Country Living


James and I recently moved up north to accommodate his company. It was a big change for both of us. There were landscape differences and weather changes that were very new to us. The scenery was more exciting and closer to nature, which pleased me.

Even though I had lived in the area, many years ago, coming back to it was a culture shock. First off, we were on top of a hill and the road down was narrow and treacherous. It wound around the hill like a roller coaster and driving it frighten me. Also, the weather temperatures were much outside the ones we had become accustom.

We decided that, for now, I would not work outside the home. James was making enough money for us to live comfortably. So I spend my days doing the domestic thing here on top of the hill.

I do enjoy seeing the deer as they graze in the yard. The bird population is fantastic. Robins, Cardinals, Morning Doves Humming Birds and many other species bring a smile to my face as I sit here looking out of the windows daily.

The temperature changes are the largest cause of discomfort for me. I know its summer because I sit here, this July morning, looking out my open windows, watching the Robins play chase through the massive trees that make up the forest behind my house. I have my windows open and enjoy the feel of the cool air as it plays with my nipples and dances over my smooth shaven pussy. I clit stands up hard as the chilled air winds its way around my skin.

That’s the beauty of living here, on top o the hill, no other houses around only nature. No one ever sees my naked body as I stand in front of the open windows as the breeze teases me. But it makes me horny and I need to find some release. I want to feel the stiffness of a thick cock between my legs, it’s steel-like shaft sliding in and out of my silky pussy like a well greased piston. In and out, our juices mixing, causing a fire in my hole.

James went off to work this morning after giving my hungry clit a good licking, but it left me moaning for more. My fingers slipped under the covers as he closed the front door and I pleasured myself a bit longer but the fire still burns for a real cock to put out the burning embers there.

My clit was hard and as I rubbed it, the heat flowed down my legs and juices filled my hungry twat. But it was a dick I wanted. A large heavy one with big balls that slapped my butt each time the shaft penetrated my cunt.

I decided to read a sexy novel hoping it would, at least, ease some of the passion between my thighs. I lay back on the sofa with one holding the book and the other between my thighs trying to ease the tension there. This produced only a slight orgasm, certainly nothing to write home about.

As I was recovering from that minor event, I heard a rustle in the trees out in the back. I figured it was just a deer racing through there and paid little attention to it. I decided to take a whirlpool bath to see if that helped the tension any.

I stood up and turned to the window. There, standing at the edge of the tree line was a shirtless man. His chest was wide and arms bulged with tight muscles. It appeared that he was just hiking through the forest

He looked toward the house; his eyes grew large as he saw me standing in my window, my hand still on my hungry clit. He smiled; his eyes grew large. He waved at me and I waved back. I noticed the bulge in his jeans and it grew. I thought, ‘Now THATcan take care of this better than that whirlpool bath’.

I waved him forward and walked to the back door. As I opened it, his smile grew and he reached out with his large hand to cup my thick, unbridled breast. He pinched the erect nipple and a shudder ran through me. Juices spewed in my hungry coochie as I pressed my lips to his.

As we separated he smiled and said, “Hello, my name’s Colin and I’m very pleased to meet you. Do you possibly have a glass of water that I could have? I am so dry from hiking in the woods. I’m surprised how hot it is since the air’s so cool.”

“Sure, come on in and I’ll give you a glass of ice water. Is there anything else you would like while you’re here? Do you need to rest?” I asked.

His smile grew along with the bulge in his jeans. “Well, I am a bit tired, do you by chance have a bed I could relax on for a short while?” he smiled and winked.

“Yes, actually I do and I just changed the sheets this morning. I turned and led him to the master bedroom. The sunbeams shined brightly on the white sheets blinding me as I entered. I turned to Colon and my smile broadened as he started to unzip his tight jeans.

He had no underwear on and his large, thick cock popped out like a snake. It’s eye pointed up and there was a drop of precum smiling back at me. It was at least eight inches and its veins showed blue and purple under the skin.

I licked my lips and wanted to fall on my knees and lick the tasty juice from his red, flared head.

I thought, ‘James would love to get this one ready for me; too bad he’s gone to work.’

Then taksim esc I asked Colin, “Do you live around here?” And as an afterthought, “I haven’t seen you before.”

