Consent P3


Consent P3This story picks up where Consent 2 ends so you might enjoy this more please read it and Consent first.Shortly after Karen left, I showered and collapsed on the bed. I guess Karen was right, I was really exhausted from the past two nights. I slept like a piece of lead, but finally woke very refreshed, ready for whatever Sunday would bring. Just before noon Karen called with my instructions. Celeste is expecting me a 3:30, get her hot but do not have sex. Karen would arrive at 4 and she expected to see us both fully clothed. I take a very thorough shower, must be clean for the ladies!So at the appointed time I ring Celeste’s bell. She is there immediately.”Hello, please come in Sir.” “The room or you?” I tease. “Why both of course silly!” We embrace and kiss, lightly at first but with increasing passion. Finally I break the kiss and we sit on her couch.”So Mistress said to wait, that I was to get you very hard, but wait.” I laugh, “and I am to get you soaking wet, but wait! Do you think Karen is testing us?” “Mistress always is, pushing my limits and now yours too!”She pats my crotch, “Not ready yet!” She kisses me and strokes my crotch. I cup her breasts as her tongue and mine wrestle. I feel her long nipples growing poking through her bra and blouse. Her breathing is coming fast but shallow, oh and so is mine. I break the kiss again and move to the nape of her neck, perhaps a hickey? I suck hard and grind my teeth against her flesh. Celeste moans, “Oh yes, mark me, so others at work will see I had a wild weekend for once!” I pull and twist a nipple as her breathing is very hard, she is close so I need to back off. Thankfully the doorbell rings.Mistress Karen carries a long black leather bag and is wearing a long black raincoat (?) and six inch heals as Celeste helps her out of her coat, it is easy to see why she wears a coat. Under her coat she is wearing a pair of shear white nylons, a matching garter belt, and a white bustier that does not appear to have cups for her breasts. It is hard to tell as she is also wearing a black leather vest. Hmmm, no panties. Celeste takes her coat and toy bag and starts for the bedroom. “Wait, leave the bag here.” Celeste drops the bag on the table in front of the couch and hangs up Karen’s coat. Celeste comes back and her Mistress indicates that she should sit on the couch next to me”A hickey, really? Marking your territory?” “No Karen, just preparing her for you.” “You mean us…. Celeste tonight you will be the center of both of our attentions at first. Do you give willing consent to what is going to happen to you?” “Mistress, ah what is going to happen?” “While Sir will fuck me later after we are done with you, all of your openings, pussy, ass, and mouth will be entered and assaulted. You will cum freely as you wish.””Mistress, my ass is not cherry, but my experiences have not been rough.” “Yes dear, since I took your cherry ass I am aware of the past. Do you willingly consent?” “So Mistress you will have my ass?” “Yes!” Celeste glances my way, fear and lust in her eyes, but her breathing tells me that lust is overwhelming fear. “Ah, I willingly give my full consent ah to both you and ah Sir to fuck my body in any way that either of you desire.” “Thankyou. Is that sufficient consent for you Sir?” “Yes and I will certainly enjoy fucking Celeste and you Karen.” “Now Sir, let’s talk about you.” Do you consent to having me fuck your ass, hard and deep?” “Yes Karen, if you consent to allow me to enter any of your holes.” “I do.” Celeste has a surprised look on her face at that exchange. “What is wrong Celeste, you didn’t think I was everyone mistress did you?” I put my arm around Celeste shoulders. “Not so fast.” Karen brings her lips to mine and thrust her tongue deeply into my mouth, her hand strokes my cock. “Hmmmm” She pulls back from our kiss, very good Celeste, you completed you task well.” She leans over and kisses Celeste hard as her hand explores her body, breast crotch. She pulls up Celeste’s short skirt and slides her hand up Celeste’s thigh to her panties. “Yes very well indeed. “Baby did he make you cum?” Karen pulls off her panties. “No Mam, he got me very close, I was trembling, but he stopped just in time.” “Good dear, now cum for ME!” Karen’s hand thrusts hard against her waiting pussy twisting and pushing. Celeste cums and cums and cums again, her body shaking as the waves pass through her.”So now you should undress each other as I enjoy you both. Celeste’s hands are trembling as she reaches for my slacks. I pull her blouse over her head then remove her bra, toying with her tits as I do. My slacks and shorts have disappeared and hands are playing with my cock and balls, Celeste kisses me hard and deeply as she unbutton my shirt.”So you work above the waist and I will take care of the rest of her.” I push Celeste down into the couch kissing her hard. I notice Karen’s head is diving between Celeste’s thighs, Celeste arches her back and moans as I kiss her my hands playing with her tits. She is trembling with passion bursa