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**i struggled with which category to put this story in – whilst the male lead character is referred to as Daddy this isn’t incestuous – it is a Kink thing with a protective dominant role. I’m sure it will offend some people but you’ve been warned.**


Ruby was driving very carefully round to Daddy’s house. She was driving more carefully than normal for three very good reasons; the first was that under her long winter coat she wasn’t wearing very much and didn’t fancy having to explain that after an accident, the second reason was that she was really looking forward to seeing Daddy today but didn’t want to seem too keen (she liked teasing him and he loved her bratty side). The third and final reason — also the more pressing — was that Daddy had made her put in the remote-control egg before she had set off, and it was pulsing away inside her soaking pussy.

She drove carefully around the corner and pulled up around her Daddy’s house. She stepped out of the car carefully, stepping onto the pavement in the red stiletto heels she loved so much. The coat flapped open slightly and exposed her bare legs reaching all the way up to the lacy panties that covered her freshly shaven pussy. She hurriedly pulled her coat closed, not wanting to give the neighbours too much of an eyeful. Slowly, she walked up the drive to the front door; she tried to look calm and composed but inside, her heart was beating as fast as a hummingbird.

She knocked on the door and waited for what seemed like an eternity before Nick (her Daddy) opened the door.

“Hello Daddy” she smiled. “May I come in?”

“Of course you can Ruby” his soft voice came. “Just as soon as you take off that coat.”

She blinked, staring at him with wide eyes. She looked up and down the street; there were so many houses with very big windows. But she knew better, than to disobey Daddy. She slowly undid the buckle that held the coat together at the front and slid it down her shoulders to stand almost naked in front of his house. She felt that familiar tingle starting her belly as his eyes roamed over her. She knew he loved how she looked — he often told her that her height of four-foot ten inches was perfect, as it made her easy to lift and position when and how he wanted her. Her gorgeous 34D sized breasts filled the red lacy bra, and she knew that he was admiring the matching red lacy panties she wore. She had picked these because they came undone via strings at the side which gave him easy access. She also knew just how slick the front of her panties looked, thanks to how wet the egg had made her — a low enough setting to tease but not enough to let her peak.

She looked up at him, six-foot-tall, dark hair and that cheeky mischievous smile he always seemed to have around her and asked to be let in. He reached out and grabbed her arm pulling her into the house, spinning her round and pressing her face first against the wall in his entrance hall. Her breath rushed out of her as she felt his weight pin her there, the paint cool against her skin as one of his hands gripped her throat and the other slid inside her panties with the door still wide open. She moaned loudly as his fingers roughly teased her clit — his other fingers gently squeezing her throat as she felt him kiss the top of her head.

He stepped away leaving her leaning against the wall gasping for breath and craving more. He picked up the collar and leash from the table next to her and fastened it around her neck; then tugging on the leash, lead her through to his study.

“Kneel beside the desk slut. I have some work I must finish. “

“But Daddy…? She whined.

“Yes Princess?” His voice was dangerously low…

“I… Please… I need to cum…”

She looked at him with those big eyes. She knew just how appealing he found that wide-eyed innocent look and she knew what his response was likely to be. Today however, he surprised her. He grabbed her and threw her face down over his desk, wrenching her arms behind her back and grabbing the new sleeves he had purchased slipped them over her forearms. They locked her arms together helplessly behind her back.

“Daddy…” She squealed…

Grabbing something else from his drawer her slipped it in her mouth as she tried to protest. The large O gag stretched her mouth open, leaving her staring with shocked wide eyes — almost as wide as the gag. He pulled her off the desk then shoved her petite, curvy body under the desk. She crouched and watched as he stepped out of his trousers, then his boxers, leaving his nice thick cock swinging in front of her face.

“I’m going to get my work done — if you want any orgasms at all today you will make sure that my cock stays hard the entire time slut.”

She watched as he sat down and spread his legs then leaned forwards, slipping the gag around his cock and swallowing it down. He reached down and grabbed a handful of that dark hair and rammed his cock deeper. He loved hearing her choke on his thick length. As he returned to his work she sucked on his cock to the best of her abilities — ducking her head up and down on his Pendik Yabancı Escort shaft. It was difficult with her arms tied behind her back and trapped under the desk but as he worked she was able to keep him hard for however long it took. After what felt like an eternity, she felt his chair roll back and he helped her up.

