“So, Angie must be pretty horny lately.”

“Yeah, she’s pretty horny.”


“Angie’s really horny.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, it’s been a while since she’s been with anyone.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Didn’t she look like a slut tonight?”

“Oh, she always looks like a slut. That’s ’cause she is a slut.”

“What? Since when?”

“Since always! You didn’t know?”

“No! She’s not a slut!”

“You’ve been her cousin all these years, and you didn’t know she was a slut?”

“Yeah, it’s like, how could you NOT know?”

“She’s not a fuckin’ slut!”

“Yes she is!”

“Yep, she is.”

“No! Max, is Angie a slut?”

“I don’t really know her well enough to judge, really.”

“Yeah, he doesn’t know her. She sleeps around a lot though.”

“How do you fuckin’ know?”

“‘Cause… I know!”

“Fuck you!”

“No, she is! Wade thinks so!”

“Okay, how is she a slut?”

“She was with a lot of guys!”

“Like who?”

“Like Rob Mortenson. Remember when she bit his dick?”

“Oh, well, that was in fuckin’ high school.”

“Yeah, and then there’s John Lether.”

“And Burt Turrin.”

“Yeah, well three guys doesn’t make her a slut!”

“There were more! I know there were!”

“She’d probably fuck anybody now. You just have to say the right thing to her and she’d fuck ya.”


“Yeah, she was checkin’ me out tonight!”

“She was checkin’ us all out tonight. Even Ray.”

“That’s fuckin’ sick, her own cousin.”

“Bill’s sister’s the slut!”

“No, Angie’s a slut.”

“Fuckin’…! Max, what do you think? Is Bill’s sister a slut?”

“Wait… Katie or Vanessa?”

“Katie. She’s a fuckin’ slut, right Max?”

“Max isn’t sayin’ anything. He doesn’t want in on this conversation.”

“Mind if I use the bathroom?”

“Yeah. Actually –! Use the one upstairs, the downstairs toilet isn’t working.”

“Awwww, you fuckin’ broke it didn’t ya, Bill?”


“I’ll be back.”




“Hey, Katie.”

“Hey Max!”

“How’s it goin’?”

“Pretty good. You?”

“Not bad.”

“That’s good.”

“We, uh, aren’t making too much noise down there are we?”

“Yeah, well, Bill’s room is right below mine, so I can hear pretty much everything.”

“Oh. Sorry. We’ll try and keep it down.”

“That’s okay. Hey, who were you guys talking about, the slut? You weren’t talking about me, were you?”

“Naw, Bill was just making fun of Ray’s cousin. You know, uh, Angie.”

“Oh. That Ray, he’s got quite the mouth on him, eh?”

“Yeah, somebody shoulda taken a bucket of soapy water to his mouth years ago. It’s nice to see him on the receiving end for once.”

“Heh, yeah.”


“Was there anything you wanted, a beer or something?”

“No, thanks.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I’m good. I don’t really drink, so…”


“You don’t really say much, do you, Max?”

“I usually don’t have anything to say.”

“You aughta speak up more.”

“Yeah, I should.”

“You’re too quiet.”

“I know.”

“Awright, if you need anything let me know.”

“‘Kay. Thanks!”


“Say, uh…”


(From Downstairs.) “Hey Max? Bring me another beer when you come down!”

“(Sigh) N’kay!”

“So did you want something, Max?”

“Naw, that’s awright. Thanks.”



“W’happened? Why’dja take so long?”

“Nothin’, I was just-“

“You were masturbating?”

“No! Geez… I was-“

“Yeah, uh-huh, okay.”


“We know what you were doin’.”


“So Bill, your sister is legal, eh? What is she, 18?”

“Fuck you!!!”

“Oooh, yeah. She’s still in high school, eh?”

“Shut up!”

“Heh, heh, heh!”

“YOUR cousin’s the slut!”


“Look at fuckin’ Wade, fast asleep. Fuckin’ wuss.”

“Yeah. It’s only 2:30.”

“Hey, what’re you doin’?”

“What does it look like?”

“You’re not fallin’ asleep too, are ya Bill?”


“Dahhhhhhhh! Wussies!”

“I was up early this morning!”

“So was I! Max, aren’t they wussies?”

“Heh, heh.”

“Fuck this, I’m goin’ home.”

“‘Kay, see ya, Ray.”

“You coming too, Max?”

“Right behind ya.”

