Closer Than Family Ch. 01


“Please no.”

“Please, I’m begging you,” Frank, my best friend, said. He wanted me to repay a small favor I owed him by going on a week long family cruise as his plus one.

There was no way I was doing it. None of our friends from school had ever met any of his family, but eventually they all started hating them because of what they knew about them, all from Frank. I had met them a few times myself, I hated them too.

“Please,” he said again.

“I’m not going on a cruise with your family. You said your parents are assholes. And they proved it too. I’m not going.”

“Please,” he repeated, this time on his knees in front of me.

“I like this view of you,” I told him slowly and deeply. He looked up innocently. His big brown eyes were so cute.

“Might as well suck my dick since you’re down there. Might change my mind,” I teased with my deep voice, wanting to see if it would rile him up. Without even thinking about it he proceeded to undo my belt. Fortunately I was wearing belted pants, things might have gone differently if I hadn’t been. I held his hands before he could pull my junk out. I did want him to suck my dick, but not like this, not in exchange for my soul.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you like this,” I told him, his chin between my fingers as he slowly stood up.

“You said your parents are old timey everything-phobic people. Wasn’t that your first description of them?”

He looked away guiltily, then, in a low voice, “yes.”

“Then why do you want me to go so badly?”

He hesitated for a second, seemingly trying to find the right words to convince me to sell my soul.

“Look, you’re so cool and everyone likes you. Maybe you’ll make my dad change his mind,” he said. I laughed. I ticked all the boxes of the things his dad didn’t like. Not to mention, I didn’t come from a fancy shmancy family like he did. The only time we’d really met it was awkward as hell, we had absolutely nothing in common, especially since I felt like I was being judged the whole time.

I knew Frank was lying though. He just wanted me there to annoy his father like last time. And also to keep him, Frank, company, but mostly the former.

“Didn’t you say this was a revenge get-together? I’m not adding myself into your family drama.”

Frank rolled his eyes. He’d talked about the cruise for a while, perhaps hoping that I’d sacrifice myself and ask to come. I hadn’t, I’d only nodded in obvious disinterest. His mother had left his father for an equally rich man so his father had arranged this cruise at the same time as hers and invited the whole family, and even some of her family. Was he hoping to make memories? Did grumpy rich people like him even have souls? I didn’t want to find out. But I owed Frank.

“Why didn’t you invite that boy you like?”

He feigned ignorance.


“You said you made out with some hot guy last week in the club. Why didn’t you invite him?”

He groaned, “it’s not going as smoothly as I hoped, I think he was just being a slut. And isn’t it a bit too soon to be inviting him to meet my family?”

“It’s too soon for me too. Your dad’s an asshole.”

“A rich asshole.”

Frank had stopped being shameful about sucking up to his dad for money. In our second year of college he’d tried to distance himself from his family, and they’d responded by distancing their wallet from him. Since then he’d started doing whatever they wanted, only complaining about their demands when he was among friends.

His begging eyes were breaking me.


“Thank you all for coming, it’s been a long road leading up to this point…”

I tried to hide my eyeroll as I tuned Frank Sr. out and instead tried focusing on the food in front of me. He was going on and on about how we, including me, an almost total stranger, were his nearest and dearest family. His emotions seemed programmed.

The subtext of his whole speech seemed to be his soon to be ex wife, who wasn’t even there to hear it. Despite his cold demeanor, he looked better than he did the last time I’d seen him. He was definitely in better shape, it was even visible through the suit. I didn’t fucking care though.

I looked at the better Frank beside me.

“Double favor,” I whispered. He definitely owed me for this lost week. He rolled his eyes at me. I lost myself in my thoughts again as Senior went on and on about whatever the hell he was talking about.

I was abruptly taken out of my thoughts by an elbow to my ribs from Frank. I looked to see the people had begun eating and I was the only one not eating. My eyes locked with Sr’s for a second, and I could feel his condescension tainting my food.

I felt so out of place. I was really probably the only one whose complexion was darker than the white paint of the ship. I laughed at myself as I ate. I didn’t bother looking up this time, I knew that just my presence was attracting too much attention.

“Well that was a fucking nightmare,” I said as I got into my shared room with Frank. He laughed at me. He Sakarya Escort knew I couldn’t do anything about his smugness now.

