Coming Out Party



The below narrative is a follow-on to the recently published TGIF so it might be best to read it prior to if you haven’t already. Plus when I first started this narrative it became evident it would need to be in multiple parts since it was impossible to document the events in two pages or less. Sorry about that since I know some people don’t like multi-part stories. Then again, some don’t like stories which extend beyond two pages. You can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all the time 🙂

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.


About two weeks after Rita and I had a long discussion concerning her sister Teresa, she called to ask if we could meet for coffee.

“Sure. What time and where?”

“The usual place and would 2:00 be okay?”

“Works for me, and is there anything I need to know beforehand?”

“Not really, see you at 2:00.”

Then she hung up.

When I arrived at the Electric Percolator, Rita was already seated at our favorite corner table. Once again we hugged and kissed like two long lost lovers. Especially since it was the first time we’d seen each other since our most recent special massage session.

When I looked for Rodger, our favorite barista, Rita informed me it was his day off. But another barista greeted us and asked what our pleasure would be. Rita ordered our usual double cappuccinos and off she went.

“I guess you can surmise why I asked to meet.”

“Well, you did say you were going to get back to me after you talked again with Teresa, so I’m assuming you have. More importantly, to share what you decided and how she reacted.”

At that point Cheryl, the barista, brought our cappuccinos and biscotti. Then asked if we needed anything else. When we informed her no she left and Rita continued.

“Where were we? I know, you wanted to know the details of my second conversation with Teresa. To make a long story short, we first discussed if she was dead serious about having sex with another couple. The last thing I wanted was her to be wishy washy about it and/or just playing with the idea of fulfilling a long time fantasy versus a sincere desire to do so. In the end I was convinced it wasn’t just a whim on her part.”

“That’s good to hear as I would’ve had the same concern. What happened next?”

“Once we were past if she was truly all in for it I shared that you and Walter were the ‘other’ couple. Surprisingly, or not so surprising, she thought it might be the case because of how often I talk about you and the nice things I say. Plus she was ecstatic you and Walter were the ‘other’ couple. While you and Teresa are only casual acquaintances, through me she feels she knows you much better.”

“That’s somewhat a relief, in that she didn’t disapprove of your choice of bed-mates so to say.”

“No she didn’t, quite the opposite. She asked me what seemed like a zillion questions about you and Walter. Mainly intimate details about our sex sessions that I didn’t share in our first conversation. Things like what you like and dislike, enjoy doing, etc., etc. She even asked about Walter and Bill’s penis size. When I told her about Walter’s eight inch dick she acted like it was snowing on Christmas.”

I had to laugh…”I wish I could have been a fly on the wall as she quizzed you to hear how you responded.”

“Trust me, I couldn’t have praised you two more even if I knew you were. All except for one thing. I didn’t mention about how fond we are of each other and the great sex we have. It’s probably inevitable she’ll find out at some point, and while I got the impression she wouldn’t be offended or put off by it, later would be best.”

“Let me ask another question. Did you ask about her and Rodger’s sex life?”

“Not really. At least not straight out, but I got a good feel for it from the questions she asked about you, Walter, Bill and I. From what she asked and the way she did, it was easy to surmise what she and Rodger do as far as sex together, or would like to do or try with another couple.”

“Aren’t you going to give me at least a hint?”

“Be glad too. A couple of things I found interesting. One being her asking about taking two cocks at once. Although I’m not sure, nor did I ask if it was relative to DP, or orally as far as the second cock while one does her either vaginally or anally. She did casually mention Rodger was terrific at eating pussy and how she enjoys sucking his cock. Or cock in general I assume. One last thing, she did also say something about how she wondered what Walter’s long cock would feel like doing someone in the ass. For a second I thought she might ask if I knew, but didn’t.”

“Sounds like the three of us could be sisters instead of just you two. Plus I’m intrigued about Rodger being good at eating pussy.”

“I thought you would. Bottom line, she can’t wait for all of us to get together and wanted to know when. The sooner the better is the way she put it. perabet Since I already talked to Bill, who was tickled pink about it, we decided if we did have a get together it would be best at his place. Would either this coming weekend or next on Saturday be okay with you and Walter? Plus maybe you could stay the weekend.”

