Cuck Wife says the Nasties Things


Cuck Wife says the Nasties ThingsIn order to fully enjoy this, you should first read what my wife wrote regarding some of the things she likes about being a cuck wife. Very hot, but I think she may have been a little shy. A little demure as a classy wife should. I however, will expose her nasty cuckold bitch side. Here are some of the things she’s said to humiliate me when I am in the room or have been banished to the hallway. This is in no particular order. And though I may not remember the exact quote, my wife says I am on target in the subject matter as well as its intensity.Oh my god Paul, look how big his fucking dick is! I’m gonna have a lot of fund with this young boy!Oh, don’t worry about him baby. He knows I am totally hot for young guys with nice dicks. If you want me to, I I’ll make him leave. We have 1 rule around here. The man with the biggest cock gets the the hotwife. And believe me baby, you win by a mile!Are you ready to watch your hotwife suck this huge cock…in your house…in our bed? I hope so cause there’s nothing you can do to stop it. So sit there and watch quietly while I such a real man’s big fucking cock!!Oh Fuck! I can’t belief how hard I’m cumming on this teenager’s cock. Look how much I’m Cumming. You never made me cum this hard…or this much!Do you think I can deepthroat this big black cock, cucky. Do you want to see me be a magician and make his hot cock disappear? Mmmmm. Slap my face with you rock hard dick…slap it hard. Slap this slutty bitch hard right in front of her little dick hubby.Take your cock out, Cucky. I want to compare this big fucking dick to that tiny thing you call a cock!!Oh, shit, oh fuck, damn, He’s really pound my pussy so good. Yay gotta love how much stamina this high school k** has for your hot wife!!Man, I can tell this next orgasm is gonna be huge. I’m dedicating this orgasm to the man who made it all possible…my darling husband.Fuck, your hot young dick is perfect in my wet, married pussy. Do you like older pussy, baby. Do you like fucking a hot married bitch in front of her wimpy hubby?Shit.his dick fits perfectly in my mouth. He’s bigger than you so my mouth feels full! I wish you were this big!! This old man can really kiss. Where did you learn how to kiss so good. Way, way better than my hubby kisses.He’s eating my married canlı bahis pussy so good. Like you used to, only better!Honey, please fold up my lover’s clothes while we make out a little. Do you want my husband to iron anything? He’ll do anything I tell him to do!Do you like my big married tits? My husband loves them, don’t you Cucky? I want you to titty fuck me in front of my hubby. Show the wimpy bitch how a real man uses a married slut’s big tits.I love the way you titty fuck me. Now reach back and play with my clit so my micro dicked hubby can see how it’s done.Honey, do you like the way he titty fucks me? Just for being a good hubby, I gonna ask him to slide his dick up into my mouth when he’s ready to explode.Hubby, I can tell this boy isn’t going to last much longer. When he cums in my mouth, I’m gonna come over there and give you a hot Snoball. You’ve been watching so quietly, you earned a load of cum!!I love riding your marvelous cock. I’m gonna turn around so my hubby can see my face when you make me cum!! Does it turn you on that my wimpy hubby is gonna watch you mAke me cum?Honey, crawl underneath me. I want you to lick my pussy while he fucks me doggy style. You’ll have a closeup view of your hotwife getting her pussy pounded by a real man with a man sized dick! I’m going to lower my ass so his balls rub against your face while he pumps the shit out of me.After you fill my married pussy with your hot jizz, slide up here and I’ll clean off your cock while my hubby cleans my pussy….cleans your cum out of his wife’s pussy!Honey, lick my clit while I ride his glorious cock…in fact, start at his balls and lick all the way up to my clit. And back,down again. Do it bitch boy! Do it now!I’m going to sit on your face while I suck my lover’s cock until it gets hard again. I want you to swallow all of my lover’s cum as it drops out. OK, baby? Don’t you dare miss a drop or you get thrown out of your room. He’s so young, I should have him hard pretty quickly! Then you can sit over there and watch him use your wife again!!God that was one hot fuck n suck session! I’m glad you were here to see it, honey. Now, could you get us a couple of beers while we make out?Man, you fuck like a wild man. Are you taking notes, hubby. ‘Cause this is the way a real man fucks a hotwife. Watch and learn, bitch!Holy fuck! He came 5 minutes minutes ago, bahis siteleri and he’s still fucking me! Damn, I love teenagers. Don’t you?Really? Hasn’t a woman ever stuck