“Later, guys. Bye, Max.”

“Later, Bill.”


“Later, Ray.”

“You not leavin’?”

“Yeah, I gotta use the bathroom again before I leave.”

“Uh-huh. Goin’ to masturbate again?”

“Geez. Later, Ray!”

“See avcılar üniversiteli escort ya! Maybe call ya tomorrow!”


(Hallway. Light in Katie’s bedroom.)

“Oh, hey, Katie. Sorry, I didn’t think you were still up.”

“That’s okay. So, you guys packing it up for tonight?”

“Yeah, Wade and Bill passed out on the floor. Ray got mad and left.”

“Oh. Hey, Max, do you know anything about writing short stories?”

“Yeah, a little. I write a few myself.”

“Can you tell me what you think of this?”

“Sure. Lesse here… uh-huh… uh-huh. Looks pretty good!”

“I dunno, it just seems kinda dry, n’slow.”

“Well, the thing is, you need more dialogue. It’s what keeps the story going. If you can advance the plot at all by using dialogue instead of narrative… you know, just saying it, then it makes it more… I dunno, exciting really isn’t the word I’m goin’ for… Y’know, just easier to read.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea!”

“Well, I used to read a lot of those “How to write short story” books.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah. I’m pretty good at coming up with characters.”

“Yeah, I never have problems with that. But it’s hard to show just how complex my characters are in my stories. It’s like, my guy could be from Ireland, but I can’t say that without being, like, totally blunt, so I give him an accent. Now, I can’t understand what he’s saying half the time.”

“Yeah, heh, yeah.”

“It’s like, characters are deeper than they look, you know, but how do I let the reader know that?”

“It’s hard, I know. You have to drop thos subtle hints. A guesture, a saying, a philosophy for the character that you can use over and over might help, you know?”


“Yeah. Take yourself for example.”


“Sure. Just look – I can tell, just from standing here talking to you, that you’re friendly, outgoing, and pretty physically active.”

“Okay, how?”

“Well, just from talking to you, I know you’re pretty friendly. And since you barely know me, and can still be friendly with me, I can tell you’re outgoing. As for athletic, it’s like, your hair. You got it pulled back into a ponytail when you can see your hair isn’t quite long enough for it.”


“Er, whatever.”

“It still looks good, right?”

“Yeah, of course! But, it’s like, why would you tie your hair back like that if you didn’t want to keep your hair out of your face? Maybe because you do a lot, physically, you know? Like running, or jumping, or… I dunno.,. Is this making any sense?”

“Hee… Kinda. But, I might just think my hair look better this way.”

“Maybe. I dunno, I just… I was just thinking out loud. Honestly, I couldn’t picture you without your hair like that.”


“So, anyway, you’re, like, just the kind of character writers would look for.”

“I am?”

“Yeah! It’s keeping the reader asking questions that pulls them into the book. Who wouldn’t read about you, and say, “Hey, what’s an attractive, friendly, outgoing and active person like yourself doing at home, alone, on a Saturday night?”

“…I, uh…”

“Sorry, I didn’t wanna embarrass you, I just…”

“No, it’s okay -“

“No, I shoulda… I dunno. Maybe I should just go.”

“… You’re a pretty complex character, yourself.”

“Me? Not really.”

“Yeah, you are. You, like, don’t drink, you don’t smoke, you don’t follow sports, you have like, nothing in common with those guys, but you hang out with them anyway.”

“Yeah, well, we share other interests. Video games, an’ stuff.”

“But you’re like, so quiet, and reserved all the time. You never swear or anything…”

“Yeah, well…”

“…And you’re like, such a nice guy. You always say “Hi!” to me when you see me. You always ask if you can help, and you’re polite, which is so different from Bill’s other friends.”

“I try to be a good influence on them. Sometimes it rubs off.”

“Like, Ray, he always says what he thinks. You never do! I have no idea what you’re thinking right now.”

“Right now? I’m thinking, it’s getting late, and I should be getting home.”

“No, you’re not!”

“I’m not?”

“No! What are you really thinking?”

“What I’m REALLY thinking?”

“Yeah! Right now! What are you thinking!”


“Oh, come on, you must be thinking something!!!”


“You don’t have to be so shy! We’ve known each other for a while, now! You’ve been coming over to our house nearly every weekend for years!”

“But aside from “Hi!”, we never say much to each other.”

“Seriously! What are you thinking?”