“Oh wow, she is in a rush. Obviously I need to talk to Walter. Not so much about us getting together, which like Bill he’ll be thrilled about, but the date. I’ll check with him at dinner tonight and call you afterwards.”

“One last question, did Teresa talk to Rodger before you two did?”

“Yes she did, and you were right about him being infatuated with us. Supposedly he hasn’t talked about anything since. Even their sex life has become more intense and frequent as a result. Hence the reason I decided to meet here today on his day off. I was afraid of how he might act when he saw us.”

I had to laugh again. “Rodger is too much of gentlemen to act any other way in my opinion. At least in public. Sounds like it’s pretty much a done deal. I’m looking forward to it for Teresa’s sake. I can remember all the times, and for how long, Walter and I fantasized about things. Then when we fulfilled our fantasies how it opened up a whole new world. And pleasantly so. Also how it brought you and I together, which developed into the strong friendship and relationship we have. If the same thing happens to Teresa in some way, I’ll be happy knowing I played a small part in it.”

With that said, Rita had to leave for a 4:00 appointment with a customer. After we lovingly hugged and kissed off she went…and once again leaving me with the check.

Later that evening I informed Rita, that either weekend was fine with Walter as far as his work schedule so she decided on the coming weekend. Plus I told her we’d be thrilled to stay for the weekend. Then I asked what we could bring as far as food and beverages, or anything else, of which she gave me a short list.

The rest of the week zoomed by. Before I knew it we were loading up the car and heading for Bill’s place. Rita asked us to arrive early so I could help with preparing dinner.

Once we arrived, and Walter and Bill unloaded the car, we put our personal belongings in one of the spare bedrooms. Then Walter and Bill set things up in the great room for the evening activities. Which included four double-size chaise lounge cushions on the floor in the middle of the room. Plus an assortment of Rita’s sex toys laid out on a side table in case anyone had a desire, or need, to use one.

In the meantime I helped Rita with dinner. In spite of her Irish heritage Rita is a terrific cook when it comes to Italian cuisine. Almost as good as yours truly, but I’m half Italian as Walter is too. Both on our mother’s side.

Just when everything was prepared and the only thing left was to cook the manicotti, Rodger and Teresa arrived. When they did Rita popped the manicotti in the oven after which we all greeted each other before Bill got everyone a drink. Beer for the men and wine for us ladies.

Once the manicotti was cooked we sat down for an excellent dinner. Antipasto to start, the manicotti next along with a superb home cooked Italian sauce and homemade meatballs with Italian sausages. All served with a fine Bardolino wine. Dessert was cannoli along with espresso and a pony glass of amaretto.

I almost forgot, when Rodger and Teresa first arrived I couldn’t help but marvel how terrific she looked. She was wearing black cropped palazzo pants with strappy open toe three inch heels. The pants were very snug fitting around her bum and accentuated it perfectly. As for a top, it was a simple white blouse. Although loose fitting it didn’t hide her ample bosom. The top few buttons were undone which provided a clear view of her abundant cleavage.

As for her make-up…it was beautifully done. Almost to the point you thought a professional did it as it made her look ten years younger. Especially eye-catching, no pun intended, was the green eye shadow which nicely highlighted her dark green eyes.

Simply put…she looked stunning and when Walter and Bill first saw her I swear both their jaws dropped. Needless to say, while seated at dinner they couldn’t keep their eyes off her. Truth be known, I even got a little wet in the crotch because of how stunning she looked.

At first I wondered why Rita planned a fancy sit down dinner, but soon realized it gave everybody a chance to get to know each other better. Especially Walter who only knew Rodger and Teresa prior to passingly…and vice versa. Plus it helped Rodger and Rita relax somewhat since both had to be nervous and apprehensive about the reason we were all together like we were.

After dinner the men watched a “ball game” on Bill’s big screen TV in the great room while Rita, Teresa and I cleaned up the kitchen. After we did we sat around the kitchen table to chat more and have another glass of wine.

That’s when I asked perabet giriş Teresa if she, or Rodger, might be having second thoughts. “If so, now’s the time to opt out if you want. Nobody will be mad or upset if you do, or decided you need to give it more thought before actually taking the plunge.”

