Concealed pleasure


It was 8:30am on a warm summers morning, and already Emily was running late for work. Grabbing her keys and her bag she closed the door behind her and made for the bus stop. The number 52 bus was unreliable at the best of times and at this time of rush hour there was no way she would get to work on time. Emily, who was 21, worked as a general employee at her local department store. Her roles could include anything from helping customers try on shoes to greeting people as they entered the shop. Having finished Uni a year ago, Emily found her job extremely tedious and boring, not nearly as much however as her non-existent love life. When the bus eventually arrived she took her normal place on the first row of the raised seats near the back. As the bus reached the next stop Emily felt a sudden rush of excitement as the familiar man got on and sat on a side facing seat a couple of rows ahead of her. For the last 3 or 4 weeks she had regularly caught the young man staring at her before quickly turning away. She would often however spend much of the journey looking back at him, enjoying the lustful images that played in her mind. Today was no exception, and as she got up to get off the bus he looked up and watched her as she walked past. As she made her way to work with the bus driving away she sighed as the pathetic highlight of her day was over. That afternoon she finished work and met up with her friend Clair for coffee in town. They talked for a while about a promotion Clair got at work and as the topic began to dry up Clair porno asked Emily how work was going for her. Emily explained to her that work was boring and she had no drive to get up in the morning which always resulted in her getting to work late. One benefit of this she explained though was her mystery man on the bus but this just reminded her more of how bored she was with her love life. It wasn’t just the lack of a boyfriend that was getting to her though. Sex for Emily had always been a big thing. Her friends all enjoyed sex but she had always felt that she had a bit more of a desire for it than most. She had never really had a problem with this, however now she wasn’t able to satisfy this desire it was really starting to get to her. Both Emily and Clair where very open when it came to these sorts of issues and they chatted about if for a while. Suddenly, Clair remembered something and looked at Emily, smiling. “You should get a butterfly.” Unsure what she meant, Emily replied, “What do you mean a butterfly?” “Its a small and quiet vibrator that you can fit under your clothes,it comes with a remote control so you can use it when dressed! I reckon its exactly what you need, it will satisfy your needs and maybe you could slip into the staffroom at the shop and make work a bit more interesting?” Emily wasn’t too sure what to make of Clair’s suggestion, they moved on to talking about something else until they finished their drinks. On the way back home that night Emily’s mind wondered onto the butterfly Clair had mentioned. anime porno It wasn’t anything she had ever considered and definitely nothing like anything she had ever done before. Deciding it wasn’t really her she got home and went almost straight to bed as she had work again early the next day. Three days past. Each one becoming more monotonous and frustrating than the last. Work was boring and her sexual frustration was starting to get the better of her. She decided that that day after work she would head into town and buy a butterfly. As soon as she got home she opened the packet and looked at it. She had expected to be put off by it as soon as she took it out but the thought of what it could do to her made her frustration build even higher and her excitement built. She decided to give it a quick test run that night before taking it out the next day. That night in bed Emily put on the butterfly and using the remote control put the discrete but powerful vibrator onto its lowest setting. Instantly she felt incredible waves of pleasure shoot through her body, the pulses from the butterfly on her clit making her body melt almost as soon as they started. She turned the power up to the next level and as she felt herself get even more wet she felt the first wave of the orgasm hit… That night Emily came 3 times and in very quick succession. She felt as if she could have carried on as she was but thought she best save the best till tomorrow. The following morning she was up bright and arap porno early, excited for the use of her butterfly outside. She left the house perfectly on time with her vibrator in place underneath her clothes. When she was on the bus she took her normal seat again. Looking around the bus her mind could think of nothing but what was to come. She could tell that she was already wet from the anticipation of the days events. As the bus started to fill with people she reached her hand into her coat pocket and wrapped it around the remote control. Looking out of the window Emily pressed the first button putting the butterfly on to its lowest (yet surprisingly powerful) setting. She had to consciously hold in a little yelp as the pleasure from last night instantly returned. She gripped with her other hand tightly onto the bar in front of her and she looked around the bus. As the butterfly’s vibrations drove her clit into a state of ecstasy she felt the waves of pleasure start to build again and her body began to shake. The bus stopped and a girl about the same age as Emily got on. The bus started to move on again and as it did, the girl walked down and sat next to her. Emily looked at the girl sitting inches from her, the girl who had no idea she was seconds from an explosive orgasm. This threw her over the edge and her body jerked as the orgasm took over. As she came in the middle of a crowded bus she tried her hardest to conceal it but had no idea how well she was succeeding. Emily stood up to exit the bus, the girl she was sitting next to gave her an odd look for the briefest of seconds telling her that she suspected something had happened. Emily didn’t care though, she was in a state of euphoria, and even loved the idea that someone else suspected her little secret.

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