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It was seventh of April, a sultry summer day and Anju Shenoy could not have forgotten this day for ever. Precisely seven years had passed since the dreadful afternoon when she had heard the tragic news of the accident which had shattered her life to pieces.

It was on that fateful day that her husband Rajesh Shenoy while returning home from office had met with an accident which had resulted in his right arm and leg being totally paralyzed. Since then, to date she had toiled hard to see that her husband and child were not affected in any respect and today after a lapse of seven long tormenting years she was feeling tired, fatigued, and lonely.

Today she was so tired that after finishing her lunch she just stretched herself on the sofa and reclining on it as she started recollecting the horrifying past, her eyelids grew heavier and before she could lie properly on the sofa she fell asleep. In her sleep as Anju moved down on the sofa, the sari covering her chest slipped down, exposing a part of her robust chest and down below, her midriff too was bare. While one of her leg was dangling down and the other one folded, her inner thighs were clearly exposed to any one’s gaze who was nearby.

She was stretched out on the sofa totally lifeless and unmindful when her husband Rajesh pushed his wheel chair in and on entering the drawing room saw her lying there totally exposed, which made him draw his wheel chair closer to her. On getting closer, Rajesh looked at her robust body and when his gaze fell upon her exposed midriff, the most electrifying part of her body, he suddenly had the urge to lift his hand and touch her.

To add up to this, as Anju was dressed is a black cotton sari with a black blouse, the contrast of her fair skin upon her dark clothes was a sight to behold and her exposed midriff, which was rising steadily up and down due to her breathing was so stimulating that Rajesh almost extended his left arm to feel her up.

Though physically he wanted to touch her, mentally he toughened his stand not to and as he turned, he had a momentary glance of her exposed thighs which again was captivating. This time he weakened a little and positioning himself near her thighs, when he was about to dip his face down to see what lay between them, he suddenly sensed that he was being observed from behind, which made him draw back swiftly and when he turned to have a look, he could see nothing except the curtains of the room fluttering.

Rajesh was certain that his actions were observed but as he was not quick enough to turn, he could not see the person. It was not one but two persons who had simultaneously watched Rajesh’s actions. The first one was the 51 year old cook cum helper Satish and the second one was Rajesh’s 18 year old son Ajay. Satish was in a habit of always spying on Anju and whenever she lay on the sofa to rest, he was there to see her stretched on it, out off exhaustion.

But as far as Ajay was concerned it was the first time he had seen his mother lying down on the sofa exposing her body and what made him anxious was the way his father Rajesh was trying to look under her dress. Though he was not able to see much of his mother’s exposed body from the balcony where he was standing, he got excited from watching his father trying to feel her exposed body and look under her dress and the moment he saw his father turn around, Ajay stepped back and slipped inside his room unobserved. He was lucky that his father had not lifted his face up.

Satish too felt he was fortunate to have not been caught red handed and he resolved to be more careful in future. He had been watching her behavior since he took up the job six months ago and he wanted to study what made her feel so tried. He wanted to confirm whether it was from the daily workload she undertook or whether she suffered it due to her husband’s ill health.

As he possessed a cure for her exhaustion, he wanted to make sure the cause of it and after having watched her for so many days, he finally came to the conclusion that her weariness was not because of the workload but it was for not having been sexually satisfied. And as such her body ached for it which made her physically tired.

He knew it was difficult for him to approach her directly on that subject as the treatment he had for her was Ayurvedic (medicine made out of mostly roots and other parts of weeds and plants) and the person taking the medicine had to have lot of control over its influence on their body. Finally he decided it was the right time to put it across to her, as he could not see her tormenting herself anymore.

Safely tucked in his room, Ajay was visualizing the incident which took place that afternoon and as the figure of his mother came in front of his eyes, his body started getting warm and he could feel his pecker getting stiff little by little, and as he got a clear picture of his mother stretched out on the sofa in his line of vision, his pecker started to get beyoğlu escort hard.

