Cindy’s Encounter With Me


I met Cindy in a bar and we got talking. She had had quite a lot to drink and she told me how her mother had helped her lose her virginity. She told me about Gordon and her mother Gloria and how she discovered that she had a brother and a sister that she hadn’t known about until she was nineteen years old. I took her home with me and introduced her to my wife Ash.

We all had more to drink and soon I encouraged Ash and Cindy to dance. While they were dancing Ash began stripping the clothes off Cindy’s lush body. She started with her sweater and asked Cindy to raise her arms in the air to facilitate the removal. After the sweater came the skirt which was released and fell to Cindy’s feet. That left only her stockings and shoes as she had not been wearing any underwear to enable her to remain accessible to any pick-up she might have encountered. Ash waltzed her over to the couch and laid her down so we might play with her lush body. Unfortunately she had been drinking too much and passed out on the couch so we carried her up to the bedroom removed her shoes and stockings and tucked her into our bed. After a few goodnight kisses between us we undressed and retired to bed also.

In the morning when she had awoken with a mighty hangover, we watched Cindy dress before we all descended the stairs for breakfast. Over breakfast we suggested to Cindy that she should bring her family round at the weekend for a sexual get-together. She rather liked the whole idea and quickly agreed.

Next weekend arrived and on the Saturday morning Cindy, her sister Jo and her brother Chas come round to our house. When she knocks on the door my wife Ash answers and lets them all in.

She notices that her brother-in-law Wayne and his wife Molly are also there. “Where is your husband.” asks Cindy. “He is in the room next door with his grlfriend.” Ash tells her with a tinge of jealousy in her voice.

So Cindy leaves Jo and Chas, Wayne and Molly and tries next door. She knocks but there is no answer, as the door is not locked she enters. There is no sign of anyone in the room but she can hear noises coming from the bedroom beyond. She moves to the bedroom and is amazed at what she sees there. There on the bed is Gloria, her mother, naked apart from thigh high stockings and between Gloria’s legs is me with my cock buried deep within Gloria’s gaping cunt. “This is your girlfriend?” she queries with amazement. “Yes, Cindy.” I reply, “how do you think I knew where to find you in the first place?”

I continue fucking Gloria whilst Cindy watches with avid interest. Cindy then moved over to her mother and whilst she kisses her the added excitement causes me to spurt all my cum into Gloria’s cunt. I pulled out of Gloria’s cunt and after giving her a nice sexy kiss I stood up and embraced Cindy before retiring to the shower.

After cleansing myself I turn off the shower and Cindy follows me into the bedroom with a towel. Gloria now rises from the bed and takes my place in the shower.

Cindy asks if I need any help to get dry and I say “Please!” I am now stood before her naked, clean and dry. She moves over to me and asks me to strip her. I rip off her dress and remove her sexy underwear. What a lovely surprise awaits me. Her cunt is very hairy so I take it into my mouth to warm her up for the pleasures to come. I start to explore her asshole with my fingers. First I insert one finger and open up her ass. Then I add a second and a third. I wait until the pain has subsided a little before inserting the fourth. When I have enlarged her asshole enough I insert my thumb followed by the whole hand. When she is fully aroused and almost ready to cum I start fucking her ass with my hand which is now in up to my wrist.

Unknown to me Wayne has sneaked into the room and before I have time to realize what is happening he slides up behind me and Şirinevler Escort is about to ram his large dick up my ass. The head reaches the puckered entrance and is engulfed but then there appears to be some resistance. I am not open enough yet. He is feeling a little sadistic and so cannot wait for me to open but gives a mighty thrust and in he goes. Agony for me but he is in up to his balls. He decides to have a little pity at this stage and instead of beginning to fuck me he stays in until I have acclimatized. Thank you Wayne!

Soon he withdraws until only the tip remains inside but then thrust back in to the balls again. He is now fucking me really good and ups the tempo – IN OUT, IN OUT ignoring my initial screams which do eventually turn to moans of pleasure as he continues fucking me.

At the same time I am matching his tempo in Cindy’s asshole with my hand and just before he cums he pulls out and before my asshole can close behind him he reaches over to the bed and picks up a VERY large dildo which he rams into my ass.

He now moves over in front of me and straddles me, moving up my chest until his dick is close to my mouth. I am about to say something in protest but when I open my mouth he quickly rams his dick into it and very soon afterwards he cummmmmmmms, filling my mouth with his lovely creamy sticky sperm.

