” I asked. “I’ve met several””

“Well both Sam and I had boyfriends. After dates we would get together and make out – remember practicing. Then one day we made a jump. This came after one day I lay my hand on Sam’s thigh and she opened her legs some. So I slid my hand between her legs. She was all wet – and slippery. I moved my hand up tight to her crotch and she began to mount my hand. She had an orgasm in 30 seconds. We were both pretty amazed. So Sam asked if I want to try it too. We began kissing and petting. I opened my legs and Sam put her hand in between them. She gently rubbed the knuckle of her thumb against my clit and I came with a rush too”

“”I often wondered why you two were so tight” I said.”

“Erin said “Going away to college was tough. My boyfriends could get me off but Sam’s touch is like magic. Whew. Just thinking about it my heart is racing.””

“I said “mine too”.”

“Erin looked at me for a long moment and then leaned over and pressed her lips to mine. I was only half surprised. We held the kiss, I found myself opening my mouth and pushing my tongue out. Erin was encouraged by that and moved her hand behind my head to hold it while we shared another much longer kiss. This time both our tongues were pushing over each other.”

“Erin took my hand and held it for a moment and then took it to her breast. It was so firm compared to mine. Her hand then lay on my thigh. We lay there sort of side by side – half floating stroking each other. My heart was racing. I needed a break for a minute.”

“I said “I needed to pee” and I got out of the hot tub and went inside, My God what is this all about? Lesbian sex with my daughter? It was pretty exciting – my heart was pounding.”

“I went into the bath and peed but I also washed my face with cold water and leaned against the cool tile wall for a few minutes to take out some heat. But I could not cool off much. I decided to go out and ask Erin if this made sense to her,”

“I went back outside to the hot tub and Erin extended her hand to me helping me into the tub and drawing me close for a kiss”

“I asked Kağıthane Escort Bayan her “Erin are you sure that this is something you want to do?””

“”With all my heart” she replied. Erin drew me close for another kiss.”

“I sank down into the center of the tub sitting on the bottom, I pulled Erin over to sit in front of me. I put my right leg over her left thigh and she put her other leg over mine. We drew together in a long embrace. Then we must have spent an hour stroking each other. I even put my finger in Erin’s ass as one point! She did the same to me. It was crazy”

“We rose- as one – and Erin half pushed and half lifted me to the edge of the hot tub. It was just like you would do when we make love. She slid her hand between my legs and they just seemed to open. Erin leaned forward to kiss me and our breasts brushed against each other. I put my hand up and took Erin’s tit in my hand rolling the nipple between my thumb and finger as I like you to do it. Erin gasped and put her head back pushing her waist between my legs. I grasped her with my legs to hold her there like I would do with you. But nothing filled my cunt – at least not yet.”

“Erin leaned back at her chest bringing her tits to my mouth level. I guided one in as she slid her hand between our bodies and down to my crotch. She rubbed gently and then pushed harder. I released my grip with my legs and spread them out for her. Now I felt a finger and then two in my cunt. I was so hot. Her thumb pushed gently against my clit. We rocked back and forth with me sucking her one tit and holding the other.”

“She leaned forward again and we locked in a French kiss again. She released me and slid down into the water and her mouth made contact with my other lips . I thought I would pass out. But all I did was spread my legs wider.”

“I see that this is having a positive effect” Brandy said to me. She reached out her hand and took my semi hard cock in her hand and we came together in a long kiss. She stroked my dick slowly and softly.

“We changed positions and it seemed natural for me to go down on Erin. Her bush was thick and when her lips opened to reveal her gleaming pink cunt I was fascinated. I put a finger in her clit and massaged it a bit, Then I ran my fingers up and down her lips. Erin pulled me close and said “put them inside – I want to feel you inside”.”

“We went upstairs to Erin’s bed and we fell into each others arms. Kissing madly. I separated myself and looked down her perfect lean body. As I did she opened her legs and I understood that I should put my face into her crotch. After kissing her tits for a few minutes while I had two fingers in her crotch I moved down and moved in close to her lips. She spread them wider for me and I tasted he sweet and salty juices. They were flowing like crazy!.

After a couple of minutes Erin half sat up and pivoted on her hip. From there I felt her hand draw my thigh toward he. My god we are about to 69 I thought – and it seems OK. A few seconds later Erin was running her tongue up and down my shaved pussy lips. I was gasping for breath. Erin slowed for a minute and then I felt her fingers in my cunt massaging looking for my G spot. She found it and in 30 seconds I was over the edge. She slipped her thumb into my ass as I began to come which made it even more intense.

“I stopped what I was doing panting for breath. I rolled on my back as Erin came up and gave me a long kiss. “Help me off Mom ” she said as she straddled my chest and then moved her slit over my mouth. I went back to work on her clit as her fingers held her lips wide open for me. I began to massage her ass when Erin said “Put it in”. I slid my finger in. It was so slick and easy I slipped in a second finger. A minute later Erin was hanging on the headboard of the bed shaking as she came.”

“During the weekend we never left each others sight. Mostly as we were in the same bed together. We did get to the hot tub and a few other spots around the house which I somehow saw in a new light”.

