Coming Home: Davis Brothers Ch. 05


“Baby, can you help me to the bathroom?” Ben asked, his voice sounding urgent.

Benji lifted his head from Ben’s chest and opened his eyes halfway. “Hm?”

Ben couldn’t help but smile. His boy’s hair was all mussed up and he had a little string of drool dripping from his mouth. So stinking cute.

“I fucking love you, baby,” Ben said with a chuckle. “And I’d love to lounge around with you a while longer, but I’m about to piss the bed.”

“Oh!” Benji jumped out of bed, nearly tripping over the blankets. He untangled himself and ran over to the other side. He helped Ben out of bed, then followed him to the bathroom.

Ben stood in front of the toilet and looked down at Benji with a raised brow, then started to chuckle. Benji was staring down at Ben’s huge piss-hard-on, mouth agape, as if he’d never seen a man’s erect penis before.

Benji swallowed the mouthful of drool and cleared his throat. “You can’t pee with it like that.”

No shit. “Give it a thump,” Ben said. He closed his eyes and concentrated on making it go down enough to piss. That was pretty hard to do with his little man standing next to him, naked with his own hard-on jutting out from his crotch.

Benji flicked the head of Ben’s cock with his finger and he watched it slowly start to deflate.

“Okay,” Ben croaked.

Benji wrapped his small hand around the girthy shaft and skinned it back and aimed it down towards the bowl.

Ben noted the way Benji stared at him piss with fascination. It wasn’t the first time. His boy seemed to have a thing for watching him take a piss. He wondered for a second if Benji wanted to try water sports. It was something he never really thought about and it wasn’t something that turned him on, but if Benji wanted to try it, he’d give it a shot.

“You like watching me piss, don’t you?” Ben whispered.

Benji shrugged and looked up at Ben, then let his eyes fall back down to Ben’s cock, embarrassed at getting caught gawking but not able to look away. “I like…” Benji swallowed nervously, his voice barely above a whisper. He took a breath and looked back up at Ben’s face. “I like to watch you pee, but I don’t want you to, you know, pee on me, or whatever…”

Ben smiled. It was a little perverse, but he liked to see Benji squirm uncomfortably sometimes. He wanted Benji to be open and comfortable with him, whether it was talking about sex or anything else. “Good to know.”

Once Ben finished, Benji gave it a good shake, then another for good measure. One more time wouldn’t hurt…

“More than a couple of times means you’re playing with it,” Ben snickered.

Benji jerked his hand away and blushed. “Come on, let’s take a shower, you perv.”

“Oh, I’m the perv? You’re the one jacking me off when you’re supposed to be helping me take a piss.”

Benji’s mouth fell open. “I was not! I–“

Ben laughed and leaned down and planted a kiss on his baby’s lips, interrupting his pointless denial.


Brandon was having the most amazing wet dream he could ever remember. A head covered in a mop of dark hair bobbed up and down in his lap, sucking and slurping on his cock, trying so hard to take as much as he could get into his mouth and into his throat. So greedy….

With a long, deep groan, Brandon opened his eyes and saw his dream had come true. Lonnie was sucking him off. His dick was so hard as the flared head batted the back of his boy’s throat with every downward movement. Lonnie’s eyes were closed and he looked like he was in heaven. His cheeks were hollowed in and his lips were red and swollen, closed tightly around Brandon’s girth.

“Mmm… Good mornin’, cupcake.”

Lonnie pulled off Brandon’s dick with a pop. “Mmm, sure is. You have the most amazing dick. So big and hard.”

He slicked his hand back and forth, covering and uncovering the head with the foreskin. He climbed up and straddled Brandon’s lap, trapping the large shaft between his legs.

“Glad you like it.”

“I love it.”

“I’m getting to love that mouth of yours.”

Brandon reached out and gripped Lonnie’s hips. He held him tight as he pushed up, grinding his girth hard against Lonnie’s taint. His boy’s face was flushed. His eyes fluttered shut and his lips parted. His dusky prick stood upright, wet and purple, swollen with need. Brandon wondered if he could make Lonnie come again with just his cock.

“I wanna fuck you,” Brandon husked. “Can I fuck you, baby?”

“Oh my god, yes,” Lonnie quivered. “Do you have any lube?”

Brandon held Lonnie steady as he leaned over and jerked open the small table drawer. He rifled around and pulled out a small clear bottle. “Is this okay?”

“Yeah, that’s perfect.”

Brandon glanced back at the open drawer, spotting a handful of foil packets. “I have rubbers. They might be expired.” Brandon winced. Expired condoms did not exactly help with the image of the stud he tried to portray.

A blush crept up Lonnie’s neck and cheeks. “I didn’t mean to Casibom get carried away like that, before. I’m not like that normally, I swear.”