After he has cum he zips up and leaves to go back to the other room.

I discover his cum is wonderful to taste and I swallow only a little of it and retain enough to share with Cindy after I have fucked her to climax.

When she finally climaxes I pull out my hand, pull her up towards me and we end with a kiss! She now tastes some of her brother-in-law’s own cum. Having concluded our kissing I throw her onto the bed and before I tie her hands and legs to the bedposts I pick up a whip and start on her ass. After seventeen strokes I think she has had enough so I tie her to the bed. She is now helpless and at my mercy. I am not feeling too merciful after what Wayne has done to me so beware Cindy!

Jo now enters the room and sees Cindy helpless at my mercy. She comes over to me and we kiss. Before I get further acquainted with her I remove the dildo from my ass and stick it straight up Cindy’s asshole, ignoring her screams, as it is even larger than my hand.

I get Jo to strip for me now. She slowly unbuttons her blouse exposing her large titties to both of us. When she removes her skirt I discover that not only is she not wearing panties but also she has on a sanitary towel and beneath this a tampon in her bloody cunt. I remove the towel and use it to blindfold Cindy, then I take out the tampon and force it into Cindy’s mouth as a gag. Next we add nipple clamps to her tits and finally Jo puts on a strap-on and begins fucking her sister quite savagely.

Whilst this is happening I pick up the whip and start whipping Cindy across her tits, making quite a few stripes before stopping. Her screams are completely quieted by the tampon in her mouth.

Throughout the whipping Jo has continued to fuck Cindy and while Cindy is having another climax Jo takes my prick in her mouth and sucks me to completion. She manages to retain most of it in her mouth and bends over Cindy to share my hot cum with her. Her final indignity for the time being is when Jo and I straddle her and cover the whole of her body with streams of piss as we empty our bladders. We leave her in this filthy state as we both dress and return to the rest of them next door.

When we knock Cindy’s brother-in-law Wayne opens the door and we see that he is the only one in the room.

Where are the wives????? Could they be together in the bedroom?????

Jo and I walk to the bedroom door and open it…… there on the bed are the two wives, stark naked, each mouth buried in Şirinevler Escort Bayan the others dripping cunt.

When Cindy went next door to find me Molly asked Ash to direct her to the bedroom, as she wanted to make sure she was looking her best. Ash took her into the bedroom and whilst Molly was looking in the mirror Ash came up behind her and put her hands round her over her lovely titties. Molly immediately became aroused and held Ash’s hands over her rapidly hardening nipples. Ash took the hint and began to caress her, finishing the hardening process. She turned Molly round and kissed her. Just a simple kiss to start but it soon became a prolonged French tongue variety.

Whilst they were kissing Molly started undoing the buttons of Ash’s blouse – starting at the top and she was surprised to find that there was no bra to obstruct her hands fondling Ash’s lovely tits and that Ash was wearing nipple clamps!! The kiss concluded and after she had removed the blouse Ash slid the shoulder straps of Molly’s dress downwards so that the dress slowly slithered to the floor. She reached behind, unfastened the bra and watched as it slid slowly off Molly’s breasts, finally clearing the erect nipples before sinking to the floor at her feet. They were now both naked to the waist. Ash in her skirt and Molly wearing just her thong and holdup stockings.

Whilst Ash started to explore Molly’s rapidly moistening cunt Molly was removing Ash’s skirt and was again surprised!! No panties at all. Ash removed the remaining obstacle and they lay down on the bed – head to toe as we found them.

As I returned to the main room to make sure Wayne does not realize what is happening to his wife Molly, Jo’s first thoughts were of jealousy at seeing Molly with another woman but she soon found that it was very erotic and giving her the hots. Her thoughts turned from jealousy to lust and so she immediately stripped and approached the bed.

She separated the two women and laid them side by side on their backs. Their cunts were obviously aroused, as was my dick, so I stripped again, got between Ash’s legs and thrust my erection into her cunt to the hilt. After a few strokes I pulled out and repeated the action into Molly’s cunt. Jo’s cunt made up the third in the cycle. This alternation continued until first Molly then Ash and finally Jo had massive orgasms. This triggered me off and I plunged once more into Jo and unloaded my full measure of sperm into her waiting bloody cunt.

