Craigslist Chronicles Ch. 07: Steven


Craigslist Chronicles Ch.07: Steven

This weekend was pretty fun; it was my 21st birthday. I took a few days off to relax and hang with friends. To celebrate the actual day, a few buddies of mine met up at a bar to drink and play some pool.

Upon arriving, a friend of mine took it upon himself to announce to everyone that it was my 21st birthday. God, I don’t like attention on me. We got our first round of drinks and the bartender, who’s pretty damn cute I must say, tossed us the keys to the pool table so we could play some free games.

As we played and the more we drank, I couldn’t help but noticed how familiar the bartender looked. He had a very distinct and unique full sleeve that I swear I’ve seen before. Taking a quick break from the game, I ran to the restroom and pulled out my phone, going through my email looking for his picture. Remembering more, I think I replied to one of his ads on craigslist a week or so ago. Due to some random circumstances, we didn’t end up meeting.

There it was, a beautiful headless body pic of the tall lanky looking guy, sporting a massive cock and an identical full sleeve. Fuck. I remember this guy. Look through our conversation, it looks like I sent him a face pic. He must recognize me, that must be why he’s been eyeing me down… Sadly I don’t fully remember his post, seems it expired.

Returning to tables, I played a few more rounds with my friends. Taking a quick pause, a few of my friends went out for a smoke break. As they went outside, I stopped at the bar to talk with the bartender for a little while and get another drink.

“Happy 21st buddy,” he said.

“Thanks, man,” I replied. ‘I’m Evan by the way.”

“Good to meet ya, Evan,” He said with a smirk on his face. He must recognize me. “My name’s Steven.”

“Good to meet ya, Steven,” I replied as I subtly checked him out.

“What can I get ya?” he said, “It’s on me!”

“Maker’s on the rocks?’ I asked.

“Double Maker’s on the rocks coming up,” he said with a smile.

“Hah, thanks, man,” I replied.

As he passed me my drink, my friends made there way back into the bar.

“I’ll talk with ya in a bit,” I said as I got up out of the bar chair returning to my game.

After a few more rounds along with a few pitchers, last call finally came, and my friends started to wrap up their night.

Taking a quick bday shot with them all, we started to walk outside. Giving everyone a hug, they wished me a final happy birthday and headed towards their cars. It was a weeknight to them, but thankfully, it was my Saturday night to me.

As they drove off, I made my way back to the bar, taking a seat at the high top. Pouring me another drink, Steven and I chatted for a while as the bar emptied. We talked about the ins and outs of whiskey and scotch for a while.

“So you have any more plans for the night?” Steven asked as he cleaned the bar.

“Nope, I don’t work tomorrow,” I replied, “I usually work a swing shift, so it’s still pretty early in my book.’

“Ha, I know what you mean,” Steven replied. “I’ve got about 20 minutes left here if you wanted to wait, I’ve got a pretty sweet whiskey collection back at my place if you wanted to take a gander. It’s just up the block.”

“Sure,” I said as I smiled at him. “That’d be cool.”

Over the next 20 minutes, we continued to talk as he cleaned up. I couldn’t help but watch him. Damn was he sexy. His long dirty blonde hair was gelled and combed to the side in a fashionable 90’s dew.

His matching denim jacket and jeans were tight against his body. I could see a prominent yet subtle outline of his cock bulging from under his jeans.

“Hey, I’ll meet you outside here in 5. Gotta lock up,” he said.

“Sounds good,” I said making my way out.

Leaning up against my car, slightly buzzed from the night, I waited for him.

Walking out from behind the building, he started coming towards me. Damn, he was tall.

Leading the way, he started walking towards his place. As we walked, we continued our conversation.

Walking only a few blocks, we made it to his apartment complex. It was a pretty small complex, maybe 4 or 5 units. Making our way inside, I noticed Sikiş hikayeleri a wall of guitars hanging from the entryway.

“How long have you been playing?” I asked as I looked at the guitars.

“As long as I can remember,” He replied. “I play a few more instruments too. My band is actually playing next week down the street if you wanted to join.”

“Oh that’s pretty damn cool,” I said.

Walking into the kitchen, five long shelves along the wall were filled with bottles of whiskey. There must have been 80-100 bottles. Walking up to his collection, I started reading a bunch of the different labels.

Coming up beside me, my hand accidentally brushed against his crotch. God has his bulge had grown.

“Pretty cool huh?” he said.

“Totally,” I replied.

Heading towards a cabinet on the wall beside me, he grabbed a couple of glasses and set them on the table. Coming up from behind me once again, his crotch rubbing against my ass, he reached up over me and pulled down a nearly full bottle. Feeling quite the bulge, his cock must be straining under his jeans.

“So, this is a pretty damn good bottle,” He said as he showed me the label, pulling the cork out.

Old Pappy Van Winkle.

“Oh, fuck that’s smooth,” I replied. “I hear it’s pretty damn tough to get a bottle of that stuff.”

“That’s for damn sure,’ he said as he poured a healthily sized sampler into two glasses.

