Cold Hard Steel


The click of the handcuffs penetrated his drunken stupor. One, two, three, four times, they joined until his arms and legs were secured behind the simple chair he sat on. Kurt dismissed his buzzing internal alarm and relaxed against the hard wooden back. Amy’s familiar smile disarmed him.

“What’s gotten into you tonight, baby,” he asked.

“I want to put on a show for you. Didn’t want you to try and touch me, only I can touch you.”

Amy started to dance with slow rhythmic movements. Her hips swayed back and forth to the soft music that filled Kurt’s bedroom. Hands moved to the collar of her white blouse, undoing the first button exposing the top of her ample cleavage. She increased the tempo of her movements as her mind raced. Her sultry brown eyes locked onto his as a wry smile flashed across her face.

She could see the bulge grow in his tight blue jeans as she moved closer and then undid another button on her blouse. Her white lacy bra now in full view, breasts spilling out the top, she stood with them at eye level. Shame and passion pressed on her mind as she methodically unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and discarded it.

Kurt’s singular thought was to bend her over the bed and fuck her tight, sloppy wet pussy from behind as he had so many times before. He could already hear the squeals of delight echoing in his mind, the ones that escaped her mouth over and over as he took her. But the cold hard steel of the cuffs had other plans. They restrained his body in ways that güvenilir bahis he could not control his own mind.

“Uncuff me so I can throw you on the bed and have my way with you. You know you want me to.”

“You’ll have your fun naughty boy … but you can wait. I’m worth it aren’t I?” she replied. She reached down and cupped his hardness, squeezing his cock through his jeans, causing Kurt to jump in shock and pleasure.

Fresh cool air wafted in through the open window causing goose bumps on her supple skin. Her eyes smoldered with a flame he had not seen in her before. She moved in closer as if to kiss him. He pressed forward. She allowed him to get close, not touching her lips, before retreating. Kurt could feel himself losing control, but felt powerless to stop it.

“Stop fucking teasing me, you’re driving me insane. Let me go now.”

“We’re just getting started here. Now sit back and relax.”

With that, Amy reached behind her and unlatched her bra, letting it fall to the ground. Her full breasts sprang into view. Kurt had always loved her breasts and spent a great deal of time playing with them. His eyes grew to an almost unreal size upon seeing them released. He tried to move forward, to latch onto one of her hardened pink nipples, to feel her skin tense around his mouth, but she pushed back away. Then as if to appease her own desires, she offered him one of her nipples to suck on for only an instant.

He attacked it with feverish passion, sucking her hardness deep türkçe bahis into his mouth. She covered hers to stifle the moans of pleasure from deep within, as inner conflict threatened to boil over. Gritting her teeth, she pulled back from his eager mouth and dropped to her knees.

Working with excruciating precision, she unbuckled his pants, pulling the zipper down. His throbbing cock, free from incarceration, expanded to full size anticipating her touch. None was forthcoming.

“You are such a mean bitch. I need to cum so bad.”

“Oh, do you really. How bad do you want me to touch it?”

“Come on get on with it, you want me to fuck you with it.”

“Beg me. I need to hear how much you want me. Make me feel it.”

“Amy…I need to feel your pussy around me, sliding into you hard from behind. My body aches to touch you, to shoot my cum inside you.”

“Hmm, you must want me bad don’t you, poor thing,” she replied, laughing as she rose up and straddled him. She lifted her black skirt high, as she lowered herself so that only her white cotton panties separated her wetness from his swollen cock. “Is this what you want? Feel how wet I am. You like that?”

“Oh my god, I want you so bad.”

Amy peeled her skirt off, sitting astride his lap with only her panties remaining. She moved in closer, pressing her breasts against him. Her hard nipples burned into his chest, hips gyrating on his lap, bucking back and forth. Heat rose in both as Kurt strained hard against the cuffs güvenilir bahis siteleri trying to take her, panties moved aside; he felt her wetness against him. Yearning to be inside her, he rocked his hips against her but she held back, keeping him right at the entrance to her pussy.

“Let me know when you’re close,” she whispered in his ear as she kissed his neck and slid her hand down over his rigid shaft. Amy’s mind raced with a mixture of desire and hubris at her conquest. It didn’t take long for Kurt to moan “Oh god, I’m going to cum.”

Suddenly, she stopped everything, got off his lap, moved away and put her skirt back on, watching him squirm and writhe against his steel captors.

“What the fuck are you doing? Why did you stop?”

“Show’s over, time to go home now,” she said laughing to herself, very proud of how well her plan had worked. “I’m going to finish getting dressed and pretend none of this ever happened.”

“What, you’re just going to leave me like this? What’s wrong with you?”

“You never thought I’d find out did you,” she replied laughing. “You really believed you could fuck my best friend and I wouldn’t find out. Men are so stupid.” She found the rest of her clothes quickly, turned the music up louder to attract attention and headed for the door.

“Holy shit, she told you? That bitch.”

“She’s my best friend. We don’t keep secrets and I don’t share. You should know better,” she said as she left the room, closed the door, as he struggled to free himself. She poked her head back through the door for one final parting comment.

“By the way, I wish I could stick around to see the look on your mom’s face when she gets home from work and finds you like this. Good bye, Kurt.”

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