Club Gomorrah Part 2. The Mindfuck.


Club Gomorrah Part 2. The Mindfuck.*Everything here is fiction.*Title: Club Gomorrah.Chapter One: Day One.Black, cold, painful and wet. The afterlife is a dark void of nothingness. I thought to myself. Maybe death is just you existing after you died and not being able to move or see or speak. Fuck what if someone cuts me open and takes out all my organs to see how I kicked the bucket? Does the pain go away, what if my body gets burnt to ash and I feel it for the rest of forever?“Oh good, you’re awake, I was getting bored waiting for you to finish napping.” The warm honey of the girl in the red dress voice filled the nothingness that was surrounding and crushing me as I felt her fingers dance over my apparently naked body. I was alive. I tried to speak but all I did was mumble, she hushed me softly and started to whisper into my ear the smell of flowers filling me mind, taking over for all the other things I had lost my, sense of smell was like a new toy.I could also hear clearer, the sound of dripping and something metal moving ever so much.“You can’t see, you can’t move, speak, fight, struggle or anything else you may want to right now honey, so listen to me very, very carefully. I know who you are and what you’ve been doing. I know you like to pump your little cock as you watch sissies begging worshiping and fucking cock. I know you’ve started to want it more and more lately and most importantly I know that you know you can’t do it. At least not on your own.”Whoever she is, she must have hacked my computer or something, she knows everything about me. She even knew where I lived.“I didn’t lie when I said I wanted to be the one to bring you here, or that I saw myself in you. The desire, the burning need to be used and to serve people that are more than us, better than us, more powerful. Its biology at its most basic, the strong lead and the weak follow them.” My cock was getting hard as I realised what was happening. She chuckled as she started to walk around me. “Thats right honey, you know what I mean. I’m stronger than you so you naturally feel you should follow me, obey me.” A slap fell across my ass. “Dumb horny bitch! Ah… well I guess its not one hundred percent your fault. I was the same when I first got here too, everything turned me on and I would have eagerly killed if it meant I got to cum for it.”Her hand traced along my skin to my manhood, gripping me tightly by the balls she squeezed and started toying with me in her other hand. Her stroking quickly brought tingles to my extra aware cock.“God I am really going to enjoy this, I just hope you turn out the way master wants, I would hate to never see you again, or to not be allowed to play with you or hold you or…” I fought against the cold restraints, protesting through the obstruction in my mouth as she stopped stroking my cock and began moving things in the room. I could hear her talking to herself quietly as she started typing on a keyboard. “Its going to be alright, I can do this, she needs to be trained, she needs to be taught and tempered. Just the way I was remodelled, then we can be together forever and play all the time.”The things she was saying both terrified and thrilled me at the same time, it was like everything I ever wanted was being given to karabağlar escort me. The sound of a metal door banging and then being opened echoed through the darkness. Several sets of feet tapping on the floor surrounded me and many hands began examining my flesh.“She’s almost as soft as you El, mmmm and look at this nice round ass. Its like a pillow awwww so cute.” The voice was sweet and almost c***dlike, as though whoever it belonged had changed her voice aster she had seen one too many Japanese Anime’s.El, the one who k**napped me.The second had a British Manchester accent, bubbly and playful. “Not much to look at though is she, why’d you pick a boring slut like this anyway El?”One of them painfully started grabbing my still throbbing member laughing as she did. “You just say because even she has bigger clitty than you Belle.” Her heavy Russian accent gave me the name of the other girl.“Fuck you!”“With what… Suka (Bitch)?”A wet slippery finger crawled its way into my ass and began playing with my insides.“Alright thats enough, out all of you!”“But Ellieee, I wanna stay and play with the new Girllll.”“You can play with her later Ona, I need to start training her now.”The other girls started to trickle out of the room, the pattering sound of bare feet trailing off into the distance, I could hear the sound of moaning and screaming as the door opened again. Where in the hell was I, and who were these people.The Ona girl plopped her finger out of my hole sending a tingle through my body, the felling of it playing with me was replaced by a never before felt hunger to be filled. “Hmmm fine.. I guess, but you better let me play with her first when she’s ready. She skipped away from me to the door. “I wanna be the second person to make make her scream.”“I promise Ona, once she’s ready okay.”“Hai (Yes)!” She said merrily as the sound of the door slamming shut boomed through the room, the vibrations hitting the metal restraints that surrounded my body.El sighed. “Well that was stupid of me, I was supposed to lock the door until I was done with you for today. Oh well, it looks like the viewers didn’t mind seeing you get teased by three beautiful Sissies.”When she said it, suddenly it hit me, it hit me like I was the stupidest most un observant person in the whole world “Sissies.”, it struck me how I had been referred to femininely science I woke up “SHE’s almost as soft as you.”, “Not much to look at though is SHE.”, I was so deeply confused aroused and disorientated that I had been missing it, I was going to be Sissified and apparently people were watching me as I was. The word echoed through my mind, along with all the fantasies I had had bout this very moment, and It made my cock twitch, swell, and dribble. I let out a muffled moan as I shook with pleasure. “Oh, whats this, did someone like all the attention she’s been getting. Well then, lets get started shall we then!”