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This is a continuation of the story, “Having Fun.” by the author of this story. To learn more about the character Rose, one could read: “What If, Part 9,” Chapters 32 and 33 and “What If, Part 12,” Chapter 37, beginning at about the 9th paragraph. About the first fourth of this story is character development. After that the action begins.


Although Carol did not say anything that night in December when Greg came over to their house and took pictures of her, Greg had bulked up somewhat. Of the three friends, Tommy, Andy and Greg, Greg was the geek. He had little interest in athletics his whole life. But when he had appeared in Tommy’s back yard and had seen his mom with a killer body, and then had seen himself in a mirror and what he looked like in a thong, he decided he needed to dedicate a little of his time to becoming physically fit. So once he entered the local junior college, he took advantage of the athletic training facilities that were available to students. Furthermore, he found that there were several people who worked out regularly at the facilities who were in obviously good shape and who were eager to help out any fellow student who wanted to become more physically fit. So he connected with one of these guys who became his personal fitness trainer.

By the time January rolled around, Greg had added more than thirty pounds of muscle to the body he had seen in the mirror the previous summer. Greg had three motivations for continuing his fitness regimen. First, he had seen Ted in a thong. Ted was Carol’s husband. And if Carol had a hot body – and she certainly did – Ted had a body to match hers. He obviously felt that because his wife worked hard to keep herself in shape he owed it to her to keep himself in equally good shape. Second, in a notebook he now kept a couple of pictures of Carol in a micro bikini, flexing – and looking hotter than blazes. Third, although he had never let on to anyone, he still held on to the hope that some day he would get up the courage to ask Sarah out and that she would say, “Yes.” So while he still pursued what he considered to be a geeky career in electrical engineering, he hoped to shed the geeky body image that went with that career.

During this same fall to winter time frame Rose had met an interesting person. She was in her early fifties and was looking for her first job. She was scared to be doing so because she felt she had no marketable skills. She had been turned down at a number of places but finally someone had recommended that she apply at the manufacturing plant where Rose worked in the front office. The COO at the plant still had the reputation of being someone who would try to give a girl who had a rough start the chance to make good. When such girls/women would show up, Rose was the first to hear their story.

This woman, Grace, had seen her mother come down with MS when Grace was a junior in High School. As soon as she had graduated, her father had left the family. They never heard from him again, and Grace was put in the position of caring for her mother as her mother became gradually more and more disabled. Her mother had had a good job and so had some disability income. The house had been paid for and evidently left to her mother. So after high school Grace had dedicated her life to taking care of her mother until very recently, when her mother finally succumbed to the disease. Grace had had no social life – so no social skills. She came to the plant wearing a plain dress under an even more plain coat. She looked more like a grandmother from back in the 1950’s than a woman of the new millenium. She came with her high school diploma and the report cards from her senior year. She had been an honor roll student taking college prep courses. But this was from before the days of computers and she had never touched a computer.

Rose felt sorry for this woman and thought that this would be one of those people that the COO would want to help. She was right. The COO found a job for her doing basic janitorial tasks. After giving her the job, the COO came out to Rose and said, “I put in a good word for you. In fact I pushed her kind of hard. I want her to come to you, and I’d love you to take her under your wing. If you could help her make the changes that you made in yourself and in Diane, I think she has great potential. I can’t make her confide in you, but if she does, be kind to her. I really think she needs a friend.”

“How’d she get here?” asked Rose.

“I don’t know,” responded the COO.

“Where’s she now?” Rose inquired again.

“I sent her to head of housekeeping,” responded the COO.

“I’ll see if she needs a ride home,” said Rose. “If she came by bus, I can offer to give her a ride as long as we’re working close to the same hours.” Grace had driven her car. She had gotten a driver’s license when she was in school and renewed it so that she could go grocery shopping and take her mother to the doctor’s. But the car she was driving was old, bought when her mother was still able to get out and Büyükçekmece escort about a little bit and the two of them had purchased this car – used. The car had let her down more than once so she knew it was not that reliable. Grace was delighted to have Rose give her a ride to and from work. Rose soon learned that Grace delighted in having someone to talk to. Fortunately, Rose was a good listener.