“I got tested. I passed. No, not passed, it was negative. You know what I mean. I can show you the test.”

“You’re the only one…” Lonnie’s voice trailed off and he looked down at Brandon’s belly, tracing a finger around the rim of his belly button, suddenly fascinated with the hair growing around it.

Brandon reached up and tipped Lonnie’s chin up. “The only one what?”

“The only one I ever let do that… without a condom. If we’re gonna be monogamous, we don’t have to use them. But only if we’re monogamous, Brandon. Swear it, Brandon. You won’t have sex with anyone else ever.”

“I swear, Lonnie. I would never cheat on you. I take commitments very seriously. But I’d wear one if you have doubts.”

Commitments. The word nearly melted Lonnie into a sappy puddle. “I trust you, Brandon. I…” Lonnie licked his lips nervously, and stared directly into Brandon’s green eyes. “I loved it when you came inside me.”

“God damn,” Brandon growled. The fact that Brandon was the only man to have ever shot off inside Lonnie was fucking hot. He grabbed Lonnie by the waist and lifted him slightly, breaking contact with his aching cock. “You’re gonna make me fucking shoot my wad if you keep talking like that.”

Lonnie gave Brandon an impish little smile. He loved that Brandon was no longer denying his attraction. And he loved that he could get Brandon so heated. And when Brandon was turned on, Lonnie was sure to have a very good time.

“Do I turn you on, Brandon?” he purred as he stroked his fingers through the hair on Brandon’s chest and stomach.

“God, you don’t even know, cupcake, how hard it was to fight my urges. You make me want like I never wanted anyone before.”

“I don’t want you to fight your urges, Brandon. If you want me, then take me. I’m yours whenever you want, babe.”

Brandon’s eyes darkened as he looked at Lonnie lustfully. “Let me get you ready then, ’cause I’m gonna fuck you into this god damned mattress right fucking now.”

With a deep growl, he held tight onto Lonnie and rolled them over so that Lonnie was flat on his back, pinned beneath his bulk.

Brandon looked down Lonnie’s body, laid out, ready and willing, all for him. Only for him.

Lonnie’s body was smooth as silk and virtually hairless. He had wisps of silky black hair under his arms and around the base of his cock. Brandon ran one of his hands down Lonnie’s torso, loving the way his soft skin felt under the rough pads of his thick fingers. And he loved how Lonnie’s breathing went ragged and the way he trembled as Brandon touched him.

His boy’s tiny brown nipples were stiff and pointy. Brandon leaned down and flicked his tongue across one. He didn’t expect the reaction he got from Lonnie. Lonnie gasped and pushed his chest up, pulling Brandon’s head down with his hand, begging for more contact. As Brandon assaulted Lonnie’s nip with his tongue and lips, he realized he shouldn’t have been surprised by Lonnie’s response. Wherever he touched Lonnie, it seemed to light the boy up like a Christmas tree.

After working over each nipple until Lonnie was begging, Brandon moved down. He kissed Lonnie’s innie belly button, then kissed a trail lower. Lonnie’s stomach rose and fell, tightening and loosening, as he struggled to maintain a steady breath. Brandon paused at the clover tattoo on his hip, planting a kiss on it, then swiping his tongue across it, causing Lonnie to shudder. “Mm. Love your cute little tat, cupcake.”

He moved between his legs, spreading them wide apart. He spread his boy’s cheeks with his hands and brushed his thumb over the tight opening hidden there in the hairless crack. Upon hearing Lonnie’s breath hitch, Brandon couldn’t help the smug grin that spread across his face.

He spit onto his thumb and ran the saliva-soaked pad over the little brown pucker.

Lonnie thrust his hips. “Please,” he begged.

Brandon moved down to get a closer look. He lifted Lonnie’s ball sack away and leaned in and sniffed. It was a combined musky and soapy clean smell, not at all dirty. The puckered hole winked at him, beckoning him to come closer.

Back in the day, Brandon was a champ at eating pussy. He had brought many a girl to climax with his skilled mouth and tongue. Would this be so different? Would Lonnie like it? Before he could talk himself out of it, he leaned in and swiped his tongue across the flesh.

Lonnie cried out, arching his back up. “Oh, god, Daddy, please! No one– ever– Oh!”

Brandon growled, spurred on by Lonnie’s lusty words and admission that Brandon was in virgin territory. He shoved his face into Lonnie’s crack and began to feast. Brandon was noisy as he rimmed his boy, grunting and groaning, slurping and sucking. His tongue circled the pucker, then lapped at it, slow then fast. He sucked hard, then soft. He rubbed his face up and down, back Casibom Giriş and forth, scorching Lonnie’s sensitive skin with his beard whiskers.