”No, I’m here for the summer; I’m helping my brother refurbish an old barn he bought and making it into a house just on the other side of the woods. Today was just too nice to be working and he needed to go pick up some supplies so I decided to take a walk in the woods and enjoy the sounds of nature,” he explained.

“Well, I’m glad you did, because I can use a man like you today. I have an itch that I can’t seem to scratch,” I smiled at him and he blushed.

“I promise to do the best I can to take care of that,” he assured me.

I laughed and said, “I’m sure you have the right tools.”

Colin blushed once again and took me in his arms. He kissed me deep and hard as his hands explored the curves of my skin. He paused at my hips and squeezed the thickness there.

“Nice hips, like velvet too,” he whispered.

I smiled and pulled him toward the bed. I wanted to feel that nice prick deep in my luscious garden. My juices were flowing and it was all I could do not to attack him.

When we hit the edge of the bed, I fell backwards pulling him on top of me. His face fell into my breast and his mouth covered my left nipple. Fire shot through me and electricity flowed through my veins.

It was as if it had been years since a “real” man pleased me, not just a few days. I wanted James to be here to partake of this pleasure too. I would tell him all about it tonight and get him excited while he licked Colin’s thick cum from my cunt.

Colin, in the meantime, was really getting excited. He was hard and I could feel the veins pulsing as I stroked his heavy penis. It felt good in my hands. It was so thick that I had to use both hands to caress it. As my fingers massaged its mass, my tongue flicked at its head and I tasted the salty fluid as it trickled slowly out. Its flavor excited me and more fluids flowed into my pussy.

My mouth covered his plum-shaped head and I swallowed his length down my throat. Colin’s hands pressed against the back of my head to insure that I would take his length. He assisted me by pushing up and down on my head as my lips and tongue played with his manhood.

My nipples became hard and my fingers reached for my pulsating clit. I was so horny and I wanted nothing as much as I did his hard shaft pounding in my liquid pond. As soon as I came up for air, I rolled off him and spread my legs. My hand instantly went to my slit and found my pulsating clit and began to rub her.

Colin returned the licking as he dove into my clit. The tip of his tongue excited her so much that she stood tall for him. I arched my back and shoved my pussy toward his face and his tongue dove deep inside me, exploring the dark, wet regions of my womanhood. Moans escaped my throat as my hands pushed his face deeper into my hungry cunt.

When he finally came up for air, my juices dripped from his chin. He bent to kiss me and I tasted my pungent fluids; they were salty and bitter but delicious. I lapped at his chin with my tongue, then he covered my mouth with his as his tongue explored my throat.

“Fuck me Colin!” I implored him. “I need a real man to satisfy me. My boyfriend can’t please me he is so small. He has a good tongue but that can’t take the place of a good fucking. I need a man that can make me cry out in pleasure and fuck me for hours. Please give it all to me!” I begged.

“Oh, I’ll fuck you all right!” he replied. “I’ll fuck you all day if you want!” I like your smooth tight pussy. I like that hard little clit of yours, the way it stands at attention when my tongue touches it. I haven’t felt such a hard clit. I like it that way!”

He slipped down to the foot of the bed and pulled my legs wide apart. Then he licked the palm of his hand and ran it the length of his shaft. With his other hand he placed two fingers between the lips of my pussy separating them. He stroked the inside of my lips with the tip of his cock. It was smooth and soft and ran a chill up my spine.

Then Colin plunged his hips forward and the plum shaped head slipped effortlessly into the moistness of my waiting cunt. My breath slipped out in a sigh of pure pleasure as my hips pressed forward to welcome him to my pleasure center. My nipples grew hard on his down-stroke and a pleasing cry escaped my lips as he ripped through the soft skin there.

His thrusts were deep and penetrated the soul of me. My hips plunged forward to meet his lunges. Our breath came in gasps and our bodies were slick with the salty sweat that covered us as the cool breeze played in the curtains above us.

In and out, Colin rode my body for a long while before his stamina gave out. His breath came in long sharp gasps as he continued to do pushups over my sucking pussy. He finally gave way to the impulse to release his seed into the darkness. Its load overflowed my banks and spewed onto both of us.

The warmth kağıthane esc of his seed filled me with such pleasure that I wrapped my arms around his back and pressed his hips deeper into my womanhood not wanting this moment to end.

