Commander Carla


Mary was downtown doing some last minute shopping before she traveled the three hundred miles to visit her sister Sandy. Her 18 year daughter Cindy was at home but she was with her friends most of the time and Mary would only be gone for a week. Still she worried about her girl getting into trouble. The 37 year old blond mother thought to herself how difficult it was bringing up Cindy all alone. She felt sad when she remembered getting the call that her husband died in an automobile crash but then she felt hurt, deceived, and rage when she recalled reading the police report. Her loving husband was not alone in the car that fateful night; a black woman was with him and they both had their pants down.

She was transported back to the present when thunder cracked, the wind picked up, and it was pouring rain. Totally drenched she sought shelter by entering a dimly lit cafe. She found her way to the bar but it wasn’t easy adjusting to the darkness. She ordered a rum and coke from the young girl behind the bar and was somewhat taken aback by the open sexuality of the redhead with her ultra short skirt and her ample breasts barely covered by her skimpy top. The sexy girl behind the bar served Mary her drink and said, “You must be new here, my name is Candy and it is so nice to meet you.”

Mary was distracted by Candy leaning on the bar and exposing her nipples to her but managed to say, “Hi my name is Mary and no I have never been here before but I just had to get out of the rain before I drowned.

Mary was shocked when Candy leaned over the bar, pressed Mary’s face to her tits, and whispered in her ear, “You poor baby, you really are drenched but I can make you soaked between your slender legs where it feels so fucking good! You like my nice tits don’t you Mary? Kiss them and feel my nipples stiffen in your mouth.” Mary struggled to get free of the grip on the back of her head but it was all in vain as the girl was much stronger than her. Candy then urged, “Go on baby and suck on my nipple. I know that you want to so do it and then I will let you go.”

Mary reasoned that she had no other choice so she took the long rubbery nipple in her mouth and sucked hard. When the girl released her head Mary kept on sucking. With a plop the girl pulled her tit from Mary’s mouth and told her, “I have to get some more drinks for other customers but I will be back so don’t move .You know they gave me the nickname Candy because I taste so good and sweet. Smile baby because later you will be eating Candy. I want your face between my legs and you are going to love it.”

Mary couldn’t understand why she had done such a thing and was going to give Candy a piece of her mind when she returned but then she remembered how strong the sexy girl was and decided against it. Mary was both startled and embarrassed when she discovered that she was surrounded by six women. Hands were roving all over her slender frame and one of her hands was placed on a big tit and the other was put up a skirt and placed on a hairy, puffy, and very wet pussy. All she could do was moan. “No! Please stop this minute. What are you doing? Are you all crazy?”

One of the women taunted, “What the hell do you expect when you walk into a lesbian bar and suck the bartender’s tit before you taste your drink?”

Candy returned and chased them all off telling them that Mary was with her. Mary was about to thank her when two big black hands with long pink fingernails grabbed her shoulders and spun her around on the stool. Mary was speechless when she beheld the body that was before her. The black woman wore a leather top that could not contain her enormous breasts, a short black leather skirt, fishnet stockings, and black leather boots that went up to her knees. Candy introduced the sexy amazon as Commander Carla. Mary was led by the hand to a table in the back and Candy was instructed to send them drinks. Carla sat close to the trembling white woman and slid her hand up to Mary’s thigh and made circular movements. When Mary felt the long black fingers slip under her panties and stroke her honey-pot she cried out, “What are you doing? Please stop, I must go now.”

Carla responded, “You tell me to stop but your pussy is telling me that it wants more. Relax and enjoy white girl because tonight I am going to make you my bitch.” As Carla furiously finger fucked the little blond she released a huge black tit and ordered, “Suck the motherfucker you fucking slut.” Mary had never even thought about being with another woman before but here she was nursing on the big tits and loving it. She couldn’t believe that she had been in this bar for less than an hour and this was the second woman that was breast feeding her and it was in public no less! The fingers squishing in and out of her pussy brought her to a quick orgasm and Mary was lost in lust.

Carla called one of the onlookers over and had the slender black girl get under the table and eat Mary’s pussy. As the tongue did its magic on her little poker oyna pussy Mary cried out. “Oh my god, so gooooddddddd! Yesssss! Please don’t stop; so wonderful, Oh yesssss!”