“Fuck, you taste good,” Brandon growled before going back to work.

Lonnie thought he had died and gone to heaven. No one had ever eaten his ass before. He gripped Brandon’s head in both of his hands. He writhed and bucked against Brandon’s mouth and that hot, thrusting, probing tongue. He moaned and groaned, crying out and begging for more.

Brandon wet a finger and pushed it into the relaxed sphincter. After Brandon’s oral assault, the finger slid right in. He finger banged Lonnie while he licked non-stop around the edges. He buried his nose in Lonnie’s balls and took a big whiff, then licked and sucked each ball, one at a time. Lonnie’s shaft was purple and throbbing. Pre-come dripped down the shaft and pooled on Lonnie’s stomach. Brandon swiped his tongue along the bottom, tasting the clear fluid.

“Oh, god,” Lonnie moaned as he tried to squirm away from Brandon. He didn’t want it to be over too quick and he was about to come undone.

“Mm-mmm,” Brandon grunted. “Not going anywhere, boy.” He grabbed Lonnie and held him down with a hand splayed across his belly. His other hand was busy pumping a finger in and out of Lonnie’s ass. He curled the finger up and jabbed at Lonnie’s g-spot while he laved his tongue along Lonnie’s cock.

Lonnie screamed as his body began to shake uncontrollably. “Daddy, I’m coming!”

Brandon growled triumphantly and licked his boy’s dick again. It jerked up against his tongue and began spraying, covering his stomach over and over with spurts of thick cream. Lonnie’s body continued to shudder as his head slowly rolled back and forth. “Oh god, oh god, oh god…”

Brandon moved up Lonnie’s limp body and grabbed the lube. He poured it onto his fingers and smeared it up Lonnie’s crack, then slicked his cock. Once he was wet and ready, Brandon lined up the head of his cock with Lonnie’s entrance and pushed forward.

As Brandon breached him, Lonnie’s eyes snapped open and he locked his gaze onto Brandon. He pulled his knees back and locked them around Brandon’s hips, giving Brandon deeper access to his body. He brought his hands to Brandon’s chest. His fingers raked through the thick hair before sliding down to his waist. Pressing his fingers into his man’s soft love handles, he urged him to move forward.

Brandon moved nice and slow, paying close attention to Lonnie’s facial expressions, making sure that he wasn’t hurting him. Once he was fully buried inside, he let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding. The big man’s eyes rolled back in his head and he let out a deep, throaty groan.

“Feels good?” Lonnie whispered as he watched the open-mouthed expression on Brandon’s face.

Brandon nodded. “Fuck. ‘Good’ doesn’t cover it. You are fucking outstanding.”

It was better, tighter than anything Brandon had felt before. He knew that he wouldn’t last long. He was already starting to feel the build up. He just hoped that he could make it feel good for Lonnie too. It was really important to him that Lonnie enjoy what they were doing. He leaned forward and let his brawny body cover Lonnie’s, his weight pushing him into the mattress. He slid his hands under Lonnie’s armpits, under his back, and locked them around his shoulders, holding him tight. He started to move his hips, nice and slow, in and out.

“This okay?” Brandon asked, looking down into Lonnie’s gorgeous brown eyes.

Lonnie nodded, unable to speak. If he opened his mouth, he might embarrass himself. He had expected Brandon to pound the fuck out of him, but Brandon wasn’t fucking him. He was making love to him.

Brandon changed up his angle and rotated his hips, trying to find the spot that made Lonnie go crazy. When Lonnie gasped and shuddered underneath him, Brandon knew that he had found it.

“Brandon,” Lonnie moaned. His hands tightened around Brandon’s back and his ankles dug into his man’s ass.

Using a slow and steady rhythm, he rubbed his cock along Lonnie’s g-spot with every slide. He fought the urge to pound into Lonnie. Lonnie was clearly enjoying what Brandon was doing, judging from the soft moans and whimpers spilling from his mouth. Each little noise he made along with excruciatingly slow thrusts into his velvety-soft tight heat was bringing Brandon closer and closer, but he wanted Lonnie to come with him.

“You’re so beautiful,” Brandon whispered. “You’re my cupcake, my baby. You belong to me.”

Brandon kissed Lonnie, their tongues tangling up in each other. He started to move his hips a little faster, his thrusts hard and steady. The rickety bed began to creak underneath them as Brandon pumped faster. Brandon could feel Lonnie’s body tensing up. He could feel Lonnie’s dick trapped between their bodies, poking into and rubbing against his furry belly. His little man buried his face into Brandon’s neck, his nose pressed into Brandon’s beard, as he Casibom Güncel Giriş let out a whimper. His hips pushed back against Brandon’s thrusts.