This heavenly sensation was something new he was feeling up inside him and he was happy that his mother was the cause for it. Suddenly when he realized that on seeing his mother lying down on the sofa had such an effect on him, he wondered what effect it would have when he was really close by. Thinking of it he set himself straight and came hurriedly down the stairs.

Ajay was a few seconds late in coming down the stairs as his mother Anju had just got up from the sofa and was steadying herself. Though he was unlucky in catching her lying on the sofa, he felt the same sensations of his pecker getting stiff when he looked upon her closely. He took some time in looking her up and relaying the images up to his brain to be imbedded there. He got immense pleasure in watching her strong robust body from the front and when his gaze got too direct, he moved behind her and totally transfixed his eyes on her behind. Now at leisure he could see her strong shoulders, her complete back, her curved waist, the upheavals of her buttocks and the long legs. When his mother moved away and started climbing the stairs, watching her buttocks sway underneath her sari, Ajay got an erection and he followed her up the stairs to her room, all the time captivating the sensual movements of her whole body and when she entered a room and bolted the door, he realized what he was doing was wrong and he came down hurriedly before she could catch him.


The next morning as Anju walked into the kitchen, Satish noticed again that there was some weariness in her and before she could start giving him instructions, he said ‘Maam’ you looked very tired and if you don’t mind, I think I have some medicine for it. Hearing his words, Anju smiled at him and replied ‘Its okay Satish, I could not sleep well yesterday and now I am feeling much better. ‘But Maam, it will cure everything’, Satish replied. ‘Thank you Satish, I will take it when I feel tired again’. She replied softly and set herself on her daily chores. At this stage, Satish did not consider forcing her; hence he dropped the subject and continued in helping her out with the breakfast. Later on as Anju was setting up the table for breakfast, she saw her son Ajay come down the stairs dressed up in school uniform which surprised her. She was surprised to see him already dressed up and she had no idea what made him do it. Ajay had hurried up as he felt it would give him more time to be with his mother and he wanted to be near her as much of the time as possible.

When he came down, though he felt it was wrong to look at his mother’s body, his eyes took to the dress she was wearing. He could not take away his eyes from the long flowing night dress she was wearing. Though it was of a heavy material, he could still make out the figure of her bosom and the curves of her thighs from the corner of his eye and when she turned he kept looking at the impression created by her buttocks on the material and when she started moving and passed under the light it gave a clear image of their size and shape. This mental picture brought a sudden change in Ajay’s body and to come out of it, he shook his head to clear the vision.

After some time when his mother returned with the dishes and was under the light, Ajay eyes instantly looked up and this time he could see the shape of her breasts wrapped in a bra. He knew it was wrong to look at his mother but every time she passed under the lights by instinct his eyes followed her and on her third visit, when she came under the lights, Ajay was looking down at her front and for a split second, as he saw that she was not wearing anything under the gown, his body suddenly convulsed and before he could look the other way his mother felt his gaze.

This was the second time Anju had seen him staring down at her. The first time it was just a refection of him in a mirror when he had followed her up the stairs and now being right in front of him she had seen his eyes glued over her body. She let it pass through as she felt that every teenager had this curiosity inside them and it was nothing more than it. Ajay at that time did not know that his mother had noticed him, but as he felt what he was doing was wrong; he stopped looking up her body and finishing his breakfast left for school.

At school Ajay was inattentive as every moment the vision of his mother was foremost in his thoughts. He had a tough time controlling his mind and making the vision fade away. He was relieved when he heard the final bell and on rushing home he went directly to his room to lock himself up. It was quite sometime before he came down and he was happy to have the living room all by himself.

Meanwhile, Anju after finishing her lunch, started to get tired again and as she needed some rest to come out of it, she stretched herself on the sofa. Relaxing on the sofa, the prime thought on her mind was Ajay. She sarıyer escort kept wondering about him. She knew he was growing up and she had to handle him in a different way. He was passing through his teenage, which was very difficult to cope with and it was here that one needed proper guidance.