Carla sat back in the booth, lewdly spread her legs, and pulled Mary’s face to her smoldering slit and commanded, “Eat your mommy’s hairy cunt. Even though I am a few years younger than you from now on I am your mommy. Now worship my superior black cunt with your slut mouth. Do it bitch.” Mary inhaled the intoxicating aroma of the demanding black woman and devoured the dripping cunt with fervor. Mary couldn’t understand it but the more she was demeaned and the dirtier the dominating woman talked to her the hotter she got. Mary didn’t know which was better; the tongue in her pussy or Carla fucking her face. Then Carla exclaimed, “Lick it all up bitch; drink all of your mommy’s cum. Your white face was made for me to fuck. Hell yeah, gobble it all up you cunt lapping little slut. Yessssss!”

They took a break and sipped their drinks and Carla asserted, “You loved it didn’t you slut? Tell me how much you loved my big juicy black cunt.”

Even with all the other women around Mary was not ashamed to admit, “Yes, I love you and your juicy pussy. I am all yours mommy and look forward to servicing you whenever you want me to.”

Carla grinned and told Mary, “You have a white little girl pussy between your legs and I have a big black woman cunt between mine so from now on you will refer to yours as a pussy and mine as a cunt. I look forward to feeding you more of my juicy cunt but only if you beg for it.”

Mary said that she would but that she had to go visit her sister for a week and she had better get going. Carla told her that this was no kind of weather to be driving and that Mary would spend the night with her and then she would go with her in the morning. Mary was wondering how she was going to explain Carla to her younger sister.

Candy finished her shift behind the bar and joined the girls at the booth. She looked Carla straight in the eyes and stated, “You know I had plans for Mary before you took her but I respect you and would never cross you but I was wondering if you would let me ravish the little slut? I really want to have her pretty face between my legs but only if you say that it’s OK.”

Carla liked Candy and considered her a good friend so she answered, “Follow us home and we will all party together and bring that cute little cocktail waitress with you. I want her eating my cunt while I watch you fucking my slut’s face.” They partied hard and both Candy and Carla had lips on their tits and pussies all night long. When they awoke Mary had trouble walking as she had her first ever big dildo plowed up her pussy and tight ass but she was happy and quite content.

On the way to her sister’s Mary asked, “Were you in the service?”

“Hell no! Why would you ask me that?”

“Well it’s just that they call you commander.”

Carla laughed and said. “They call me that because I give all the commands and all of the bitches obey me. Just like you do my little slut. Do you know why I call you all of those nasty names?”

“Uh… no why?”

“Because you love it. The more names I called you the more crazed you became eating my cunt. You feasted with a frenzy and made my cunt hum and cum. Let me tell you that you are a natural born pussy licker and cunt lapping wizard. Yesterday was your first time and there are bitches that have been doing it for years that can’t even begin to compare to you. You are a submissive little slut and I am a dominating dike and we need each other. I have big plans for you baby girl. Hold on tight because the ride is just beginning.”

When they arrived at Sandy’s home they were greeted with big hugs. They enjoyed a great dinner and then went into the living room for cocktails. Mary was glad that Carla was dressed conservatively. Sandy was happy that her guest didn’t mind sharing a room and Carla was attracted to the 8 years younger version of Mary. As the evening progressed the were all feeling their drinks when Carla excused herself to get into something more comfortable. The sisters stared when Carla returned wearing nothing but a flimsy red satin robe. Music was playing, the women danced, and Carla’s robe came undone. Both Mary and Sandy couldn’t take their eyes off of Carla’s voluptuous body.

Their attention did not go unnoticed and Carla stunned them when she inquired, “Sandy have you ever had sex with another woman?”

Sandy was feeling her drinks just enough to answer, “When I was in college my Mexican roommate and I did fool around. She was one hot woman.”

Mary slurred, “You never told me!”

Sandy noticed the looks between her sister and Carla and stated, “Just because we are sisters doesn’t mean that we have to disclose everything. Take you and Carla for example. Is there something you are not telling me?”

Mary turned crimson and Sandy knew that they were lovers. canlı poker oyna Carla said, “My mother was Mexican and my father was black. That is why my skin is not as dark as some.” Carla discarded her robe and asked seductively, “Was your roommate as hot as this?”