“I’m… avrupa yakası escort nawwww.”

“Come on, please?”

“(Sigh) I’m thinking… you’re really cute.”



“What else are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking… I’m wondering, actually, what you have on underneath that blanket that’s wrapped around you.”

“Oh. Heh, well, it’s just my clothes from today. I haven’t changed for bed yet. See?”


“Why? What were you thinking? That I was naked?”

“No, I figured you weren’t.”

“But you were hoping.”

“Maybe… a little.”

“So now what are you thinking?”

“I dunno, I’m kinda embarrassed.”

“Now, you don’t have to be embarrassed, I’m the one who asked.”

“Yeah, well, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“S’okay. You’re honest, I like that.”



“Right now, I’m thinking…”


“I’m wondering, actually, what you’re thinking.”

“What do you think I’m thinking?”

“I’m worried you’re thinking I’m some kinda perv now, and you’re gonna throw me out.”

“No, that’s not what I’m thinking.”

“What then?”

“I’m wondering… why you wanted to see me naked?”

“Well… uh… I suppose just stupid hormones. Still haven’t quite grown out of the whole teenage phase yet.”

“No, I mean, like, you think I’m that attractive?”

“What? Of course you are! Why wouldn’t you think so?”

“I dunno. I’m kinda putting on weight, and my breasts are kinda saggy… You don’t think I’m fat, do you?”

“Are you kidding me? You’re perfect! You’re not skinny as a rail, or anything, but you’re nowhere near fat!”

“.. Thanks. I think.” (Giggle)

“That… didn’t quite come out like I meant. You know what I meant, right?”

“Yeah, I got it.”

“So, what are you thinking now?”

“I dunno. I’m kinda thinking of letting you see me naked.”


“Maybe. If you promise not to laugh.”

“I would never…!”

“… All right, only for a minute.”

“Need some help?”

“No… ehh… I got it. There. Well… What do you think?”

“I think it’s the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen.”

“Thanks…” (Giggle)


“Heh, heh.”


“Yeah. Kinda chilly in here.”

“Oh! Yeah.”

“So. What are you thinking now?”

“You don’t wanna know what I’m thinking now!”

“Yes I do! We’ve gone this far, haven’t we?”

“I suppose. I was just wondering…”

“Go ahead.”

“If I could…touch them.”



“Hee… That tickles!”

“Wow… they’re really soft.”

“Not saggy?”

“No! They’re perfect. Just like you.”


“Sorry, did you want me to stop, or…?”

“No! No, that’s okay. It feels nice.”

“Huh. It – uh, must be kinda cold in here.”

“No, it’s actually warming up some.”



“Yeah, Katie?”

“Did … do you wanna…?”

“Do I…? Oh! Oh. Uh, God, I dunno… I mean, I’d like to, but, uh… Geez, Katie! You’re like, 5 years younger than I am! And you’re Bill’s sister! I would, but… I dunno. Maybe I should just go.”

“No, wait! Max, please. I know I’m a lot younger, and I know we’re risking a lot, but… I really like you. I always thought you were cute, ever since the first time you came over. I know you like me. We don’t need forever, but we can have right now!”

“What about your parents! They’re like, right in the next room! And Bill’s right below us!”

“So what? They’re all asleep.”

“Katie… God, I dunno.”

“Max, please…”



“… Okay.”

“You mean it?”

“Yeah… yeah, okay.”

“Okay! Okay.”


“So, what do we do now?”

“You mean… you’ve never…”

“Well, see, uh, there was this one guy at school. He and I went to the formal together, and we went back to his car afterwards…”

“His car?”

“The whole thing was over in a few minutes. I didn’t get anything out of it. He just said, “Thanks, babe, I’ll call ya!” and I never saw him since.”


“So, you wanna go slow, then?”



“So, are you gonna take your pants off?”

“In a minute. I want to do something first. Sit down on the bed, here, beside me.”


“Now, tell me how this feels.”

“Mmmmm… That’s really good.”

“Okay, I’m gonna kiss you now.”



“Wow… that was really nice… Max… ooh, yeah… that feels so good when you kiss my neck…”

“Next, your breasts…”

“Oh, god… my bağdat caddesi escort breasts like being kissed like that. Wow, do they ever! You can see they like that! Oh, god, Max, suck on them… just a little bit.”

“Mmmm… okay… how does that feel?”

