Cleansing Waters


She lounged desultorily on the deck behind her Brentwood home in Los Angeles, waiting for the arrival of the pool man, and idly thought back on what had brought her here….

As a co-ed at Southern Methodist in Dallas, she ran in “all the right circles”, a reach for a Big Thicket country girl from East Texas – but she was smart, smart enough to get a full-boat scholarship to S.M.U. She’d been the first in her family ever to go to college.

Recalling the day she’d met her future husband at a Southwest Conference baseball game with Texas – one of her Tri-Delt sorority sisters’ brother was the first baseman for the Longhorns, while the man who became her hubby played third – she smiled wistfully; since their whirl-wind courtship and his graduation with a degree in Petroleum Geology, she’d seen less and less of him. And where was he now? Malaysia? Indonesia? While she was grateful for the lifestyle his salary brought them, his continued long absences in the service of Tenneco were straining their relationship.

The sound of a truck engine in the drive snapped her out of her reverie. Putting down her mimosa, she went to open the fence gate to admit the pool serviceman. She was surprised to see, instead of the tanned teen-ager she’d expected, a man of about forty. He smiled, and said with a trace of an accent, “Here to clean your pool, Ma’am”

Returning to her drink and her Jackie Collins novel, she glanced over at him as he assiduously went about his business. When he was about done, she offered him a glass of lemonade; he accepted with alacrity.

Shortly emerging from the kitchen with another mimosa for herself and a tall glass of homemade lemonade for him, she motioned him to the picnic table under the canvas canopy in the yard. Evident of her growing curiosity over a man who didn’t “fit the mold” of the standard Southern California pool-boy, she asked him, “Where are you from? Louisiana?” She thought his speech was redolent of the Cajuns she’d known from across the Sabine River near her hometown in East Texas.

“Me? I’m from Montreal.”, he replied. “I’m a masseur by training; I used to be employed by the largest service in Quebec, but one of our clients had a stroke while being massaged, a fatal one, and we kind of scattered because we couldn’t afford, either personally or professionally, the law-suits we feared were sure to come….”

“Mmm”, she replied, “I would just love a massage right about now – how’d you like to give me one?”

He answered, “Well, I don’t have my equipment with me – I’ve been doing pool work since I came to California, just to pay the bills, and besides, I’m not licenced in this State.”

She responded, “Oh, nonsense! Skill is more important than Escort bayan any license – and I have some baby oil, and a chaise-lounge in the sun-porch. Will that do? I’ll pay your usual rate. Please?”

He said, “Well, OK. I’ll need you to remove your bikini, and drape a towel across your derriere, then call me….”

She went to the linen-closet and withdrew a large white terry-cloth towel; quickly shucking her bikini, she lay face-down on the chaise and announced, “I’m all ready!”

He came in and went immediately to work. Lightly rubbing his hands over her dry skin to warm it, he moved them in a looping circular pattern over her back, then down her thighs and calves, leaving the area of her round, firm cheeks beneath the towel untouched. Opening the bottle of baby oil, he dribbled a little over her back and down her legs. Kneading her flesh expertly, his fingers probing deeply, he found and reduced the tight spots in the musculature beneath her tanned skin. He noted with approval that she had almost no bikini-line; she’d obviously often tanned au naturelle. Lifting the towel, he worked the oil into her buttocks, mentally noting how toned they were. He then replaced the towel and tapped her on her shoulder to turn over, glancing away to let her retain her modesty.

He turned back to see her with the towel laid lengthwise from her neck to her knees; folding it to expose her breasts, he noted that her nipples were already thoroughly perked. Lightly, he rubbed his hands over them and the surrounding skin as he had on her back. He poured a thin, wavy line down from her collar-bones to the edge of the towel, right below her navel, adding a drop or three into it, then took a drop on his finger and tapped each nipple… she smiled and said, “My, haven’t you got the technique!” He smiled as well….

She looked briefly down at the front of his trousers and saw they were pronouncedly tented. This could turn out better than she’d expected, she thought.

