Crazy Chicks in Dumbtown


This is just a bit of mad fun – an enjoyable piece to write.



Tina grabs the guys hand and almost drags him into the toilets. I follow them inside, while screaming into my phone, trying to hear my twin sister Ally over the noise of the club. I lose reception and swear. I saunter past the crowd of drunken chicks standing there at the bathroom sinks — they study themselves in the mirror: preening, yelling into their phones, texting, talking, washing their hands and applying more makeup. Tina has the guy pinned up against a wall, while we wait to get a free cubicle. I look at the guy and laugh — he’s only 18 and he’s only been here once or twice before — he’s the most naive and angelic looking guy imaginable. Fucking Tina, she knows how to pick them.

I turn to check myself in the bathroom mirror, ignoring the glares of the annoyed bitch next to me. I swear I’m in the mood for an argument tonight and I know I could get into a fucking screaming match with an uptight bitch like her. Tina is waiting though and I keep my cool. I have better things to do with my time. I have to check my appearance first: my face still looks good, but I need to apply more of that rich red lipstick and my mascara is a bit too thick. I grab a tissue and gently dab and wipe at my eye lashes until I am happy. I grab my cock-sucker lipstick from my handbag and smear my mouth with it until my lips look greasy, glossy and rich. Finally I touch up my face here and there.

I look fucking hot and all the bitches in the bathroom know it, even my gorgeous Tina knows it. I am tall with long fine straight blonde hair, my skin is soft, flawless and brown, my eyes are green and my body is fucking gorgeous. I have great boobs, my waist is hard and narrow and my hips are broad. At 22 I am at my peak appearance-wise. Tina is shorter than me by a few inches and she has more of a soft round shape — she has the same sort of large almond shaped eyes I have and those soft sensual lips. Her skin is a touch lighter than mine and her blonde hair is a touch shorter. She is a sexy thing at 21.

The kid Tina has chosen regards his situation with disbelief. Tina has grabbed him for a laugh and I’m glad she has. He is perfect for me right now — just some wide-eyed dude whose dreams have all come true at once. Tina has him backed up against the bathroom wall and is kissing him softly and intensely the way she always does when she’s in the mood. She is rubbing his cock through his pants, while a dozen chicks ignore them. I will be surprised if we actually get the guy into a toilet, the way Tina is going at him — I’m sure he’s going to shoot his load in his underwear.

Tina and I are both in the mood: we get that way sometimes. I called Tina earlier this evening and told her I was in the mood and wanted to go out. She laughed and agreed that she was in the mood as well and so out we went. We want to have sex tonight — we don’t give a fuck about small talk, or deep and meaningful life stories, or meeting the man of our dreams, or any of that other shit. We have come out tonight because we want to fuck. I’m not into sensitivity or being all sweet and nice when I’m like this. I get really bitchy and aggressive on nights like this and I take risks. If I see a guy I want I will just go after him — I just don’t care about other women, or the rules, or what the fuck ever.

It’s like Tina and I are in heat. I have such an urge to suck a man’s cock tonight. It’s like a sort of thirst I just have to quench, or a hunger I just have to satisfy. This guy Tina has picked up: I am going to suck his cock and I know my friend will do the same. I am standing there at the bathroom sink, scrutinising myself in the mirror, but I am so distracted by that young guys cock.

“Kim,” Tina shouts at me.

I turn. Someone has just opened a cubicle door and has stepped out. My friend just pushes her way to the front of the queue for the toilet and shoves the young guy into the cubicle and follows him in. There is uproar in the bathroom, but I ignore all those outraged bitches and race into the cubicle, closing and locking the door behind me. The bitches hammer on the door and curse us, telling us the rules and the social etiquette related to toilet queues – like I give a fuck.

My friend makes the young guy stand with his back to the closed door. He is blinking at us, grinning and lost for words. I just sink to my knees before this 18 year old kid and reach out with nimble fingers and get him undone and unzipped. Tina drops down next to me, smiling up at the guy as I drag his pants and underwear off. The situation outside the cubicle has calmed down. Some of the bitches call Tina and I sluts through the door, but the bathroom is calmer now. A few more toilets have become available to use, so we aren’t really holding too many chicks up from doing their shit. I really couldn’t care less anyway.