escort and a second later her body twists and thrashes about as she cums. I move my mouth to a nipple. “Oh god, yes, yes, Oh MISSTRESSSS!”Karen rocks back on her heals, Celeste’s cum all over her lips and checks. She reaches into her bag and hands me a blindfold. “Put this on her then bring her into her bed when she can stand.” She then takes the bag into the bedroom. I put the blindfold on Celeste and she tries to stand, but she is to wobbly yet. “Relax dear.” She puts her arms around me, “We can’t keep Mistress waiting.” She is still wobbly but with my help we stagger like a pair of drunks into the bedroom. I sit her on the bed. I glance at Karen she now is wearing a long pink strapon. It is small in diameter but at least ten inches long. “Sir, like what you see? Well I have another one in here just for your ass. That’s right I am going to fuck you too and much harder than what is about to happen. Now you on the bed cock up, direct Celeste between your legs and over your cock. That’s right, not on your cock yet.” Celeste doesn’t know what all is going on with the blindfold on. Karen takes a rabbit from her bag, spreads some lube on the tip. I tell Celeste to spread her legs more. Karen silently nods her approval then turns on the vibrator and slides the rabbit into her cunt. Celeste gasps as she is unexpectantly entered not knowing more is to come. Karen adjust the rabbit to stimulate Celeste’s clit, she gasps and moans She drops her shoulders, my cock hitting her cheek. “Don’t let the slut suck you yet. I want to hear her.” Karen lubes the tip of the strapon and places the tip against her asshole. Celeste head snaps up as she realizes what is about to happen. Karen slides the strapon into her ass slightly waiting for Celeste to adjust, then plunges the full length into her and begins to thrust hard. Celeste’s face twists with pain and pleasure as she is fucked. “Ouch OH ah oh god YES! Fuck me Mistress, this sluts ass is for you!” Karen reaches around and soon the rabbit is louder. Her body being taken, suddenly an orgasm surges through Celeste. As her orgasm fades Karen directs, “Now fuck the sluts mouth.” I take her head in my hands and direct her lips to the precum on my cock. Her lips parted slightly, I thrust upward taking the full length of my shaft until I hit the back of her mouth. Celeste moves her head slightly so now I am going down her throat instead. I moan as she takes my full length into her mouth. “Oh, I hadn’t realized how hot this scene would be!” Karen exclaims as her hips begin to work the strapon deeper into Celeste’s ass, soon there is slapping sounds as ass meets hips. Karen pulls off the blindfold. “Now slut see what is happening to you? Do you like this.” She bangs her ass harder. Celeste lift her head up and places her hand on my erection stroking me with a hard grip. “Oh Mistress, it is so beautiful, so sexy, and so very very hot! FUCK!” “good slut I am glad that you enjoyed this.” She pulls the rabbit from her cunt and pulls out of her asshole. Now slut move up over him and put his cock into your slutty cunt.” Celeste does as told her pussy is dripping on my erection as she places herself over me. Celeste then lowers her hips to mine. She smiles broadly as I enter her hot pussy. “Good slut, You like his cock don’t you?” “Yes Mistress the slut loves his cock in this slut’s hot cunt. He feels so good inside of me Mistress.” Karen kneels down and kisses Celeste “yes slut I know what you mean. I can hardly wait to feel him in my pussy, but first these are going in the ass, all of them.” Karen had switch the strapon’s dildo to an anal bead set, small diameter at the tip but increasing to an inch or more at the top. Celeste’s eyes wide as she sees the full length about to enter her, she nervously licks her lips. “Don’t worry slut, I have used these before and the slut survived, besides his cock will fuck you so hard you won’t even know I am there.” She looks at me, her eyes softening as if to say please as Mistress Karen move back to her ass. I notice that Karen is thoroughly lubing the strapon. “Ok slut lean forward, begin fucking her and you can play with her tits but don’t kiss her until I say OK.” Celeste looks at me as I pull her down over me, she grabs my shoulders as her ass rises to accept the attentions of her Mistress. I garb her hips and thrust upward into her soaked pussy. Karen places her hands on Celeste’s ass to the guides the first easy balls into her ass. I feel them against my cock as they enter her. Karen pauses for a second then a short sharp thrust and the first of the larger balls enter Celeste. Celeste jerks as it passes into her. “Easy slut, only four more larger ones to go, fuck her harder now please.” I thrust upward and grind my hips against her. The string of balls in her ass are very sexy against my cock. I begin to play and suck on her tits. “Ooh ah, big, ah more please Mistress FUCK!” Another ball passes the sluts sphincter. Soon two more enter bursa escort bayan her, she screams a short scream as the larger of the two enter. “Now for this