He worked the oil into her skin, more slowly and gently than he had on her back, eliciting a sigh from her as he lifted and squeezed her breasts, taking the nipple of each and rolling it between his finger-tips, then working down her ribs and abdomen. He eyed her as he removed the towel and folded it, setting it aside; sexual want was becoming insistent in his mind, matching the hardness in his loins. He dribbled an “s”-shaped trail of oil down her tummy, letting the last few drops fall into the cleft of her slit, still demurely closed to him, and slathered it around her hair. Reaching down with his thumbs, he stroked the outsides of her labia, being careful to leave her clitoris, protruding like a ripe peach, untouched. Working the oil into Bayan escort her thighs and shins distractedly, he completed the full-body massage, then, impulsively; bent down and lightly flicked her clit once with his tongue. She started, with the hoped-for but really unexpected sexual stimulation, and opened her legs to him. He licked the entire length of her slit, and then probed her deeply, corkscrewing his tongue inside her, then spiraled it around her clit as she gasped and stroked the front of his trousers. Quickly doffing them, he let her run her hand up and down his rigid cock a few times, then climbed upon her and, looking down, slipped it inside her, flexing his hips to fill her completely, stretching her, his balls dragged far down his shaft by the depth of his penetration into her. He withdrew partially, then began to thrust with long, slow strokes, feeling the myriad bumps and ridges inside her, glorying in the delight he felt within her. He felt her legs cross behind his buttocks, then climb higher, over the small of his back. He paused and, holding his cock pressed tightly inside her, raised her legs over his shoulders to get as much as possible into her. He could feel her fingernails digging into his shoulders as he accelerated his pace, feeling her vibrate and sensing the moment of his climax was fast approaching. “Come, baby, come!” he encouraged her, then they were there – a guttural roar escaping his throat when he geysered into her as she bucked frantically beneath him.

In moments, the storm of passion, which had ravaged the shores of their souls, had subsided. He raised up and removed her legs from his shoulders to reduce the strain on her, smiling into her eyes as his shortening cock slipped out of her, lying wetly against her thigh. He lay on her momentarily, their hearts hammering an inch apart, squeezing her shoulders to tell her how good it’d been for him, and then rolled off her. He knelt alongside the chaise, gently sucking her nipples, then reached for the towel and lightly cleaned their commingled juices from between her legs, then from his slackened cock.

As he dressed slowly, she asked him, “Well, what do I owe you?”

He smiled broadly and replied, “Why, Madame – I’ve already been paid, and grandly so!” She gazed into his eyes and smiled radiantly showing her perfect, white teeth. Rising from the chaise, she took his hand into hers and led him to the poolside. She dove in cleanly, with barely a ripple and smoothly glided underwater to the middle of the pool, her head breaking the surface of the water, she turned to look for him.

When she didn’t see him, she slowly turned in the water scanning the pool deck, her heart sinking as she realized he was gone. Escort She started for the edge of the pool, when suddenly, she felt fingers close around her ankle and pull her down before she could let out a scream. Then just as quickly as it had happened, she was free, kicking her legs for the surface, she came up gasping for air, her heart racing wildly. Turning quickly, she saw the smiling face of her lover; her relief turned to pique, as she was not accustomed to such boldness from men. She splashed water at him and swam for the steps, pouting, but before she could climb out, he reached her and pulled her back to him. She struggled to get away, but he only held her tighter and pinned her wrists behind her back, holding them with one hand. He kissed and licked her neck down to her breasts, first sucking in one nipple then moving to the other, his grip on her loosening as her struggles give way to passion.

Hearing her moans, he lifted her up and sat her on the edge of the pool; he raised her legs up over his shoulders and moved to run his tongue along her slit. Sucking in her breath, she leaned back on her hands and dug her heels into his back, pushing her pussy hard to his face. He eagerly complied by sucking her clit into his mouth, rolling it between his teeth gently; she went wild as she felt him push two fingers deep into her pussy and bucked her hips to meet his thrusts. Delirious with want, she pulled at his head to make him come up to her, she hungrily watched as he exited the water in one smooth movement and moved over her. She put her hands to his chest and pushed him back, telling him “Please lie down!” He grinned and leaned back on his elbows, watching her as she bent to take his already hard cock into her mouth, pausing to flick her tongue across the tip of his swollen head. Moving her lips down the length of his throbbing cock, delighting at the feel of him jerking with pleasure, she bobbed her head up and down, tracing her tongue along the protruding veins of his cock. Hearing him groan, she slipped him into her throat and then raising her head, she lightly dragged her teeth up his cock to the head, sucking it hard. She released him and moved to straddle his hips, moaning loudly as he filled her completely.

He grabbed her hips and rocked her back and forth on his cock as he thrust into her. Faster, they moved together as their passion built and finally her orgasm exploded, soaking him; he thrust hard into her twice more and clasped her tight to him as he jetted his come high into her womb. Exhausted, she fell over him as he kissed her forehead and held her in his arms until their breathing became regular again.

They stood and walked together over to the chaise; she watched as he dressed. He embraced her and kissed her deeply, then turned with a smile and strode toward the gate.

She watched him close the gate behind him, then turned and walked to the house, humming along with the country song playing on the radio…

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