Cucked by My Son


Not a single cloud in the sky. The air is dry although it’s barely noon, but my family is already on their way, in the anticipation of the pool party and barbecue. Damn, if I can taste that bacon sizzling and those burgers melting in the grill, together with a cold one in my hand, and my friends and family around.

Tessa couldn’t wait and went for a swim in our pool, and she’s now coming out, water dripping all over her body, and that swimsuit makes my heart go faster, and my cock swell harder. Who would have known that, at 45, I’d find the true love of my life?

It was a hard hit on my now ex-wife, Caroline. She was the woman of my life, but I never knew what love was until I met Tessa. She’s a hurricane, while Caroline a summer breeze. Even now, my fingers are numb, and not because of the cold aluminum can, but because I still see the disappointment on her face, even after two years. I thought she’d be over it by now.

There’s a stiff cock in my shorts, and I signal to Tessa I could go for another round before the family gets here, but she’s a tease, kissing me on the lips and squeezing my balls, just as the doorbell echoes. “Get yourself together,” she tells me, her curvy ass swinging before my eyes, a honey drop soaking my shorts. Gosh, I could fuck her all day.

A couple of hours later, and the barbecue is going strong. I managed to skip to the bedroom with Tessa, and boy, she got my gears turning fast. That swimsuit is a blessing from god. She makes me use a condom because she’s afraid I’ll drip all over the swimsuit, and at least that makes me last longer, a few seconds more. I love her with all my heart, that sweet mouth, her moans, her lively body, rocking as I thrust in her.

“Harder,” she moans, biting my flesh with perfect teeth, but I’m already gone. I kneel in front of her, legs spread, and put my mouth where my cock was just a moment ago, and make her come. With Caroline, it seemed I could go on for longer, but Tessa has been a challenge. She still married me, despite my quick performance in the bedroom.

I put my cock back in my shorts, and we face the small crowd, and I’m filled with joy as I see Carl, Damon, and Peter there, three young virile boys, and they are all mine. They open their arms to greet me and widen their eyes as they see Tessa in her turquoise swimming suit – any man would stop in his tracks for that. There is a sting of jealousy as I see my eldest, Carl, wrapping his muscular body around her in a slow embrace, “Hi, auntie Tess, miss you.” He’s a healthy twenty-one-year-old, and I’ve been raising him as mine since his father left and I married Caroline. The twins are mine, Damon and Peter, eighteen-year-olds, and they look more like me – shorter, not as virile looking as Carl. Carl’s father was a tall motherfucker, a kickboxing athlete, that knocked Caroline with a son and left her to fend for herself.

Those beers are coming around, some prosecco for the ladies, and it feels good to soak up my feet in the pool. Tessa is glistening in the sun, her curves being everyone’s attention. It’s mesmerizing as she dives like a dolphin, fuck, gets my cock going again, and I soak the rest of my body in the pool. Damon and Peter are both with their eyes glued on her, laughing and talking fast, and I join them. They had a period of time where they hated me for leaving their mother, but they got over it quickly. Being friends with Caroline helped, although she never forgave me.

“How’s mom?” I ask, and the conversation steers in that direction. I miss her, I won’t deny it, but sometimes a man needs to do what’s right. I think I had a glimpse of what she went through when Tessa, the other night, asked me if we should “see other people to keep our marriage spicy.”

I told her, “Tessa, my love, why would you want that? Don’t I keep you happy?”

She didn’t confirm or deny it. We made love after that, and there was something in her eyes that was difficult to fight, a certain disappointment. I always make her come, but never the way she wants because my climax is so quick to come around that it leaves a bad taste in her mouth.

Maybe she needs someone closer to her age. She’s thirty-two. A fire unable to be tamed, not by me, at least. I see her enjoying herself, the other guys complimenting her, and a sudden onset of jealousy descends upon me. Why are they looking at my wife? It’s not like it’s new, we had other pool parties before, other barbecues, where the other guys looked at her like they are doing now. And I always took pride in that, to have a wife that’s so beautiful everyone wants a piece of her.

I lied. She didn’t say, “we should see other people.” Instead, she mentioned an elaborate story of how her best friend got entangled in a threesome and said it was the best experience of her life. But her friend was single. And Tessa is married to me. She enumerated the pros of having sex with another man, with me being present, and one of those was, “it is not cheating because you are participating porno videolar too. And we can reverse it and do it with another woman or a couple.” Her mind was on fire, and she strung a series of events that could happen.