“Every fucking second of it,” he added, still laughing.

“Doesn’t sound like it. I can’t believe you talked me into this,” I complained with my head in my hands. He came and sat beside me on the bed and put his arm around my shoulders.

“It’s only a week man calm down,” he said. He was enjoying my pain.

“I can’t believe I’m wearing a suit for this,” I said.

“Calm down man,” he said, his hand caressing my chest.

His touch felt more than friendly, then it got more than friendly as it moved lower to my belly, then to my crotch.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Just calming you down. We’ve got a couple of hours before dinner,” he whispered.

It was way too soon for us to be fucking around, but I thought “fuck it” and let him do whatever he wanted to me. I did the work for him, removing the belt and undoing the button and the fly and revealing myself to him. I was hard and ready.

“Fuck, this stress might not be so bad after all,” he said. I laughed dryly as he jerked me off. The initial touch of his tongue almost made me cry out loud, but in this place I knew I couldn’t, so I clinched my eyes shut as he worked on me.

“The door is locked right?” I asked. He ignored me as he continued sucking me off, and I took that as a yes.

I removed everything else without his detachment from my body, I didn’t want to get my fancy suit sweaty and smelling like sex so soon. I told him to do the same. Without removing his mouth off me, he removed his blazer, then his shirt. His toned body was hot and I wanted to see more. He kicked off his shoes and socks.

With my cock hard and his tongue still working it’s magic on me, I heard a familiar sound of the knob turning. I pushed him off me with both hands and made him turn his eyes to the door. They widened as he realized the position we were in.

“Get dressed,” he ordered in a whisper. Wearing the suit now would’ve been too much work, so I just took some sweatpants and a tee shirt I’d been planning to wear after I removed the suit, it seemed like a good time to do so.

“Yes?” he said through the door as we were jumping up and down looking for clothes.

“It’s your father and I want to get in,” he said.

Did rich families have a right to just barge into each other’s rooms like this?

Frank just found a tee-shirt and put it on.

“Okay come in,” he said now that were completely dressed. More knob turning.

“It’s locked. If you don’t open it right now I’m using my own key.”

What an asshole.

Frank walked over to the door and unlocked it himself.

“Yes,” he said through gritted teeth. Sr looked around behind Frank’s shoulder. We locked eyes again and I almost turned into a block of ice.

“Come to the upper deck we’re going swimming,” he said sternly. It sounded more like an order.

“Okay,” Frank said. The older Frank nodded and walked away, leaving the door open.

“Well that’s one way to ruin a hot moment,” I said before he was even out of earshot. Frank glared and I shrugged. We got redressed in swimming clothes and I followed Frank out to the pool. Why the whole family had to swim at the same time, I’d never know.

Arriving there I noticed that not everyone was there actually. There were nine of us in the large pool in total, and Sr was obviously there.

Most of the people I knew who were in there were single except maybe for Dean, Frank’s son in law and his wife Grace. He and his wife were actually separated for close to a year now but they were not even speaking of divorce and were keeping it from Sr. Grace had told Frank and Frank, as usual, had told me, the whole story laced with judgement.

It was awkward for Sr to create this singles pool, but it seemed logical that the only reason for it was to let Grace know that he knew that she and Dean were no longer a couple without being too obvious. I rolled my eyes at the kind gesture, but also figured it was a probably far-fetched idea, so I concluded it was just a coincidence, especially since I had good reason to believe Frank’s family thought me and him were fucking. We were, but we’d never made an announcement so there was no reason to assume.

Looking at Sr dressed in only shorts (I assumed, his lower body was under the water), it was easier to notice his new form. He’d definitely been spending a lot of his new free time at the gym. Probably an in-house gym with cheap labor spotters.

He was still heavy but had slimmed down a bit, but his arms and chest definitely had a bit of new muscle definition. His dark body hair was all over and just starting to grow out, indicating that he had trimmed it at some point recently. For whatever reason, his beard was a salt and pepper type while his hair was still all dark. He looked like a daddy version of the younger Frank.

“Why is your dad a beefcake all of a sudden?” I asked Frank, trying to keep my voice as low as possible. I may Adapazarı Escort not have been successful as I got some looks from most of the people around.