Sandy was filled with carnal craving and drooled as she watched the sexy creature and cooed, “Nobody looks as hot as you do. It is easy to see why my sister wants you so much. She didn’t tell me but it is obvious that you two are lovers. I think that I am jealous of my older sister for having such a hot luscious lover.” Since college Sandy had never been with another woman but she often relived eating her Latin lover’s juicy pussy as she fingered herself to climax thinking about it. Now having this ebony goddess in her home brought back overwhelming urges that she could not control. She wanted to taste Carla and she wanted it real bad. Looking over at Mary she asked, “Will you share Carla with me? You know that my husband will be gone for the week fishing so we will have the house all to ourselves and I have no doubt that Carla is woman enough for both of us. Be nice to your younger sister and let me taste her; please say yes.”

As usual Carla took command and ordered them both to strip. Carla sat on the sofa and ordered, “Sandy sit on the easy chair and play with yourself while you watch your slut sister eat my horny cunt. Mary come here to your mommy and get on your knees where you belong.” Mary obeyed and her mouth went right to the cunt that she loved so much. Carla grabbed her by the hair, lifted her face from her cunt, and asked, “Did you forget something bitch? Beg for it and tell me how much you want my cunt.”

Mary found this to be even more of a turn-on in front of her sister and pleaded, “Please mommy let me eat your big black juicy cunt. I want to pleasure you with my mouth and be rewarded by drinking your delicious cum. Please mommy.”

Carla responded, “Very well but first kiss my feet, suck on my toes, and then work your way up to the prize.” Carla was pleased to see the younger sister fingering herself with vigor as Mary lovingly sucked on her toes. When Mary buried her face between Carla’s legs the dominating black woman called Sandy over and offered her big tits to the aroused housewife to suck on.. Commander Carla exclaimed. “Hell yeah! This shit is great; suck girls, just keep on sucking.” Carla was in heaven, she loved two mouths working her body to a shaking orgasm especially when they were sisters. The sisters were thrilled when Carla told them how great they both were and rewarded them by feasting on their sweet white pussies until they both climaxed.

Late the next morning Sandy was the first to get up and put some coffee on when the doorbell rang. She opened it up to see the Pastor’s wife Glenda Peabody. Sandy apologized for being in her housecoat explaining that she slept in and just got up. She brought them both a cup of coffee and they sat on the sofa as Glenda eagerly announced the upcoming events that the church had planned. As she spoke Sandy thought that the 24 year old was very attractive in her cute little pink sun dress. She scolded herself for wondering what it would be like to have sex with the brown haired, brown eyed, beauty.

Both women were stunned and embarrassed when a totally naked Carla strolled into the living room and asked for some coffee. Sandy introduced them and went to the kitchen to get coffee for the ebony bombshell. Carla noticed the blush on the confused and aroused face of the young woman and moved closer to her and asked, “What’s the matter baby? You seem uncomfortable with my nudity. Perhaps you never saw a big beautiful black woman in the raw. Your eyes keep traveling from my bush to my big tits. You want to touch them don’t you baby?”

Glenda squirmed in her seat and muttered, “I ummm. da..don’t think that would be right. I am a married woman.”

Carla moved so close to the frightened young woman that she could see the dew drops on her pussy lips and smell the black woman’s aroused sex and said, “That’s not what I asked you. Let me try again; you want to touch my big tits don’t you?” As she brought the coffee into the room Sandy could not believe what she was seeing. Glenda didn’t know what to say and was trembling. Carla lifted the young woman’s shaky hands to her heaving breasts and delighted when she felt the hands squeeze, grope, and explore her treasure chest. Carla commanded Sandy to put her tongue to work. Carla was now holding the woman’s face to her breasts and hand feeding the pointy nipples to the sucking lips. Sandy lifted the sun dress and probed with her fingers and tongue.

Carla asked, “Is the bitch wet?”

Sandy lifted her face for a second and responded, “She is soaked and can’t get enough.”

Carla smiled, straddled the woman’s face and ordered, “Suck my cunt bitch and do it right. Yeah! Oh hell yeah, just like that. Lick, suck, lick, suck, yesssss!” Carla was internet casino pleased when the little wife licked all of her cum and pussy juices clean. Glenda was humping and crashing her inflamed pussy into Sandy’s face and experienced the most intense and powerful orgasm of her life. When Mary came into the room she was instructed to replace her sister and get the pastor’s wife off again.

