Cooling off


Two days ago I went to Cedar Point with 3 friends of mine, Alisha, Jenny and Halle. The three of them were deathly afraid of rides, which kind of made it pointless for them to be there, but that’s beside the point. Well it was well into the day and about 3 o’clock, the hottest part of the day so I went to get on one of the water rides. It wasn’t the kind that would soak me, just one that would mist me enough to cool down.

I got into line, and was kind of listening in on the group of teenage guys just slightly younger than I, probably 17 or 18, talking quietly among themselves about me. I won’t go into detail, but the one boy was talking about my broad but yet small 34 B’s, while the other kept talking about how long and smooth my legs were. And I could see why they were so amazed: I had chosen a small white bikini top to where, along with some small, skin-tight orange athletic shorts that really accentuated my butt.

Then all of a sudden, I heard a deep, masculine voice behind me saying “These young kids these days don’t have ANY respect for a beautiful woman.”

I turned to see a tall, tan, just-muscular-enough man, probably 25, staring deeply into my eyes. I told him I didn’t mind the attention, plus it kind of turned me on in the fact that people became so aroused looking at my dark toned body. We talked and talked for the 45 minute wait to get onto the log-shaped boats, both extremely bahis siteleri anxious to get cooled down.

As we stepped onto the platform we heard an automated recording saying “You will be 100 feet in the air and going 45 miles per hour on this 6 minute ride.” I couldn’t wait, even though I knew that the drop would only be short, I would be cooled down at the end. The rest of the time would be just a climb up to the top, and I had the notion to ask Brian if he would like to join me on my boat since we were both all alone for the ride. I was scared to be alone with a complete stranger, but he was so incredibly handsome and he had a slight bulge in his pants now, making me wonder what from. I asked him, and it turned out my bikini wasn’t as thick as I had thought, and with the intense heat I had sweated right through it. He could see my puffy dark nipples. As he told me this, I could feel my legs begin to tremble, it made me so hot to know that he would point out something like that.

I then asked him to join me in the boat, and at this point I had made up my mind as to what I wanted from him. He sat down first, and when I plopped down in front of him, I purposefully placed my hand on his cock, pretending to adjust myself to get comfy in my seat. The boat had a big bench, being meant for 5 people to share, Brian and I had plenty of room to spread out, but I made sure my ass was canlı bahis siteleri making contact with his thighs. I didn’t move my hand but began instead to put slight pressure on his pants, and I felt him respond with a pulsating growing shaft in his loose athletic shorts.

As we pushed off of the landing and began to climb slowly, I got much more brave to trust this complete stranger. I plunged my hand under his shorts, feeling his cock fully erect now. It was a modest 7 and ½ inches, and just side enough so that I couldn’t get my hand around it. I began to pull and tug on it, and to my surprise he started to moan. He put one of his hands up to my right breast, cupping it slowly and then sliding it up under my top to feel my super sensitive nipples getting erect. I melted, I have a tendancy to do anything when I get my nipples rubbed, so I got much braver yet, and I pulled down his shorts to about his knees. I sat on his lap, teasing his cock as I pushed back on it, my hand still tugging and pulling. He must have known what was coming, so while his right hand was working wonders on my tit, his left slid my shorts and bikini down and gently fondled my clit, and I started shaking. I was almost cumming already, but I was so excited I couldn’t help myself. I partially stood up, just enough to settle myself in the right position, and fell down on his throbbing cock. He moaned, güvenilir bahis and I felt like I had a baseball bat shoved up inside of my soft shaved pussy. We rode up the climb in the boat, me slowly rolling my hips back and forth on his full sized dick, Brian fondling my breast and flicking and circling my clit while his cock slid in and out.

We finally got to the top of the climb, I saw the whole park, and completely lost my control and let go of my orgasm. It had been screaming to get out since he entered me, and it felt amazing, seeing the world from that high and getting fucked royally.

We began to drop, and he pinched my nipple. As he did this, we fell, and I tightened my muscles around his shaft, and this did him in as he unloaded into me. Spasm after hot wet spasm as we fell down the drop. It was like we were weightless as we fucked, and it was the best feeling in the world. He finished just as we hit the splash, and as the water rushed over us, he bottomed out, and I felt his head jab my back wall, causing me to jump right off of his swollen dick. I quickly pulled up my shorts as he did his, and then leaned back and kissed him, my tongue probing his big mouth, stroking his huge tongue.

We got off the ride and walked over to the picture booth, me kind of limping a little bit, him sweating like a pig. And then we saw it: Our picture consisted of his hand up my top, me with my head back moaning, and my shorts around my knees. I went over and bought 2, one for each of us to remember this interesting fuck.

As I walked away with my friends, I swear I saw him trailing us, looking for more action, I’m guessing, which, believe me, he got on the next ride…

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