While Grace was earning only what an unskilled job would pay, she was still bringing home more than the disability checks that she and her mother had been living on the past years. So after Grace had received her second paycheck, on the way home from work, she said to Rose, “I look around and no one at work is dressed like me. I need some new clothes. For the last fifteen years, because my mom and I weighed about the same and were the same height, I would just buy clothing that would fit either one of us and we wore them interchangeably. It wasn’t stylish, but it was practical. I couldn’t take mom out to buy clothes. So I just bought stuff that it would be easy to get mom in and out of. But that’s in the past and I can’t keep on living in the past. Could you take me shopping?”

Rose thought about this for a moment. It brought to mind the night that her daughter Diane came home to show her new clothes that she had bought with the help of their neighbor, Carol. Carol had helped Diane change form a caterpillar to a butterfly. Rose knew she could help Grace, but thought it might even be better and more fun if Carol were to be involved. Rose replied, “Yes, I can take you shopping, but I might be able to make it even more fun for you. Is there any time you would not be able to go shopping with me?”

“No. I have no other obligations,” replied Grace.

“Then let me get back with you tomorrow morning on the way to work,” she said. After dropping Grace off at home, Rose went home and walked down the street to talk to Carol. She loved dropping in unexpectedly, because sometimes she would catch Carol or Ted wearing some extremely sexy outfit. That was more common in the summer when they often wore swimwear. But even in the dead of winter they could be found in some very revealing outfits.

Rose told Carol a little about Grace and ended with Grace’s request that Rose take her shopping. “I immediately thought of how you transformed Diane, and thought you could help me with Grace – if you’re willing.”

“It sounds like fun,” said Carol. “But you’ll remember that I asked Diane whether she wanted to dress to fit in with the crowd or whether she wanted to dress to be noticed. And Diane chose to dress to be noticed. Ever since I met Ted, I’ve dressed to be noticed, and I love to dress that way. You have a killer body and dress to be noticed and you turn heads wherever you go. What about Grace? Do you think that will be too much for her?”

“I don’t know,” replied Rose. “I’ll have to run that by her. What might be a good night for you to go shopping with us?”

They settled on a Thursday evening. They also settled on what they would wear. Carol would wear a pair of high waisted tight stretch skinny jeans with heels. On top she would wear a fitted blouse, open to her navel, with a black lace push-up bra displaying her breasts. She would wear a black choker, long earrings, a black leather jacket, open to display her breasts and her hair pulled behind her ears and then falling down her back. Rose would wear a pair of pink yoga pants that showed off her camel toe and also pulled up between her cheeks in back, defining her ass. She would wear a bustier made of red satin covered with black lace with a black leather jacket. Her brunette hair would not be pulled back at all but would frame her face. She, too, would wear long earrings and a black leather choker. She decided she would wear a black cowboy hat. Rose would pick Grace up and bring her to Carol’s before they went shopping.

On that Thursday night, when Rose and Grace arrived at Carol’s house, Carol welcomed Grace in and they talked a little more about what Grace wanted. In the process, Carol got out a picture of, “the industrial sized me,” which she kept from her days in high school. Rose got out a picture of herself the way she used to dress herself and her daughter before Carol took her daughter shopping. After a little more conversation, Carol concluded, “Now you’ve got two choices. You can dress to kind of try to fit in with everybody else, or you can dress in a way that says, ‘I’m a woman and I’m proud of it.’ Rose and I do not fit into the crowd. We delight in turning peoples’ heads and making them say, ‘Wow!’ In my humble opinion, you’ve been hidden too long. You deserve to have people sit up and take notice when you come into a room. The choice is yours. But we are going to have to know what your choice is before we buy you a stitch of clothing. What do you think?”

“Do you really think I could look as good as Rose or as good as you, just in my own way?” asked Grace.

Carol looked her Çatalca escort bayan up and down. “Honestly?” she asked.

“Yes,” said Grace.

“If you want a completely honest and unvarnished opinion, let’s move into my bedroom and have you strip down to bra and panties. Then I’ll be perfectly honest with you,” said Carol.