After so long her legs were shaky but he lifted her small form easily, throwing her down over the desk again. He kicked her legs wide apart and slapped her ass as hard as he could. She whimpered around the gag in her mouth as she felt his fingers quickly undo the strings at the side of her panties and pull them off. There was no gentleness to his touch now and he slapped her ass again. She heard the click of a camera and knew he was enjoying the sight of his crimson hand print on her soft skin. She felt him move and then suddenly the egg in her soaked pussy throbbed with a renewed energy.

“If you can push that egg out in the next two minutes slut, I’m going to give you a night you will never forget. If you don’t…”

She heard the threat there — it wasn’t the sort of threat that meant he would hurt her — more of a threat that he wouldn’t. Ruby was a bratty little masochist who loved the rough play with her Daddy. When he was nice he was Daddy — right now he was definitely Daddy. She started rocking her hips slightly and tensing her muscles clamping down. She’d had a lot of practice with this and knew she could get it out — the question would be, could she do it in time?

She saw him come around the other side of the desk in front of her. He took a giant handful of her hair and roughly guided his cock back into her mouth. Holding her head tightly he started to face-fuck her. She felt his cock forced to the back of her throat and as she choked and struggled on the desk, she heard his growl of enjoyment. He slammed his cock back and forth until she was seeing stars and a pool of her own saliva was under her chin. The egg suddenly slid free and fell buzzing to the floor with a pop. In an instant, he was gone from her mouth and before she knew what was happening, his full thick length was buried in her tight pussy. She squealed around the gag — glad for how wet the egg and play had gotten her — as he fucked her hard and fast with little patience or mercy. She was his fuck toy, something for him to take his pleasure from and use, and on occasions like today — she loved every minute of it.

She felt him drawing himself all the way out before slamming back in. She knew she would have bruises on the fronts of her thighs from the desk but also knew that they wouldn’t be the only ones by the end of tonight. He set a furious pace — her cock sucking skills had obviously done their work because he only ever fucked her this hard when he was desperately horny. She felt him slam against her over and over again, her breathing was hard and she could hear him as well — breathing in snatched gasps as he forced his thick length deep into her over and over. She felt his weight over her, pinning her to the desk and his forearm snake around her neck pulling her small form into him, choking her again as he ground his cock deep inside her… she felt his other hand release the gag and pull it away and knew from past experiences exactly what is was her Daddy wanted…

“Please Daddy… fill my slutty cunt with your cum Daddy… Use me, fill me and make me yours.”

She felt his teeth sink into her neck at the back, hard enough to mark but not to break the skin, felt his hips roll in a snakelike fashion as it thrust his cock so deep within her then the familiar sensation of his thick shaft pulsing and the splash of the streams of cum filling her pussy. She came hard. Her cunt tightening around his cock, milking it, knowing she was in trouble, knowing that she wasn’t supposed to cum yet but loving the intensity of her orgasm as well as the knowledge of what it would cost her soon. She flopped helplessly on the desk, his cock still pulsing and throbbing inside her as he filled her up. Her own orgasm still burning through her as she lay defenceless on the desk, arms strapped behind her.

Finally, he was still. She lay, feeling their warmth together, his breath and then lightest of kisses on her neck as he reassured her. She felt him slowly withdrawing from inside her, and already felt the sad emptiness that she ached to have filled again by her Daddy again. She felt the wetness drip down her thighs and knew she would be leaving a puddle by her Daddy’s desk again. She stood on shaky legs and turned around, perching her ass on the edge of the desk to help her stay upright (her tiptoes only just touched the floor at this angle). She tilted her head up and was rewarded with a long deep kiss from her Daddy.

“I’m sorry Daddy… I didn’t mean to.”

“I know princess, don’t worry — we will fix it in the usual way.”

Her Daddy carefully I did the sleeves pinning her arms and smiled that knowing smile… the one that said he realised she enjoyed the punishments as much as the sex sometimes, but that because he was a nice Daddy he didn’t Pendik Yeni Escort mind — and lifted her up, half carrying her on shaky legs upstairs to the bedroom. Once in the room, he pulled the quilt off the bed to the floor and pushed her onto the bed.