“Wow,” I said as I took a sip, “Fuck this is good.”

Finishing the taster, I continued looking at his collection. Coming up behind me again, he rubbed his now even more pronounced cock up against my ass, as he replaced the bottle to its rightful spot.

Lingering a little longer, I slowly pressed my ass into his crotch.

“Anything, else, you want to see?” he said as he took a step back.

Turning around towards him, eyes locked to his protruding bulge, I nodded my head yes.

Smiling, he slowly leaned up against the kitchen counter, thrusting his hips out slightly, accentuating is already massive bulge. Slowly walking towards him, I reached out, grasping his bulge. God was he hard. Looking at him, my hand started moving along his shaft.

As he watched me, he moved his arms back, resting his elbows on the high top, grinning. Slowing undoing his belt buckle, I unbuttoned his pants. Pulling his tight jeans down, I freed the restraints on his massive cock, protruding out from under his briefs.

Reaching down into his briefs, I grasped his shaft, slowing moving my hand along its length while my other hand started unbuttoning his shirt.

Gazing at me as I explored his cock, he stated, “Good choice…”

“I think so too…” I replied as I started pulling down his briefs, letting his cock spring free.

God was his cock long. Ridged veins ran across his long narrow shaft. Kneeling down in front of him, my lips slowly wrapped around this head of his cock. Using my tongue, I swirled the underside of his cock, as my lips welcomed more and more of his length.

“Oh fuck…” Steven moaned as I took half of his cock into my mouth. Using my hand, I caressed his hung sack, fondling his balls with my hand.

Taking more of his cock into my mouth, the head of his cock met the back of my throat. With his cock somewhat thin and manageable, I slowly slid it deeper down my throat, taking his entire length. As my nose met his pubes, one of his hands reached behind my head.

“Oh fuck yes…” Steven moaned as I bottomed out on his cock.

Keeping my head impaled on his cock with his hand, I slowly rotated my head side to side, massaging his cock with my throat. The main vein running along the underside of his cock bulged out tremendously.

Looking up at him, he lightly released his hold on my back of my head. Pulling a few inches out, I took another breath and continued deepthroating his cock as I stared up at him.

“Damn baby…” he moaned. “You feel fucking amazing…”

“Thanks,” I said muffled as I pulled most of the length of his shaft out of my mouth.

“How about we get a bit more comfortable?” Steven said as he reached for my hand, pulling me up from the floor.

Holding his pants up, cock sticking Sex hikaye straight out in attention, we made our way to the living room. Taking off his jeans, he pulled out a Radiohead album from his vinyl collection on the wall. Placing the record on the turntable, he turned up the music. Walking towards me, cock leading the way, he stood right in front of me, his height towering above me. Looking down at me, and me up at him, our lips met.

As our tongues twirled around each other, he reached for my belt and unbuttoned my pants. Kicking my pants to the floor, we pulled off each others button shirts. Our bare chests meeting. His cock strained up against my abdomen, with mine resting beneath his sack.

With 15 steps by Radiohead playing in the background, we continued to ravage each other.

Still standing, moving around the room, he lead me to the ottoman. As the back of my legs met the sofa, I lied back as he straddled me on the ottoman. With our mouths still thoroughly entwined, his begin gyrating his cock against mine. Our balls were slapping against each others.

As the song came to an end, Steven slowly lifted himself off of me. As bodysnatchers started playing, he walked around the ottoman as I laid on it. With my head cocked over the edge of the ottoman, he knelt down in front me, his cock towering over my face. Readily opening my mouth, inviting his cock once again, I tilted my head back as he pushed his cock back into my mouth.

With one hand gripping my throat and the other my chest, he started thrusting deep into me. As his balls slapped against my forehead, his cock began bulging from my throat. I could feel his hand grip it.

Good the feeling of his long cock penetrating the depths of my throat felt terrific.

After a few minutes of me caressing his cock with my mouth, he finally pulled himself out.

As he walked towards the side table, his cock dripping of spit, he reached into the drawer and grabbed a bottle of lube.

As Weird Fishes started playing, I got on my hands and knees atop the ottoman, positioning my hole for entry. Coming up behind me, he poured some lube into his already sopping wet cock. With the head of his cock resting against my hole, he gripped my ass with both hands and started pushing his cock into me.

“Fuuuuck,” I moaned as his cock slid down my hole. “God you feel amazing…”

Continuing his thrusts, he let out a deep moan himself. “Fuuuuck.”

“Harder,” I moaned. “Fuuck me..”

“Oh yeah…” he grunted as he picked up his pace, going deeper and deeper with each plunge.

I could feel the bulging vein on the underside of his cock stretch run against my ass with each thrust. Bottoming out, his balls started slapping against my ass.

“Fuuuck,” he moaned, “You love riding my cock don’t you?”

“Fuck yes I do,” I replied back in a rhythmic moan.

Gaining even more speed, while pulling himself almost all the way out and plowing all the way back in, the sounds of slapping skin filled the room as the record ended.