She made up her mind to be as accommodating to him as possible and to treat him as an adult. She realized that the present moment, she had to be more of a friend to him, than a mother. It was here she regretted her husband’s helplessness. Thinking about it as she tried to get up, she found it hard to lift her head and she felt as if her body was too heavy and it was pulling her down on the sofa. It was then she thought of Satish and what he had said in the morning.

By the close of evening, on having finished cooking a rich meal for her son, she looked up to see Satish relaxing out in her back yard. She moved over to join him in the open and as he looked up, Anju was in two minds whether to tell him about her problem or not and she stammered at the start. Satish instantly knew the purpose behind her visit. When Anju could muster enough strength, she asked him about the medicine he had talked about in the morning.

‘Oh that Maam, Is a bit difficult to control, Satish replied. ‘Why? What’s so difficult about it, enquired Anju? ‘It’s nothing much, but one has to control the sudden urge he/she gets on taking the medicine, otherwise it is of no use’, replied Satish. ‘Do you think I won’t be able to do so, asked Anju? ‘No Maam, you can’, at first you will find it difficult but gradually it would be easy. You may have to have the medicine for about 10 days, replied Satish. ‘I will do anything to get back to a healthy state’, replied Anju. ‘Okay Maam, from tomorrow you will start taking the medicine’, replied Satish.

Anju was glad that she had spoken to Satish. Though he had not made it clear as to what she had to control, she had totally agreed upon it. She wanted to be as fit as a fiddle to help out her son. Having these thoughts in her mind when she reached the living room, she was amazed to see Ajay stretched out on the chair as an adult person does.

He was so keen in watching the news on the TV that he did not see his mother. The sight of him behaving like a grown up person made Anju stand rooted to the spot, feasting her eyes upon him. It hurt her a little when she realized that he had grown up and he was no longer a boy whom she used to fondle in her arms, but still she was happy to see him as an adult.

She abruptly left the room and returned back with a tray filled with her cooking and when she placed it in front of him, Ajay was astonished to see the change in his mother’s behaviour. It really surprised him when she squatted on the carpet presenting him a plate with a smiling face. Ajay could not believe this and as he took the plate from her hand he said ‘thank you mom’. When Ajay finished up, Anju very lovingly took the tray back to the kitchen.

This was a new found love between the son and the mother and both were very pleased about it. This was a new type of bond between each other and no one knew at that precise moment where it was leading to, but both were in an immensely happy mood.

That night Ajay was on cloud nine. He felt elevated. He felt as though he owned the whole house and he was the head of it. While he shifted his things to an adjoining bedroom and as his mother did not object to it, he felt proud of himself. In the new surroundings when he went to sleep on the king size bed, the last thing which came to his mind was the scene of his father trying to feel his mother’s body. This made his body warmer and he had a sound sleep.

Anju too was recollecting the day’s proceedings lying on her bed. She found it very enjoyable to treat her son as a grown up. She wanted to do all that was possible to keep him happy. She found that she was getting closer to him. She was amazed when he shifted his things from the study to the adjoining bedroom. The last thing she remembered before her eyes went drowsy was from tomorrow she had to take the medicine to cure her weariness.


Anju was a little late in awakening the next morning. On getting up she was surprised to find herself in a healthy frame of mind. After completing her morning chores as she walked down to the kitchen, she saw Satish grinding some roots out in the back yard. As she finished cooking she saw Satish come into the kitchen. He had a glass full of water in his hand and he added a little quantity of the paste which he was grinding and after stirring it a bit, he presenting it to Anju said ‘Maam I have added a very little quantity of the medicine into this, please have it and try to control yourself to the last second’. Saying this Satish left the kitchen.

