Congratulations on Your Pregnancy Ch. 03


Visit 3 — taking Shri shopping

*Special thanks to sweet_mahogany for the great editing.

Well, two days flew by (thankfully). I was pretty busy and had excited anticipation of what to do with Shri. I arrived at about 11:52 AM in front of the entrance and Shri was ready and waiting. She had come out immediately, before I had even put my car in park. Shri slid into the passenger seat looking tentative, happy, and promiscuous; kind of like she had a great secret that no one knew, except for me of course. I really liked that look and told her so. I liked the skirt she had on and felt she must have just purchased it, so I asked if that was the case.

With a little hesitation, she responded, “No Sir, I have borrowed it from a friend of mine on the same floor as me.

I said, “Oh, okay, that’s good and she has good taste in clothes as well as friends.”

Off we went. Shri lived about 10-15 minutes away from an adult store I used to go to for toys, and that was going to be our first stop. As we drove I asked Shri if there were any problems and if everything was okay with her and Prath?

Shri immediately said, “Yes Sir, everything is fine between us.”

She then expanded and said, “I took your advice and paid special attention to him so that he still felt like the man of the house and mine; which is not the case Sir, you are my man and master.”

WOW, instant hard on. I just grinned and glanced slightly to acknowledge her accuracy with a note of approval. Shri was talkative and said that the extra money was very helpful and had eased tension in the house. She even expanded upon that statement to note that Prath kept mentioning to her to keep me happy, which she said in a happy and proud tone. Shri was blossoming and it was beautiful. I took her left hand and placed it on my crotch. Shri slightly blushed as I glanced slightly; she took the initiative quite well and started gently massaging and working my cock.

I loved everything I had just heard. I loved her attitude about the whole thing, along with her just being with me, wherever I took her, for however long, and of course for whatever I wanted to do with or to her. As I took her fingers and put them on my fly, Shri wasted no time in lowering it to take out my cock. As she did this, she started to massage and stroke me. I began to reflect that at the age of fifty having many great experiences in my life…this was near or close to the top. And the good news was I knew this would be lasting for a long time and was going to be getting more and more interesting as her pregnancy progressed — WHEWWWWW!!

It took me a while to find the right plaza since it had been a few years, but I finally found the right location. It was your typical run down old plaza with an appliance parts store, restaurant, rugs, etc. I backed into a spot at the rear of the plaza as a lot of spots were taken near the front for lunch hour at the restaurant and of course I wanted to feel Shri’s mouth on my cock right now. As I clicked into park, simultaneously I grabbed her head and with one swift motion Shri was on it passionately. She was really into it with just the right pace and ball massage, the right amount of saliva that I like, to make my cock slick but not sloppy. I forced her head so that she took me in deeper, to the base with just a little gag reflex which I always like, yet no resistance or push back. I then pulled her head up and kissed her deeply as she leaned up and into me eagerly wanting to be kissed in an obvious way. I curved slightly and reached into her sweet honey pot with my left hand and stroked her very moist panty covered pussy. Shri moaned into my mouth with an urgency, wanting my fingers to take her deeply. I complied by parting her panties to the side and started to gently rub her nub and then stroked her clit up and down. All the while we were locked into a deep passionate kiss.

Shri had started instinctively using more tongue and going deeper into my throat — which I loved. The song “this girl is on fire” popped into my mind and appropriately so. I sank one, then two and eventually three fingers into her tight yet compliant pussy and started to pump her. Shri had let go of my cock by then which was okay because I didn’t want her almost ripping it off as she built up her climax and it was as if she knew this was her time now. I stuck my right hand up under her blouse so that I could flip up her bra and twist her left nipple at just the right sensation and build. Shri wasted no time in releasing with an Ahh, ahh, ahh Ohhh whewwww yahhhhh, yes, yes, yes and then she surprised me as she started to come down. I petted her pussy softly and released her nipple bringing my hand up to her check and to stroke her face softly. Then I grabbed her hair on the side pulling her back in for a deep kiss, Shri said, drum roll… “Oh Sir, I love you!” With her hair in my hand I slightly pulled her face away to look closely into her eyes. In her eyes I saw it, it was pure, mecidiyeköy esc not shy not regretful in any way, she said what she meant. I lifted my hand from her pussy to the other side of her face and clasping each side tightly I looked as deeper than I ever had with anyone…I hung for a long pause because it was such an important, deep, and truthful moment. Shri kept her eyes on me unwaveringly with the same level of integrity and meaning as when she said those words. She had zero doubt or sense of risk that she’d gone too far, she had simply said the truth. I started to softly pat/massage her cheeks and had maintained the same proximity of about 3 inches apart. With both of us leaning into the console, caught up in this beautiful moment I let a few more beats pass.