I am just staring at this guys cock. It’s standing up proudly — all painted in peach and cream, appearing görükle escort from amidst a tuft of soft blonde hair. I can’t wait to get some bright red lipstick on this fucking thing. Tina actually licks her lips and I just study the thing, noting the way the bulbous knob curls and meets the soft pink shaft and then subtly balloons out and ends at the tip. This guy has the prettiest fucking dick. I am feeling so submissive right now; I mean I just want to worship this guy’s cock like it’s the most important and valuable thing in my life. I just want to treasure it and submit to it. I’m gonna make this guy feel so good.

I take the shaft in my fingertips and kiss the tip while looking up at the guy. Tina advances, her face brushing against mine softly – she runs her warm wet tongue over the guy’s balls.

“Oh shit,” he hisses, looking down at us.

I sigh gently, feeling finally satisfied. I have placed my greasy red lips on his knob and taken his cock inside my mouth. He shakes and jumps, but I grab his hip and shove him back against the toilet door and push my head hard, hoping he will wreck my throat with that fucking big cock. I love it. That hot dick just feels so right filling my whole mouth, the soft tender skin, the solid core pressing against my tonsils and beyond. I gag.

“Here give me a go Kim, you selfish bitch.”

“Awww gawd,” the guy says, sounding stupid.

I am a selfish greedy fucking bitch and refuse to give Tina control of this guy’s body until I am damned ready and satisfied. The sounds I make show the guy how much I am relishing this — it’s like someone just gave me a big box of my favourite chocolates and I’m just stuffing my mouth full of them. I am groaning and indulging myself noisily, like some sort of fucking cock pig.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm,” I murmur.

I hold a hip in each hand and my head rises and falls swiftly, my head twisting, my lips pinching the tip firmly at the top of the stroke, before I take the plunge and feel the tip pushing down my throat. My mouth is sealed softly around the shaft as it runs home.

“Kim, you’re gonna make him fucking cum. I want a taste,” Tina whines at me.

“Okay, okay,” I say, releasing the young guy from my mouth.

“Kim, the greedy bitch.”

I start laughing. The kid’s dick is red from tip to balls from my lipstick and the good BJ. Tina laughs as well. She then whimpers happily as she takes the cock in her mouth — she’s just as submissive as I am.

I like watching the guy as Tina sucks him with her hot snug strokes. Her head rolls forward and back and her cheap earrings fly and rattle and her hair flashes. He’s just rooted to the spot, grinning at me happily through half-closed eyes. I tickle the base of his balls with my fingertips. My devilish friend just sucks the guy’s tip while her fist pumps his shaft — the kid’s jaw is starting to drop and he is hissing and groaning softly. He is looking down at Tina and shaking his head. I am laughing at the guy. My friend is so close to making him shoot.

“Here, give me a go Tina.”

My greedy bitch friend makes some sort of noise to indicate that she is declining my reasonable request. I feel outraged: she actually shakes her head and then sinks down to the base of the guy’s dick as if to lock him inside. Do I have to pull her head off the cock to get my go?

“C’mon Tina,” I whine, displeased.

She strokes him twice quickly and then deep throats the cock, gags and then withdraws, a stream of pre-cum and fucking saliva running down the cock and her chin. Tina looks blissfully happy. She smiles dreamily at me. For a second I think she has made the guy cum and I am about to roast her for being too good at what she does.

“What the fuck Tina.”

“He’s close, but not yet,” she says.

“Good, cause I really want more.”

“Don’t worry – there are heaps of fucking guys here Kim.”

The two of us are in a cock frenzy: I love it when I get like this. Something just comes over Tina and I when we get like this and we just go crazy for a guys dick. The kid in the cubicle can barely take it as it is. I suck him hard, slurping at him as he groans and whimpers and then Tina sucks him vigorously. We both attack the hard point together rubbing our lips over him and sweeping our tongues across him. Then our mouths slip along the shaft and then we kiss the knob and back in he goes.

Tina and I like to watch a bit of free internet porn and we fucking have a ball laughing at those bitches and the big cocks they suck, but we take a certain amount of pride in doing a guy like those crazy porn bitches do. We are good at that sort of shit and the guys just fucking love it.

Meanwhile outside the cubicle, in the bathroom, stupid chicks continue to make their stupid noises. Some knock on the toilet door and say excuse me in loud demanding tones.

“Such sluts,” they announce indignantly.

I’m too wrapped up in this guys cock to care. Tina is bringing this guy to the brink. She sucks him so sweetly. eskort bayan He is red-faced, his jaw clenched tight and his eyes glazed. He sends me his profound thanks silently as his body shakes, his back hard against the toilet door. I grin and then move in closer to the dick, closing my eyes, tilting my head and opening my mouth.

