Conservative Straight Husband Bisexual Transformat


Conservative Straight Husband Bisexual TransformatHe thought it would be just another domination session. His wife was the true master of the house, and she always wanted to experiment, especially to find new ways to punish him. And he enjoyed every minute of it. She would verbally abuse him whenever they decided to have sex (and that was always her decision). She would find new creative ways to torture him mentally and tease him until he would climax in a splash of orgasmic pleasure. But he never counted on his wife bringing home another man, let alone a huge black stallion who would completely dominate him.It all started like any other evening: he was hoping that his wife would decide to have sex and then instruct him on what to do, when and where. But she has something else in mind. After dominating her husband for years, she wanted to turn him into a black dick sucking slut. She met this massively endowed black guy who was eager to have his cock sucked, and it didn’t matter if the person güvenilir bahis sucking was a guy or a girl.The husband was shivering with anticipation: when she opened the door and let the hot guy in, he couldn’t believe what was happening. Sure, being dominated by his wife was all right, but what was this hot guy doing in their house? His wife commanded him to strip down, and the guest stripped down as well. He took his time, slowly pulling down his pants, massaging his black anaconda; his huge head was already stretching the fabric. He slowly put down his already too-small briefs to reveal his mammoth meat. The husband just stared silently, too shocked to say anything. Compared to his modest endowment, this guy was sporting an eight-inch semi-hard cock that would put most porn stars to shame. The wife ordered him to kneel and commanded him to show some respect to their guest and make him feel comfortable.He knew what had to be done. He got down to his knees and watched their guest slowly türkçe bahis approaching, his massive endowment swinging from side to side. His wife undressed and started rubbing her clit, enjoying the scene of her husband being humiliated and turned into a black cock sucking slut. While she was slowly fingering her pussy, he started licking that monster cock in front of him. The guest moaned and the husband started jerking his own rock hard dick, realizing that he likes this more than he should. He licked and swallowed the black python in front of him the best that he could: slowly growing, it reached the ten-inch mark. The husband felt like he was choking because the cock head was too big for his mouth. But the guest took his head and started forcefully pushing his massive cock inside him. The wife commanded him to suck that big black cock relentlessly, and he had to oblige.Their guest was by now forcing his way into his mouth, stretching his cheeks and making his tongue ache. The gargantuan güvenilir bahis siteleri cock inside his mouth was pulsing with pleasure, and he never felt so humiliated in his life. But at the same, the husband realized, he was enjoying it immensely too. The wife already had her first orgasm and was shaking from violent spasms of pleasure. He felt his balls stiffen; with the big black dick inside his mouth, his own cock was ready to cum. He furiously jacked it, trying to experience the maximum pleasure possible while he was still giving the blowjob of his life. Finally, he had to go, and a couple of streams of semen flew right onto the carpet. But their guest wasn’t done yet: he felt the black anaconda engorging, growing even more in his mouth, getting ready to drown him in cum. Finally, the guest’s monster stiffened and he felt warm jizz filling his mouth. There was so much of it: stream after stream, all he could do is swallow hot semen and let it drip from his lips. He released the black cock but continued to jerk it, pulling out a couple of more jets of semen which drenched his face. His wife was moaning loudly by this point, proclaiming that this is only the start of the fucking marathon she planned for the evening!

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