“Shriya, you are a beautiful woman and I am glad you have come into my life…I Love you!” WOW, I thought that was unexpected on both sides. I leaned in for a soft kiss to seal the moment and let my other hand trail off her cheek.

I straightened and sat back properly into my seat as Shri stayed turned and available to me. As I looked again with her steady gaze on me, this young seemingly naive woman was very sure of herself and what she felt. Again a new look that I couldn’t quite articulate, it was unique to her and I decided to stop trying to name her looks and sounds or reference them to that of other lovers I’d had. From this moment on…it would be all new. No more repeats, same patterns, no game plan, just go with it and love her. And then right in synch with those thoughts I explained what I had just decided myself to her and I felt she really got it and appreciated what I was saying. Before we got out of the car I remembered a note I had made which was I didn’t like her wearing bras and told her as much for all future outings.

“Yes Sir.”

Shri immediately removed her little jacket and unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra and put it in her purse. As she started to re-button her blouse, I reached out to appreciate her beautiful ripe breasts with a slight squeeze and nipple pinch to each. I took my hand away and Shri smiled finishing her duty.

Of course with that came to the reason we were there in the first place…a place I had brought a few lovers from the past and shopped for others…but I was going to continue with this trip.

I zipped myself up and we got out and walked to the shop hand in hand as lovers, with a deeper connection than I’d ever had, with no words. Just an energetic moist and heated pulse running through our hands and even though, just like my wife, there was a full foot difference between us, Shri stayed right in step with me. As I turned into the doors, Shri took in all the sights and I could see the motors running in her head, trying to understand it all and yet she understood instantly.

I glanced to her side and said, “Toy store”, we needed to get a few more things.

Shri said, “Yes Sir,” with a very happy chipper voice. And although there wasn’t a little jump in her step it was inferred by her energy, which I loved.

Instantly I was transitioning from wanting a slave and play toy to amuse and please me, to having something much more mature and equal…and I wanted that for both of us. In other words I realized I could have everything I wanted originally with this relationship AND a lot more.

We stepped into the main showroom and were greeted by a young, good looking Caucasian woman about Shri’s age with pink and purple streaked blondish hair. And although she had some tats and piercings (very much not my thing), I found it tasteful and appropriate for her. And maybe I was just in such a state of bliss that I would have bonded with a Marilyn Manson type as well just as easily. Anyway, all this from a simple yet semi-cheerful and authentic hello.

I greeted her and assessed that we were the only customers at the moment. I started opposite of the sales desk and went to the kinky boots area. I grabbed a pair for fun and asked Shri if she felt these would be good for her. She laughed and I realized it was the first time I heard her laugh; it was beautiful. Although I’ve never bought a pair for a previous lover, I remained open and said, “We’ll come back for these someday…”I could see Shri in a slutty school girl outfit and a pair of these.

She said, “Ok, Yes Sir.”

Next up on our round of the main room tour were panties…a large selection. I told Shri to pick out a few she liked. Then I turned, walked just 6 steps over the cash desk to ask the early Drew Barrymore look-a-like, with a bit more meat on her which I liked, a la tasteful punk about a particular product I really wanted. I couldn’t remember the name but as I described it “a cock ring with a removable bullet and wireless remote,” she knew exactly what I was referring to and had three options of colors and sizes laid out instantly. She said, “These are great and one of the best sellers.” Thank you Drew. I asked her name, it was türbanlı esc Cidnee. I always ask for spelling to help me remember and loved that name and told her so. I asked Cidnee if she could help us find panties with a pocket to hold the rocket I was about to buy and again she knew exactly what I was going on.