She did and brought the woman to another orgasm in record time. Then Carla addressed the sisters and told them to get on the floor and engage in a wicked sixty-nine. They protested saying that it would be incest but one mean look from Carla was all that was needed to make them comply. Carla and Glenda cuddled while watching the sisters eagerly slurp each other’s pussies. Carla told the pastor’s wife, “You sure surprised me. You are one hot little slut. I had no idea that you were such a nasty little slut. You can’t get enough can you?”

Glenda shyly responded, “I surprised myself; it is all your fault you know. I never even dreamed that I could be so wanton but you are just too sexy and enticing. I couldn’t help but become soaked just looking at you.”

Glenda excused herself to go to the bathroom and Carla told her, “Don’t wash my cum from your face because it looks so sexy and when you come back I have a big surprise for you.” Carla then went to the bedroom and told the sisters to bring Glenda up when she comes out of the bathroom. When the three entered the bedroom they were in awe at the sight they beheld. Carla was standing by the bed wearing an 8″, thick, black strap-on dildo. Glenda was pushed on the bed, the sisters sucked her tits, Carla spread open the woman’s creamy legs and plowed into the tight pussy with brute force.

At first Glenda protested but after awhile it felt so good that she wrapped her legs around the ebony sex goddess and begged for more. Carla fucked her hard and taunted her by saying, “I bet your husband’s cock don’t feel this good does it slut? Tell me how much you love my big black cock pounding your tight white little pussy.”

“Oh yes! I love it; your’s is bigger and it feels sooo good, fuck meeeeee harder! Yesssss.”. Mary and Sandy sat on her face as Carla fucked her wildly. They all laughed when Glenda asked if she could come back for another visit.

The week flew by with one sexual adventure after another. Glenda came by daily and was convinced to bring a young female friend from the church. The 40 year old woman next-door neighbor and an 18 year old girl from down the street were also included in the sexual romps. Carla and Mary talked about the fun they had on the drive home when Carla announced, “Before I take you home there is a friend of mine that I want you to meet.”

They went inside an apartment in a run down side of town and were met by Carla’s 19 year old friend Linda. When Mary noticed the milk stains on the black girl’s nightgown Carla explained that Linda had a two month old baby and had a problem with excessive milk. Then Carla bluntly told Mary, “Linda is a very good friend of mine and needs some help with her problem and since you are a tit sucking, ass kissing, cunt lapping little white slut I want you to nurse all of the milk from her bronze breasts. It will be a great relief to her and it will be nourishing and enjoyable for you, so do it slut!”

Linda smiled and took her tits out and beckoned with her finger for Mary to come over.. Soon Mary was nursing on the rubbery nipples and loved the taste of the warm mother’s milk. She sucked, drank, and swallowed with fervor. Linda pushed Mary’s face down to her bare cunt and told her, “Since you did such a great jobs on my tits I am going to reward you with some black cunt. Eat the motherfucker and drink my cum just like you did the milk. That’s it, that’s it, oh yeah. So fucking good. Don’t stop, don’t stop baby, yessssss.”

As they left, Linda asked Carla to bring Mary back at least three times a week. Carla and Mary agreed. During the drive home Carla asked, “What is your daughter like and what is her name?”

Mary quickly replied. “Her name is Cindy and she is a beautiful, innocent, eighteen year old girl so I think you should leave her alone.”

Carla simply stated, “We shall see my little slut. The question is can she leave me alone? I’m willing to wager that she will love my beautiful black cunt every bit as much as her slut mother does. I really enjoyed fucking you and your sister together and don’t think that I didn’t notice how much you loved it too. I bet your slut pussy is tingling at the thought of watching me seduce your innocent little girl, isn’t it? While she is eating me out you can lick her sweet young pussy but I have a feeling that she is not as innocent as you think she is. Bring her over to my house tomorrow night for dinner, drinks, and then we can get to know each other better. That is an order. Do you understand me slut?”


“Yes what?”

Both women felt their pussies moisten as Mary answered meekly, “Yes mommy; we will be there.”

“That’s better; much better slut, See you and your daughter at eight sharp and don’t be late because I am really looking forward to getting to know your little girl .”

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