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Cleaning servicesBoth my wife and I had full time jobs and my wife felt that we spent too much of our weekends cleaning the house, so she asked if we could get a cleaning service.It was awesome to come home every Friday to a clean house, since we had scheduled the service to come Friday mornings.My wife and I got a lot more time on the weekends to do fun stuff instead of cleaning. It was well spent money.I did not know who was over at our house. The cleaning company was bonded, insured, and had a very good reputation.After a couple of months, my wife told me that it felt like someone had gone through her drawers and it felt like things were out of place ever so slightly. She did not feel that anything was missing, but that someone had looked through her stuff.My wife thought that maybe the cleaning person had put some of her stuff away.I thought about it and it was kind of weird, since her drawer she felt had been touched several times was the drawer with her underwear. She also had some sex oils and her vibrators and a dildo in the back of the drawer. She did not say anything about those items, only that her panties were kind of moved.I decided to set up a camera in the room and hide it so I can watch remotely when the cleaning service was over. I did not tell me wife about it. So the next Friday, I turned on the camera and you would not know that it was there unless you knew. It was hard to see it for me who put it there.As soon as I got into work that morning, I fired up my web browser and connected to the camera. My wife normally goes to later in the morning and come home later than me in the evening. So when I turned on the camera, I could see my wife still in the bed. I went on with my work and had the web cam open on part of my screen. I saw some movement and my wife was waking up. She was still sleep and stretched. She looked so hot in her little mini nightgown. I thought about calling her a wishing her a good morning, when she stepped out of the bed and reached into her drawer. She pulled out her Magic Wand and got back on the bed. I was amazed to sit in the office and watch my wife masturbate with her Magic Wand. I realized as soon as she grabbed the Wand what she was up to, so I started to record her masturbation session.When she finally had cum enough times, she reach multiple orgasms, and left to take a shower. I had to rush out to a bathroom and masturbate myself. I came so hard and felt turned on the whole morning.The cleaner arrived about an hour after my wife left for work. She had put her Magic Wand back in the drawer so there was no trace of what she had done.We have several cameras on the outside of the house and I watched one person arrive and enter our home. She seemed to be a middle age woman in her cleaning uniform. The uniform was kind of a joke on the french maid uniform. It was not the best look on this older woman, she was on the bigger side. Her bosom was big and she had a wide ass. I kind of laughed at how mean bursa escort it was to have this woman dress up like that. I was sure that the owner of the business wanted to hire young hot women to clean the houses, but he must have hired this lady too. She did not look like the woman on their web site.I had the web cam on the screen and was waiting for her to come into the bedroom so I could watch what she did in the bedroom and if she was looking in my wife sex drawer. The cleaning lady came in at the end of her shift at our house and sorted out the room, dusted, vacuumed the floors. She took the vaccum cleaner out and the room looked real nice when she returned in and went straight to my wife’s drawer. She opened it and pull out the Magic Wand. She climbed up on the bed and started the vibrator and rubbed her panties with the Wand. I could see how she was breathing hard and working the vibrator on her clit. I watch her climax and then relax for a little bit. I thought she was going to fall asleep on our bed, when she grabbed the Wand and brought herself to another orgasm. She then carefully returned the Wand to the drawer and then left.My wife and I had rocking sex that whole weekend. She did not know what I had seen and how much it turned me on. The following week I kept watching the webcam in the morning. I found her masturbate on a couple of occasions.When I asked my wife if someone had been in her drawer she said she did not think so.I decided to confront the cleaning lady the next Friday. I left the house like a normally and drove to a coffee shop. I checked the security cameras on my smart phone. I watch my wife leave the house and then waited for the cleaning lady. She arrived shortly after my wife, almost an hour earlier than last time. I had considered going home, but I was lucky I did not go home. I waited until she got into the bedroom and started to clean. I drove over to the house and park in front my my neighbor. I kept watching the web cam and the cleaning lady did exactly like the week before. She finished, put away the cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaner. I was right outside the house when she got the Wand out and started to masturbate on our bed.I sneaked into the house, still watching her masturbating on the bed. She was working hard on her clit when I came up the stairs and she did not know that I was coming. I walked up to the doorway and had a clear view of her crotch as she was working the Wand hard on her clit. She moaned loudly and called out to herself that she was coming. I stepped into the room as she was cuming hard.I thought I was going to be mad and scare her. But I stood there next to her with a huge hard on and felt so fucking horny by watching this middle aged woman enjoying her orgasm….She must have felt my presence and opened her eyes. First she looked a little scared and when she looked over my body, she started to smile. She said that she was sorry to use the Wand, but she had heard about it bursa escort bayan and when she saw it under the pillow one morning she