CRAIGSLIST BISEXUAL FANTASYChapter 1FishingI was in a restaurant one night in Florida and there was a mature guy sitting at the bar with a woman who appeared to be his wife. Being what I am, I noticed that they were a handsome couple. She was rather short, slim and had long brunette hair. He had an average build, gray hair and was balding on top. I was with some friends sitting at a table behind them.At one point, the guy turns on his barstool and I notice he’s freeballing! A cock and two balls are clearly visible up the loose leg of his shorts. At this moment, we made eye contact for just an instant. He stood up and went, I assume, to the men’s room. Since I’m totally in the closet, I put it in the back of my mind and continued on with the evening as if nothing had happened. About an hour later, they got up and left. I watched them walk away thinking of how nice it would be and that maybe, the flash was no accident. Chapter 2The BiteLater on when I got home, I signed onto Craigslist and posted a short ad under m4m Missed Connections with the name of the restaurant as the title. “You were at the bar at B****** C**** tonight and caught me looking. I liked what I saw. If you are interested in exploring, please describe who you were with and what I noticed. Thank you.”Naturally, I got about two dozen replies from guys with no clue as to what I was talking about. They immediately got deleted. But, on the second day, a message showed up in my inbox subject “This is for real.”Thinking it was more bullshit, I didn’t open it right away. When I did, I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Saw your post under missed connections. I’m the guy you are looking for. I was with my wife who is 5’3”, brunette, wearing blue shorts and a white tank top. What you noticed was my package up the leg of my shorts. When I saw you staring, I thought “there is a guy with potential”. Want to know more? Tell me a little about yourself and what you like.” For those of you who know Craigslist, the game was now on. Since he was vague (good strategy), I composed my reply very carefully. Many times people make assumptions and blow it immediately by saying too much. I basically responded that I was unattached, I thought he and his wife were both attractive, and I’d like to know him better. I guess this was what he wanted to hear. His next message blew me away. “I’m Jack and my wife is Leslie. We like to swing with other couples and occasionally, a single man or woman. When I told Leslie you’d spotted my dick the other night, she checked esenyurt escort you out and thinks you’re cute. Would you like to come to our place for a drink some time? Let us know.” Holy Shit! I was hoping for a clandestine hookup with Jack but a threesome? No way!Chapter 3Reeling It InOver the next few days, we made arrangements for me to go to Leslie and Jack’s house on Sunday evening. They only live 5 miles away from me and are in a moderately upscale community. I arrived at 7:00 PM and was greeted by the couple arm in arm. Both of them were extremely warm and friendly. They definitely had experience “breaking the ice”. After one drink and basic introductions, Jack suggested we go outside to the pool. We took our drinks out to the lanai and continued the chit chat.Jack and Leslie casually stripped their clothes off. I followed suit. She looked a bit like Ashley Judd, stunningly beautiful! Fit and petite, she had a trimmed brown bush and that curve in her lower back that makes a woman’s ass irresistible. I found out she was 56 years old and Jack was 63. He was probably 5’10”, 180 with a nicely shaped 6” cut cock, not too thick, patch of hair, and big balls. As for me, I was 62 at the time, 5’7”, 175, 6” cut, shaved, thicker than Jack. We were perfectly compatible. In a few minutes, Leslie got up and stepped into the pool. I followed her into the heated water and stood at the shallow edge near Jack, who was still nursing his drink. The wife moved up close, put her arms around my neck and started kissing me on the lips. I grew hard knowing Jack was so near watching. She started rubbing my cock and the next thing I know, he’s right beside us dangling his legs in the water. Leslie moved to him, parted his legs and took his semi-hard penis in her mouth. I got behind her and sandwiched my cock in the crack of her ass. She started gyrating as I fondled her breasts and rubbed her neck and back. Jack sensed that it was time to go inside. We toweled dry and moved on to the bedroom. Chapter 4 Removing the HookBefore we got into bed, Leslie said we should all take showers. I went first, then Leslie, then Jack. I stretched out on the king size bed while Leslie lit a few candles, dimmed the lights and turned on soft music. Jack set up a few things on the nightstand then asked if I’d like another drink. I declined thinking it might interfere with my performance. I asked for a bottle of water.Leslie crawled vixen-like onto the bed and went straight küçükçekmece escort for my crotch. She was kissing my balls and tickling my nipples when I felt Jack’s tongue licking the tip of my penis. I really