He shrugged and nonchalantly told me he didn’t know. The hour in the pool was a long one. Sr’s cold stares ended up being somewhat amusing to me and I had to hide a laugh every time we locked eyes. Everyone else didn’t even try to hide their glances, almost like they couldn’t look away from me.

Leaving that place was the biggest relief of my life. I had some unfinished business with Frank, and it would remain unfinished. We ended up just chatting and playing video games on his computer, a shared hobby, before getting redressed for dinner. This was a weird family, getting dressed up like this just to shove food into their faces.

Dinner was worse than lunch as I had ended up getting into a small argument with Sr. The whole family seemed to be used to him being the background voice throughout the whole meal. I wasn’t, so I’d corrected some minor point he’d made and he’d completely freaked out. Needless to say, it was a complete disaster, especially since the night wasn’t over yet and we had to mingle afterwards. I ditched the group and went to bed early that day.

An hour later Frank walked into the room. I looked up and we locked eyes, both understanding the disaster.

“Good night,” I said.

“Night,” he replied.

Neither of us were in the mood to talk or fuck, but I heard him lighting a smoke. He’d developed a weed habit and he didn’t want to sleep without it. I ignored it.

Sleeping early had never been my thing, so I might have been annoyed but I wasn’t surprised that I woke up some time during the night.

3.05 A.M.

The poorly ventilated room was making me restless, so about five minutes later I decided to step out and get some fresh air. I walked down the hallway and ended up at some dining area with a balcony over the water. The air was fresh and comfortable but before I could get settled I noticed the obvious figure at the balcony, standing and looking out into the water. It was Frank Senior.

Luckily he hadn’t seen me so I immediately stepped back and found my way back to my room, only to return five minutes later with a few tools I intended to use on him, one of them being Frank’s half used joint, lit and between my fingers.

“Hey Frank,” I said as I found a place to stand beside him and rested my elbow on the balcony, savoring the cool air hitting my face. He looked at me very sternly but didn’t say a word. Only a few people on the whole ship called him that, and all of them are in his age group.

“Frank,” I called him again, “I said hi.”

He was about to implode, but he kept silent still. I sighed into the cool air.

“You’re so uptight Frank,” I said to him. I noticed the mild surprise in his eyes, then added “and an asshole.”

Now his eyes were really wide. If I kept it up he might have thrown me into the ocean, but his expression switched back to his usual condescending one.

“You know, you might want to tone down the demeaning stares,” I said to more silence.

“After all, we did graduate from the same university, with the same degree.”

Still not a word.

“And I graduated summa cum laude,” I said. The mild surprise was back in his face, but he hid it well.

“What about you?”

He looked away into the water and said nothing.

“I win,” I mocked.


I took a huff of the joint in my hands and blew the air out. I wanted to blow it into his face but I refrained. I’d almost chocked on it but I kept my cool. It would’ve been too early for me to embarrass myself like that.

“And it’s even possible that we’ve fucked the same professors,” I said to his most obvious shock. He was going to say something eventually, but what it was, I didn’t know as I was just fucking around with him to rile him up.

“That Professor Harris, a total hunk, fucked him right there in the lecture theatre.”

He was almost there. Harris wasn’t someone who easily fell into the “hunk” category nowadays, but perhaps Sr had known him during his hunk days.

“You never fucked some hot professors for extra marks?” I asked, faking incredulity. He did a scoff/laugh through his lips. I’d finally broken him.

“We’ll say no, but hmmm,” I said, giving him a naughty look and pointing a naughty finger at him. I could see the slight amusement in his face. I wasn’t looking to become his friend but I was enjoying harassing him like this.

“You want a smoke?” I asked extending my hand with the joint to him. It was slightly wet where my lips had been but I doubt he’d noticed that. I knew he wasn’t going to have it anyway. I’d brought it only to annoy him. I actually wasn’t a smoker but his son was, and I knew Junior Frank would definitely be pissed to find out that I’d taken his drugs.

“Come on, just a puff,” I insisted, bringing the joint up to his face. He wouldn’t have known it was weed unless he had the experience, and he would have freaked out if he knew, Serdivan Escort but he kept his cool as the smoke hit his nostrils so for now I’d assume he didn’t know.

“It’s just a cigarette,” I lied. I could imagine him at that moment saying “it’s not a cigarette it’s fucking weed young man.”