decided to try it. She said that she had never felt an orgasm like that and had used it every week since then. She said she understood that the work here would be over, but she thanked me for letting her clean our house. She got off the bed and got closer to me. I did not know what to say and she came up to me face to face. She reached out and rubbed my hard cock through my pants.She said she could make my day a little bit better and compensation for the use of the vibrator….When her hand traveled the length of my shaft, she smiled and said that I had a really big cock in there. She got down on her knees infront me of and pulled out my cock. I was still kind of speechless. The only sound coming out of me, was a big moan when she started to suck my cock. She did not suck for long, she stood up and pulled me to the bed, she sat on the edge and pulled down her panties and exposed a nicely shaved wet pussy. Then she laid back and told me to fuck her. I was passed the point of no return and my cleaning lady’s pussy looked too inviting to pass up on.I kicked off my pants and with them my underwear and then I climbed up between her legs. Before I got far up enough for my cock to reach her pussy, I stopped backed down a little and kissed her pussy. I ran my tongue up her slit and tasted her wetness. She had a very fresh tasting pussy and played around in the folds of her lips with my tongue. I found her clit and sucked on it a little bit. I guess that she was very sensitive and turned on, because she grabbed my head and held it in place while she started to cum. I sucked and nibble on her clit as she arched up and grunted in pleasure. My face got rubbed all over her wet pussy as the twitched and jerk in her orgasm. It felt so awesome to feel her wetness on my face. She calmed down and said that it was an incredible orgasm.I climbed up and put my large erect cock into her wet hole. I slide in with such an ease. But it did not mean that it did not feel tight, her pussy was very tight and I gasped for air from the pleasure rose in my loins and I thought that I would have to calm down otherwise I would cum too quickly.I pushed all the way in and held still. My cleaning lady, who’s name I still did not know, tried to thrust her hips into mine. I moaned that she had to slow down, I was too turned on and did not want to cum yet. She grabbed my face and kissed me instead. She look at my wet face and told me that she had not had sex in several years, even so this was the best and biggest cock she had ever felt. She told me to fuck her when I felt I was ready.I looked at her cute face and asked what her name was. Sarah, she answered, like in Sarah’s Cleaning Services. I am the owner of the company and had to come over one day a couple of months ago to take a shift from an employee that got sick. So she had come escort bursa over to clean and found the vibrator under my wife’s pillow. She said that she had not had sex for a long time and decided to try it on her clit. She said that she had cum so strong in less than a minute, that she tried it a second time that day. Ever since, she has come over to clean our house to be able to use my wife’s vibrator. With a smile and said that she now was using my wife’s cock too. For some reason that really turned me on and I started to pound her pussy hard. I was deep in her pussy and hit her cervix several times. She jerk each time but did not complain. I think she actually had mini orgasms each time I hit the cervix. I told her I was going to cum. She hugged me tight and wrapped her legs around my waist and back. She started to cum too and told me to cum. I tried to pull out as I did not have condom on. But her legs and hug made it impossible to pull out my cock. Plus her pussy was pulsating around my cock as she climaxed. It felt so fucking good when I started to cum. I thrusted hard and hit her cervix as my cock erupted. My orgasm lasted a long time and I pumped cum in to her pussy time after time.When we relaxed and her grip loosened, I looked at her and asked if she ever done anything like this before. She told me that she had been approached by husbands in the past, but never wanted to do anything. She knew that I did not approach her, instead she had seduced me.Sarah said that she had been married but they did not have sex for the last few years of marriage, and since they got divorced she had not had sex. So this was the first time in maybe 10 years she had felt a cock in her pussy.We talked for a bit, laying on my marital bed with my half naked cleaning lady and never thought about what I just had done.As we talked, Sarah told me that she had never felt a cock as big as mine. She started to touch my cock that reacted positively to her touches. I ran my hands over Sarah’s plump body and found it very erotic. When my cock was hard again, Sarah got off the bed, leaned against it with her torso on top of the bed and her ass sticking out. She asked me to fuck her from behind, since it was her favorite position. She did not have to ask twice. I quickly got behind her big wide ass and put my cock in her wet pussy. I fucked her for a long time before I felt the need to cum. Sarah was gasping for air and had several orgasms during this doggy style fuck. She asked me to cum in her again. She called out and told me that she loved to feel my cock expand and then feel my hot cum fill her up. I grabbed her wide hips and unloaded everything I had in my balls. I moaned loudly and almost started to cry for the pleasure. It was a very strong feeling and my emotions came rushing in. I could not believe that I was in my bedroom fucking a lady at my mother’s age and filling her pussy with my big hard cock and all my cum.So loved Sarah’s cleaning service. I often make a visit to their offices to talk with the owner. She is very accommodating and take care of my needs. My wife is very happy with the services as well. Sometimes we get a bonus cleaning on weekends when my wife is out on errands…..

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