Going a bit slower, he started pulling himself all the way out, waiting a moment, then thrusting his cock back into my gaping hole.

“Fuuuuck” I moan as I went from emptiness to fullness, repeatedly.

“Mmmm,” Steven moaned in a low raspy voice. “Oh, fuuuck I’m about to cum…”

Picking up is pace, I could start to feel his cock expand slightly as it twitched.

“Fuck, yess,” I moaned.

“Mmm, Where do you want me to cum…?” he moaned.

“Shoot your load inside me!” I moaned as I pushed my ass deeper onto his cock.

As his hands moved and grasped my shoulders, I arched my back, ready to take his load.

With one deep final plunge, I could feel a sudden deep wet warmth within me.

“Oh god, yes,” he grunted as he pulled me up closer to him.

Slowly pulling his cock out of me, I could feel the cum start to dribble out, down my leg.

Heading back to his record player, he threw on another record. Steely Dan, Aja.

“How about another drink?” Steven asked as he turned back towards me, cock swinging in between his legs.

“Sure!” I said as I moved up off of the ottoman.

Grabbing a fine scotch from Erotik Hikaye the top shelf, he poured another shot into each of our glasses. Serving me my drink, he sat back down on the couch. Taking a seat next to him, the hair on our bare thighs brushed against each others.

We talked a while longer about music, movies, and the bar industry. It seems like a pretty fun job.

As the record finished the first side, Steven got up off the couch and flipped the vinyl. Coming back towards me, I couldn’t help but notice his cock firming up once again. As he took his seat next to me, my hand slowly made its way along the inner side of his thigh, caressing his leg, moving closer to his crotch.

As we took our final sips from our glasses, I grabbed his glass from him and placed it on the side table. Making my way back towards him, I climbed up on the couch, straddling him. As our mouths grew closer together, my hands explored his chest. Reaching around me, he firmly grasped my ass as his thumbs dug into me.

Moving myself closer towards him, our cocks met. It didn’t take much time for both of us harden completely. Pulling myself up slightly, I moved my ass in alignment to the head of his cock. Slowly encompassing his mushroom of a head, my hole tightly wrapped around it. Sliding further down his cock, I gave his lip a lite bite as I moaned.

Slowly riding him, I continued taking more and more of his cock with each ride.

Our moans loudend as our tongues entwined. Taking the full length of his shaft, my cock and balls slapped against his abs with each plunge.

“Oh Fuck!” I moaned as his hands gripped my ass tighter while thrusting upwards, meeting me halfway.

“Ride that cock,” Steven moaned as our pace grew and his lips parted mine. “God-damn-it…”

“Oh, Oh, Fuuuuck,” I softly exhaled.

Slowly pulling me off of him, we quickly traded places. With my legs in the air, I spread them wide as he crawled on the couch, the head of his cock coming towards my hole like a racecar into a tunnel.

“Fuuuck!” I wailed as the entire length of his cock rammed into me, bottoming out.

Continuing his full-length thrusts, he balls slapped against my ass with might. My cock slapped against my abs with every ram.

“Fuck,” Steven moaned as he grasped my abdomen, “Ready for another load?”

“Oh, OH, Fuu-Fuuck Yes!” I murmured out, in sync with his rhythm.

With two final plows, he pushed himself deep into, the weight of his body guiding his cock deep into me as he shot off his load. Feeling his cock spasm within me made my cock twitch as I released a bit of pre-cum.

“Fuuuuuuuck yessss,” Steven moaned as he slowly pulled his weight off of me.

As he pulled his cock out of me, I could see a rope of cum stretch between my hole as the head of his sopping wet cock as he slowly moved to the floor.

Smiling up at me, he slowly moved his head towards my cock. As his lips surrounded the head of my cock, his teeth slowly slid along my shaft as he engulfed my shaft. Fuck his mouth felt great.

As one of his hands rested on my inner thigh, the other reached in and grabbed my balls, slowly massaging them between his fingers.

“Oh, Fuuck,” I moaned as I threw my head back against the couch.

As his mouth engulfed the entirety of my cock, his nose presses against my pubes my as cock slid down his throat. God, I’ve never been deep throated before. Fuck, it felt great.

Letting out a deep moan of pleasure as I reached behind his head, pushing him back down the length of my cock repeatedly. Starting to hum; I could feel his mouth vibrate around my now throbbing cock.

“Oh my god…” I moaned as my body twitches along the couch, “I’m going to cum!”

Impaling his mouth on my cock, he grabbed my thighs, pulling himself closer to me as he moved his head around.

“Fuuck!” I moaned as I thrust my hips closer to him, shooting my load down his throat.

Slowly pulling my cock out of his mouth, he licked his lips swallowing the last bit of cum sticking to his lips.

“Thought I’d return the favor,” he said as he smiled back at me.

“How about some relaxation and a movie?” Steven asked as he pulled himself up off the floor.

“Sure,” I replied standing up next to him, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

Taking a hold of my hand, he lead me to his cabinet of DVD’s as we searched for a movie to watch…

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