Cuckold Lifestyle 2

Cuckold Lifestyle 2Well if you read my last story you know that my wife had to go almost a year without any “side dick”. Well we had a birthday party here at the house for her and that long dry spell ended then. We have a pool and everyone was hanging out around it , drinking and haveing a good time. Some time during the night I noticed my wife was missing , I thought she might have gotten sick and went in the house ( she was drinking more than she usally does). I made my way to the house without any one noticing, I came in off the deck and I was being very quiet, as I started down the hall I heard a sound I knew all to well. It was my wife and she was fucking, I wonder who it was. The spare bed room is on the back of the house and thats where she was. The door was almost closed but I could see in, the lights where off but the light from pool lit it up good enough for me to see her riding Mike’s hard dick. His feet where toward me and she was facing him setting on his hardon. They couldn’t see me, I watched for about ten minutes and I heard some one from out side call out my name. I returned to the party. After about another ten minutes Mike came out and grabbed a beer and went over and started talking to Eric , he and Eric had rode together to the party. I kept watching the house and finally my wife came out , wearing a new bikini. It was a thong and she looked great in it. Some of the wife’s didn’t think she should be around their husbands in it but they didn’t come right out and say it. She went right into the pool…damn there goes a perfectly good creamy pie I thought. The party was in full swing and I noticed she was gone again. I started looking around to see who was missing. kayseri escort bayan It was Tim this time , I wanted to go in the house but I couldn’t get away , seemed like every one knew she was in the house fucking and they ganged up on me to keep me out side. I have no idea how long they where in there but all of a sudden I saw Tim drinking and talking to some of our friends. Then here came my wife carrying a cake…she yelled it was time to sing Happy Birthday to her. We all did and cut the cake…shorty after that the party started breaking up. I saw each guest out as they left and I was in the house alot. I looked in the drive way and the only truck still there was Eric’s and Mike was setting in it alone. I looked out to the pool and there was my wife butt naked laying on her back on the diving board and Eric was plowing her cunt as hard as he could. I didn’t want to go out due to there was no way I could without them seeing me. So I went to the spare bed room and looked out the window and watched him fuck her for almost thirty minutes. Damn ,I thought who in the Hell can fuck that hard for that long without stopping? He finally got his nut and stood up…shit that boy was hung ! I went into our bed room and crawled into bed and played asleep. I heard the pattio door open and they came in, they where trying to be quiet but the quiet that a drunk person does isn’t very quiet. She walked out to the truck with him then after about ten minutes I heard her come in the front door. She was bumping into everything as she came down the hall. She came straight to bed and fell in it. She was naked..she turned to me and said I know you aren’t asleep, if you want escort kayseri some you had better get it before I pass out. I jumped between her legs and started to go down on her, but she grabbed my hair and said NO , no eatting just fuck me I’m tired. My dick was like a steel pole and I rammed it in. Well maybe I feel in, her cunt was looser than I’ve ever seen it. I said honey your loose tonight. She said yeah I know Eric had a monster and it stretched me so nicely. well my nut came right then…The next morning I got up and left her in bed. I went out to the pool and cleaned up. As I came back in the house I saw my wife at the laundry room door naked as a Jaybird. What the Hell happened to your back I asked? She said I guess when Eric was fucking me on the diving board I got off the towel and that ruff stuff wore the skin off. It looked like six little scabs , one over each of her back bones. I asked her if she had a happy birthday. She said yeah I got four presents last night. I told I had seen three , where did you get the fourth? She told me when she had walked out with Eric to his truck, Mike had a hard on and wanted seconds. Well that ended a dry spell, She invited Mike back over to fuck while I was at work, but he couldn’t do it. He said he felt bad about fucking her in the first place, it must have been the beer. He said Eric said he wanted more of your pussy, Eric told mike he had never fucked a married woman with that tight of a cunt. That says a lot about my dick size. Well Eric started being her new regular. I didn’t really want it to be him, not with that fat cock. She loved it and I got sloppy seconds. But Eric didn’t last but maybe a year before he kayseri escort got a girl friend and stopped coming by. That’s when Tim stepped in. Man Tim lasted for just over ten years. Yes ten years, he would fuck her every chance he got during the work week and every Friday and Saturday night he would come over. Tim was the only side dick that knew ,I knew. On Saturday night we where watching a movie, I had gotten up to go get a beer . When I returned my wife was sucking his dick..yeah right in front of me. I tried like Hell not to stare but man it was had. He had a nice dick on him. I watched as she heald on to it and her fingers didn’t touch. After a few minutes she stood up pulled off her shorts and sat down on his hardon. She went right to the balls, she had to have been soaking wet to do that. They fucked in front of me for what seemed like an hour before he blew his wad. He was good…I kept trying to watch his face to see if I could tell when he blew, Nope , stone faced the whole time. My wife stood up , pulled up her panties real tight to her cunt and then her shorts. She looked right at Tim and said I have to try and save this for hubby to eat. He looked at me and I felt like dieing. After he left we went to bed and I did eat that load out of her freashly fucked cunt. After that first time they would fuck in front of me all the time. Like damn rabbits I tell you. The wife was fixing dinner one Friday night and Tim came by. I opened the door and started talking to him…trying to keep him in the den with me. He was polite enough but made his way into the kitchen , it wasn’t long before I heard moans coming from in there. I peeked around the courner and Tim had my wife’s skirt pulled up and she was bent over at the waist he was fucking her standing up while she was cooking. Well like I said she fucked Tim for ten years there are a thousand stories, But she took another side dick while fucking Tim. I’ll tell his storey next.

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