From all her options, to fuck another woman in front of her was hot. To have two mouths on my cock almost made me come.

But my mind also conceived the image of her being taken by another guy – a few actors came to mind, big, muscular, handsome actors, and that’s how I came that night. With Tessa in my arms, my cock inside her, wrapped in a condom because she forgot her pill, thinking how amazing she was. I thought I was another man, bigger, more endowed, making her come violently, and her orgasm was the best I’ve witnessed.

I’m woken up from this dream by Carl. His visits are becoming a thing now after one full year of no contact. He doesn’t smile at me anymore, but Tessa has built a bridge between us. She is a wonderful woman.

“Need some help with those burgers?” he asks in a deep voice, nothing like mine. I take notice of his shirtless body and hairy legs and look up to meet his eyes. We take another beer from the ice and toast to his future and mine. He smells of chlorine and youth and has big dark eyes just like Caroline, unlike my boring blue ones. There are veins tracing the muscles in his arms and a six-pack I will never be able to get. If I was twenty-one again, how different would my life be?

“How’s Caroline?” I dare to ask, which makes him sullen, his eyes are like darts.

“She’s ok.” I know he’s a big supporting pillar for his mother, and I wish I could do more. There’s a sting of guilt always following me around. “We’ve talked about this, dad – how would you feel if Tessa cheated on you?”

How would I feel? He always gets back to me with this line ever since. But we don’t fight anymore, and he accepted my apologies. It’s true, I was a cheater. Tessa was my intern, and I fucked her while married to Caroline. It was wrong, and I paid my dues.

“I just wish I could turn back time. But, at least I didn’t lose you in the process.”

We toasted and changed the subject to Uni and girlfriends, and a big smile opened up on his face. “Single and enjoying it, dad.” I’m sure he is. With a body like that and a cute face, my son can take over the world by snapping his fingers. Damon and Peter join us, and they look more masculine than I will ever be, but can’t compare to Carl. No, Carl is a man, a real one. The twins are still boys and have plenty to grow up to.

Tessa comes around and dances in the middle of the men, well, not dancing, but moving with such confidence that all heads get swollen fast. A couple of other husbands got in trouble by looking at her, their wives scolding them. We should have around twenty people around the house, and the grill is kept hot. I serve the burgers now, with the twins’ help, and observe that Tessa is sitting down near Carl. He calls her auntie. I find it cute, but she never wore a swimsuit so sexy, and Carl usually doesn’t sit in a corner speaking to my current wife. They get along well, but something stirs in me like a warning sign. He brushes her arm, their legs are touching, too close. I continue serving, and take two burgers on a plate and go over to see what’s going on.

Suspicion grows. He is smiling at her, and his fingers gently trace up her leg, she reacts by blushing. Something is off, I can smell it from here. I interrupt, the burgers on a plate, they thank me, and I sit next to Tessa. Even with me there, it seems Carl doesn’t want to go away. Tessa is doing the talking now, speaking about what a lovely time we had in the greek isles last year, and Carl mentions how much he’d like to visit. Tessa insists he must and tells him how gorgeous greek women are.

“Are they as pretty as you?” he asks. Tessa had a greek grandmother, and she smiles. She’s just being polite, isn’t she?

“Oh, stop it. I wish!”

The way she’s flustered. She’s enjoying the attention. Tessa, are you playing games with my son? His hand traces her lines again, and I clear my throat, causing Carl to look at my blue eyes and then carry on smashing a crystal clear water droplet from her leg.

“You remind me of greek women or Italian. I always had a soft spot for brunettes, you know?”

I gasp and drink the rest of my beer in one go. Tessa is enjoying the attention, that’s easy to spot. Tessa is the ultimate brunette, everyone in the office envied her, and I was the one taking her to an altar and marrying her. Well, after fucking her over my desk with my wedding ring on. I see Carl touching her wedding ring and shiver. His words come to mind, “what if someone fuck her?” well, he didn’t say that exactly, that’s how I masturbated to the thought of it.

“What are you doing?” I ask him, straight, staring into his deep eyes. He smiles.

It’s Tessa that gets startled, not him. Carl keeps his calmness, his unshakable porno video izle presence. “He’s not doing anything, honey,” she says. “But tell me, Carl,” she says, turning to him, as if I ignore her hand touching his leg, “have you finally met that special girl in your life?”