“I awoke early on Monday to get ready for work. I had slept soundly like I was dead. But in fact I seemed enlivened. I slipped out of bed and went to the shower to get myself thinking straight again. I faced the shower with my eyes closed and let it pour over me. I was thinking about the weekend before and what it all meant and I could feel myself heat up and my juices begin to run again. And then as if in a dream there was another pair of soapy hands running up and down my back from my neck to my ass. It felt mighty good.”

“Erin had awakened and joined me. She began to wash my breasts and belly and then her soapy hands slipped between my legs. I opened up for her and the rhythmic stroking had me at the edge in what seemed like a moment. I turned to her and began the same. Gradually our soapy hands entered each others holes. I was thrusting in and out of her ass while she had he fingers buried in my cunt. Then we would switch. We both had our other arm around each other mashing our tits together as we Escort Kağıthane kissed.”

I could feel it building up and said “I’m cumming – push more. I want more inside.” Erin responded with 3 fingers in my cunt as her wrist pushed on my clit. I came in her arms and then she came in mine. I moved my hand so I had one finger in her ass and two in her cunt and she began to come shaking on my hand as I felt her vagina and ass contract on my hand”

“Fantastic” was all I could say. We rinsed off and got out of the shower. In the background I heard the phone ring. Erin said “Ill get it” and she disappeared.

I was a wreck – maybe a satisfied wreck – and I wondered what else there was in this more energetic sexually soaked life. Somehow I figured I would find out.

“Erin reappeared a few minutes later as I was getting dressed for work. Erin came into the room. She stood behind me stroking my sides and ass. “Mom” Erin said. “That was Sam on the phone and she misses me. And I miss her. Can she join us tonight?””

I sat down with a thud. I guess in the time we had spent I had not thought once of sharing Erin with anyone, It seemed to be perfect.

I sat there a couple of minutes thinking about it.

“OK” I sad to Erin. “But lets the three of us go out on a date tonight. I need to get to know Sam in a different light.”

“”Great idea Mom – I’ll call Sam. Lets make it for 8 to give you some time – and maybe me too – after you get back from work. I’ll make a reservation at Chez Dominion and as for one of the booths at the back, Do you remember Bill Harris? He’s the matrie’d there now so we were very good friends for a while. I’m sure he can do it for me.” Erin bounced out of the room.”

“I was a wreck at work. As I thought about Erin’s soft touches and kisses I wondered if the experience would be twice as intense or half with Sam there.”

“Brian my associate at the firm came into my office. “You look distracted” he remarked.”

“”I guess I am” I replied. I was wondering what Jeff is up to. He’s been away for a while and not due back for 3 more weeks…”

“While true enough Jeff had hardly crossed my mind as Erin and I spent all of our free time together”

“”Well take a look at this stuff when you get a chance. We should get it out by the end of the week let me know if there is anything I can help you with… anything” and with a wink he left the office.”

“In the past when Brian was in the office I would daydream about him while Jeff was away. Now it was Erin. Jim was still a pretty good looking 40 year old without a bit of fat. He did cycling events on a regular basis that kept the weight off.”

“About three I decided to go shop for a dress for dinner. My office is close to a high end mall. I walked through the stores looking for what would be right. A dress to seduce my daughters best friend? Or was it a dress to wear while my daughter’s friend seduced me? There were too many permutations to think about it”

“I found a dark blue dress size 4 that was a good fit. I wanted to go without a bra but most of the dresses had not provided enough support for my bigger 40 year old tits. But this one provided some as long as I did not bend over. If I did they would fall out but I figure what the hell they looked good as long as I was upright. Mid thigh length. Spaghetti straps. It looked great! I’ll have to show it to you”

“Id like to see it” I replied.

“After that I found a shoe store and tried on a few pairs. Finally a pair of 3″ silver heels seemed to be just right.”

“My last store was the cosmetics store for a little more dramatic look. I found what I needed and headed home. As I drove toward home I found my knees were shaking.”

“Erin was on the patio in her robe painting her nails. We chatted for a little while about dinner that night. I noticed that Erin’s hand had slipped into her robe and she was squeezing her tits and nipples.”

“Mom – I’m getting hot just talking to you about tonight. Samantha said she was going shopping for a dress too. “

“I told her I was going up to shower and get ready as it was 7 already.”

I was ready first and went downstairs. A minute later Erin came down wearing a strapless white dress that came to the middle of her thighs. It showed her and her tan off perfectly. She was wearing sparkling red heels which made us just the same height. She didn’t stop but walked over to me and we kissed – gently – but it sent shivers through me. When we parted we were both panting and nothing had happened.”

“As we drove up Sam came out in a black strapless dress with a split at the front tied by a rhinestone sparkly strap that showed her bust nicely. The black dress showed off her pale skin, She was stunning. Erin got out and let Sam slide into the middle between us It was tight but great. Sam and I leaned together and exchanged our first kiss – on the lips. Then she turned and kissed Erin and said “Thank you – both”.”

“At the restaurant as I bent over getting out of the car one tit did fall out. The valet’s eyes popped out at the same time. Putting it back in I just smiled at him and patted his arm and said “Not tonight buddy” Sam was waiting on the right side and she took my arm and squeezed it. “This was a great idea – but I don’t know how long dinner can last”. I said “Lets tease it out shall we?””

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