“Oh fuck me,” he whispers.

Tina knows what’s happening. My baby releases the guy from her mouth and mimics my head movements. Our pretty young faces are right there and Tina is stroking the guy’s dick with her slippery hand. Her fist is squelching while she pumps on that dick.

From the outside those chicks can hear the guy roaring. They gasp as his voice comes loud and strong, filling the bathroom with noise. They all grow quiet and look at each other with stunned eyes and open mouths.

Meanwhile inside the toilet cubicle Tina and I are laughing and just giving into our need for cock by making this guys year: the dude’s cum is flying over our faces and landing in our hair, long fine white strands against golden hair and tanned skin. Tina takes it up her nose, causing her to squeal. It is on our cheeks, foreheads and eyelids. I like the feeling of hot fluid just splashing and landing on my face — I make no apologies for that. I take the dick inside my mouth and accept a hot shot and Tina gets some as well. We really act up the outrageous porn slut angle by actually kissing each other and sharing the cum while the guy watches, out of his mind. The guy can’t believe it.

Tina and I exit the toilet cubicle with the guy as the bitches stare; we ruin our makeup as we wash the cum off our faces, so we can see properly. My friend blows the semen from her cute nose. I am ready for an argument with a few of the bathroom bitches, but Tina grabs me.

“C’mon, let’s go somewhere else!”

We desert the bathroom full of outraged chicks, not even bothering to look at the blissful guy we have just done.

“Where the fuck is Ally, why won’t she call back,” I yell.

“Call Shauna.”

“I’ve already tried, I can’t get through.”

“I’ll try and send a text.”

Meanwhile this is what my twin sister Ally was doing in another club across town. She told me later. Great dirty minds think alike. We do like starting a sleazy night in grubby toilets.

Ally and a guy named Jason are in the last cubicle in the male toilets. She is down on her knees in front of him, his jeans and underwear are around his ankles and his thick cock is in her mouth. Ally and Jason can hear the sounds of men coming and going, entering and leaving the male toilets, opening and closing cubicle doors and yelling at each other over the sounds of running taps and blasting hand dryers. There are men pissing loudly and men coughing — Ally can hear it all and she loves it.

The cubicle they occupy is grimy, the floor sticky and strewn with toilet paper and muddy footprints. Ally’s knees are damp from kneeling in urine, but she doesn’t mind, nor does she care that the light in the dingy toilet is muddy and yellow or that the cubicle walls are covered in crude graffiti. Ally is there to suck Jason’s cock and that’s what she is doing and she is doing it in the guy’s toilets because that’s the first private place she thought of.

The guy is in heaven – he can’t quite believe his luck. Ally’s head swings back and forth and her fine long blonde hair flashes dully in the murky light. She is sucking Jason’s dick swiftly and with perfect pressure, taking him in deep so the head of his penis nudges and penetrates her soft throat with each downward stroke. He gently rubs the back of her neck – his head bowed, his eyes barely open, his strong legs shaking slightly, and his gaze fixed on Ally. Now and then some drunken male knocks at the door, but Jason sends them on their way, assuring them that he is going to be a while.

Ally knows Jason pretty well and she is attracted to him. It is party night at work and a few of the party goers have moved onto a nightclub afterwards, including Ally, her boyfriend David and his workmate Jason. She takes an opportunity to flirt with Jason in front of her swaying drunken boyfriend. Then her boyfriend goes to get them all a round of fresh drinks and Ally sees an opening and grabs Jason’s hand and quickly leads him into the toilets, past surprised males and straight into the toilet cubicle, slamming the door behind them. A couple of guys outside bang on the cubicle door and yell out some words, but then drift away. Nobody currently in the toilet knows Ally and Jason are in the cubicle and those who do no longer care and are in another part of the club.

Ally is really working on Jason’s dick — she tastes pre-cum oozing from the tip of his fiery looking cock and it’s like blood in the water to a hungry shark. Ally sucks him relentlessly and she cups and stroked his balls as she does so, polishing the wooden knob with her flat tongue, using her slippery hand on his shaft. Jason is swaying and rooted to the spot, altıparmak escort getting close to coming, then.

“Ally, Ally,” a male voice asks insistently, aggressively knocking on one cubicle door after another.