wanted to eat Leslie’s pussy but the closest thing to my mouth was Jack’s dick. I leaned to the side and maneuvered him so that I could taste his pre-cum. When that was gone, I took him into my mouth. It was longer than I’d initially thought with a really nice exposed pink head. His hairy balls were hanging freely. I pride myself on giving good head. The key is in the tongue. It has to be an active participant and stay in full contact with flesh at all times. How much you take is far less important than really sucking the upper portion like a vacuum cleaner with a lot of lubricating saliva. Also, the hands are very important. Always wrap your fingers around the base of the shaft and cup the balls for further stimulation. Playing with pubic hair, if it’s available, is also a nice touch. He seemed to love it.I worked his dick for a while intermittently sucking one of his balls at which time Leslie asked if I would like her to sit on my face. I slid down the bed and she crawled over me so that her pussy was just above my mouth. Her bush was glistening with juice and the slit was just visible. I parted her lips and lightly licked up and down each side of her vagina. When it was really wet, I began sucking her clit and sticking my tongue as far as possible into her cunt. My arms were now around her legs so that my hands were on her ass. I continued licking round and round, up and down, in and out. Her pubic hair was very soft and smelled like ivory soap. Her pussy seemed to have no taste at all. It was a perfect mix. Jack was now standing against the headboard so that Leslie could suck his cock. I extracted myself from under Leslie and turned onto my side asking Jack for his cock again. As I licked his balls and sucked his dick, Leslie stuffed her muff into his face. The daisy-chain was completed with her sheathing my cock with her mouth and sticking her finger in my asshole. Like myself, Jack had stamina and didn’t cum. Leslie moved first and got onto her back near the edge of the bed. By now, I was dying to fuck her. Jack handed me a condom which I put on with no argument. It’s not my preference but I understood their concern. I got between her legs, lifted them up and slid in to her wet, slippery cunt. Not wanting beşiktaş escort it to end, I was moving in and out deeply but slowly. We switched to doggy-style and I felt my butt cheeks parted. Jack’s tongue started licking my asshole while he was massaging my ball-sack. A few times, he pulled my cock out of her, sucked it then guided it back in. Leslie was moaning like a bitch in heat. When we returned to missionary, Jack got up and moved onto the bed behind Leslie. She bent her head back and he put his cock deep down her throat. After a few pumps, he groaned and remained still. When his cock emerged, it was soft and dripping cum. I gave her a big French kiss and we both swallowed the load. The time had come for me. I slipped out of Leslie and stood on the bed masturbating. Leslie and Jack laid with their heads side-by-side and mouths wide-open. I bent my knees, shuddered and shot a steady stream of pure white cum on their faces and down their throats. Leslie said to me, “Please come down here and help us eat this precious liquid”. It was kinky but we all kissed and ate my cum like it was cake batter. As we all laid on the bed recovering from what was a fabulous sexual experience, Jack cracked a joke about Leslie always wanting sex in the back seat of a car – while he drives. We all laughed hysterically. I hated to leave but knew there would be no seconds for me on this night. I was spent.Chapter 5The Final CutI went into the bathroom to clean up and urinate. Before I began, Leslie came inside and said that Jack had a fetish but was embarrassed to say. “Ok, what is it”, I said. “He likes to be pissed on. Would you do it?” Sure, why not.After he got the nod, Jack came in and got into the bath tub. He directed me to straddle above him with my feet on the sides of the tub. He said to aim it right at his face. Since I’d drunk some alcohol and a bottle of water, I really needed to go. Leslie sat on the toilet to watch.For some reason, I started to get hard again but softened when the piss started to flow. I think I passed about a gallon which Jack gratefully took into his mouth. He didn’t swallow much of it, spitting it sideways every few seconds. When I finished, Leslie took the position and poured a nice steady stream. He was jerking off during this and managed to cum again, albeit not much.When she was finished, he pulled the curtain and turned on the shower. When he got out, Leslie and I got in and washed each other down. Having this beautiful woman lathering my crotch was a perfect end to a perfect night.As I was leaving, Jack and Leslie said they’d like to do it again. I said for sure and we have, but not too often. A few times there have been other guests: several couples, lesbian women and solo guys. Mostly though, it’s just the three of us.FinisI’ll tell some of group tales depending on the ratings and comments on this story.

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