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cuckold lifestyle 40Cuckolding was for a long time to me was my wife getting fucked then coming home to me to get gleaned up. Some times it would be more than one guy’s load but she would go out then come home. Then she stepped it up a notch. She started spending more time with me, I was wondering if she was slowing down on her “side sex” so I asked her what was up. But knowing my wife I knew if I started quizzing her she would get mad and not tell me. So I had a plan to find out. It was Saturday and I was all done doing my chores so I asked her if she’d like to go some where nice and eat tonight? She said yes lets go to Ruth’s Chris in Sandysprings , she said I love that place. Umm I was thinkinh I had never been there, then I remembered I dropped her and Ann off there a couple months ago. OK I said , we’ll have to dress nice she told me so go shower and shave I’ll go in the other bath and start getting ready too. I ran me a nice hot shower and was about to step in when the door opened and a hand holding my CB3000 shot in, HERE take this she said. I took it without a word and the door closed fast. Well damn it I thought I was hopping for some action tonight. I have my face and pubic area nice and clean. I put a little lotion on my dick and balls and put myself in the chastity devise. I snapped the lock closed and picked up my cloths , I carried them into the laundry room wearing nothing but the CB3000. As I started down the all I could hear her shower still going. I started to peek in but thought I didn’t want to spoil the mood. When I got to the bed room I saw she had already laid my cloths out for the night. Dress slacks , black socks , white t shirt and a white dress shirt , umm I thought this almost is a suiet , then I noticed my dress jacket hanging on the closet door knob. OH so it’s going to be that fancy I thought. I got dressed and went in to the den to wait of her. About an hour later she came down the hall looking all beautiful and classy. I told her she looked wonderful and gave her a little peck on the cheek, her lips where cover in a beautiful coat of lipstick and I didn’t want to mess it up. I steped back and held out my arms and asked if I looked OK to her. She said you look very handson, I blushed , she hasn’t told me that in forever. Then she said how do I look? She had on a what is known as “the little black dress” it stopped about three inches above her knees , her legs where covered in black hose and she had in a pair of black strapped hills that made her calfs look hot! I said you look just perfect my darling. I had to ask, I just had to , so why is it you are spending this night with me? This is when I found about Joan. She started walking toward the kitchen and started telling me about a nice lady she met named Joan, and how this wonderful lady had been telling her all the ways she had been cuckolding her husband of fourty years. What I said. He’s been cuckolded for fourty years? My wife then added she is so smooth with how she does it, she said as I was listining to her I keep thinking about my own style of get fucked then come home, I have to say I started feeling like a Gaddamn whore she said. NO don’t say that ever I told her. Joan had told my wife that cuckolding isn’t just getting fucked , it’s also fucking with the husband. Like how I asked. She said the man’s mind is a wonderful organ, way better than his dick. She told her playing with a dick last at best a couple hours , but you can play with his mind for a lifetime. Ohhh…I let slip from my mouth. So , what does that mean I asked. Well she said it’s kind of like this, then she stepped back a few steps. You are locked away, no way your going to get you cock out to use it on me. Am I correct? Well yeah I said I have it on why? She then lifted the hem of that little black dress to revell she was wearing wide band lace top stockings and they where being held up by a lace gater belt and her pussy was coved by the tinest see through black thong I had ever seen. Know as she lowered the hem down almanbahis yeni giriş she said, now that you have seen whats under my dress , will you look at me the same way all night long? Or will you be dreaming of seeing it all over again? I stood there with my mouth open. I thought so she said. Lets go and you will be opening my door for me tonight won’t you? Yes ah sure I will I said. We when to her car and I came to her side and opened the door. I was looking for another peek and she knew I was, but how in the HELL can a woman wearing a dress that short get into a car that low and never show anything? Guys I’m telling you women are regular people like you and I. Anyway when we got to Ruth’s Chris they have valet parking, so I pulled up and jumped out trying to beat the attendent to her door. Guess he knew that trick he beat me but I was in time to see her open her legs wide open to show him everything she had under her dress. He took her hand and helped her stand , as she stood she was face to face with me. I was looking her dead in the eyes and she gave me a little smile. I steped back to allow her to close the door. The valet gave me a smile and handed me my key tag. I opened the door and she started in I follwed close enough to ask without being heard. Did you have to do that ? she said do what? I said show everything to that attendent. Oh that, well that’s cuckolding sweety she said…every man tonight is going to see what you aren’t. But those wide lace stockings, that’s not playing fare, She said oh yeah I know how much you love them that’s why I’m wearing them , letting you know I’m wearing them and then not letting you see them. My cock was about the break that plastic cage it was locked in. I was begaining to see what she was talking about. We where taken to a table on the upper floor , I’ll have to let you in on the layout of this place. There are two levels , one wall is all glass , it over looks a very busy highway , the windows go all the way pasted the upper floor all the way to the celing that must be twenty five feet high. The upper floor doesn’t go all the way to that windowed wall , so if you are on the lower floor setting next to the windows and look up you can see the people seated on the upper level. OK anyway, my wife told the host that she wanted to set at the edge of the upper floor so she could see out the window. He sat us right in the center of the upper floor at a table right next to a three foot tall glass wall that over looked the lower level. I glanced over the little wall and looked down before I sat down. I saw two older gentleman looking up toward me , then I noticed they could see up my wife’s dress. I sat down after she did. I leaned across the table to tell her those men where looking up your dress. She said I know , they always do everytime I come here. She said if you stand