My hard breasts were crushed under his weight; I wanted his mouth on them. He licked at the firm mounds and nibbled at their nipples as he tried to catch his breath. Then all motion from him stopped. My body was pinned under his weight and I felt completely fulfilled for the first time in a week.

Finally, he rolled off me and smiled. “Oh I had no idea I needed that so badly. You have a beautiful body and it’s so responsive. Is your boyfriend really so small that he is unable to please you?” he wanted to know.

“Yes, actually he is only about three and a half inches hard. But as I said before, he does have a great tongue and he loves me very much. He knows I need other lovers; ones that can give me what he cannot. He often likes to watch while they give me what he can’t. I let him join in the fun sometimes too,” I explained.

“Wow, so he’s one of those funny guys?” he asked.

“Funny?” I inquired.

“Yeah, what’s the word? Comold or something like that. I read a story about it in a man’s magazine once. It was about a man that couldn’t give his wife what she needed so he found other men to take care of her. It was a really hot story but I didn’t believe it was true.” Colin said.

“Oh, I can assure you that it is true. There are many men out there that are either under endowed or at least think that they are unable to please the woman they love that do that. Yes, the term is cuckold. They enjoy seeing the women they love with other men and will also clean up the other man’s cum while the “Bull” watches.

“Bull, what’s that?” Colin looked interested in the idea.

“The Bull is the guy that pleases the Mistress, me, while the cuckold watches. Sometimes the Bull will let the cuckold get him ready by letting the cuckold suck his cock to make it hard. Some Bulls like to fuck cuckolds in the ass just to humiliate them and show them that they are superior to them. Most Bulls love to see a cuckold lick their thick cum out of the Mistress’ pussy.” I explained.

“Wow, so that wasn’t just a story, huh?” he was excited. “Do you have many Bulls?”

“I did before we moved up here,” I told him. “But it’s difficult to get a Bull to move nine-hundred miles to keep a Mistress and cuck happy. It’s been weeks and I was so horny. I’m so glad you came along. You wouldn’t want to be my first Northern Bull would you?” I asked with pleading in my eyes.

“Do I have to let him suck my dick?” he asked apprehensively.

“Only if you want. James understands that not all men like that. But I will tell you that it really turns me on to see a cock in James’ mouth. I love to see him sissified. It really turns me on. Just thinking about it now makes me wet,” I explained as I opened my legs wide and placed his hand back into my pussy.

“Wow! You’re slicker than when we were fucking. I’ll have to take care of that for you again now.”

Colin knelt over me again and stroked his dick a few times then was ready to go again. He slid his head between my lips and moved it up and down using my juices to moisten it. Then pressed only slightly to slip it into my wet cunt.

My hips plunged forward to meet his thrusts and a shot of pleasure coursed through me once again. It felt as if hot mercury was flowing through my veins. My thigh muscles quivered and my legs flailed uncontrollably.

“Oh yes! Fuck me hard!” I cried as his body slammed against mine with more passion than before. I thought ‘he’s really turned on by the idea of being watched while he fucked another man’s woman.’

I heard the front door open and knew it was James coming home for lunch. I looked at Colin and was sure that he hadn’t heard the door. He was completely engrossed in his dick slipping in and out of my soaked pussy.

I looked at the door to the bedroom and saw him arrive. A smile crossed his lips and he shook his head up and down in pleasure. His hand slid under the band of his jeans and I saw his the bulge as his hand circled his tiny penis and started stroking it..

He watched as Colin gave me an even better fucking than the one before. With each downstroke of Colin’s dick James’ hand moved faster on his little dicklett. And I became even wetter.

When Colin exploded in my pussy his seed once again overflowed. “Wow! I have never had a man fill me that much two times in a row!” I told him.

“Well, it’s been a while for me too. Yeah, I’d like to be your Bull; I’ll even let your boyfriend suck my dick if he really wants to. Hell! I might like that, who knows?”

From behind him James said, “No better time than the present to find out.”

Colin quickly turned and saw James standing there, his hand still in his jeans, still stroking his dick.

“Colin, this is James, my boyfriend. James, this is Colin, he came out of the çapa esc woods this morning while I was masturbating and I thought, ‘Wow, a gift from the gods!” Look at the size of this dick!” I implored him.