He didn’t say anything though, just remained unflinching as the joint wasted away in front of his face. I looked him in the eyes, his face looked strangely adventurous with the joint in my hand and inches from his lips. I pushed my fingers with the slightly wet joint to his lips, and now all that was left was for him to take a puff.

He didn’t protest to anything, even my finger touching his lower lip, and finally I saw the smoke no longer going into the air but instead into his mouth. His eyes were closed and mine were trying not to pop out of their sockets. A few seconds later he choked on the smoke and started coughing.

“What the hell is that?” he said through vigorous coughs. I waited for him to finish and catch his breath. He looked annoyed.

“Not the first words I was expecting but hey, at least we’re making progress.”

His eyes were glued to the joint in my hands, and he almost spoke again as I swiftly threw it into the water. Too late. I turned my full body to him.

“You ever heard of -“


The voice interrupted me. It was his youngest daughter. She too sometimes sucked up to him but she was his favorite and didn’t have to try that hard to get whatever she wanted.

We turned our heads to her at the same time.

“Are you okay dad? I heard some pretty heavy coughing,” she said sleepily.

“He’s fine, he choked on his drink,” I said before he could speak, hoping that would pacify and get rid of her. Instead she gave me a cold look, almost as cold as her father’s.

“Luckily I was here to save the day,” I added also staring into her eyes. She slowly turned her eyes to her father.

“He’s right. I’m fine sweetie, go back to bed.”

It was strange that he was suddenly on my side, but I enjoyed the power. She gave me an annoyed look and I smiled at her as she turned and walked away. I almost laughed when I was sure she was back in her room, and I could see an almost amused look in Sr’s eyes.

“Does she have like alarm bells in her head or something?”

I was sure he wouldn’t have enjoyed me making fun of his favorite daughter, but he almost smiled. Almost.

Moving from my position, I went to take a chair and moved it back to where I was. I sat down in silence. He still wasn’t saying anything.

We stayed there in silence, occasionally exchanging glances between staring at the ocean. If it was someone else, I would have tried to read them just to know what they were thinking, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to get into such a dark mind.

I had to say, he wasn’t as cold as I knew him to be. I was sure he was wondering where I was going with him. I wondered too.

When I was sure nobody else would interrupt us, I stood up again and moved the chair away, just so I could be closer to him, for maximum discomfort.

“I heard you’re single nowadays. How’s the single life treating you?”

I was changing my approach.

“I’m fine,” he said to my surprise. I laughed.

“That welcome to the cruise speech you gave when we got here. Not fine,” I said mocking him through light laughter. He gave a small laugh but didn’t say anything. We went through another silent moment until I spoke again.

“As I was saying before I was interrupted, you ever…”

I trailed off to ramp up the suspense.

“Have u ever…”


He seemed genuinely interested.

“Fffff…” I dragged out, trying to increase his curiosity.

He gave me a confused look

“Fucked a guy,” I finally finished. He was shocked, visibly, though he was still trying to conceal it. He didn’t know what was in store for him.

His lips hung slightly open with surprise at the very forward question.

“I’m kidding,” I finally said, ending the torture with a simple smile.

“Have u though?” I pressed again, still pulling his leg but with a hint of genuine curiosity.

“Um, no,” he said uncomfortably.

“Sure,” I replied, then paused. “Are you sure?”

“Um… Yes.”

I was getting high on his discomfort. It felt so good to be on this side for once.

“Alright well, I know a guy who’s pretty heavy into fucking guys since you want to so badly. I know someone with some… Cock.”

His eyes widened right as the final word came out of my mouth, sharp and hard.

I shrugged impatiently, like the offer was about to expire.

My joke had turned into full on seduction. I actually hadn’t anticipated this, and I knew I would have to turn it around eventually.

His eyes were still wide as saucers, but a second later his features relaxed, then he started laughing.

“That was really good,” he said. He repeated the statement but I didn’t laugh. I moved closer to him and squeezed myself in-between his body and the balcony so that I could feel his breath on my face. I was about ready to burst out laughing, but his intense stare caught my tongue, and then he did the unexpected. His hand moved to our crotch area and grabbed my dick through the pajama pants. I definitely hadn’t expected that so I froze.

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