Cousins Reunion Ch. 07


Chapter 07: Mira’s Turn

Breakfast was a bit awkward. Here we were, trying to act normal. My cousin and I were having an illicit affair yet again, and now, she has openly involved me in a tryst, of sorts, with her best friend Mira. Don’t get me wrong, I love having these two gorgeous women, well, have me. I’m just not sure how two women will get along with one guy, at the same time. So far, so good.

The two of them were chatting about what we should do the rest of the day. I sat quietly listening and watching their body language. Would there be any sign of tension between them? Would jealousy begin to cause friction? Would Kay really want to share me with her friend? This was going to be very interesting. I did not want to spoil the next couple of days, after all, that is all that was left of my allotted time here with Kay. And, now, maybe spend this time with Mira. Would we really spend it together, the three of us?

“Jay, Jay, pay attention. Where were you just then?” asked Kay.

“Thinking about how I want to act natural. Thinking about how much fun this morning was. Thinking how lucky I am. Thinking how I don’t want to mess up any friendships. Thinking how uncomfortable I am right now not wanting this to end, but not knowing exactly what to do.”

“Jay, don’t worry about us,” reassured Kay as she stood and stepped behind Mira and put her arms around her. “Our friendship is on very good grounds,” and while looking me in the eye, she reached inside Mira’s robe and gently fondled her breasts. Mira’s eyes closed as she tipped her face up toward Kay’s. Kay tilted her face down and placed her lips on Mira’s parted lips. I could see Mira’s tongue slip between Kay’s lips as they kissed. Mira’s robe fell open as she reached up to gently hold Kay’s head. I could see Kay’s fingers lightly pinching Mira’s dark areolae, her nipples standing erect and firm between Kay’s fingertips.

I was transfixed by the eroticism of their kiss. I was holding my breath not wanting to disturb the scene that had unfolded before me. They finally broke the kiss, looked at me and smiled. I started breathing again, and whispered, “I seem to be saying wow a lot lately, but WOW.”

“Jay, you have to understand what I am about and have always been about. I am open, I am about fun, I tend to be wild, but only with those whom I love. I love you. I love Mira. I give you permission to love Mira and I have given her permission to love you. It will please and make me very happy because I will be sharing with my favorite people.”

“Please go wait in the Family Room for a minute,” she said as she pulled me up out of the chair, kissed me, turned me and swatted me on the butt as I walked away leaving the two of them alone in the kitchen. “We’ll join momentarily.”

I heard the phone ringing, then Kay’s voice murmuring in the background. A few seconds later, Mira walked through the door, sans robe, sans everything but her tanned skin. She ran across the room and reached inside my robe, put her arms around me. I felt her cool skin press against me.

“Brrrr, I got a bit chilled,” she said as I enclosed our bodies in my robe. She pulled herself against me, her breasts pressing against the lower part of my chest, my pelvis against her lower abdomen. “Kay confiscated my robe and kicked me out of the Kitchen. She is going to be tied up on the phone with Parker for a while. My instructions are to make sure you and I get to know each other better.”

“Really?” I replied as I held her close enjoying the contact of her skin against mine. “I have to say, this is a really good start.”

Mira hugged me tighter, her breasts pressing into my chest, my flaccid penis hanging down, trapped between us, began to fill with blood and pressed more firmly into her tummy.

We moved over and sat down on the couch and I pulled a day blanket over us. Mira’s palm was lightly rubbing my chest and caressing my pecs, her fingers searched for and then found my nipples. She teased them gently sending shivers through my body.

“You seem to know a lot more about me than I do about you Mira.”

“Yes. But in general, whatever Kay likes, I like even better. That applies to just about anything and everything. So, in a sense, you already know me. But, plan on getting to know me even better. I know I plan on getting to know you better,” and with that, she bent over and placed her lips lightly against my nipple.

“Ummmm, Mira, that feels nice,” I encouraged as her lips danced and played with my nipple’s sensitive and now erect flesh. Her tongue lightly tasted, then firmly licked my areola as I placed a hand firmly on the back of her head not wanting her to stop. “God that feels good,” I whisper into her hair. Her pliant lips and tongue sucked and I felt my nipple pulled inside the wet warmth of her mouth. Sensations of pleasure coursed through my body as she reached for and found my other hand. She pulled it to her and placed it first on her left breast, the nipple bursa escort already erect and tight from her chill, then over her right breast. Her breasts were a perfect fit, filling my cupping palm, the skin of each cool to the touch. She then guided my hand slowly down her abdomen to the warmth between her legs.

