Co-worker love/lust!


Co-worker love/lust!Hi!I wish to share my wonderful fantasy. I wish to read your comments….Especially of women….I am a 25 year old guy. Here are my attributes – only 5′ 3″ tall, good looking, not muscular yet not thin, high stamina, smart, intelligent, matured, smiling and confident. I have gained some reputation in my office.Ladies from other groups hit on me occasionally. There is a lady who is really hot. She is married, is 30 years old. Her husband is a nice guy too. I have hoped for a few years that I sleep with her, atleast once. Yesterday, my dream came true.I had to be at work late last evening until 7PM. For some reason, she had to too. We are at the same floor. She was passing by my desk and was surprised to see me crunching some stuff on my computer. I smiled,so did she. There was no one around, so I asked her what I always wanted to….”Would you want to join me for dinner tonight? I heard your hubby is outta town”. She gave me a look that I fathomed to be ‘omg! this is a workplace and you are hitting on me-a married women?’. For a kayseri escort second, my penis felt inverted. But I was sure this was my chance.As she turned away and moved toward the elevator as she was heading out of the office, I quickly unplugged my computer after saving stuff and ran towards the parking lot.I asked her if we could really have dinner at my place. She laughed and said….”Dude, I know you for an year, I like you but this sounds like a romantic offer and you know, I am married….”. I said, “No one will know….I want to spend some time with you, think about it!”. A minute later she said, “Yes. But lets go to my place. Hubby may call the landline number at home”. Delighted, I got into her car. Throughout the drive, I was looking at her discreetly. She was of the same height as me, weight around 110 pounds, dark hair, pink lips, small mouth, sparkling eyeballs and what looked like at that time, small tits. She was in a skirt that day.As we went into her garage and got into her home, We quickly prepared dinner at 10 O’Clock the dinner was done. We had a great time. I made sure I made her laugh. I was impressed by myself. I then said, “I am gonna kiss you now. Tell me if you don’t want to kiss back”. I kissed her passionately. My dick was so hard, it was tearing my trousers down! She was probably a little surprised by my audacity, But slowly put her fingers into my curly hair and kissed me back. We kissed for around 2 minutes. Then I said, “Your bedroom?”…She showed me the stairs. We undressed ourselves and kissing and caressing each other, we moved upstairs. Naked we were in front of her mirror – a big one, we could both of us together. Her breasts felt like wonderful, tight bags. As a starved person tries to push all the food served to him at one go, I tried to stuff her right breast into my mouth. I was unsuccessful. I realized she had big tits and realized most women are not what they may seem to be. There is more to every woman than what we can see! This is also why we should never conclude about their physical features.I then went down….Through her beautiful muff, licked her pussy….She swirled her fingers across my curly hair locks and sttarted to kiss her pussy smoothly, gently. Then, I slipped my tongue and fucked her with my tongue. By this time, we were really filled with lust. Then we lay on the bed and fucked like pigs! We fucked for very long, moaning and shouting! “OOOOHH! YEAH! YES, YES, YES, YES!!!! FUCK ME LIKE THAT! FUCK ME LIKE THAT! STAY INSIDE ME FOREVER! ” She shouted so loud, my dick stayed aroused for a very long time. I was surprised love and lust together made me so happy that my sexual stamina got nearly doubled! We kissed fervently, She came thrice and I came twice in the process. I stayed inside her pussy for a very very long time. We slept with my hands around her belly, side on with my dick on her ass.In the morning, we got up and fucked again in doggy style, against the wall!I came inside her again.She told me to keep the issue between us and not let anyone at office or home, know about it. We both agreed, and I had breakfast at her home at around 10AM and got back to my place. Hoping to have fun friday someother time…..!Let me know how my story was!!

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