She started with the cheap stuff and I told Cidnee, “I want the good stuff please, we are not price sensitive here.”

I told Shri to come over to meet Cidnee, she came right into me tightly as I said Cidnee, “How could I want anything less for this beautiful woman and besides, I know you work on commission, so don’t be shy.”

That whole piece really appealed to Cidnee and although happy go lucky and semi-cheerful before I could see more hop in her step and voice immediately. As Cidnee looked for some items that would appeal and fit. I mentally processed and decided to take an unexpected approach here. As Cidnee laid out a few options and I looked at Shri for her take — she was all in — whatever I wanted mode. This was going to be fun.

I said, “Cidnee, do you mind if we call you Cid or has that worn out for you.”

She said, “No, that’s fine — most friends call me that.”

“Okay Cid, this is Miss Shriya and you can call me Sir.”

“Yes Sir, hello Miss Shriya, what a beautiful name.”

I gripped Shri’s hand with a slight jolt telling her to reply which she did — thanking her. Cid, these are nice selections.

“Seeing it’s pretty slow and I sense you are about to make one of your biggest commissions from one customer in a while, would you mind helping Miss Shriya try these on and setting up the bullet with batteries and explaining how it will work for her.”

There was a pause and I said, “I know there are cameras, but not in the changing area…are you okay with this.”

Tentatively she answered, “Yes Sir, it will be my pleasure.”

“Good,” I said, “I think it will be all our pleasure” — whew go Gary

Cid set up the bullet showing Shri how to put the batteries in and how it slipped into the panty pocket. Then she led Shri into the changing room area, which had three changing rooms, one was a little bigger with just cloth as a door like a curtain. As they both went in and Cid was about to close the curtain I stopped her mid way to leave it open.

I said, “Cid, I think you know what I’m looking for here and I have a $100 bill in my pocket for you if I see exactly what I’m looking for, plus your commission of course. I think that will be pleasing to all of us.” Shri didn’t quite have a take on the whole thing, yet Cid was fairly worldly, I could tell and was with the program.

I said, “Miss Shriya, Cid here is going to take care of you, just relax, enjoy and let her take charge.”

She smiled with a tentative “yes Sir” accompanied by a look of hmmm, WTF, even though she had probably never nor would ever say that. And with that Cid simply touched Shri on the sides of her arms and then lowered herself to her knees sliding her hands down Shri’s side to below her skirt line just above the knees and then right back up and under to remove her panties. Shri stayed with eyes locked on me knowing it was okay and even as she stepped out of her panties, she didn’t even look down. There was just this love flow current between us.

I said, “Cid, I already have her warmed up and I want to see you with a very wet face, when you’re done.” Cid never turned, she just said “yes Sir” as she gently pressed Shri’s mid-section to lower her onto the simple and only chair in the room. Shri stretched out moving her ass to the edge of the chair as she started to realize what was about to happen. There was no fear at all in her eyes as she kept them on me the whole time with the exception to acknowledge Cid as she started to lick up her legs and inner thighs. Cid looked up to Shri to acknowledge it was all well and even though there was no eye contact, she knew oh yeah…all was well.

Then Cid said to Shri, “Miss Shriya, just relax, I am going to make you very happy.”

I smiled to Shri as she did to me. I then motioned with my hand for her to grab her head, which she immediately did, pulling Cid’s face into her pussy. Although not too aggressive, Shri knew her place and was in charge fucking Cid’s face and tongue. This was totally fucking erotic…I stood still taking it all in and enjoyed the sight. Shri still kept her focus mainly on me, yet did take more time glancing at Cid as she lovingly worked her over and started to build Shri to her climax.

It took a lot of will power on my part to not pull out my cock and either stuff it into Shri’s mouth or pull Cid’s mouth out of Shri’s pussy for a while. But I didn’t…I just wanted to observe more and was really enjoying Cid’s enthusiasm and Shri’s convulsions’ as she gripped poor Cid’s head and started fucking her entire face. I could tell Cid got her tongue deep in Shri’s opening, along with some finger action. I was also tempted şişli esc to spend some time on Shri’s breasts, yet again, held off wanting it to remain just the two girls. But her beautiful nipples were poking out in full blossom as she arched her back up and pussy forward — hmmm. It was quite erotic, a small changing room, some mirrors, a million plus dollars worth of toy inventory around, two young women enjoying pleasing each other, and me…heaven.