It’s like I didn’t say anything. I’m there, but I’m not. This is not the first time I have had the impression of being overshadowed by another man. Jealousy? Probably. But can’t a man feel jealous of his own wife? Set the boundaries, set them now!

But I lack a spine sometimes. I kept my mouth shut. And Carl made a move if you could believe my son was this methodic. I told this to Tessa one hour later, but she brushed it off as me being ignorant and, well, she called me a cunt. But Carl, I could bet my soul on it, he was making a move on my wife.

“Auntie Tessa,” he said, “I wish one day I could have what my dad has.” He looked at me, raising his eyebrows and returning his hand to her thigh. God, that made me shiver. “I was so upset when you entered our lives, you know, but now I learned that love respects us. It just shows up unannounced, like that.” He plays with the water and looks at Tessa with big eyes, staring at her legs and then at the center of her body, where her turquoise bathing suit covers her greedy pussy. He has eyes that could eat her alive. “But now I’m thankful that you are here. Father is happy. And my mother is learning how to live again – it sucked that it had to be this way, but I’m happy to be here with you, auntie. I wish I could find a girl just like you, but meanwhile, I’ll keep searching.”


“Yeah. You know what I’m talking about,” he said, giving her a kiss on her forehead. “Going for a swim!” he warns and slides right down, showing off his large muscles and broad shoulders, and I can see she’s horny. I know that look and understand her body – he made her horny.

It’s fine. I can use that to my advantage, always ready to fuck her. That’s what makes me pull her to the bedroom again, but she denies me. It’s when I tell her I know he was hitting on her, and she should have done something about it.

“Why? You didn’t. Don’t be a cunt, he’s just blowing off some steam.”

Tessa. My dearest Tessa. Why are you making me hard like this?

I grab her arm and tell her, “my balls are hurting, I know you’re horny. A quick one?”

But she smiles back and mumbles, “when is it not a quick one?” leaving the room and me in it, hard as a rock, defeated. Instead of just masturbating, I keep myself in check, let my body cool down, and return to the party to see my three boys around my wife. Some people have left already, but there’s still plenty of family and friends around, and I entertain them. In the corner of my eye, I don’t lose track of her.

After saying goodbye to a couple, I see the twins on their phones and no signs of Tessa or Carl. My heart skips a beat. I run to the house and see them in the kitchen. Carl looks at my terrified expression and just leaves the kitchen to go outside while Tessa asks if everything is alright. She’s drinking prosecco, and damn, that swimsuit is killing me. She doesn’t understand how sexy she looks and how it makes her breasts stand up. “Do you want me to get you a coverall, it’s getting a bit chilly outside,” I say, lying. It’s not cold at all, I’m just overthinking.

“Maybe, yes. That will be nice. Can you bring me that one with the flowers?” And I nod, of course, my love, I will do anything for you. “I’ll be making some Margaritas.” She has the glasses lined up already, maybe it was all an innocent event, finding her here with Carl. But I can’t seem to bring myself to trust my own son.

The summer afternoon goes by, and Carl has a nice tan on him. He keeps running around, diving, enjoying the pool and playing ball with his brothers, and I wonder how he doesn’t get tired. I welcome the margaritas, and the sweet soft breeze makes Tessa’s coverall float in enigmatic ways. She stands in the pool, and Carl swims near her, and I can’t make out what he’s saying. It’s all good, she would never do it.

Tessa sits down, speaking to him, and he gets between her legs, elbows supporting him. A pang of jealousy hits me. I should say something. I should get there and end this nonsense. But I do nothing except stare.

He makes her laugh, and I close my eyes and rest my head back.

Tessa’s scream wakes me up. She’s behind me in the kitchen, and I roll out of my chair to find her laughing. Apparently, Tessa and Carl were in a friendly chase, and Carl’s shorts got caught up in the door handle, causing them to rip vertically all the way.

As I walk in, I see a laughing Tessa, contorting herself, holding onto the kitchen table not to fall, and an unbothered Carl, holding onto his shorts, exposing a perfectly round muscular butt cheek. Even for a straight man, I can’t deny his beauty.

The twins join in and can’t stop porno video making fun of the situation. “I don’t think my shorts will fit you, but you can try,” I tell him, but he says he’ll give it a try. He’s taller, but I’m fatter, so he might be able to fit. I find them in the living room, with Tessa happily chatting away, red in the face, drinking prosecco, and Carl sharing a glass with her while holding his shorts with his other hand.