“Hell no! No second thoughts at all. If anything I can’t tell you how much we’ve been looking forward to it all week. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m a bit nervous.”

“Nervous in what way?”

“When you think of all things to be nervous about this might sound silly, but being undressed in front of everybody. I can’t think of the last time anyone saw me naked except Rodger.”

“Trust me, no one is going to stare, gawk or be nit picky in any way. Besides, if how you look dressed is any indication I’m sure you look just fine in your birthday suit. Most likely you’ll put Rita and I to shame.”

“I doubt that. Plus I’m not sure how to act either.”

“Just be yourself and go with the flow. Once things get started Rita and/or I will take the lead. After that you’re on your own, and don’t be afraid to indulge in any of your favorite fantasies. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s the reason we’re all here together tonight. Besides, Walter and Bill are very accommodating and not the least bit aggressive or demanding. From our experience they rather we be and take the initiative with things. Whatever your desire they will be more than happy to oblige. So you’ll know, both haven’t stopped talking about you all week. And I don’t mean in a casual way if you catch my drift. Plus neither of them could take their eyes off you at dinner.”

Then Rita chimed in…”I thinks it’s time to get the show on the road before our husbands get too involved in the ball game. Why don’t we strip down to our undergarments before we join them. Once we do, let’s model for them and after we have their full attention we’ll go from there.”

Surprisingly Teresa was the first to undress. In no time she was down to her bra and panty, which were white and lacy. Neither left much to the imagination. The bra was very “uplifting” as her large boobs were all but spilling out on top. Plus you could clearly see her dark areola and nipples through the white lace material. The panty wasn’t quite a thong, but very brief. You could easily see her huge mound of red pubic hair. Some of which was sticking out beyond the edges along her vagina.

Next to undress was Rita. Her bra and panty were a powder blue, but not as revealing as Teresa’s as far as transparency. Her panty was a cross between a thong and a g-string. Not as skimpy as the latter, but close. And because of it, her bright red pubic hair was spilling out every where. More so than Teresa’s, although both were equally “bushy”.

While I’m not aware of Roger’s preference, I know both Walter and Bill like things natural when it comes to pubic hair. While some people don’t find it attractive, or the way Rita and Teresa’s pubic hair were untrimmed and extending beyond the boundaries of their respective panties, they would be very turned on by it.

As for yours truly, I was last to undress and when I did I had on the bright yellow bra and thong I bought recently. Even if I say so myself, they looked terrific on me, and when I got dressed earlier I made sure Walter didn’t see them beforehand. As I explained when I bought it, both the bra and thong are very sheer. A very fine mesh material which left nothing to the imagination. My large areola and nipples were clearly visible, of which the latter were getting aroused and poking out noticeably. As for my pubic area, I have very little hair to begin with, which is also very fine and light brown in color. Dirty blonde actually. So light, and I have so little of it, at a distance you would think my pubic mound was shaved.

Once were down to our under garments we grouped hugged and kissed each other.

After which I said…”It’s now or never Teresa.”

We then walked in our high heels hand in hand into the great room and stood between our husbands and the television. Once we were we raised our arms out straight horizontally and placed them on top of each other’s arms like the Rockettes do when performing. Then with our arms still on each other we made a 360 degrees circle…once again like the Rockettes. We even bent over with our backs facing our husbands so they could get a good view of our scantily clad bums.

Rodger spoke first…”That’s quite an entrance you girls made not forgetting how terrific you all look. I feel like a kid in a candy store with free rein and don’t know where to begin.”

Walter added…”I second what Rodger said about you looking terrific. But one question Lacey. How come I’ve never seen the yellow bra and thong before?”

“I’ve been saving it for a special occasion. And with this being Rodger and Teresa’s ‘coming out party’, it’s about as special as it gets. Now if I may be so bold, a ‘little birdie’ told me that you’re pretty perabet güvenilir mi special Rodger, when it comes to eating pussy. So if you don’t mind I’d like to find out first hand if it’s true.”

Rodger blushed a bit before looking at Teresa.