Brandon sucked hard on Lonnie’s neck, giving him whisker burn while he drew a deep crimson bruise up to the surface. Lonnie’s body started to shake while his whimpers came faster and raised in pitch and Brandon knew that he was on the edge, so close. Just a few more thrusts against his prostate, a little more friction against his boy’s cock…

“Brandon,” Lonnie cried out into his neck. “You’re gonna make me come. Please. Make me come. Oh god, I love you…”

Lonnie’s begging and his declaration took the last of Brandon’s control. He thrust hard into his boy, once, twice across his g-spot. On the third time, Lonnie cried out and clamped his muscles around Brandon’s cock. Brandon pushed forward and buried his cock as far as he could into Lonnie. As Lonnie’s warm cream pulsed between their bodies, Brandon lost control.

“I’m gonna fucking shoot!” he grunted into Lonnie’s ear.

Shouting a series of grunts and obscenities, he started to shoot his load, sending huge bursts of hot spunk deep into Lonnie’s welcoming body. He pulsed so much come into Lonnie’s ass that it started to overflow around his cock, running down Lonnie’s ass crack and pooling on the sheets. As Brandon worked through his orgasm, his thrusts slowed down, until he was finally still.

Brandon laid on top of Lonnie, trying to catch his breath. He was worried about crushing his boy, but Lonnie held Brandon tight to his body, not allowing Brandon to pull away.

Hearing Lonnie’s softly muttered words, “mine, mine, mine,” cradled Brandon’s restless spirit. His boy claimed him.

“No one, no one ever, has made me feel like you do,” Lonnie whispered.

Though Brandon didn’t reply back to him, Lonnie felt his arms tighten around him.

Lonnie held his man in his arms, loving the feel of his wide, heavy body on top of him, his fat cock still buried to the hilt. Brandon’s head was leaning against his neck. Lonnie felt the warm panting breath and the light kisses and tickling beard along his neck and collarbone. Brandon might never say it out loud, but Lonnie now knew without a doubt.

Brandon Davis loved him.


“Are you sure about this, Brandon?” Lonnie asked as he nervously chewed at his thumbnail.

Brandon pulled Lonnie’s hand away from his mouth. “Yeah. I told you I don’t like you working down at that place at night. Besides, you already quit the taco stand, so it’s too late…”

“It’s not that bad,” Lonnie said. “It’s a pretty nice area, Brandon.”

He opened the truck door, stepped down onto the running board and hopped onto the ground in between Brandon’s truck and the identical F-250 4×4 parked next to it. That truck had a magnetic placard on the door advertising the business.

He straightened the collar of his pink polo shirt and smoothed down his navy blue dockers. He combed his fingers in his hair, then blew into his cupped hand to check his breath. He wanted to look perfect for his first day on the job. After letting out a deep breath, he followed Brandon into the office. As they stepped through the door, a chime dinged.

The Davis and Adams Remodeling office was housed in a small space at the end of an industrial complex, next to a bug exterminating company. The office had a nice reception desk built behind a semicircular counter. A row of chairs sat along the opposite wall for guests to use while waiting, though from what Brandon said, there were very few walk-ins or visitors to the office. In addition to a tiny restroom, there were also two small offices and a big storage room.

“Hey, Walker?” Brandon called out.

Lonnie watched a man step out from one of the offices. The tall man took a sip from an over-sized coffee mug and walked up to Brandon and shook his hand. “Hey, man. Mornin’.” He glanced over at Lonnie but didn’t say anything.

“Morning. This is Lonnie O’Reilly,” Brandon said as he put his hand on Lonnie’s back and urged him to step forward.

Walker tipped his head. “Walker Adams. So you’re the new guy?” he asked. He looked Lonnie up and down, his face neutral. “O’Reilly, did you say?”

“Yeah,” Brandon answered for him. “He’s gonna answer phones and emails. Help with the schedules and quotes. Like we talked about.”

“Right. Can I talk to you in my office a minute before we head out?”

“Sure. Let me get Lonnie set up and I’ll be right there.”

Brandon had Lonnie sit at the reception desk. The desk had a big flat-panel monitor, a wireless keyboard and mouse set, a multi-line phone, as well as a standard array of office supplies such as tape dispenser and stapler. The computer was tucked out of the way beneath the desk. Against the wall behind the desk, a big laser print and fax machine sat on a wooden console. Cubby holes underneath held various reams of paper and all sorts of forms.

Lonnie got situated in the chair and they signed into the computer. Brandon gave him a quick lesson on the phone system and made sure he had a list of phone numbers. He started up the special computer program they used to generate quotes and proposals and gave him a sixty-second crash course.

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