As she released my nipple, she said, “Don’t be shy. Kay and I have been talking about doing this ever since she shared with me the affair the two of you had a few years ago. She never got over it. Once she started talking to me about it, she opened up about how she obsesses about being with you again. I was caught up in her fantasy. We dreamed together about the wild things we would like to do, fantasized together about what we would like to do with and to you. We never, I never, dreamed we would actually have this opportunity. I assumed it was all silly girl talk. But now, here you are. You and Kay actually rekindled your affair. Kay has actually brought me into the fantasy and made it a reality.”

“When Kay knew you were coming for sure, she couldn’t wait to tell me. I was stunned that she actually planned on implementing what we had fantasized about. It didn’t take much to get me excited after I saw you the first time. Her description and old pictures of you didn’t do you justice. I already felt like I knew you because Kay had shared so much with me. We both wanted to see if reality could meet our expectations. For Kay, so far, it has. She shared the last few days with you in intimate detail. And now, here we are, together, in intimate detail.”

She raised her head and pressed her lips against my mouth. I felt the tip of her tongue against my lips, pressing, asking for entrance. I opened my mouth and allowed her insistent tongue to enter and explore, finding and caressing my tongue. I kept my tongue in contact with hers, followed its retreat between our lips, followed it to where she gently sucked and held it in her mouth.

While enjoying the taste of her mouth and the interplay of our tongues, I let my fingers trace the outline of her labia down to just above her anus. Mira’s legs parted, creating space for my exploring hand. My middle finger slipped easily between her labia, moist and slick with the lubricating liquids being produced deep inside her vagina. Mira sighed and pressed her pelvis against my hand. I guided my finger to her vaginal opening, inserted my finger slightly and felt her muscles contract around my fingertip. I pushed gently and my finger slid easily into her body, the muscles of her vagina squeezing against my finger. I slipped my index finger along side my middle finger and felt the tight opening give way and allow my advancing fingers to probe her warm channel. I curled my fingers upward, searching for that sensitive area on the anterior surface of her pussy. Mira squirmed slowly against my hand, against my probing fingertips, moaning into my mouth, our kiss deepening and becoming more urgent.

Mira’s tongue danced with mine. The dance moved and twisted slowly, back and forth, in and out. As my tongue followed hers, between her lips, I pushed deeper into the wet darkness between her legs. As I withdrew my hand, my fingers sliding out of her tight slit, I withdrew my tongue from her mouth and her tongue followed into mine. Our breathing matched, panting and building with excitement. My palm was pressed tightly against her vulva. I sensed a thickened area of tissue pressed against the heel of my hand. It seemed to have become more prominent in conjunction with the insistent motion of Mira’s pelvis and her building moans.

I withdrew my fingers from her warm depths. She sensed my intentions. She cried out, quickly grabbed my wandering hand and directed it back to her slit, pressed it tightly against her sex and guided my fingers inside her tight hole. My fingers again slid easily into the most private area of her body, probing the space that opened before them. Each delicate fold and ridge encountered, explored and appreciated as I plumb the depths of the offered cave of treasures; I savored each sensation. I gently explored her cervix the gateway to her womb. The tip of my finger sensed a depression in the center, probed the passageway, the entrance through witch my seed will pass when I fill her cunt with my sperm.

I felt her hand pull at my robe. Her touch was warm and gentle as her fingers deftly found my swollen organ and encircled it. Her fingers slid to the base of my cock. She pressed between my thighs, my legs parted and gave access to my balls which hung loosely in my scrotum. She cupped my testicles gently in her hand, her fingers lightly rolled and tumbled them. I felt my balls churn within my now tightening scrotal sac as my erection continued to straighten in preparation for my cock to penetrate the place my fingers explored. Her fingers reached lower and lightly tickled the sensitive tissue between my balls and anus, my cock twitched involuntarily, now fully erect and hard. I sensed bursa escort bayan my scrotum tightening as my excitement built, drawing my jewels up into a compact package against the base of my shaft.