That’s what they did, and the three women were pleased to find that all the exercise of doing all the housework and caring for her mother had left her with some tone in her muscles. And in trying to feed her mother right, she had also fed herself wisely, so that her body was in pretty good shape. “I’d like to see you start an exercise program just to tighten you up a little more, but looking at you from head to toe I can definitely say you could pull it off. You could look hot – if you want to.”

“I’ll do it!” said Grace. “I’ve lived my whole adult life for my mother. I don’t regret it. But now I need to live my life for me. If you think I can pull off looking hot, then I’m putty in your hands. Go to it. Make me into the person I want to be.” That was followed by a group hug and high fives and getting Grace dressed again in her old clothes – for the last time – and a trip to the mall.

“Do you need a chauffeur?” asked Ted as they were about to leave.

“Sure,” replied Carol. So they went in Ted’s pickup truck. He dropped them off at the entrance of their choice and asked them where they would be. When they told him their first stop would be Victoria’s Secret, he knew they would be there for a while, so he would camp outside the store and wait for them to appear. They bought a waist cinch, a garter belt, a bustier, a corset, and a number of matching bras and panties of different styles. While Carol and Rose stood in line to pay for the merchandise, Grace went into a fitting room and put on a bra and matching thong and threw her old bra and pantie in the garbage as a symbolic gesture.

They went into another store and tried on jeans. When they found a brand that fit the best, they bought a few different pair cut in different styles, but all made of stretch fabric and all fit like a second skin. They also found some tops, low cut sweaters, fitted blouses of different styles and sleeve lengths, and a couple of body suits. As the girls paid for the items, Grace again went to a dressing room and put on her waist cinch, a low cut body suit which showed off her breasts which were cradled in a push-up bra and a low rise pair of jeans. Now she was beginning to look good. They went to the anchor store of the mall to the cosmetics counter. Janiqua was not working, but a girl she had hired and trained was, and this person also knew her business. She guided Grace through the makeup that she needed and taught her how to apply it. It was getting late. But they went to a shoe store – the one that Carol felt was usually the best stocked shoe store in the mall – and they bought Grace a pair of four inch heels and a pair of knee high boots with three inch heels. The mall was beginning to shut down so they knew they had to leave but agreed to come back on Friday to get yoga pants, a skirt or two, a jacket and a dress. She would also need some jewelry. But before any of that, Carol would try to get her an appointment to get her hair done at the cosmetology school. But even with a full Friday ahead of them, they felt that they had accomplished a great deal. Ted took many of the packages with him and went to get the truck so he could pick them up at the entrance to the mall. The girls brought the rest of the packages, but on their way out of the mall, stopped in a restroom where there was a full length mirror just so that Grace could look at herself from head to toe. She burst into tears, exclaiming, “I can’t believe that is me!” It transformed her. Shoulders that once were stooped were thrown back. She walked with pride in her step. When they walked by a store where they could see their reflection in the window she would stop the other two and point them to the reflection and say, “Look at those three hot babes. I can’t believe I’m one of them!”

They dropped Grace off at her house. Rose and Carol couldn’t get over it. Grace was as bubbly as a teen who had just gotten her first kiss from her heartthrob. The next morning when Rose picked up Grace she was wearing a different outfit, and had applied her makeup and had pulled her hair up into a pony tail. She looked fifteen years younger than she had the day before. The COO was gone, but everyone else at the plant immediately noticed the difference. Not only did she look different and more confident, she was happier and more talkative, and seemed to work faster than before.

After work Rose took her right to the cosmetology school where she had her hair colored to its natural auburn, for she had begun to show a little gray. Fortunately, she had kept it long, so it gave the cosmetologist plenty to work with and she only trimmed it nicely, washed, set and styled it in such a way that Grace could Escort Esenler duplicate it at home. She had had her ears pierced when she was still a teenager, so was able to get some nice earrings. She got the rest of the clothing she wanted to get including a nice dress to go clubbing in. They dropped her off at her home. She invited Carol and Rose into her house. She offered them something to drink and had them sit around the kitchen table.