“Face down, ass up, hands between your ankles. You know the position.” Nick barked at her and she quickly slid into that position. She heard him open the wardrobe and clink of something metal. She sensed more than felt, him kneel behind her, and lay something heavy on the bed. She knew what he had removed. It was the spreader bar — cuffs at either end for her ankles with a pair of cuffs in the middle for her wrists; keeping her in this position and helpless. She didn’t resist as her Daddy fastened her into them and made sure they were secure.

She felt the tips of his fingers trace down her thighs and shivered as the goosebumps broke out across her skin. She heard him taking more things out of the wardrobe and knew what was coming. She was still so wet from the fucking, and had her Daddy’s cum still dripping from her spread pussy. The bar spreading her legs also kept her open. Hence, the full load was slowly dripping out of her. So distracted was she at the cum that she was completely unprepared when the paddle came down on her ass for the first time making a strangled shriek escape her lips.

Daddy slammed the paddle down on her ass hard. She loved the sound it made, the sting as it hit and then warmth that followed. She bit down on the bedsheet as he rained blows down on her unprotected ass. Her gasps every time he struck, slightly harder than the previous strokes, excited her Daddy. She felt the sudden absence of blows keenly as he stopped, and she wondered what would come next. She knew better than to ask and waited patiently — wishing she still had the egg in. She heard the cane swish through the air and tensed up involuntarily. She felt it ship through the air just above her and knew Daddy was teasing. He traced the tip over her ass and then his hand slammed down into her ass. He didn’t use the cane, but simply continued to spank her bare ass. Soon, she knew it was glowing prettily — just the way Daddy liked it.

“I didn’t use the cane today because I have a surprise for you tonight.”

She wasn’t surprised when she felt the cool drip of lube onto her tight little ass, and wiggled it appreciatively to her Daddy. She felt his fingers teasing her, spreading the lube and felt him climb up to kneel on the bed over her. She felt the head of his hard cock push against her tight little asshole and relaxed. He pushed his way down and into her. Uncomfortably stretching her to begin with, as his thick cock penetrated her slowly. She let out a low and guttural groan as she felt his thickness spread her and fill her utterly. As always, it took him a bit of careful work to get himself inside her but she felt so full and could feel his balls resting against her ass. She tensed her ass and listened to him groan, loving how she could tease him even restrained like this. Moments later she realised her mistake as he pulled back a bit then forced his cock even deeper into her, pushing her down on to the bed hard.

He had firm hold on her and was pushing her down into the bed in this submissive position. His cock rocking back and forth as she loosened slightly, taking his cock easier in and out of her ass. He fucked her ass slowly to start with, letting her get used to it again but soon he picked up pace and forcefulness. With his cock slamming down into her, she could feel herself on the edge of another orgasm, she had only ever cum twice from a cock in her ass and couldn’t believe she was so close again…

“Please Daddy… I’m going to cum.”

“Do it.”

Two simple words and she exploded under him. Restrained and pinned the way she was, she couldn’t do much but thrash against the bar and cuffs as she screamed out the orgasm ripping through her… As she came, she felt her Daddy slip out of her ass gently… she knew that he wasn’t quite there yet, every subsequent orgasm for him took a little longer — one of the reasons she loved their longer sessions.

She heard him leave the room and the shower start in the en-suite, he came back and slowly undid the buckles releasing her and letting her stand up. She slid off the bed and he removed her bra. Within seconds she was totally naked and followed him into the large shower cubicle. She loved this shower it was enormous with lots of different jets. She felt her Daddy start to soap her shoulders and sighed. When he was nice like this, it meant he had an epic night planned. She knew it was games night with his friends and that she was to be part of the entertainment but she didn’t know the details yet. Clean and fresh, he pushed her to her knees and guided her mouth to his waiting cock. She played within his balls gently as she put every ounce of skill she had into working the length of his cock. Swirling her tongue around the head, sucking gently, throating his length, she felt his thighs tense as she gripped him for balance and bobbed her Pendik Masaj Salonu head faster. “Good girl.” Was all she heard then his thick seed flooded her mouth. With practiced ease she swallowed it all down, then stood to cuddle him.