.The obstruction in my mouth was removed, I was about to speak but it was quickly replaced by what felt like a hollow tube made from soft plastic, it was inserted half way into my mouth I could still breath but the air tasted like I was breathing through a cardboard tube, my tongue feeling the smooth edges had a sudden taste of karabağlar escort bayan a sharp bitterness as something squirted into my mouth, the bitterness quickly faded as my mouth began to salivate heavily began constantly swallowing to keep the rising saliva at bay. El placed a tight slippery flesh like material over my throbbing cock, reminiscent of a heavily lubed flashlight. It was held in place by what felt like an open bottomed piece of underwear, a metal thong of sorts. My asshole was next to receive a device, a simple and easily recognisable and more than what I was used to dildo, the head of it alone felt like a fist, El spat and then squirted lubricant around and into me, before working the monster cock into my eager hole, the pain tore through me as she stuffed it in head to balls in one motion, though it seemed the head was larger than the body and it quickly filled my hunger that Ona had earlier started. I didn’t know exactly what was happening but I knew it was going to involve me being broken down into a mindless piece of meat, of that I was well aware.Ellie made her way around to my front and she sounded out of breath as she whispered into my ear again.“You look so good right now, I just know you’re going to be amazing, I wonder how long you’ll last before… never mind, I wont spoil it for you.”I could hear her breathing more and more heavily as she went on, the sound of her fingering herself was clear and making me squirm and throb inside the flashlight.“Listen, there are some things I need to explain before we start… first off, it wont all be fun and games, what your going to experience will change you, thats what this is for after all, and once it starts it wont stop until the cycle finishes, so don’t think begging and fighting will make it stop any sooner because I’m leaving after I press this button.”She kissed my cheek as she placed something on my head, some kind of headset and a helmet covering my face, the darkness I had been enveloped in for so long was now ripped away from me as El took off the blindfold, I was wearing a VR headset with a bright white screen filling my eyes. She lifted the left ear pad and moaned the words that would burrow into my mind. “The first one is a present from me, I hope you like it.”The ear pad was replaced followed by a moment of complete deprivation of sound and blinding white nothingness when suddenly I felt someones hands at the sides of my head. The tube in my mouth was opened and I the sides of it began to expand, at first I thought I was going to be suffocated for the enjoyment of the online viewers but I quickly learned the tube was for something else as I felt for the first time in my life, the flesh of what I knew was another person’s cock on my tongue, it was a mix of sweet precum and cock, I began sliding my tongue over the strangers cockhead, digging for more sweet tingly precum, the cock began pushing in and out of the tube, and then it drove deep into my mouth and almost into my throat. The need to gag quickly overcame me, but as I did my entire mouth was pumped full of the strangers cum, it was sweet, not as sweet as the precum but still more than I imagined cum to taste like. The amazement I felt at my discovery escort karabağlar was replaced immediately by the second and third spurt of cum, coating my mouth and running down the back of my throat… I swallowed, again and again three and four spurts later I came myself from the pleasure I found in making my fantasy real, and I was sill swallowing, and then finally the last three spurts came shooting into my mouth. I played with the sweet nectar in my mouth, enjoying it for as long as I could before it too was sliding down my eager cum hungry throat, the last spurt seemed different however, creamier, thicker and just a little more nutty. The cock was removed and the tube re covered, much to my disappointment.The ear pad was again removed and El’s exited and exhausted pants replaced it. “Fuuuck, oh god that was really fucking good… everyone watching is super exited right now. Fuck… I knew you were the one for me, and you were such a greedy slut, not only did you start to dig the precum from my cock, but you even came from eating mine aaand you swallowed your own load too. You’re fucking beautiful… you know that. Fuck, I wish I could stay and watch you for a bit but master always likes it when I suck his cock as he watches the new girl get ‘Mindfucked’.” I’ll be back when its over okay honey, have fun.With that, the pad was lowered over my ear and I was back in limbo. I was a fucking idiot, I was a dumb mindless cum hungry sissy slut before I was even started to be broken. Her cum was so sweet and tasty, and its only natural that my cum was a little thicker and nuttier than hers, I’m not a sissy yet after all. No one else was with us, me and Ellie were alone, so it was obviously her who just fed me all that cum, it was stupid of me to think she was different from the other girls… why did I think she was a girl girl, was I that horny I abandoned all logical reason.Before I could process what had happened the white VR display began showing images, cock and cum, sissy and slave, fucking and fucked, the sound in my mind now told me what was happening, I was an obedient slut, a piece of fuckmeat and property of my new master. The sour spray from the tube started gain, and it was quickly followed by a steady stream of salty thick liquid. Swallow swallow swallow swallow swallow swallow read the VR display. So I did, the cock in my ass began moving, fucking me mechanically, gaining speed and deeply pounding my virgin sissy ass, my cock was being pumped too. Every part of me was being exercised, the flow of what I could only describe as artificial cum was unending, the images increasing in frequency and depravity, my ass tingling as I felt the familiar sissygasm building, my little cocklet ready to explode. Ellie said I shouldn’t fight it, that this was going to last for a while and that I should just accept it, but all I could think about as I fell into a relaxed trance like state was.Why would I fight this, I love this, I never want it to end.Maybe I was a bigger slut than she gave me credit, maybe I was more pathetic anyone knew, but at that moment I didn’t care all I wanted was for that next release, and when it came I moaned it down along with the artificial cum, and again the pleasure began to build in my ass and balls. Physically playing with the tube in my mouth as I cum drunkenly tried to make the piece of plastic cum too. Why Would I fight this nirvana. What i didn’t realise was that it had only been three minutes science El left me. I still had several hours of this to go… guess they don’t call it Mindfucking for nothing.

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