“Here, try these on,” I say, thinking he’d go into the toilet to change. But he hands the glass to me and removes the ripped shorts.

Tessa is directly in front of him.

Her eyes are focused on the young adonis in front of her. In his cock.

That couldn’t be his soft state. For fuck sake. Flaccid is larger than mine. And all the proportions fall so beautifully, that six-pack, the treasure trail, the V that leads you to his hanging cock, a pair of low hangers.

Carl pulled his shorts, and I thanked god for making them fit because staring at his cock one more time would have killed me. He tucks everything inside and asks Tessa how he looks. She couldn’t speak and instead drank the rest of her wine. “Looks good on you.”

He leaves the room as if nothing has happened, and I face my wife. Could she see he was not my son?

“Now, that was something you don’t see every day, am I right?” Tessa says and looks at me.

“Don’t know where he gets that from,” I say, trying to fake a smile.

How many hours can a day have? After the moment she saw my son’s penis, time slowed down to an almost complete stop. I had to endure Carl’s cunning smile, and he took control. In front of my friends and family. In front of his brothers. As the afternoon comes to an end, and people are thanking me how it was a great party, I see him grabbing Tessa by the waist and pulling her to him. Like a gravitational pull. Bet she is getting wet. Be a man, goddam!

The orange tones are like fire in the sky. The twins are playing video games in the room upstairs, and I sit in the chair by the swimming pool. He sits by my side while Tessa goes to grab a drink.

“What do you think you are doing?” I ask, afraid of the way he might reply back. But Carl says nothing to me, but when Tessa hands him another beer, he smacks her ass.

“You are gorgeous, Auntie Tess,” he tells her.

“Watch it,” I say, shocked by her silence. She smiles instead, and I can see his fingers marked on her behind, like saying, “she’s mine now.” I shiver at the thought.

“He’s just being playful, let him be,” she says to me, scolding me to try to protect what’s mine. Was she ever mine?

It becomes clear that I’ve been missing some signs. At the office party, it comes to my mind how my boss smiles at her, just the same way Carl does, with a sense of ownership. It’s like being crushed and having an out-of-body experience at the same time, unable to avoid the hit, unable to avoid all the emotions that come with it. I see Carl getting up, like a god, grabbing her hand and leading her to the rim of the pool. They dance, there is some music playing, and my brain slows down, assimilating every movement, every touch.

“Aunt Tess, I wish you were my greek girl,” he tells her, his nose inhaling her hair, the perfume of oranges and lemons, her skin a fire burning high, his fingers risking going further down. I see him playing with the elastic of the swimsuit, her butt cheeks on his fingertips. They are not ashamed of me.

“Don’t be silly,” she says with a giggle, “you can be my Italian Stallion,” she mutters, letting herself go in his arms. How can someone get so perfect muscles, I wonder, he can crush me with one hand. One hand. Pathetic. And that cock, fuck me, it’s imprinted on my mind, crushing my self-esteem. It took him one change of shorts to put me in my place.

“I’ll be anything you want me to be, Aunt Tess, if only you be my girl for tonight.”

And she laughs as they dance slow jazz, murmured by the speakers left in a chair. The cicadas sing as the faint tones of the night come in.

“What is my husband going to say? I need to ask permission,” she says, looking back at me, but he takes her away, moving graciously. I never thought he could be that beautiful with his movements, making it effortless, circling around, coming closer and away.

“I have his permission, trust me,” and he steals my soul when he kisses her skin. She leans her neck, and he sucks on her like a vampire. I bet he’s hard. I bet his horse-like cock is throbbing against her perfect cunt. Fuck you, god, for making me so small compared to this enlighted being.

“Come, let’s swim,” she says, and I can see the wetness in her, her body changing, her movements more fluid. As Carl lets go, I see his arching bulge, enormity woven in my swim shorts, the ones he borrows, but he grabs her arm and pulls her back to him. Just like a movie. And why am I hard with this? It pains my soul, but I need to press my cock down, it’s hurting from watching them.

“Dance with me,” he begs, kissing her neck and going lower, her breasts so close to his lips. Her hands go down his V-line. So close. So so close. Don’t touch him there my love. “I don’t need his permission, I got yours,” he tells her, looking at me, and places her hand on his hard member. I can hear her gasp.

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