Cooperating with the Law

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Cooperating with the LawA woman had been stabbed by her husband in a domestic dispute in a house in the street that I live yesterday . Last night a police woman had knocked on my door asking questions. She was Polynesian, taller than me by 20cm, wearing her bullet proof vest , truncheon, stun gun, pepper spray, etc .. very imposing figure.Did I know the couple ? No Did I notice anything different before this afternoon?NoOkay thanks. If you do remember anything please get in touch with local police station.I closed the door. I had lied. I was a regular at the house and I was more than friends with the husband. After WPC left my phone buzzed . ” Don’t say a thing” . I text back ” I haven’t” .The next morning the WPC was at my door . ” Miss Newman you lied , your neighbours say you new the couple well and you were often seen arriving or departing the house during the day. Can I come in please I need you to answer more questions “”Ah okay “naked except for my short towelling bathrobe , as I strutted down the hall, I emphasised the sway in my hips, leading the way to the kitchen, ” I was just making a coffee would you like one ” . When I walked in to the kitchen I turned and indicated a antique wooden dining chair for her to sit in while I made the coffee. I bent over , keeping my legs straight,to get another mug from under the bench, flashing my clean shaved pussy. As I walked around I evasively answered her questions truthfully but not the whole truth. Yes I knew them well, we have the same hobbies , meet for coffee, her husband would help out around the house fixing things for me etc.. the sash around my waist slowly worked loose. When I sat down , the bathrobe fell open revealing my pale white body , I quickly pulled it back together retying the sash . When I looked up , I could tell she liked what she saw. The questions continued she was looking in my eyes, I couldn’t güvenilir bahis maintain I contact, and her voice was getting louder , her frustration becoming obvious. I wound her up until she sprung on me . You lying cow , I want straight answers and you are going to answer them, her large brown hand on my white throat.Hands behind your back she put her handcuffs on grabbed a chair and made me sit facing the back straddling the chair. A rope I had left lying on the floor ,from tying up the seedlings, she used to loop around my neck then threaded it through the back down to legs of chair where she bound my ankles to it . Where is your bedroom.. Don’t worry I will find it, she walked back down the hall. I couldn’t see her as she searched my house after a while she returned standing behind me. Quite a collection of sex toys in your bedside cabinet, Miss Newman .. I feel cold lubricant as her fingers rub my pussy lips and asshole. Butt plugs .. The biggest one should do , I feel it push against my butt its tapered head penetrating my well used asshole however when it gets to the 70mm diameter plug it painfully stretches my butt hole she works it in and out I scream Police Brutality she laughs as we both no that my nearest neighbours at home are 6 houses away in either direction. My mouth gag , a big red ball attached to steel and leather comes over my head in to my mouth and buckled firmly in place. She lifts my bottom up until the ropes are taut then wedges a foam neck collar, for sleeping on airplanes, between the seat and my bum giving her clear access to my now dripping submissive cunt. Reaching around she cups my breasts takes each nipple between thumb and index finger and squeezes hard then pulls out away from my body Ow !!!She repeats this over and over. I’m whimpering in pain and pleasure. “Your enjoying this aren’t you , Miss Newman”Did the couple know türkçe bahis about your sexual tastes? Lets see what else we can find as I watch her walk towards the entertainment unit which holds other bondage devices and DVDs, pen drives , my porn collection.The WPC opens the draws and sees the Lezdom , Lesbian Mom and daughter , and straight BDSM stuff, she grabs a pen drive , turns on my smart tv , plugs in the pen drive , selects a file, and there is the wife who was murdered bound and gagged being double penetrated by her husband and my strap on. The volume is turned up . The screen shows a a man wearing a leather balaclava and cowboy chaps with his wife straddling him wearing a studded leather collar and leash her blonde hair in a ponytail , arms bound at the elbows and wrists behind her back . Miss Newman is dressed in a leather cat suit with holes for access to her nipples pussy and asshole standing nearby using a riding crop on the cheeks of the murdered woman.Interesting … What else is here as she opens the next cupboard , gleaming stainless steel bondage devices, spreader bars , restraint devices , clamps and chains , more rubber sex toys, and a selection of vibrators. The WPC selects a short chain with a clamp on either end , a speculum, a large personal massager, and a giant 10″ strap on with harness.Lets have some fun. I need to release some tension and I didn’t get fucked yesterday we were interrupted. Helplessly Miss Newman watches the woman strip fit the harness around her waist attach the large dildo. The gag is removed and replaced by the head of the big dildo being forced down her throat, gagging on it , saliva dribbling down her chin. Where is my manners… the policewoman steps back and threads the nipple clamp through the back of the chair opens the clamp , pinches on the nipple , lets the clamp spring closed then threads the other end through güvenilir bahis siteleri another hole and repeats . Yelping and crying Miss Newman realises she is helpless. The WPC butt plug is removed painfully stretching her asshole and the large vibrating head is placed on Miss Newman’s clit and pussy lips. The WPC gets on her knees positions the head of big dildo against this lying bitches asshole shuffles forward as its lubricated shaft disappears up her asshole. Grabbing her hips the WPC thrusts slow and long strokes , Miss Newman’s body trembles convulsing in orgasms screaming and cursing. The fucking continued until the WPC was winded from her low impact aerobic hip thrusting. She removed the harness then tied it around her waist. Walked around to be in front of her then grabbed a handful of Miss Newmans hair and pulled her face to her sweaty hairy pussy and told her to lick it.Miss Newman cooperated with getting the WPC off her tongue flicking her clit , her mouth sucking down on her pussy lips, tongue probing the WPCs juicy cunt.The WPC comes in streams squirting all over her Miss Newman, her face and body, pooling on the floor. After getting dressed the WPC read Miss Newman her rights and released her from the seat put the short towel robe over her naked bound body and picked her up in a fireman lift over her shoulder carried her to the car. In the months that follow Miss Newman is sexually abused by the WPC in the police station , in the holding cell at the courthouse , and in prisons private visitation once sentenced for the murder of the woman. Miss Newman has maintained her innocence throughout unfortunately her DNA was found under the dead woman’s fingernails , finger prints on the murder weapon, the knife missing from her knife block, and motive- Jealousy .The WPC left traces as well but was explained away by being the first officer on the scene contaminating the crime scene. The husband stated in his witness statement that his wife was having lesbian sex with several women no one knew who the women were except that she liked big athletic Polynesian dykes roughly fucking her.

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