Having slowly slipped out I left Molly on her back and got Jo to lie on top of her. What a glorious sight – two pairs of tits mingling. They kissed and the sight of my cum and Jo’s blood leaking out of Jo onto Molly’s cunt revitalized me back to full erection. I began to plough into them again – less movement necessary to get from one cunt to the other now they were on top of each other. In and out I went – really enjoying myself now……………I continue until they have both had orgasms again.

Then whilst they were recovering I sneaked out of the room and went to talk to Wayne and Chas, explaining what was happening.

Although 20 years old Chas seems to be very innocent and unsure of himself. He acts much younger than his years – what an awakening he was due to get! He is very much a virgin in all respects at present – but not for much longer.

Wayne however is very much more with it.

We open the bedroom door just in time to see Ash pissing into Molly’s mouth. Chas is shocked. Ash finishes her pissing and moves away from Molly to lie back on the bed to await further attention. I move over and suck out the remaining mixture of cum and blood from Jo’s dripping cunt while Wayne strips and moves over to fuck Ash.

Jo talks to Chas and explains that it is time he lost his virginity. Jo gets Molly to help Escort Şirinevler him strip and she, Jo, then returns to the bed on her back. When she has finished stripping Chas Molly decides to have a shower and I accompany her.

Chas by now has a nice erection and he gingerly approaches Jo. She takes hold of his erection and guides it into her waiting cunt. Whilst he is fucking her she takes lots of the lubrication from her cunt and sticks her thumb up his ass.

This vision gets Wayne very aroused and not only increases the size of his large erection but also gives him grand ideas. He leaves Ash in the lurch after fucking her till she was on the point of cumming. He pulls out and moves over to Chas and Jo.

It is time Chas lost his anal virginity. Wayne comes up behind him as he is getting into a rhythm fucking Jo and before he realizes what is happening Wayne removes Jo’s thumb and replaces it with his stiff dick. What a shock for Chas. He screams out in pain as Wayne rams his dick up to his balls in Chas’s ass. Wayne ignores his screams and begins to give him the fucking of his life.

Jo also gains from this because every time Wayne thrusts into him he thrusts into her. This cannot last long and all three cum simultaneously. Wayne fills Chas’s ass, Chas fills Jo’s cunt and she has another massive orgasm.

They all slump onto the bed exhausted. Chas is also very upset and confused. Losing two types of virginity at the same time gives his mental functions overload.

Jo recovers first and joins us in the shower where I am telling Molly what had happened next door. She immediately dashes out of the shower into the room where Cindy is, still tied down as we left her.

She had gone into the other room to see for herself what a state her sister-in-law Cindy was in. When she sees her lying there she now proceeds to manipulate the dildo in her ass with very little ceremony. Before Cindy knows what is happening she is lying there feeling great pain in her rear quarters as the dildo moves rapidly in and out of her ass. “This is for trying to seduce my husband earlier you bastard!” screams Molly as she rams it in and out rapidly.

Cindy can take only so much before she has another mighty orgasm. Molly then leaves the dildo pushed far up Cindy’s ass and moves over her. When she has completely straddled Cindy she opens her legs and allows a large stream of yellow piss to rain down on her. The last lot had hardly dried and now Cindy is covered again.

The action had only just started when we three in the shower reenter the room.

What a sight meets our eyes. There is Cindy with a large dildo going in and out of her ass like a jack-in-a-box. Jo grabs her brother and drags him to the other bed. She takes his limp dick into her mouth and starts to make it rise.

Meanwhile I sit at the head of the bed where Molly is dildoing Cindy and take myself in hand. When Jo has got her brother to full erection she gets on the bed on all fours and tells him to stick that lovely erection where it can do some use – up her cunt, from the rear, doggy style. He is a little reluctant at first but she is very insistent and so he complies. For the first time in his life he is fulfilling his dream. He is fucking his own sister.

They are rapidly approaching the end so I move over to them and force him to take my prick in his mouth and accept my entire full load. This causes him to cum in his sister’s cunt.

She turned over and they kissed – transferring my cum into her mouth. I went between her legs and stuck my own cock into her filled cunt. I am very aroused and so don’t take long to add yet more sperm to her cunt.

Jo now moves over to straddle Cindy, takes the tampon out of her mouth and replaces it with her cunt. Cindy is now forced to clean her cunt which contains a nice mixture of two lots of sperm and her menstrual blood. When she is satisfied that Cindy has cleaned her enough we all get dressed and the session is ended. We all depart the room leaving Cindy in a mess till someone comes to release her. To be continued when Gloria is also involved and Gordon puts in an appearance.

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