James approached the bed and first shook Colin’s hand. “Thanks for taking care of my Lady, man. You did a great job, I can tell. Look at all the spilled cum! You want to do this for her everyday?”

I could tell Colin wasn’t completely comfortable with the situation as James shook his hand then bent to kiss me.

I heard Colin say in a low voice, “Yeah, man it would be my pleasure to fuck this beautiful lady everyday. Hell, I’ll even try to let you suck my dick if it turns you on.”

“Really?” James asked, “That would be great! She needs a lot of sex and I can’t give it to her. You see, god didn’t give me much to work with,” he said and dropped his jeans to the floor.

Colin’s eyes grew big and he turned a bit red. “Wow man, I’m sorry!”

“Not your fault, but like I said, you could help if you would cum fuck my Mistress on a daily basis!” James smiled.

“Like I said, I’d love to. I’ll even let you watch and get me ready if you want; she told me that turns her on. I’d like to see her turned on. See that finger playing with that pretty clit of hers. Hope that doesn’t upset you,” he covered his excitement.

“Not at all man, it excites me. Want to watch as I clean her up?” James asked.

Colin wasn’t sure how to answer. He looked to me for an answer. I shook my heard yes.

“Sure, why not. I’m always looking for new ways to get turned on!” he replied.

James climbed onto the bed after taking off his jeans. He crawled between my legs and licked the spilled cum off my thighs. Then his fingers parted my sticky lips and his tongue dove deep inside my pussy. His talented lingua skated around my clit lighting another fire in my groin.

My hips jutted toward his mouth and he lapped at the wetness there as his fingers played with my stiff clit. James’ tongue slowly moved through my pussy familiar with all the hiding places she possessed. He didn’t lose a bit of the tasty cum that Colin had deposited.

I heard moans escape as he licked and scooped the tantalizing treat left for him. James pressed his lips as deeps as they would go so that his tongue wouldn’t miss a morsel or the seed there.

I turned my attention to Colin. I wanted to see his expression and interest in what was happening before his eyes. His hand had dropped to his dick and he was slowly stroking it. His eyes were glued to James as his dug for the gold between my legs. He licked his lips from time to time and I saw the golden drops of cum surface on the head of his penis again.

He reached for James’ shoulder and pulled him off me. I was sure he was going to fuck me again. But instead he turned James to face him and plunged his hard cock into James’ partially open mouth.

I watched as Colin forced James’ head back and forth until James took over the motion willingly. Colin laid back and let James pleasure him. From time to time his tongue would flicker out of his mouth and lick his lips. Colin’s hips would rise and fall and James tried to keep pace.

I lay back and spread my legs wide. My fingers dipped deep into the congealing seed that remained there. It was so thick that I needed to wet my fingers to soften it up enough for me to use it for my excitement.

My clit was hard and throbbing. My fingers raced over it time and again as lighting flashed down my legs and spewed fluids in my cunt once again.

Colin watched me masturbate as James sucked his cock with a passion. “Yeah, do it baby, play with that pussy! Let me see you cum! Open those lips wide! Show me that cunt of yours! Be my whore! Be my desire! I’m gonna fuck you again when I come in his mouth!” he cried.

This made me excited and I stroked my clit faster; my breast became hard. I reached up and pinched my left nipple; fire flowed through my body.

James began to moan. I saw Colin arch his back and I knew that he was about to fill James’ mouth with his seed. James’ eyes were wide open with an expression of ecstasy on his face. His throat convulsed as the seed was forced down it from the pressure of Colin’s stream.

“That’s it sissy, swallow it all. Don’t you love the taste of my hot cum flowing down your throat? You had better get use to this if you want me to fuck your woman!” he taunted James.

This made me stroke my clit faster and my other hand pushed my fingers in and out of my wet pussy faster and faster. I wanted to cum with Colin and then have him spray the last of his cum on my tits as he pushed James off his staff.

As James fell back, I placed my tits before his dick and the white seed gushed out covering them. I ran my hands over them and enjoying the slickness of the sperm on my skin.

Once James recovered he bent over and licked the seed from my breasts while his fingers stroked and squeezed my clit. My entire body tingled with excitement.

Colin pushed James off me and threw me on the bed. His dick had already become hard. He kissed me; his tongue jutted hard into my mouth and he pushed it deep into my throat. As he pulled it out, he lay me on the bed and spread my legs.

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