a finger in your ass while you were cuming. That’s one of my hubby’s favorites, huh, honey?I’m going to suck my lover’s huge dick while you eat my pussy. But when we start fucking, it’s back to the chair you go!Wait here, honey. Deron and I are going to shower. It’d be good if you made us a couple of sandwiches while we’re gone.God, I love fucking this big black bastard in the shower!Hey, baby. I met a friend and we’re on our way home. Can you make sure the hot tub is wormed up. I told him how amazing it is to fuck in a hot tub. But then head inside. He doesn’t want you watch the first time. I’m sure, or at least I hope you’ll be able to hear us clearly.Yeah, you just sit there pumping your little pee pee. While I suck and fuck this monster cock! That seems fair to me. Does it seem fair to you?Honey, this is Ron and deshaun. Can I borrow the car keys. We want to go,out to the van and listen to some music (wink). Geez, his ass is so tight and firm and his dick is so long and hard, I don’t know what to do first!Do you mind driving, honey. We’re going to sit in the back seat and get to know each other a little better? Feel free to adjust your rear view mirror.He wants you to drive the boat while we take a nap below. I’ll call you when we’re ready for you. I’ve got a feeling he’s gonna make a real mess of things down there.Watch while I blow the Captain as he’s steering! So hot. He’s so fucking hot. I love fucking rich, generous men!!Look what Tom bought me to wear with you tonight. It’s his way of thanking you for sharing me. Believe me, I totally earned this!!Wow. Shit. You need to go out and get some larger condoms. This guy needs big boy condoms…which kinda bodes well for me…um…us!Do you want me to make my hubby clean off your dick? He will if I tell him to.Wow, that was a big fucking load. Wait here, I want to say hello to my hubby. You made quite a mess. He’s in the spare bedroom next door.Baby, I want you to cum all over my married face. Give my hubby a bit of a treat since he’s been sitting there so nice and quiet.Why don’t you take a little nap. You earned it for fucking me nice and hard…and making me cum so fast. I’m gonna go sit on my hubby’s face and güvenilir bahis let him enjoy your jizz like I did!Hold my face with both your hands and fuck my mouth like its a pussy. Hubby, you watch and learn.Yeah, baby. Suck on those tits…those married tits. And bite the nipple a little bit. A little hard. Harder honey. HARDER,Go easy there, King Kong. Look over there at what my wimpy hubby is packing. This is a major size adjustment. Stroke for the bottom baby…deep…hard..pumping. When you cum, bury it all the way in, but give me a couple of hard jabs. It’ll be good for both of us!Holy crap…again?! 5 times might be a record, huh cucky!You have me all night long. My hubby is out hunting. But I have to teach Sunday school at my church. But I wouldn’t mind teaching with your cum in my pussy and belly. Then I’ll cum back and reward you for waiting.Honey, he’s going to give me a tour of the house. It may be awhile, cause I’m going to fuck him. But you can enjoy the party.Hi, this is Jims wife Jennifer. Jim and I want you to keep her warm, safe and cumfortable while we go play. Be a good boy. A very good boy!Here’s the deal, if you can make me cum on the couch, you earn the right to fuck the shirt out of me in my husband’s bed.God I’m so incredibly turned on. Carry me upstairs and abuse my married pussy!Jennifer and I are going to go out dancing while you guys play poker. Don’t wait up. And if there’s a sock on the bedroom door…or the spare bedroom door, don’t cum in.OK. I made a deal with him. You can stay in the room if you don’t mind wearing a blindfold. Oh, and there’s a hot blowjob in it if you take the deal.Pull my lover’s condom off and we’ll clean him off together.OK, baby. Whe you start to cum, slide you dick as deep into my throat as you can. I’m going to massage the head with my throat muscles. This will be the best blowjob you’ve ever had, or ever will have.Sorry, honey. He’s so fucking big and I’m so fucking turned on that I told hom he can go bareback. Oh don’t pout, deal with it like a man!!This is my roommate, Paul. We’re going to go upstairs to watch some TV Paul. I’ll see you,later.No, my husband is impotent. He’s a great pussy eater, but sometime I need a real mans dick. And the bigger, the better…luck for you!Suck me toes while he pounds the crap out of your Wifes pussy. Yeah, that’s it. Now, lick the b ottom of my feet…oh, shit I’m cuming again!!That’s all I can think of for now. But I hope you have a clearer idea of what a ral cuckold bitch my loving, darling wife is. That’s why I married her, I’m the luckies guy in the world

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