convinced to try

Booty Shake

convinced to tryI coudnt believe themits true i was smaller and had no hair , but i had my own swimsuit”i dont care, its my pool my rules””get this on or go home Alex”both big black guys from my school wanting me to wear a white bikini with bright blueu polka dotswe were drunk back from a party, mike and jay acting weird recentlyI knew them since the start of college, nothing would have let me think one day id be turn into a bitch until that nighthis mom away, the house and pool all to ourselvestaking the one piece bikini in my hands feeling ”this wont fit me”drunk and trying it on, the swimsuit actually stretch and fit on me perfectlyi coudnt go in the pool like this i felt like a girl Mike wasnt going to let me undressthe door flip open ”what you doing comon dont remove it its perfect ”taking my arm and walking me outthey coudnt help not touching memike light up weed and we smoke them having fun commenting how i fit in the suit so wellMike illegal bahis took one last hot on the spliff and throw the botch away”its 2am, Jay think you want to be a sirene””what?””wtf no dont put that on me”my legs up inserted in a fish taili tried my best but had to start flaping not to drownaway from themtrying to get out of the poolonly to be thrown back in the pool swiming away head barely out of the wateri got hit by something floating, the 2 swimsuit of my friends floating trying to look around and coudnt see themit became a game for themmike appearing from under the water his bbc plunging in my mouth before releasing me and diving in the waterJay soon doing the same”oh little mermaid caught you” holding mu head off the water helping bbc in my mouththey played like this , catching me releasing me until mike catch me by the fish tail ass up ,my swimsuit move aside his tongue deep teasing me .Jay appearing from the dark water , illegal bahis siteleri catching my head , my hands flapping in the water like a dog , ass up licked and floating between them no more flapping my limbs , hold and caught on both sidemike holding me up , ass open by his tongue game spitting on my ass”here baby, yes open up for me, good little mermaid”he slide in, gagging and moaning on Jay bbc deep in my mouth not able to tell mike im not gay….arm pulled behind by mike who started to own my white boy pussy deep and hardi never seen them like thisjust horny wanting my holes and not giving a fuck ”thats it , give us your holes, you are cute in bikini Alex ””damn i love fucking your cute ass””yes she is cute and her mouth so nice ””i told you he wanted it””we should go in , shes getting too loud”i was help insidefeeling own by them and the bbcs flaping as they walkboth rubbing my ass calling me a good slut on our way canlı bahis siteleri to the bedroomi was undress from the swimsuit and help in a pink slut dress my ass half covered looking at them in the mirror of the bedroom, making me into a helpless slut , cheering at how cute i was turning me infront of the mirror asking me to put on lipgloss. pink glittering lip gloss help on my lipsemy friend rubbing my ass ”yes put it well, you gonna be so sexy sucking our bbc”a blond wig secured on top of my head . both guys calling me a bimbo , making me feel lost and horny kissed by both of them asking me if i feel like sucking cocksbefore i hit the floor and licked both cock moaning ”there get me wet for your cunt ”my pink glittering lipse sucking hard cocklike a good blonde bimbohelp doggy ass up sucking on jay mike poking me open, spitroast fuck , my friends pumping in my holes grunting im a good bitchmoaning as they swung me between them big hard polesi was a girl and i love the attention i was havingboth cock so big, so hot in me, taking turn stretching up my boy cuntuntil mike coudnt hold it and pull me , grunting i will have a pussy after , yesssss ahhh ahhhhh take it , yessssss good pussyy mmmm

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