The thickened tissue under my palm pressed even more noticeably against my moving hand as I fucked her pussy with slow passes of my invading fingers. I withdrew my fingers and gently pinched the plump labia surrounding her pussy’s dark canal. I slowly moved my fingers along the cleft formed by her sex lips, toward the thickened area. I manipulated the tissue gently and was rewarded with the discovery her clit, which is half the length of my little finger and its the diameter nearly the same. I pulled at the protective hood and exposed the full length of her pleasure rod. She moans loudly at the contact. I trapped the rod between my fingers and its protective hood and stroked and masturbated its length. Her cries signaled her obvious enjoyment. She grabbed my cock, stroked and masturbated me, willing me to follow her rhythm.

“Oh yes, there, my god that feels good,” she whispered, then drove her tongue deeply back into my mouth, her lips crushed mine, her breath forced its way into my lungs as it quickened with her excitement. “Hmmmm, yes, there, touch me there, don’t stop, oh god please don’t” she pleaded.

“Ummm, god, your clit….., Mira, you are a wonder.”

I pushed her back on the couch and laid on top of her. I caressed her face. “Mira, you are so beautiful,” I breathed into her ear as I let the tip of my tongue trace the curve of her ear down to her neck, sucked her skin, then down to her breast. I touched her breast, felt her nipple grow and harden under my tongue, as my hand caressed, gently squeezed and enjoyed the soft substance of her tit.

“You are intoxicating. Your skin is so smooth and soft. I love how your breasts fit into the palm of my hand. Mira, you are so incredibly sexy.” I put my lips to her nipple. Licked the hard erect bud and lightly pulled at it with my teeth. I drew her small breast into my mouth and savored the texture of the tissue that filled my sucking mouth.

Mira placed her hands on my shoulders and gently signaled where she wanted me to be. I moved down and admired her sex. I touched her labia and saw the swollen clitoris that now pushed through the wet cleft. I leaned forward and pressed my tongue against her labia, slipped it into her tight hole, tasted her nectar, salty and plentiful. She moaned and pulled my head tight. My tongue followed the groove between her pussy lips to her protruding clit. I licked the length of the swollen organ forcing my tongue under its hood. I pressed my tongue directly against the swollen pearl of pleasure. Mira shuddered. I drew the little shaft into my mouth and sucked it gently and played my tongue along its length. I reached up and reinserted my fingers into her moist vagina as I stimulated the nerve rich clit with my tongue and lips.

“Oh god, don’t stop, harder, faster, don’t move, fuck that feels good, don’t stop, make me cum….” she begged.

I sucked her clit more forcefully. I pulled the hood back, fully exposed the rod and trapped it between my tongue and her pubic bone. I ground the length of it between my tongue and her pelvis. She clamped my head over her clit, held me firmly and fucked her hips against my mouth.

She climaxed violently. Her moans became screams as I continued to suck at her swollen clit, her vaginal muscles firmly contracted against my fingers as she held my head with a viselike grip against her thrusting pelvis. The contractions subsided, her moans subsided and she relaxed her body back against the couch, spent from the intensity of her orgasm.

“Come here Jay,” Mira said as she tugged gently, her hands on either side of my head. She pulled me to her, my body on top of hers, my chest crushing her breasts between us, my cock against her wet crotch, my mouth against hers. She hungrily sucked my tongue. We both smelled the fragrance of her sex on my lips and face. “Fuck me Jay. I want to feel your cock fill and stretch my pussy.”

She reached between our legs, grasped my erect penis and guided it between her legs, to her pussy, pressed it against her vulva, rubbed it against her wet slit, lubricated the head and shaft of my rock hard erection with secretions flowing from her cunt.

“Do you want to fuck me Jay? Do you want to feel your tool press against my entrance? Do you want to feel your dick slide into my dark tunnel? Do you want to feel your cock inside my hot pussy?”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes…..”

“Tell me what you want. Tell me where you want to be. Tell me how you want to fuck me Jay.”

“I want your hand to guide my dick into your cunt. I want to slowly stretch your pussy with the head of my cock and slide my entire length through your tight slit. I want you to hold my balls as I fuck you.”

“Here, fuck me now,” she said as she placed my dick against her vaginal opening.