“Don’t look at me. I didn’t say anything. Rita must have.”

“Well, who ever did puts me on the spot. Truth be known, I’d like nothing better than to eat your pussy Lacey. I just hope I can live up to all the hype and not disappoint you.”

“Let’s find out. If the rest of you don’t mind, Rodger and I are going to take advantage of the cushions on the floor so he can show me his pussy eating skills. Feel free to watch if you like, or do your own thing instead.”

With that said I kicked my heels off before lying down on my back with my bra and thong still on and a pillow under my head so I could watch Rodger. When I started to remove my thong Rodger stopped me and told me to leave it and the bra on for now.

Rodger quickly undressed before kneeling at my feet. After which he started by taking one foot at a time in-hand and very lovingly sucked and licked my toes. Once done with my toes he spread my legs wide and very slowly worked his way up in between them by licking and kissing the insides of each leg. When he reached my thighs he lingered a while to lick along the insides with very long tongue strokes.

By now you know my feet & toes and inner thighs are two of my erogenous zones, and Roger sucking and licking them respectively got my vaginal fluids flowing like crazy. So much so my thong was soaked in pussy juice which was literally oozing through the mesh material.

At that point I took a quick look to see what everyone else was up to. On my right on one sofa Walter and Rita were both completely naked and in a hot embrace kissing while

fondling each other. To my left on the other sofa both Bill and Teresa were naked too. The big difference was Teresa was watching Rodger and I while stroking Bill’s cock with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other. Bill wasn’t just sitting there enjoying Teresa’s handy work, but was doing everything but tit-fucking her enormous boobs.

I turned my attention back to Rodger who was now licking and lapping my vagina through my thong. Along with sucking what pussy juice he could through the material.

“God, that feels good Rodger. You’ve got one mighty fine tongue based on the amount of pressure your applying against my cunt. If you keep it up you’ll have me cumming soon.”

“That’s my intent Lacey, and I can’t tell you how sweet your cunt juice taste.”

I thought he might ease up a bit, but he didn’t. If anything he applied even more pressure with his tongue which brought on my first orgasm. When it hit I pulled his face against my cunt while arching my back. Then I let loose with a gush of pussy juice which sprayed through the thong on Rodger’s face. Then just as I released his head I let loose with a second spasm and another gush of pussy juice, which also shot all over Rodger’s face.

“Wow Lacey, that was quite the cum shower. Do you always gush like that?”

“Actually, you haven’t seen anything yet. I gush a lot more and probably will before you’re done. Besides, if you think my orgasms are wet, wait until you see your sister-in-law Rita orgasm.”

While pausing for a second I looked over at Walter and Rita and saw Rita on her knees sucking his cock. I then glanced over at Bill and Teresa and found them doing just the opposite with Bill on his knees going down on her pussy. No doubt so she could continue to watch Rodger and I, which she was very intently.

When I returned my attention back to Rodger he asked me to raise my ass so he could remove my thong. As he did I also removed my bra. Once he had my thong off he raised my legs up and back and asked if I could hold them spread wide so he could have full access to my pussy and clit. With my asshole also now fully exposed I was more than happy to.

When he saw my asshole he commented on how “lovely” he thought it was. Then he proceeded to lick and probe it with his tongue, which seemed longer than an average tongue in length and was penetrating it as deeply as anyone ever has. Even more than Bill, who I always thought was the best when it comes to tonguing my anus.

Rodger could easily sense how much I was enjoying it and didn’t let up for a second. Which once again got my pussy juice flowing heavily. Literally out my cunt and down to my asshole. Much to Rodger’s delight. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better Rodger stopped so he could re-position himself more upright on his knees. Once he was he took hold of my legs by the ankles and held them up and back before plunging his cock straight into my asshole.

Small as his cock is it slipped in easily as someone’s thumb would. Especially after being primed with his tongue and how well lubricated it was from my cunt juice. Smallest cock I ever had in my asshole, but it still felt good following the terrific tongue-fucking he gave it.

Didn’t take much humping on his part before I had another orgasm. Which if you know me by now caused me to let loose with a series of cunt farts. Each accompanied by a gush of pussy juice all over Rodgers groan.

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