Anju was puzzled a little as she did not know what she had to control. The only thing Satish had said was the longer you control yourself the more affect the drug maslak escort will have on her. Still wondering about the outcome she gulped down the glass of water and stood still waiting for the result. For a few moments she did not feel anything but gradually she found her bladder being filled up. Her stomach started swelling a little and by the time she could realize what was happening, she suddenly felt her bladder trying to burst open and holding her stomach tightly she ran into the nearest bathroom to relieve herself.

She had reached it in the nick of the time otherwise it would have been a different situation. So when it hit her what she had to control she found it embarrassing to come in front of Satish, but as she stood there she also felt her body go light. Was it due to the fact of emptying her bladder or was it due to the affect of the medicine, she started to wonder.

Anju felt a lot better coming out of the bathroom and after having fetched a glass of tea she took it up the stairs to her son’s room. Though she thought she could enter his room without knocking, she felt it appropriate to knock first. When Ajay opened the door he was glad to see his mother standing at the door with a cup of tea in her hand and when she gave it to him, he kissed her hand while accepting the cup. This small token of love made Anju proud of her son and as she turned to leave, Ajay could not stop gaping down at her lush bottom.

After getting ready for school as Ajay was sitting on the table, he never let a moment pass without looking down at his mother. Today, as he was sitting in a different angle, he could see his mother under the light for a few more seconds while she passed under it. He looked from the corner of his eye when she was in front of him and when she turned around he gazed directly upon her bottom. On looking down at her, Ajay felt the same warmness creeping inside his body and whenever she passed under the light, seeing her figure prominently his pecker started to go stiff. Anju felt his stare and mentally made a note to test him when he came home in the evening.

After Ajay left for school and when she had taken care of her husband, as Anju entered the kitchen, she came face to face with Satish. It was an embarrassing moment for her and when her mind grasped that Satish was quite old and what he had given her was just a medicine, she was at ease again The drug which Satish had given her was ‘Ganja’ (marijuana) which had an intoxicating affect on whoever consumed it and also he had added something to make her bladder fill up.

As Anju finished up her daily chores, she again felt tired and by the time she climbed up to her room, she felt herself drained out. The moment her head hit the pillow she fell fast asleep. Soon she had to wake up as she felt she had to rush to empty her bladder and when she emptied it, she felt a lot of relief. Surprisingly she felt lighter when she came out of the bathroom and she made up her mind to control her urge a little longer the next time as it was what Satish had very clearly mentioned to her, ‘control as long as possible’.

When Anju realized it was time for Ajay to return home, she started searching for some garment to wear to test him. When she could not find anything appealing, she loosened the top two buttons of her night gown which revealed the top of the breasts when looked down from a close range, otherwise she still looked respectful from a distance.

She did not have to wait long to test him. When she came down Ajay had already entered the house and was undoing his shoes and when he looked up she gave him a big smile. Ajay for the whole day was waiting for this moment and he was pleased to see her smiling at him. In a flash he ran up, changed, came back and took the seat which usually his father used to occupy. Anju, when she saw him occupy his father’s seat felt as though he was her husband and not her son, coz the way he sat and the way he acted was a replica of her husband’s actions and from the angle she was looking at him, he looked more like Rajesh.

His looks resembled her husband so much that Anju was stunned and coming out of the daze, she hurriedly went out of the room and after she could get hold of some snacks, she walked into the living room. Ajay had watched her actions and he was enjoying the admiration he got from his mother and when she entered the room with snacks, by instinct his eyes wandered over her body.

Anju saw him looking at her but she did not find any fault in his stare. When she sat down by his side on the lush carpet, she suddenly sensed some warmness creeping in her body and when she saw him looking down at her open gown she shivered with excitement.

Ajay saw her tremble but could not reason it out. As he saw the upper buttons of her gown open, it sent wrong signals to him. He thought that his mother was deliberately showing off and this made his small pecker to grow. Getting bolder he kept staring at the open flaps of her gown hoping for some kind of miracle to happen to expose her body. It did not happen but Anju was baffled as it not only confirmed her suspicions but she too loved every moment of it. She hurriedly left the room

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