Comforting Jodi Ch. 02

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I got the call around 10:00 p.m. on a Monday evening. Jodi was on the other end, her voice broken and wavering.

“Kenny?” she said shakily.

Jodi had obviously been crying, and my heart overflowed with concern. “What’s wrong, my joy?”

“My mother’s gone, Kenny,” she replied, stifling a sob. “She died yesterday.”

“Oh, Jodi…I’m so sorry!” I replied with genuine sympathy in my voice. “I really liked your mother. She was a fine woman – the salt of the earth.”

“She was my best friend,” Jodi said tearfully. “I couldn’t have asked for a better mother than her.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?” I asked, wanting to do whatever I could for my grieving friend.

“M-m-maybe,” Jodi replied haltingly. “Can you possibly come over – right now? I really need to see you.”

“Of course, my joy,” I replied quickly. “Just hold on, Jodi – I’ll be there in about 20 minutes.”

“I’ll be waiting for you,” Jodi replied sweetly. “And, Kenny?”

“Yes, Jodi?”

“Thank you so much!”

After hanging up, I quickly showered and dressed, grabbed my Bible off the night stand and was out the door in a flash. On the way to Jodi’s place, I stopped by the grocery store, picked up some flowers, and a gallon of rocky road ice cream – Jodi’s favorite comfort food. I just had a hunch she would be needing them.

Twenty minutes later, I was pulling into Jodi’s driveway. With my Bible in one hand and the flowers and ice cream in the other, I hustled up her front walkway and rang the doorbell.

A couple of seconds later, the door opened, and there stood Jodi.

Her eyes were red, and her face stained with tears – but even in that state, Jodi looked amazingly beautiful to me.

“Oh, Kenny!” Jodi cried, throwing her arms around me and hugging bonus veren siteler me tightly. “Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming!”

I held my friend close and stroked her long blonde hair, comforting her. “I’m happy to come, Jodi… anything for you.”

“Come on in… let’s sit on the sofa.”

As I walked behind Jodi to the living room, It was hard to stop myself from watching her curvaceous booty sway from side to side as she walked. After all, she was grieving, and as horny as I was, I was NOT about to take advantage of her in that condition!

As we sat on the sofa, I turned to Jodi, took both of her hands in mine, and looked into her beautiful baby blue eyes. At that point, the preacher in me took over as I spoke tenderly to her.

“Jodi, my sweet,” I began softly. “I am truly praying for your comfort. Believe me, I know how it feels to lose your mother, and I want you to know that I’m here for you. Whatever you need, just ask and if I can, I’ll do it.”

Jodi’s face lit up at my statement, and she smiled warmly at me. “Oh, Kenny… you’ve already done plenty just by coming over. I feel so much better already because you’re here with me.”

I gave Jodi the flowers and ice cream, for which I was rewarded with a warm, soft kiss on the cheek. I then went into her kitchen, dished out two hearty helpings of ice cream, then rejoined Jodi on the sofa, where we ate and talked for hours and hours. She shared memories of her mother, laughing and crying all the way. For my part, I opened my Bible and shared words of comfort with my friend, watching her face glow with warmth as I talked.

After a while, Jodi took my hand and pressed it to her bountiful bosom. Her voice was soft and warm as she spoke. “Oh, Kenny…I bahis feel SO much better now! I just knew I could count on you to comfort me in my sadness. You really are a great friend to me.”

I slid my arms around Jodi and pulled her close to me, enveloping her in a soft, warm hug. “Jodi my joy – there’s no need to thank me. Like I said, I know how you feel, and I’m here for you. After all, it’s what you do when you love someone.”

I punctuated my statement with a gentle kiss on Jodi’s forehead.

Jodi looked up at me with a warm smile. “You’re so sweet, Kenny. But I need you to do something for me – and I’m a little afraid to ask.”

“Oh, nonsense, Jodi…you know I will do anything for you – anything at all. That’s what friends are for. So go ahead – ask away!”

Jodi’s voice dropped to a whisper as she looked into my eyes. “Well, ok…” she said hesitantly. “I was wondering if…you see, my mother’s Homegoing Service is going to be Thursday morning, and I was wondering if you could possibly come and speak at it – you know, give the eulogy? If you can’t do it, I’ll completely understand. But it would be nice if you could…”

I placed my finger gently on Jodi’s soft, red lips, silencing her before she could say another word.

“Jodi, my sweet,” I said tenderly. “I would be honored to speak at the service. Like I said…I’ll do anything for you.”

“Oh, Kenny…” Jodi said softly, her eyes shining with gratitude. “Thank you! You have no idea how much this means to me. You’re wonderful – so very, very wonderful…”

Jodi’s voice faded as she looked at me. I returned her tender gaze with one of my own.

The moment held. It felt like there was a silent question in the air between us – a need that had to be fulfilled.

Jodi deneme bonusu read my questioning expression and smiled sweetly at me.

“Please…” she whispered gently. “Kiss me.”

A split second later, our lips met in a long, sweet, tender kiss. We held each other close as we kissed and kissed and kissed. My mind was spinning with desire. Jodi’s lips were so soft, so sweet, so warm. We’ve shared many kisses before, but this kiss felt different. Somehow we both knew that this kiss went beyond friendship.

This kiss – this heavenly kiss – was a lover’s kiss. I could feel it, and so could she.

Minutes passed, and our kiss grew warmer, more passionate by the second. I felt Jodi’s soft hands caressing me ever so gently down my back. I let my hands wander as well, caressing her shimmering blonde locks, caressing her shoulders, sliding slowly down her back, stopping just short of her beautiful ass.

In that moment, the world around us faded away – and I almost got carried away. But we broke our kiss and pulled back just in time.

Jodi looked at me with pure love and warmth in her eyes. I returned her affectionate gaze, wondering what to do next.

But then, Jodi surprised me by sliding her hand over my growing bulge. My breath caught as my cock grew harder at her touch.

Almost immediately, I reached over and covered her hand with mine.

“Jodi,” I said softly. “I don’t think…”

But Jodi reached out and laid her finger against my lips, silencing my protest. She looked directly at me, and I could see desire in her eyes.

“Shhhhhhh…say nothing,” she whispered seductively. “You’ve done so much for me. Let me do this for you… baby.”

It was the first time Jodi ever called me that. I sighed raggedly as Jodi caressed my growing bulge. Her touch was so soft, so gentle. Jodi’s eyes widened and her smile became even more seductive as she lovingly fondled me.

“Oh, Kenny…” Jodi whispered coquettishly. “I knew you liked me – but I had NO idea…”

To be continued…

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