I could tell Shri was reaching a level of exhaustion and I was sure she had at least six or more climaxes. Cid was enjoying herself and yet I also knew she wanted to keep going to please me and earn her $100. I took two steps so that I was right behind her and rested my hands on her shoulders and started to massage her head. Grabbing her multi-coloured hair Cid got the queue and started to let up on Shri and then half swiveled to face my crotch. With one hand massaging on Shri’s pussy and bringing her down, one hand started to rub my crotch and my fly. She looked up as if asking to proceed. I simply smiled. Cid lowered my fly and removed my hard cock. I pulled her head back to look into her eyes and it was clear she was really into this. I bent for a moment and gave Cid a deep kiss enjoying Shri’s flavour mixed with this sensuous new mouth and tongue Cid presented. I straightened back up and allowed Cid to proceed. I liked that she didn’t just swallow it and spent time licking all over especially on my balls. A sign of a seasoned cocksucker.

I looked at Shri who was alternating coming down and really getting into watching Cid and myself at work. The erotic thing was …there was no jealousy at all. Shri was loving this and was just taking in this whole new experience. Cid was really taking me deeper now and had a nice technique going and Shri had a ring side seat. Shri had recovered enough, that I just looked deeply into her eyes and flicked my eyes to Cid, she had a question mark initially and when I did it again…she took the queue and slid off the chair onto her knees taking her position right beside Cid. AHHH, does it get any better than this.

I let them work out a shared routine and then just grabbed the back of each of their loving heads and started to direct who was on shaft and ball duty and who was on head duty. And then just for fun directed them to taste each other for some girl on girl mouth to mouth duty. With their mouths and tongues intertwined just in front of my cock for a while…I really enjoyed this unexpected surprise. Shri really rose to the task in an all-natural way of if this pleases you Sir it pleases me. And Cid was a trooper, she really got the program and I had no idea if she preferred men or women or both, but I knew she knew how to lick pussy and suck cock. I brought their faces in so that both were on each side of my cock head each alternating a little suck and lots and lots of licking. I decided to not cum at this point and wanted to enjoy the build up for a later release. But I had one thing more to do here and that was to see how deep Cid could take me and sure enough with a fist full of her hair she took me right to the balls with a little gag and push back but she quickly relaxed and stayed where I wanted her.

I said, “That’s a good girl Cid.”

The first words in had spoken since this all had begun. I pulled her off me and raised both women up by their hair, up and into my chest for a group hug. Cid was about 2 inches taller than Shri at about 5’4″, and they were both enmeshed into me and each other in this tiny changing room. I lightly tilted each head up and bent slightly so that I could passionately kiss Shri and then Cid. Satisfied, I enjoyed this moment. I rose and brought them together for another erotic kiss and gently encouraged them into each other and frankly I didn`t need to give much encouragement…they were both really into this as I folded them tightly into my chest, and we all re-gripped into a passionate 3-some hug.

I stepped back so that we could all just take each other in. I said for Cid`s peace of mind that I like to have several build up sessions before cumming and that she was awesome. I then asked Miss Shriya if she enjoyed Cid’s attention.

Without pause, she gave a breathy “Oh yes Sir,” she said looking at me and then into Cid saying that she had pleased her immensely, “…Thank you for this gift Sir.”

And so it was …a gift for her. Shri the pet had a new pet herself that she could share with me. I then said, “Okay, Cid please tell me if you have ever licked pussy before.”

“No Sir, this was my first time” — pause — “and I really enjoyed pleasing both you Sir and Miss Shriya,” she said.

“Okay both of my Goddesses, let’s complete our shopping.”

Cid immediately said that she still had to show Miss Shriya how to put on the panties which she did as she quickly recovered from this whole situation and got back to little miss professional. As she took the panties from the hanger where she had put them in the first place she kneeled at Shri’s feet. She showed Shri how the rocket went into the pocket of the panties and then started to slide them up her legs taking great care to lift each leg into them and slowly slid them up and into place.

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