I escort bursa pushed my penis against her introitus. The tissue parted, stretched and opened around my invading hard flesh. My dick slid inside and was enveloped by her welcoming body. I thrust into her pussy and felt my cock ram into the end of her internal canal. I pulled back and thrust again more firmly. She grunted with the contact, but did not resist or retreat. She met me thrust for thrust. She fucked me as I fucked her. The thrusts became more urgent, became violent in their intensity.

Her tight canal clutched my cock, stimulated the sensitive nerve endings that were causing the orgasmic forces to build. I pulled my cock out of her cunt and rammed it back inside, stretched her opening, slammed into her pussy over and over. I grunted with the effort. I moaned with the building pressure.

“Oh Jesus, don’t move…., god, I don’t want to come yet, fuck…,” I panted out, concentrating, every ounce of will power I had, went into not pumping my shaft uncontrollably into that wonderful pussy. My cock remained poised, motionless except for the pre-orgasmic contractions of my cock against Mira’s vulva, the head of my dick held by her pussy.

Mira, thank god, remained still, did not move, didn’t twitch a muscle. If she had, I would have lost control. I was that close to the edge, the point of no return. I overcame the tremendous urge for release, the unbelievable desire to cum. The imminent orgasm receded. I was in control of my sexual organ again. I slowly sunk my rigid cock into her glorious cunt. I watched myself as I disappeared into that slit between her widely spread legs. I reveled in the luxuriant, velvety and succulent textures of the exquisitely designed receptacle nestled perfectly between her lithe legs.

I controlled my pace, built to an exquisite closeness, then slowed and let the orgasmic tensions diminish. The tides of my excitement ebbed and retreated, but ultimately, the building surf was becoming a tidal wave of energy that was not going to be held back or controlled. The energy that mounted in my pelvis and was focused in my cock became unbearable. I willed myself, forced myself to hold back.

Mira cried out with every thrust. “Jay, fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck my cunt, slam your cock into me, I want your cum inside of me.”

I attempted to hold back, I endeavored again to stop the violent tide that had built up inside of me. Mira grabbed my ass and pulled us together wildly thrusting her hips against my hips. She forced her desire onto and over mine. Her pussy enveloped and engulfed my dick deep inside her body.

My built up tension exploded. My cock spasmed, contracted forcefully and spewed my semen into her pussy. The great contractions and involuntary thrusts of my pelvis driving my stiff prick deep inside of her, ramming my length into her depths, causing her to scream at the violence of my thrusts into her stretched flesh. My pumping hips out of my control. Primal urges taking over with animal lust, desire and reflexes forcing my body to spend all of itself into her body. Hot jets of sperm ejaculated into her as I continued pounding into her cunt.

Finally, I collapsed, totally spent, panting with the effort of the climax I had just experienced. My cock still inside her stretched and abused pussy.

“My god Jay. I have never been fucked like that before. The power, the overwhelming sense of being completely taken, it was wonderful.” She pulled my face to hers and kissed me deeply and passionately. “Please, make me cum again. I am so incredibly turned on, I need the release. I want your tongue on me again. I want your mouth to suck my clit again. Please?”

Without a word, I grabbed her hips, holding her pelvis tightly to mine, my cock still inside her pussy, her cunt plugged with my now softening penis. I spun our bodies so that I was now kneeling on the floor between her legs, her ass at the edge of the couch, her shoulders and head slouched against the back of the couch. Her pussy was a wet mess of her lubricating secretions, my saliva and white sperm leaking out around my softening shaft. I arranged the day blanket under her ass trying to protect the couch from the results of our lovemaking. Mira sensed what I was doing and raised her hips to allow me to slide the blanket under her ass. My cock slid deeper inside her messy hole, forcing my cum to ooze out around my dick. She reached down, grabbed my penis and touched the mess oozing from her cunt. She placed her fingers in her mouth and licked them clean. She grabbed her knees and pulled them up and back, spreading her legs wide.

“Please,” she pleaded again.

I watched my cock slowly emerge from her hole as I pulled my pelvis away from hers. I watched her flesh stretched taught as the head of my cock slowly exited her pussy. My cock fell between my legs, cum dripped from the dangling tip. Her cunt gapped open, stretched from the abuse my fucking had left behind. My cum oozed out of the gapping orifice, down across her anus and onto the blanket under her ass.

Mira pulled her knees more widely apart, offering her opened cunt. “Please make me cum Jay,” she implored again.

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