last ball fuck her as hard as you can.” I raise my tempo and fuck her as hard as I can sucking and biting her nipple. I feel a familiar tremor in Celeste’s hips which encourages me to twist my hips more and fuck her so hard. Suddenly her hips start to buck as she become orgasmic. “Oh god, Fuck me!” Karen grabs her ass and grunts as she presses the last, largest ball into Celeste’s ass. A gurgly scream comes from her throat as the pain and pleasure combine. She collapses onto me and suddenly I can’t wait and pump her cunt full of cum.”So you both came, how nice. Did you forget that what goes in, must come out?” “Noo, no Mistress.” “Well you have been a good slut so kiss him dear.” Our lips meet, then she nearly bites my tongue as Karen pulls out the beads all at one time. She is holding my shoulder and shaking, I feel a few tears on my shoulder. As Celeste finally relaxes, the pain in her asshole gone for now. Karen smacks her butt as she removes the strapon. “Good job slut, a new limit passed for you, now when you get off that lovely cock of his make sure you clean off all the cum and your juices from his cock and balls as I will be riding him next.” “Yes Mistress.” She lifts off my softening cock and quickly begins to suck and lick me clean even as my cum dribbles out of her pussy and down her thighs. Karen leaves the room for a few minutes. Finished with her task I pull Celeste down next to me and kiss her, she returns the kiss I stroke her body with soft fingers as she continues to relax from her ordeal.I notice Karen peeking in on us. “So I will leave you two alone for a few minutes. You may do whatever you like since you were such a good slut tonight so far.” She walks away from the bedroom and I lay Celeste down on the bed. “Do you like being called slut?” “Mistress can call me anything she wants, but when I am with you it really fits. I want to be YOUR slut Sir.” I slide two fingers into her pussy. “Oh YES sir, fuck me again!” I begin to work her pussy and clit, she grabs my head and thrusts her tongue into my mouth. I feel it building again. Celeste grabs me hard, “Oooh, I AM YOUR SLUT SIR!!” I hold her as she slowly comes back from her orgasm.After a few minutes of cuddling Karen joins us again. “Celeste, go take a shower.” She obeys immediately. Karen sits next to me on the bed, she puts her hand behind my head and we kiss. “Having fun?” “Oh yes Karen although I guess the real fun for me will soon start.” I caress her breast as we talk. Again noting the contrast of Karen’s dark skin and my white hands. “Yes Sir, so you have a slut now I hear.” “Yes is the OK?” “Celeste has been a very good sub and with you, I guess I will allow it.” She takes my cock in her hand, “could you take on a second slut?” “You Karen.” “Of course me, silly.” “Watching you fuck Celeste was so very hot! I actually was going to slowly pull out of her ass, but I could not wait to feel you inside me again. Really you make me feel like a slut myself. I want you, but I know that to please you completely you will have lots of other pussy besides mine.” I pull her close, her tits press against my chest as we kiss. She directs me to her very wet cunt and slides my partially erect cock into her. “Mmmm, I feel you growing inside of me, that is so very hot Sir! Let me help.” and she slides a finger into my ass. She pulls me down atop her and we kiss. “Have you taken Viagra before?” “Oh yes, even halves work as advertised for me.” “Any four hour erections?” Karen giggles. “Usually I get release long before then.” She slides her finger from me and I slide off her. Karen goes into the bath where Celeste has finished her shower.After a few minutes they both come out of the bath giggling. Karen reaches into her bag and pulls out a gold wrapped package. “Celeste, my dear, you have been such a good friend, lover, and sub to me. I just had to get you this.” Celeste giggles and takes it from Karen. She quickly tears off the wrapping. It is a strapon with a variety of dildos that fit in the straps. “Oh goodie, Thank you so much Mistress. Does this mean I get to fuck someone?” “But of course dear I know of two asses that need lots of fucking.” They embrace briefly. “Two?” “Yes dear his and mine.” “Oh Really!!” “In fact my pussy is free too.” “Oh Mistress thank-you so very much!” “Before I show you how this works, here Sir take this please.” Karen hands me several Viagra. “Take one now please and save the rest for later. I want you rock hard when we fuck.” “Mistress, what is this?” “Oh, that. That fits into your pussy so when you fuck you get stimulated too. I really enjoyed myself when I was fucking your ass.” “Oh wow.” Karen helps her put the harness on and shows her how to use the interchangeable dildos.”So let’s see, how should we set up this next scene? Celeste, put on your new harness and Sir which should she use to fuck you with?” I pick one escort bursa Karen hands the next size up to Celeste. “I see you are getting nice and hard. Ready to fuck? Oh wait.” Karen reaches into her bag and pulls out a couple of nipple clamps and