Crossdressing and Jocks (Part 1)


Crossdressing and Jocks (Part 1)what they don’t know is that I still dress in women’s clothes to this day.I always longed for my sister to leave the house so I could sneak into her room and wear her panties. My parents running on on me wasn’t a problem because my dad lived across the country and my mom had to work two jobs, so growing up, I pretty much raised myself. I was a year younger than my sister, and when she hit puberty, that’s when the fun really began when her wardrobe updated with bras, thongs, crop tops, short shorts, and other slutty clothes. My sister was especially slutty, and I don’t blame her, seeing as we didn’t really have parents to raise her. I guess you could say my sister was pretty popular with the boys early on. I didn’t find her attractive, I mean, yes, actually she was very physically attractive. But I wasn’t sexually attracted to her. I didn’t want to have sex with her or anything, but trust me, all the older neighborhood boys always talked about what they would do to her. I was kind of a loner all throughout school. I wasn’t ugly or anything, in fact, I had a pretty good face and girls always flocked to me. But I didn’t really like them, and I guess all the girls from school thought they should just bully me instead. The guys had the same idea, except they bullied me because they were jealous of the attention from the girls I got with no effort.One day in my junior year of high school when I was walking home, I was chased down by a group of skater k**s. I always cut through the park to save five minutes on my walk home, and one time, I had to stay late at school to finish a project. It was a dark winter night when the skater bursa escort boys were coming from the other direction. There was four of them. This story doesn’t go the way you think. All they did was beat me up, tear up my school books, and spat on me. Oh, they also told me that they wanted to tie up my sister and take turns having sex with her. That black eye was hard to explain, but my sister was too ashamed of me to ask more about it and my mother was too tired from her jobs to keep investigating after I kept ignoring the subject.I hated myself for the next few months. On the last day of that school year, I saw something that would change my life. I came home early. I didn’t expect to be home this early that day because we usually had band practice for three hours, but the teacher’s wife broke her leg or something. Anyways, it was Sally’s (by the way, that’s my sister’s name) senior year. When I walked in the house, I saw two pairs of rugby shoes on the doormat. This was strange, boys weren’t ever allowed to be at the house.I heard creaking coming from Sally’s room. I walked slowly up the stairs on my toes. Her door was closed, but I knew how to peak into her room. See, I watched Sally get ready sometimes. It wasn’t sexual or anything, I just liked watching her get ready some mornings. I liked watching her sitting in front of her make-up mirror, brushing her voluminous brunette hair, applying mascara, eye-shadow, eye-liner, lipstick, powder her face. I just loved it all, I always imagined myself as her whenever she did this!Anyways, I climbed up to the attic and looked through the light fixture in her room. Luckily, it was only day-time so there bursa escort bayan wasn’t light to blind me. You could practically see her entire room except the exact center, but she was never really standing in the exact center, nobody ever stands in the exact center of their room. You wouldn’t believe it. The two rugby guys, the two most popular guys in school, were having a go at her!They were all naked. One of the guys, the blonde cool guy, was sitting at the head of her bed while Sally was sucking him off! The brunette guy, the juvenile asshole, was plowing her from behind, slapping her ass. Her bottom was beat-red from all the slapping, the whole thing was crazy! I did what any other pervert would do. See, I told you I dressed up a lot. Well, I filmed myself prancing around in Sally’s clothes in the attic all the time, and I kept my camcorder and all the extra tapes here in a locked box. Anyways, I quietly sneaked to get my camcorder and starting filming. Part of the lens got the floor, but for the most part, you could see the entire thing!They were fucking like Vikings! I didn’t know Sally had such huge tits! I guess she wore smaller bras to make her breasts look bigger.“I’m going to cum soon.” said that aggravating asshole brunette jock.“Me too dude, lets cum on her face.” said the blonde guy.“Sally, get on your knees.” said the brunette.Sally obeyed. I had never seen her obey ANYONE like she did. Sally was the most arrogant, independent person you could ever meet! She was, of course, always nice to me, even though she was secretly ashamed of me, but she would never allow anyone to command her around like THAT! What exactly is going escort bursa on in your head Sally? I though.She quickly got down on her knees, and tied her hair back. One jock at on the edge of the bed, and the other stood up. They jerked off, feeling her tits, sticking their thumbs in her mouth, and eventually they came on her face. And as quick as I got here, they left just as quickly right after they came.The two dudes high-fived each other and started getting dressed.“You aren’t going to tell anyone at school right? Just like you guys promised?”The brunette starting laughing, but the blonde jock nudged his elbow. The brunette stifled his laugh. “Yeah, of course Sally. It’ll be our secret.” the blonde said.I heard them walk down the stairs, and damn they were loud when they did that, I guess you can’t really help it when you’re tall giants with bodies of Greek gods. There was a moment of silence where Sally stayed in the same position. When the front door shut loudly, she stood up, and looked at herself in the mirror. I watched her wipe the cum off her face with her fingers, and like it. “I’m a good Daddy’s girl” she said to herself. What on earth!“I am here to please daddies of the world. I was born for the pleasure of men.” she recited monotonously as if she was reading off a book! But there were no books around, she was speaking from her head!She grabbed her towel and headed for the shower. As soon as I started to hear the water running, I ran down the attic. You see, our hamper was just outside our shower, and she put the clothes she had been wearing all day in there. I took them out, brought them to my room, and closed the door.She was wearing a white thong (which had A LOT of white cream on the front), black skin-tight shorts, and a white crop-top undershirt. Her outfit absolutely reeked of marijuana! I put all her clothes in a plastic bag, and tossed it under my bed for later.

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