Coming Back for Seconds


I’m filled with much anticipation for my next meeting with Sensei. We are going someplace nice for dinner and back to the hotel for another lesson. I put on my rhinestone body chain and tiny lace panties. Then slipping over that my black and white lace top and a long black skirt, I look into the mirror. Just about ready to go now, I pull up my hair leaving a few pieces hanging down and strap on my heels. The final touch is matching rhinestone earrings and a quick spray of my favorite scent.

I arrive at his place and we go enjoy a quiet meal at some Italian restaurant with much ambiance and little lighting. He sits on the next closest corner chair so as to be right next to me at all times. We don’t need to make small talk as we both know what’s on each other’s minds. I eat in silence eyes lowered, awaiting further direction from my teacher.

Throughout the meal he leans in towards me running his hand along my leg, up my thigh, and in towards my crotch. I am already damp there and this pleases him. Trying not to make any noise I continue to sit there and eat as he moves aside my panties to stroke my pussy a little. (It’s so naughty, I don’t want to get caught, but it feels so good I can’t protest. However I wouldn’t anyway because he hasn’t allowed me to.) We finish the meal but skip dessert. He tells me that will be later.

After checking into the hotel and entering the room we dim the lights and put on some background music appropriate to the evening’s activities. He sets up his tools on a nearby table, and I wait nearby standing with my arms at my side for him to tell me what he wants.

First he looks me over, telling me how he approves of my attire and that I look quite lady-like. But that before the night is over he’ll have brought out the freak in me. He takes my hand and kisses it, holding it still he takes the other hand and kisses it as well. Then placing both hands together in one of his he grips my wrists tightly and leads me over to the bed. Directing me to remove my clothing, very slowly so that he might enjoy, he sits down in a chair to watch me.

His eyes see right through me, and I shiver with excitement Kadıköy Fetiş Escort as I move to the music and remove one by one my shoes, the skirt and my top. He orders me to stop, so that he can appreciate the view a bit more. My nipples are erect from the sexual tension and the cool air in the room. I am ordered to rub my breasts slowly cupping and squeezing them from time to time, pinching and rolling the nipples between my fingers. Next he says I should use one hand to slide aside my panties and stroke myself. He won’t let me cum right now, just wants me to be nice and wet. I am now to lick my finger tasting myself and suck on it as if it were his cock.

He has me move over to the bed and bend forward over the end. After he tugs down my panties to the floor I hear him reach for something off the table. Much to my surprise and pleasure it’s one of the floggers and he proceeds to whip my ass until it tingles a little and turns a faint shade of pink. He then orders me onto the bed for I am to be tied up, facing down.

He secures my wrists out to the sides and then my knees leaving me in a doggie-style position allowing him full access to just about everything at once. Starting with some more sensory play he continues surprising me with a soft silky scarf, next the cat-o-nine-tails, then the feather tickler, and finally more flogging because I have been a good girl so far. All over my arms, legs, back and ass he plies his trade making me quiver with amazing sensations. He may have even used the pinwheel on me but by now my head is spinning with the rush of feelings.

“Little One,” he asks me, “would you like to come for me?” My only reply is “if it pleases you Sensei.” He laughs and gets another item off the table. When I hear him turn it on I think I know where it’s going, but again he surprises me. I feel him rubbing lube on my ass and before I can blink he’s working the vibrator into my asshole. Oh my, it feels so different but so good. I can’t explain how or why but I like when he does this to me.

I feel myself starting to move back and forth with the motion of the battery powered cock up my ass. When he Kadıköy Gecelik Escort brings out another one to tease my clit and then slide into my pussy. I’m in ecstasy as he proceeds to alternate between the two rapidly moving them back and forth within me. My body is soaking wet with sweat, my crotch is so hot and wet, and I’m bursting with excitement. I want to cum so badly, but I won’t until he says the word.

“Are you ready?” he asks. “Yes, Sensei” is my only answer. But he still hasn’t let me cum and I wait, my legs are shaking and I feel faint. He leans in closer and bites me on the ass just to make sure I’m not drifting off. I jump in shock but say nothing. He laughs again, because he knows I must do his will, no more and no less. Finally, he says the wonderful words I’ve been waiting to hear, “you may come Little One.” And in a rush of everything I’m overflowing.

He pulls away the toys and helps lower my body to the bed to rest. Wiping the sweat of my brow, he kisses my forehead and tells me what a good girl I’ve been. Then he unbinds me and holds me for a little while, running his fingers through my hair, caressing and petting me. I feel safe in my teacher’s arms.

He pulls the chair out he had been sitting on earlier and tells me to remove my jewelry and sit in the chair. I am to be bound in the chair now, with my legs secured to the legs of the chair and my arms down at my sides to the back of the chair. Then yet another surprise, he pulls out whipped cream, chocolate sauce and a tray of assorted fruit.

I realize it’s time for dessert and I guess I’m part of it. He playfully sprays cream over my breasts and pussy drizzling chocolate sauce over that. Getting a strawberry, he touches it to the cream and draws it through, over my breast, flicking the nipple as he passes it. He then takes that strawberry and rubs it up against my clit. It’s a little bumpy and rough but shaped quite nicely for a little stimulation. He even goes so far as to dip it into my own juices a bit and brings it back up to my mouth. Then he repeats this with another strawberry on the other tit but after gathering my own Kadıköy Genç Escort personal cream he consumes that strawberry himself.

“You are tangy and sweet, a fine dessert my dear.” He smiles at me but his eyes yet again penetrate me to my inner core. I realize he’s not done with me yet. Blindfolding me now, he proceeds to try different fruits from the tray — some I get to eat and some he does. I can’t even tell which ones they are, but I think I felt a banana being pushed into and out of my pussy at one point.

Everything smelled so good and sweet and gooey. I couldn’t believe it but I was getting excited again. I felt his tongue on me, going all over me, and I moaned. I didn’t mean to, but I couldn’t help it. He stopped and reprimanded me “I didn’t tell you to do that.” He didn’t sound mad at me but I knew I’d be disciplined later on.

He stops removing the blindfold and gets a warm wet washcloth to clean the remainder off of me. Then I feel the pinwheel again but its ice cold. Whoa, what a different feeling it was this time! And with my skin still damp he began to flog me. This time it was my breasts, arms and legs. It stung a little bit as the moisture evaporated from my skin. After a bit of torture and tease he used some so alcohol pads to soothe my now pink flesh.

Releasing me yet again, we sit down on the bed and he pulls me close. He asks me “now that wasn’t so bad was it?” I reply “no Sensei. Thank you.” He smiles down at me and gives me a little squeeze; I can’t help but smile back. This time he lets me, because it’s the right time to do it. I put my head to his chest and close my eyes for a bit.

“There is one last thing I require of you tonight Little One.” Sensei speaks slowly to me with his soft but authoritative voice. “What may I do for you Sensei?” I answer him awaiting his next statement. “I need to feed tonight, and I have chosen you.” I remain silent and stunned for a moment but manage to get out a reply. “I am honored. Thank you Sensei.”

He turns me toward him. Standing up, he bends over me and leans in to bite my neck. I sag under his strength but can’t resist the pull I feel towards him as his teeth dig into my skin. He sucks on me until he has had his fill. I’ve gone numb and feel no pain. I would gladly let him take as much as he needed, even if it was all I had. I am lightheaded and faint. Collapsing into his arms, I feel him lay me back onto the bed and cover me so I might rest.

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