She had a confident look about her. “I know last night when we went shopping, you both said that we were not going to do this half way. When we walked out of Victoria’s Secret and I saw how much we had spent already, I knew I was in over what I was able to pay, but you two just kept taking me from store to store and buying more and more, telling me, ‘Just go put on a new outfit and we’ll stand in line and pay the bill and we’ll straighten it out later.’ Adding on what we spent today, I figure we spent $972.80. And I don’t have that. But I do have $200 which is what I planned on spending. And I figure I can pay you back at the rate of $125 a paycheck, which I get every two weeks. That means I can have you paid back in 6 paychecks or three months. Will that be good enough?”

Rose and Carol were dumbfounded. Grace was keeping track of all the bills in her head and had figured out a plan for paying them back. They looked back and forth at one another for a moment, then with a slight nod from Carol, Rose began, “Neither Carol nor I are rich. We work for a living just like you do. But the Lord has been good to us. We both have jobs that pay better than average. I own my own home and have no debts. Carol and her husband own their home and Ted has a good job. We are not hurting for money. After we have seen what a huge difference this makeover has made in you, we are glad to have been a part in it. You’ve paid us back with the confident posture, the smile in your face and the spring in your step. Right now you need the money more than we do. So consider the clothing our gift to you. When you get to the point that money is not so tight for you, maybe you’ll have the opportunity to pay it forward to someone else.” There were more tears and more hugs and it was certain that these three would get together again.

They did, but the circumstances were far different from what anyone was imagining at the time. For it was now getting close to the holidays and the manufacturing plant held a party for its employees at a VFW Hall. Grace had borrowed two exercise videos from Carol and was tightening up her body so that, if anything, now she was looking better in her new clothes than she was on the day she bought them. She went to the party with Rose wearing the dress she had bought for going out clubbing. It was a hot dress and she looked hot in it. She stuck very close to Rose. Rose’s dress was the fabled LBD cut low enough to accent her beautiful, ample, natural breasts. Rose told Grace, “You know, if Carol were wearing that dress she wouldn’t be wearing any panties.” Grace blushed. Rose did not drink alcohol. Neither did Grace. A number of guys came up to Rose, asking her to dance. Many of them she turned down, although she did dance with a few of the guys that she new well and that she knew would treat her respectfully. A lot of guys did not bother to ask Rose to dance because she had turned them down at the parties she had gone to in previous years. But Grace was an unknown quantity and she looked hot. However, every guy who asked her to dance she politely refused.

On their way home, Rose tried to understand what she had observed: “I noticed a lot of guys asking you to dance, but you didn’t dance with any of them. Did we make a mistake in going to the party?”

“No,” replied Grace. “I’m very glad I went. I got to thank the COO again for hiring me. She said that I looked like a new woman and that hiring me was one of the best decisions she had made. But I’m just scared of men. At work, since I’ve started to dress nice, a couple of guys have asked me out. And they seem to be nice guys. But I’ve turned them down. I just don’t know what I’m doing. In high school I was the brainy, geeky girl that nobody wanted to go out with. And after that I’ve never had a chance to date. I haven’t the slightest idea what to do on a date with a man. I don’t know how to kiss, how to dance or anything.”

And once again Rose remembered Ted and Carol and how they had taught a number of people, including Rose and Diane, how to fuck. She had no right to offer, but she had to say something. “Would you like to learn?” asked Rose. “I think I might know someone who could teach you.”

And that explains why, on the evening of the third Thursday of January, Grace, Greg, Rose, Ted and Carol were gathered in the playroom of Ted and Carol’s house. After introductions and a few pleasantries, Ted explained: “We are going to start this evening learning to dance. And while Carol and I have taken dance lessons and feel comfortable on the dance floor, Rose has had many more dance lessons, is an excellent dancer and is much more qualified to teach you. Dance lessons will last about an hour. We will take a break and then we will go on to teach you how to fuck. Tonight we will begin with kissing and will probably move on to locating and stimulating erogenous zones. But we’ll beginning with dancing and Rose.”

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