crossdressing meeting a guy chat room


crossdressing meeting a guy chat roomI had been chatting with a guy on line for over a year and a half doing video chats and even having video sex with him watching me do things with my dildo as I would watch him jerking off until he would cum it was all so fun then one day he asked if he could come see me. I was a little hesitant at first after all the things I had been doing and telling him about the men I had been with, he always said one day he was going to see me and do all the thing those other guys I had been telling him about we were doing together. He made no bum about it he said when he come down it was just to fuck me and he wanted me at my nastiest.I gave him my address and he said he would be down in a couple hours, I couldn’t believe I actually gave a guy from on line my actual address I usually just meet guys out or in hotels but he was coming to my home to see me.I showered cleaning myself up for this meeting putting on a short blue dress he saw me in and requested with white thing panties my padded bra finishing my outfit with my three inch wedged heels and a coat of red lip gloss on, I was still nervous thinking to myself I still can’t believe I was letting him come here.I opened a bottle of wine drinking a couple glasses trying to relax then I got the call he was in my parking lot ready to come in, my heart was beating fast as he came to the door and I opened it letting him in.He came in smiling not saying a word at first just walked around me looking at me from head to toe finally saying “Ms. Monica finnally got to meet you and you look wonderful and I’m glad you dressed as I asked”.I smiled taking a big gulp of air replying “I’m glad you are here too but I’m nervous” he answered “don’t be” putting his arms around my waist pulling me to him bringing his lips to mine giving me a couple soft incesu escort pecks before slipping his tongue in my mouth for a long passionate kiss with both his hands going down right on my butt squeezing my lobes as we continued to kiss and I could feel a bulge in his pants preesing on me.We slowly pulled our lips apart looking in each others eyes I smiled saying “that was nice” with him answering “yes it was but this is better your ass is nice and soft as I hoped it was after looking at it on video for so long” squeezing it and rubbing it a little more.I told him I would get us a drink telling him to go sit on the couch I think he reluctantly released his hands from my butt I giggle telling him there will be plenty of time for that later, going in the kitchen getting a couple glasses and another bottle of wine.I came back sitting next to him crossing my legs with his eyes focased right on them again I could only smile, we sat making small talk killing that bottle of wine with him running his hand up and down my thigh before he put his arm around my neck pulling me to him giving me another long passionate kiss.I was melting in his arms plus the wine helped a lot then as he pulled his lips from mine he said “I told you when I came I was coming to fuck you and I wasn’t k**ding” I watched as he opened his pants pulling his very hard dick out stroking it a few times “now I get to see if you can suck my didk the way you did to that dildo” putting his hand behind my head giving it a slight nudge down.I didn’t say a word just smiled licked my lips going down opening my mouth taking the head inside sucking it running my tongue over it for a couple seconds before nibbling down getting most of his dick in my mouth sucking hard going up and down on it slow at first but with each pump I went a little faster slow down then speed up again going down father getting it all in my mouth stopping holding it deep.I heard him moan “oh Monica you can take it deep just like you said” up and down I began to go up to the middle then down taking him deep again as his hips began to pump to my face with him pushing working my head up in rhythm with his pumps for a few minute, out I let it pop taking my tongue licking all over it going back up to head slowly nibbling my lips down pressing them on his pubic hair.”Oh shit I’m going to cum” I heard him moan I gave a couple pumps pulling back just a little as I felt the walls of his cock pump explode shooting a couple thick shots on my tongue followed by a couple more as I paused before I took a couple gulps swallowing each and every drop sucking hard until no more would come out giving it a couple more pulls letting it pop from my lips giving the head a couple soft kisses.Coming up from his lap I licked my lips saying “umm that was nice” hewas just grinning “dam you swallowed it all” I smiled again answering “I told you I would” then he surprised me pulling my lips to his kissing me again running his hand up my legs feeling right between them then down my leg again saying “suck me again”.I smiled and without hesitation down I went sucking him again and it didn’t take him long he was just as hard as before pulling my head up it popped from my lips he stood up pulling me up then had me lean over on the couch he got behind me lifting my dress up in back pulling my thong down and I stepped out of them.I felt him starting to work one then two fingers deep in my ass twisting them pulling them out wetting his fingers with spit then back in me again I moaned “here let me get you some lube reaching in my purse pulling my tube out handing it to him he grinned “you naughty little thing pushing me now down flat on my stomach.Again he began to finger my ass working one then three fingers in me causing me to moan and roll my hips to him for several minutes then he pulled them out, I turned watching as he removed his pants starting to get over me I said softly “let me get you a condom” he quickly replied “we won’t be needing that I may just pull out or not I told you I want you as your nastiest”.I didn’t say a word as down he came putting his dick to my ass with a couple pumps he was all in me “oh Matt” I moaned, slowly he began to move pumping his cock in me as I twisted and humped back to him for several minutes feeling the shaft in me holding it tight with him telling mr how tight I was.He pulled back popping out me pulling me up on my hands and knees getting behind me entering me again with his hands on my hips he pumped thrusting hard to me seems like he was trying to drive it thru me pulling back to the head then back in me, a couple times he would pull it out tease my hole before back in me he would go driving me mad with pleasure thrusting my hips back to him.I was surprised by how much staying hard power he had then he started going real fast shoving it in me like a piston then all in me he went stopping shooting cum deep in my bowels my hips just shook as I was enjoying the feeling of it in me I knew he was going to pull out because he always told me he wouldn’t as we chatted.Once I felt no more cum shooting in me he pulled back a couple times popping out my ass then patted me on my cheeks standing up as I sat on the couch he brought his cock to my face holding it saying “suck me some more like you told me you did to other guys” and I just opened my lips taking it inside sucking him tasting the flavor of my ass and his cum until he soften up pulling it back popping from my lips, he stayed the rest of the night fucking me a couple more times before leaving in the morning

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