Ally stops sucking Jason and looks up at him, putting her finger to her lips. She then turns her head and listens as her boyfriend David stomps down to the last cubicle — the cubicle she and his workmate are sharing. David bangs on the door.

“Ally, are you in there?”

Ally motions for him to say something.

“No David, I’m in here man,” Jason answers.

“Ally, Ally – are you in there?”

“No man, she’s not in here.”

Ally smiles and takes Jason back in her mouth. He gasps as she begins sucking him again, but David has already stormed off and doesn’t detect the sounds of squelching contact and Jason’s soft, almost effeminate whimpers and groans. David exits the male toilets and mounts the stairs and scans the dance floor below for his girlfriend.

“I want to fuck you Ally,” Jason whispers.

“Okay, c’mon quick, before he comes back,’ Ally hisses, standing up.

Ally quickly undoes her jeans and pulls them down, along with her panties. Jason meanwhile pulls a condom out of his wallet, struggles to tear the wrapper open, He finally rips the thing open and rolls the condom onto his dick.

“Come here, quick,” she urges, taking hold of Jason’s dick and parting her legs.

He takes Ally in his arms, and she backs up, colliding with the cubicle wall behind her. She accepts his tongue inside her open mouth and quickly positions his dick against her pussy. Jason is deeply aroused so he enters Ally forcefully, her head snaps back, her eyelids flutter, and she groans in his mouth. He gropes Ally’s body, quickly pulling her top off over her head, unsnapping her bra and taking hold of her breasts as he slides his penis easily in and out of Ally’s snug slippery body. It is sleazy sex and Jason loves it. He knows Ally is with David, and yet he is having her in the seedy male toilets while her boyfriend is right there at the club looking for her. And further this chick is good-looking – sexy, with her long blond hair, green eyes, bright big smile and tanned skin. She is tall with a broad curvaceous body. Jason is turned on and can’t help but thrust harder than he normally would.

“Ally, Ally,” a whining female voice asks pointedly.

“Keep fucking me,” Ally whispers in Jason’s ear. “It’s my friend Shauna – I’ll get rid of her.”

“Ally, Ally?”

“What Shauna,” Ally hisses at the door.

“Ally, David’s looking everywhere for you – come out now.”

“Yeah okay, in a minute.”

“But David’s looking for you everywhere, what do I tell him?”

“Just tell him I went to buy some smokes Shauna, jeez.”

“God okay – just hurry up Ally.”

Ally and Jason groan at each other, looking red-faced and sweaty as they eye each other. He has Ally backed up hard in a corner of the cubicle and is fucking her, enjoying the feeling of impaling her pussy with his big dick, loving the feeling of his tingling knob leading the way and the sensitive shaft driving in deep.

“You feel so fucking good,” Jason says.

“Your cock feels so good inside me Jason.”

“I love fucking you so much.”

“Me too baby, me too.”

He withdraws from her and makes her turn around, lean forward and place her hands on the toilet door. He then grabs her hips and enters her from behind. Their hips slap together hard and the noise they are making grows even louder — their groans echo around the toilets and the assembled males are now more aware of them. Then soon after David storms back into the toilets, finally finding out from Shauna where his girlfriend is, what she is doing and who she is doing it with.

David is knocking on the toilet door and there is a loud racket as guys yell and stomp.

It’s all too late to stop Jason. With a few hard deep short thrusts he cum’s, causing Ally to grin and look back at her boyfriend’s workmate as he shoots his load powerfully. It feels good to fuck a great looking girl like Ally, he thinks, but as soon as he’s done, he realises he has a drama to deal with — he isn’t sure what David is going to do to him. Ally giggles and quickly gets dressed — loving the drama – as David finally storms out of the toilets, swearing that he and Ally are finally through for good. Ally vacates the toilet cubicle, turns and blows a kiss at Jason at the door as the assembled guys cheer and ogle her. She flees the nightclub with Shauna hot on her heels.

“Quick, we need to find out where Kim and Tina are,” Shauna exclaims.

“Well call them then, my phone is dead now, I think – fucking phone.”

Meanwhile, I give up on talking to my sister Ally — I can hook up with her another time. Tina and I are sitting at a table at another club and we are surrounded by a crowd of desperate horny guys looking for a fuck. The horny fuckers are seated around us, trying to make small talk. Some of them are just on their feet milling around our table and doing stupid things like wearing sunglasses in the dark club, or trying to look cool, or acting all tough. There is a row of drinks on our table, which I just refuse to touch. I don’t like getting drinks from guys like these.

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