“Oh, god… I can see colors swirling in my head. That is so… ah…”

“You have such a pretty tummy… I just want to kiss it all over.”

“(Giggle) That tickles!”

“Heh… You like that, huh?”

“Yeah, that’s really nice. Oh, god, how long have you been doing this to me? It feels like hours…”

“It’s barely been mintues.”

“God, if this were Jeff, we’d be all done by now. You’ve barely started! Oh, god, Can you take your pants off now, please??”

“In a sec. I’m not done yet. First, we take your shorts off.”

“Oh, god, what are you doing??? I – (Gasp) oh, god…”

“Mmmm… how does that feel?”

“Oh, god… I – I always thought of … that… as sick, and… I never thought being kissed… there… would feel so good! Oh, wow!”

“You taste so sweet…”

“Does it not taste funny?”

“No… it tastes like you, and you’re the sweetest thing in the whole world.”

“Awww… Oh! Oh, god… that’s more than I can take! I’ve never felt this way before! Not even when I… you know.”

“You can say it. Go ahead.”

“When I… masturbate.”

“Hmmmm… I like hearing you talk dirty.”

“Oh, please! Please! Max, you have to take your pants off right now!!!”

“Alright, Katie. It’s okay. It’ll be just fine. I’m taking them off now…”

“… Why are you waiting?”

“… Promise not to laugh?”

“Never!” (Giggle)

“Here goes…”





“… It’s perfect.”

“You think?”

“You’re so much bigger than Jeff was. I think. It was kinda dark, and I couldn’t see all that well, so…”

“Kinda killing the mood, here.”

“Sorry. What happens now?”

“Well, if you don’t know…”

“Well, I know, but I heard a guy needs lubrication on his…”


“… His penis, before he can… you know…”

“Who told you that? Jeff?”

“He said if you don’t, you can rip a girl’s insides out so she can’t have babies.”

“That’s not really true. That’s not even sorta true.”

“S’what he said.”

“So what did you do? You know, with Jeff.”

“He made me suck on it.”

“Well, you don’t have to worry. See? Feel here…”

“Wow… is that…?”

“You’re wet enough already. I can feel it. I can even… mmmm… taste it.”

“Okay, if you’re sure.”

“Trust me.”



“…Yeah, go ahead.”

“God… you’re really… tight.”

“Is that good?”

“That’s very good.”

“Oh! I can really feel it now. It feels so good, sliding in and out…”

“In and out of…?”

“My… pussy?”

“Heh… Where do you pick up these things?”

“I dunno. Y’know, around.”

“Mmmm… oh, god…”

“Ooooh! Oooh, my…. it’s… oh!!! That feels so good!”

“Hmmmm… let me taste your breasts again…”

“Oh god, I’m going nuts! Oh, I love the feeling of your big cock in my little pussy!”

“You like that?”

“Oh, it feels so good! I’ve never felt like this before!”

“You’re so incredible… I love your soft skin… and I love your lips… mmmm…”

“MMMM! Oh, yeah! I love it when you kiss me like that! Do you like it? Do you like kissing my soft, fresh skin?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Do you like the feel of my tight little pussy around your big hard cock?!?!? You like innocent high school girls, don’t you?”

“Oh, fuck, yeah!”

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! Just like that! Fuck me! Please, fuck me! Fuck…”

“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna – “

“Yes! Push it in me! Let me feel that big dick pulsing in my pussy!”

“Oh, Nnnngggggod!”


“Oh, oh, oh wow…”


“(Pant) That was so…”

“Yeah. That was amazing.”

“Where… (Pant) where did you learn that?”

“Learn what?”

“All that!! “Soft, fresh skin?” “My tight little pussy?” “Innocent high school girls?” Where did you get that?”

“Well, I hear it a lot actually. Thin floors.”

“Bill gets a lot of female callers?”

“No, Bill gets a lot of pay-per-view pornos. It’s all I can hear.”


“You were… I mean…”


“W-was I… y’know, good?”

“You were great! You were better than great! I’d say magnificent, or spectacular even, if it didn’t sound so inadequate.”


“You know you’re cute when you blush like that?”

“Heh, yeah.”


“Yeah. So.”


“So, you think we could, like… y’know, do it again?”

“Sure, I’d like that. Oh, you mean now? I thought you meant like, next time I was over, or something.”

“Both, maybe. Whatever.”

“‘Kay. Both is good.”

“Can I be on top this time?”


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