Four days out of the office! How could anyone complain? The conference was over Valentine’s Day but even that didn’t matter as I’d been happily single for a while. I’d already made arrangements to travel to the conference venue together with Simon as his house was on the way to the venue so I had said I would drive us both there. Simon and I had known each other for a few years and had been pretty good friends. Over the past couple of months we’d been chatting more. Si was a charmer and a flirt, and I seemed to flirt right back at him! He was a handsome guy but no Brad Pitt.

On the second night at the conference, we’d finished dinner and were all sitting in the bar chatting away and playing card games. I was sat right on the opposite end of our table from Si but I caught him making eyes at me across the empty wine bottles. I made eyes back at him and gave him a little wink. The night wore on as we drank more and more and eventually the bar closed and we had to go back to our hotel. Simon walked me back to my room and I invited him in for a nightcap. I nipped into the bathroom to change into my night clothes whilst Simon found some easy-watching on the television. When I came back into the room, Simon was pouring two small glasses of cognac for us. I jumped into the bed as it was cold and he brought my glass over to me before sliding into the other side of the bed. We sat for a while, drinking making the odd comment about stuff going on on the television.

I leaned over Simon to grab the remote control to turn up the volume on the TV and as I did so he lay his arm around my shoulders and started to stroke the soft skin of my neck and back. I did not back away and instead, bonus veren siteler I lay my head on his chest and nestled up closer to him. His hand meandered down my spine into the arch of my back and I pressed my body closer to his. Simon’s hand crept into the waistband of my sleepshorts and I moved my legs to allow him to slip his hand further towards my hot pussy.

I was hot and wet and it did not take for Simon’s fingers to find there way deep into my pussy – thrusting hard and fast making me hotter and wetter. He had one finger in my ass and two in my pussy and my legs were trembling with pleasure. I reached up and tore open Simon’s shirt. I grappled with his belt and zipper to free his dick. It sprang to life as soon as his clothes were off and I positioned myself so that my face was over his cock and my pussy dripped over his face. Simon reached up with his tongue and licked my pussy and clit. I had been horny all day and the flirting between the two of us had gotten the better of me.

I felt the pressure growing in his cock and knew I could not let him cum yet. Fighting the pleasures from having Simon’s tongue buried inside my pussy, I took my lips away from his cock and lay next to him on the bed. But Simon was fired up and he came on top of me. My pussy was so wet that his cock slid in easily. I spread my legs wider and watched his dick pounding me. He was incredible. Simon grabbed my legs and lifted them up on his shoulder. I squeezed my pussy and knew he felt me tighten around his dick as he moaned with pleasure. He kept thrusting away, ramming his thick cock into my tiny pussy.

By this point I was practically screaming bahis with pleasure as Simon let go of my legs and I wrapped them around pulling him closer to me. I felt the pressure of his body resting on my clit and I knew I was about to have an orgasm.

Simon’s thrusting became even harder and faster and I arched my back. A series of waves lashed through my entire body as an orgasm thundered through me. At that moment Simon pulled his dick out of me and came all over my belly with a few squirts reaching my breasts. We were both panting from the intensity of the experience and Simon rolled over off of me onto the bed next to me. We lay in silence, both recovering with his cum still damp on my body.

After a couple of minutes, Simon disappeared to the bathroom. He returned with some tissues but before he used them he licked his cum off my breasts, biting on each of my nipples as he did so. When we had both cleaned up and had caught our breath back, we both lay on our backs in bed, next to each other.


The alarm went off at 7am the next morning. We were due to resume the conference at 9am after breakfast and I had wanted to go use the pool to make use of the venue’s facilities. I rubbed my eyes and hit the snooze button. When I turned over again I saw Simon laying on his side looking at me. Neither of us said a word but he reached out his arm towards me and I shuffled towards him. He wrapped his arm around me and kissed my forehead. I traced a finger down his back to his butt and rested my hand on the top of his butt, our legs loosely intertwined.

Again I felt the stirrings in his groin and I started to move my body gently against his deneme bonusu knowing that this would turn him on even more. Simon’s cock was growing hard against my hip and my pussy was heating up again. I rolled over to my left side and back up to Simon so that he was spooning me. I pushed my ass back into his crotch and grinded against him turning both of us on. He reached over me and lifted my leg slightly and his dick found my pussy again. Before too long we were enjoying lustful, erotic sex again and groans escaped from my lips. I tilted my head back as my back arched with pleasure and Simon kissed and bit my neck and ears. He groaned a little with every thrust and I could feel his hot breath on my skin – it sent tingles through me.

Our sex continued for much longer than the previous night and we both rolled over onto our stomachs. Simon was on is knees so that I could get up on all fours and he fucked me again. Doggy had always been one of my favourites but with Simon I had to bury my face in the pillow to stop myself from screaming so loud that our other colleagues would be alerted to the carnal pleasures from my room! I came hard and squirted a little over Simon’s dick, which he had taken out of my pussy and was using my own cum to lube up my ass. Simon was gentler this time, easing his cock softly into my ass as from one of our many flirtatious conversations he knew that I had not had much anal sex. It was fantastic though, Simon really knew which buttons to hit. As he moved his dick in and out of my ass, I felt his cock shoot a load of hot sticky cum into my ass before he came out and collapsed on the bed beside me. I lay on my stomach and we both turned our heads to look at each other. We smiled at each other before dragging ourselves out of bed to get dressed for the day ahead.

Needless to say I never made it to the pool, and we skipped breakfast but we both made it to the 9am start on time after another two workouts!

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