lay them on the bed. She then lays next to them. She spreads her legs. “Sir kneel between my ankles. Do you want my pussy?” “Yes slut do you want my cock?” “Oh yes I need you cock deep in my pussy, fuck me deep and hard please.” I move close enough to tease Karen’s pussy lips with the head of my penis, she begins to moan and touch her clit as I tease her more. I grab Karen’s hips and dive my erection into her in a single thrust. Her tight cunt has just enough wetness so I can enter without pain. I hear two moans? Karen and “Sorry, but I want that too.” “Don’t worry your part is coming slut.”Karen pulls my shoulders down and I kiss her deeply, and passion is behind her reply. She breaks the kiss and I move my lips to her neck. “Ok Celeste, now get on the bed. Wait don’t forget the lube. Use it liberally, I don’t want his ass hurting, yet.” Karen reaches down and slaps my butt a few times. “Let’s not get fancy here tonight it will be difficult enough coordinating your thrusts, so to simplify things, Sir you stay steady and let me and Celeste fuck you, OK.” “Yes Karen.” “So since he will be stationary, I can thrust as much as I want correct Mistress?” “Yes slut, we will start that way and see how it works. Ready Sir?” I nod. “Good, lube his asshole stick your finger in his hole with the lube.” The lube feels cold on my ass but Celeste finger touching and probing make me forget the temperature! I shut my eyes and Karen thrusts upward onto my cock, I begin sucking one of her tits when I feel the tip at my ass. “Now move it in slowly at first, let him open up for you.” I am being opened and try to help by relaxing, but Karen thrusts upward again. I moan as the wide visitor is spreading me apart. She twists and thrusts with the strapon, a little at first. I feel Karen nod and suddenly she thrusts it deep, deep into my ass. I groan, “Oh yes, FUCK me hard baby!” “Me too slut?” “Oh yes please! “Karen Places a clamp on one of my nipples as she bites the other then clamps it too.”Celeste fuck him hard till I stay stop.” Celeste pushes my chest into Karen’s breast the clamps stretch my breasts painfully, but it lights the fuse to explode my cum into Karen. “Oh god baby, babies, God what a fuck.” “Yes baby pump your cum into my hungry womb.” “Arrgh, oh yes this is so hot!” Celeste hugs me and Karen which drives the clamps into Karen’s chest. “Ouch, we should take these off.” “Oh sorry Mistress.” That’s OK, did you even know I put nipple clamps on him?” “No, sorry.” “Ok Celeste now slowly come out of him. That’s right.” I feel the strapon sliding out. It is wonderful and a little sad actually. I like Celeste using the strapon in me. My cock slides from Karen too. I lean down and kiss her. “That was a wonderful DP dear, thank-you so much.” “I enjoyed that too, but I am not done with you. Celeste clean up the strapon and come back to bed.””Karen, you didn’t cum did you baby?” “Not yet, take another Viagra please.” I take the pill and go into the bathroom and get a drink to wash it down. Celeste is just finishing washing her new toy. She snaps my ass. “Did you enjoy that Sir.” “Yes I did and I would like more sometime soon.” “Oh ya, well I can arrange that.” She kisses my check and chuckles, “I had fun too!” “Get in here you two!”We giggle and go back to bed and Karen.”now since I am the only one who has not cum at least once, you with both focus on my needs. Slut, you know my likes, desires and needs, you have my body except my cunt and lips, understand?” “Oh yes Mistress!” Celeste walks behind Karen and begins to caress her breasts from behind. She kisses along Karen’s shoulders. I get a great view and learn a bit about how to please Karen. I walk up to Karen’s tit as Celeste cups her breast and lightly kiss her nipple. Karen pulls my lips up to hers and we kiss. I slide my hand over her pubic mound and taking some of her juices, begin to caress her clit. She is getting worked up, breathing fast and shallow. And so am I, fully erect again thanks to the little blue pill. God I want her, but she must cum at least once before penetration. Karen is starting to sway and moan. I kiss her hard and she returns the kiss, juices from her cunt are pouring over my fingers as I finger her pussy and clit. Celeste helps me hold her up as the orgasm takes her legs from her. We hold her for a few minutes then lay her on the bed. “You take a nipple and…” “Fuck me!” I slide between her shaking thighs. As I enter Karen, she orgasms when my hips hit hers. But I don’t pause a bit I increase my thrusting as her hips twist and turn. I feel her cunt grabbing my cock multiple times, but I don’t give in, but continue to pound her hard. Celeste grabs my nipples and I cum hard shooting my load into Karen again. Only a little this time though. I lay on one side of Karen and Celeste lays on the other. Karen is still moaning but her breathing is slowing and deepening, oh wait she has fallen asleep! “No wonder, she must be exhausted!” Celeste whispers. “I know I am, and very very happily!”

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