Keiran took me to a networking event recently. He hates things like this, but understands the necessity of them, particularly in his line of work. This one, however, was at an obscenely snooty private club Downtown. It’s rare that they invite the wives or girlfriends to come along, but this one made it very explicit that we were supposed to come along.

“You think we’re going to get ambushed with elaborately decorated quarter masks and an orgy?” I laughed.

“They want to see how much money you’ve thrown at your wife’s appearance. That’s the barometer for some of these guys. How many Barbie parts can you put on her and will you still have enough to pay for the tickets to get in the door when you’re done supplementing her? Gotta pay to play with these assholes.”

“You’re so cynical.”

“Whatever. There’s an open bar and you’re beautiful without any effort. I’ll be fine tonight.”

I was glad we had a driver and there was an open bar. I don’t drink often, but knowing I’d get home safe opened the door for me to do so.

Apparently, the night meant a lot to him. I’d been thoroughly fussed over, a stylist to wrangle my hair into an updo, a girl to do my makeup, and a sassy lady with a rack of dresses, a trunk full of jewelry, and an impeccable selection of shoes to choose from.

“Something sexy,” Keiran requested. “I want every person in that room to need a neck brace after we leave.”

“I don’t get to pick my dress out?” I whined.

“You just get your hair pulled and your makeup on, sugar. I’ll make sure you’re gorgeous. Don’t worry about it.”

He chose a red dress that featured an asymmetrical top and a dangerously high slit. I started to get dressed and the woman told me, “you either need a string thong or you have to go without panties.” The slit is too damn high when you have to wear double stick tape on your snatch to maintain your integrity. Also, having someone put double stick tape on your snatch is a really awkward ankara escort situation. Topped off with gold heels and accessories, I felt like a movie star, if a bit too daring to be out in public. Keiran loved the look, though, and that was all the push I needed to get in the car and go.

I’d only heard of the place we were going to, the mythical hangout of the oil and gas barons who run Texas. Membership fees are astronomical, and you have to be highly endorsed by a current member to even be considered. Country clubs had nothing on this place. It was beautiful, though; up some forty odd flights, it boasted an unbeatable view of Houston.

I was, by far, the youngest person there. Most of the women looked like they’d dusted off their debutante ball dresses for the evening. Southern Belles can be so goddamn gaudy. None of them seemed particularly interested in holding a conversation with me, which I’m used to, as I’m usually the youngest and the only black woman in attendance at these events, so after dinner, I played my role well, sitting at the bar and chatting up the men who had separated themselves from their dates. Keiran watched from the other end, smirking as the stools around me quickly filled and others soon pulled up chairs from the dinner tables. I was literally surrounded by men clamoring for conversation and attention from me.

Look, if you can play men for fools by flashing a bit of thigh, by all means, do. There is something to be said for the power you can exert by merely being a vision of femininity.

Keiran always tells me I should work for him, and in those instances, I suddenly do, talking business with these men who view themselves as more important than god simply because they have more money than they have a purpose for. I even have a business card that says I’m his head assistant; I kiss the back of that bad boy, and it’s a guaranteed call Monday morning. The commission I’ve gotten off of doing business for him in this manner escort ankara is mind-blowing. When he says I’m his secret weapon, he’s not joking in the slightest. I am fiercely deadly in that set-up.

After a few drinks, Keiran cut his way into the circle, plucking me out of it and taking me to dance.

“You looked like Marilyn Monroe over there, giving those men too much hope.”

“You’ll get at least three of them. I already spoke to one of them about a plan,” I said.

“I’m going to sign a contract for you. I’m done waiting for you to come on board. You’re so goddamn hard-headed.”

“It’s just not smart right now. Colin will put two and two together and -“

“What? Divorce you? Oh no,” Keiran said, feigning distress.

“Shut up,” I laughed, slapping his shoulder.

“Do you want to disappear? I want one more drink before we go, but I’d like to get lost first.” This, of course, is the formal way to ask if I’d like to go on a mission with him to find a place to have a quickie.


He led me out of the ballroom and we pretended to enjoy the artwork on our way around the club, trying the doors of the rooms we passed along the way. The unlocked door we stumbled across led into a small, but very opulent room. It was on par with a large dining room you’d find in a home belonging to a large family; the table in the center of the room had eighteen chairs around it and there were two beautiful chandeliers hanging over it, though we left the lights off. I could see my condo from the expansive view in this room, which we laughed about for a moment before colliding into a kiss.

“Knowing that you don’t have any panties on has been wearing on me all night,” he sighed, his fingers sliding up and down my slit.

“I can tell,” I grinned.

Keiran was rock hard before I even touched him. Knowing he wanted me that badly had me ready for him instantly. He kissed me again before turning me around, bending me over ankara escort bayan the table. I balanced myself on my forearms as he held my hips and pounded me. I thought I’d bite through my lip as hard as I was straining to stay quiet. Keiran wasn’t doing anything to help towards that aim, flicking my clit as he pumped. It was truly something to fuck in that room, the lights of Downtown twinkling as I drove my teeth into my wrist to avoid screaming his name. My knees almost gave in when ecstasy came over me; Keiran graciously slowed down for a moment, allowing me to catch my breath.

“Sit on the table, baby.”

I obeyed, flinging the train of my dress behind me. The high slit lent itself well to being completely out of our way. Keiran knelt and pulled my thighs over his shoulders, his tongue quickly finding my clit. I twisted against his lips, fighting the urge to pull his hair. He was excellent at getting me off. It was only a few minutes before I nudged him away from me with my heels in his chest.

Keiran stood up, pulling my thighs around him as he entered me with a hard push. I linked my ankles behind his back, looking up at him and gasping in appreciation. He slowed down to kiss me, trailing down my neck. He was fortunate to have a suit jacket to protect him from my nails as I would’ve clawed his back viciously for how delicious his thick cock felt inside me. After the moment of sweetness wore off him, he gripped my hips and increased the tempo to an absolutely brutal pace. My thighs quaked as we rocked in unison. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, pressing my forehead to his chest as I lost myself in feeling him. His withdrawal came too soon for me, as always. I never want the feeling of us together to end.

“C’mere, c’mere, c’mere,” he sputtered as he urgently stroked himself.

I quickly dropped to my knees, taking his cock into my mouth and letting him push in as he needed to in order to finish. He jumped as I swallowed it down, licking my essence off of him and pulling his pants back up. I touched up my lipstick before we headed back out into the hallway together as if nothing had happened. We enjoyed one more cocktail before heading home for a much longer session.

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