They stood in the pouring water for a while, holding each other close, she melted against him as his fingers slowly teased the back on her neck. She loved the sensations of his firm fingers caressing her skin at the best of times — on the back of her neck just made her his. Finally, and almost reluctantly, she felt him pull away slightly. He leaned down to kiss her then led her out of the shower. They dried and walked through to the master bedroom. There on the bed was a light summer dress. Designed to show off her amazing breasts and sexy bum. There was nothing else.

“This is all you will wear tonight Princess.”, he said with that signature cheeky smile.

“Apart from one other thing but you will only get that later.”

She was burning with curiosity now but knew that he was enjoying himself too much to tell her anything else. She slipped into the dress and followed him downstairs. He kissed her softly and she sat down on the sofa in the lounge watching him wander into the kitchen humming to himself. Through the open door, she heard the gentle flattering of pots and pans as he grabbed things to make them food. They had an hour or two she guessed, before his friends arrived to relax so she flicked the tv on and curled up feeling content. A few minutes later, he was back with a glass of water for her — he knew she would want to keep a clear head for later.

Soon, the delicious smells started to drift through from the kitchen and she could feel her mouth-watering. She hadn’t realised how hungry the last session had made her, and couldn’t wait to eat. She turned the TV off and walked through to the kitchen glass in hand. She stood in the doorway watching her Daddy cook and smiled. He turned, saw her and smiled back. Dipped the spoon in the sauce and brought it over for her to try. It was yummy. He started to serve it up and with a nudge of his hip against her sent her back through the door to the table. They sat and ate and chatted about nothing in particular, all the while in her stomach the butterflies started to grow. She didn’t know what her Daddy had planned for her tonight, but she knew it would be filthy, horny and naughty. They finished and she washed up quickly whilst her Daddy started to prepare things for the evening. Drinks were out on ice, snacks prepared and the table set up with poker cards and chips. He then vanished upstairs before reappearing with a small bag.

“Tonight Princess, we are going to play poker for about three hours… during the first hour you will be kneeling off to one side on the cushions I put down. Every time someone wins a hand, they will get to have your exquisite mouth sucking them off until the end of the next hand. If they cum, you will swallow it all. The second and third hours will happen as and how I choose… although, I do have some plans in mind. You will also be wearing this…”

As he said that, her Daddy pulled out a full hood – not just a blindfold, but something that would cover her whole head… it had holes for her mouth and nose, but she would be totally sealed away inside. She felt herself getting really wet now just imagining what was going to happen tonight. She walked over to her Daddy and let him check the hood fit okay. Once it was over her head and she was enveloped in the darkness she felt incredibly turned on. The sound of her Daddy’s voice was muffled but she could breath and she liked how it felt to be so cut off — only able to concentrate on one thing. She felt her Daddy tighten the straps to keep it in place then felt him lift her. She stayed still, it was a strange sensation to be unable to see anything or really hear anything and be moved so purposefully.

She felt him carefully lower her down onto the cushions, and sat down on her bottom waiting. She knew it wouldn’t be long until people arrived. She could hear very faint movements around the room as her Daddy finished getting things ready. Even through the hood she could hear the sound of the doorbell go and felt her pussy contract involuntarily. She heard muddled voices and from the tone she knew they had spotted her. She thought she could make out three or four different voices… possibly five, but she wasn’t totally sure.

She heard bottles being opened, the sounds of chairs scraping across the floor. She reached down between her legs to touch her very wet pussy — Daddy hadn’t said she couldn’t — surely it was fine. It felt so good. Suddenly she was aware of total silence and froze. There came the sound of a single set of footsteps coming towards her then her arms were firmly taken, put behind her back and her wrists cuffed into place. She sensed someone leaning closer, then her Daddy’s calm voice came, telling her that wasn’t allowed until later. She let out a little moan as she heard him leave. Soon, she could tell Daddy was explaining the rules and then the game began in earnest. She heard the laughter and the chatter from the table and then heard someone swear loudly and laughter from the rest — someone must have won a hand. She opened her mouth and waited — shifting quickly from her bum up onto her knees. She heard the chairs scrape and the sound of softer footsteps.

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