up at that bar over there they can see all the way to your panties..then she smiled. Well the table top was glass also , and I could see a great deal of her legs just by looking through it. Without even looking up from her menu she said if you don’t stop staring at my legs your are going to have blueballs all night. After our meal we where enjoying a glass of wine and she had turned slightly sides in her seat so that her legs where out from under the table. I had to use the rest room and told her I’d be back in a minute. As I rounded the corner coming back to the table I could see straight up her dress I passed at least three guys that could too, she was acting as if she where reading something on the table and didn’t notice that her legs where apart. As I sat down I said you are showing your stuff to everyone, I know she didn’t care but her natural reaction was to close her legs. I sware I heard a faint boo. From there she wanted to go to lennox mall….as I said in another story lennox has a long escalator in the food court that goes to the upper levels. So she made me park in the lower lot and we enter at the food court level. I could almanbahis giriş see guys stealing glances of her as we walked past them. She said OH I need to go up there , the show store is on the next level. In my mind I’m thinking ” you just want to ride the escalator and show off”. Ok lets get on I said. I tried to get her to get on first but she pushed me onto the step to fast, then she grabbed her dress at the waist and pulled it up a few inches. Just enough to cover her stocking tops. I looked down as we where taking that long ride up. Then I turned and looked back at my wife. she was also looking down and had her legs slighted wided than needed… there was no less than thrity teen boys all hooping and jumping to get a better look. When we reached the top I turned and said was that fun for you? She said it allways is. We went into a shoe store and she saw a young black guy about six foot tall slim build waiting on a lady. She said I’m going to let him see my pussy , I said what ? How? she said I’m going behind that row of shelfs and taking my panties off. Stay here she said. Well in a minute she walked back past me and tossed me her warm panties. I took a quick sniff and tucked them in my pocket. She said down and he walked over, she asked to see something in a strapped black hill. He looked at the ones she had on and said like them? Oh she blushed , I ment white. He went off to get them , while he was gone I had gotten into a spot where I could watch too. When he came back my wife held up her foot for him to unbuckle the shoe. As he did she let her leg tilt slighty sides ways and that pulled the dress open enough for him to see her shaved white pussy lips. He did a quick look and then not knowing if he saw what he thought he saw he looked again. That time he knew what was going go. After he got the shoe off the scooted his seat in closer so he could put her foot on his leg ( as if to aid in getting the new shoe on) he placed her foot way up high on his leg as he fumbled for the white shoe. I stepped around toward the side and I could see her stocking toe wiggling right at his hard cock. He took quite a while to get that shoe on her foot. He got a good three minute pussy shot. She stood up and walked toward a mirrow , it was tilted back so you can see your shoes but you can also see up a dress if the lady wearing it hiked it up a tad. He was still setting and he could see what I could see , in fact seven husbands that where there hating shoe shopping with their wife’s could see. She spun around and said I’ll take them. She sat down and as he took the shoe off he got another pep show. She leaned in close to him and whispered “do you like my pussy”? he sat up straight and whipped his head around to see if anyone heard that. When is felt it was cool he said yes mam , it’s very pretty and I’d like to have a chance to fuck it. She said what time do you get off. I felt that dick of yours half way down your thigh. He said I get off in two hours , at ten. My wife handed him her cell number and said call me when you are in the parking lot. She paid for the shoes and we left. She told me what they had talked about. I asked if she was going to fuck him. She said she was horny….what are we going to do for two hours I asked. She said we are going to ride down Peachtree to a sex shop I know of. I said how do you know of a sex shop way down here. She told me that have glory holes there and sometimes she likes to visit them. We pulled into a shop all trimmed out in bright yellow, we entered in the back of the building, We ducked into the last room and we closed the door. I said now what? she said why don’t you go in the next room and stick your dick through that hole and I’ll suck and fuck it for you. I said give me the key so I can get out of the cage. She laughed…I left it at home. Sorry. Damn it I thought I was so close then I heard the door shut next door. shhh my wife said , don’t talk if he hears a man’s voice he’ll leave. my wife walked over and stuck almanbahis güvenilirmi her hand through the hole. When she pulled it back it has holding a very large black cock. She looked at me , wrinkled her nose and made the WOW mounth. It was totaly soft, she flipped it around and it had to be eight inched long. She started sucking it and it grew and grew. She let go iof it and it stool out straight , it had to be ten inchs, and she held her arm next to it and they are almost the same size. I wanted to go next door and shake that man’s hand..that was a “movie star” sized cock. She whispered to me did I want to suck it? I shook my head no…she giggled then she took my hand and made me hold it while she turned around. She hiked up her dress and backed up to it, she looked around to me and said you put it in for me. I’d never held another nam’s cock before , it was hot, and it was heavy I remember how I had to hold it up. I rubbed it up and down her wet pussy lips and she pushed back on it. It’s not like in the movies when those girls just drop down on a cock that size. I held it for at least two minutes while she worked in in and out. After a long time she was close enough to the wall I had to let go , she went all the way to the wall then. She just stood dead still. her hands where on her knees and they where shaking like she was cold. I asked if she where cold? No, be quiet she said, I’m going to cum just having that monster in me. She never moved ..then she started shaking and she let out a long moan….she had just come by NOT being fucked. She then started moving back and fourth , they fucked for thirty minutes I sware. She could hardly stand when he finally came in her. I had her panties out of my pocket and soon as his cock fell out I had her step into them and pulled them up real tight. I kissed her full on the lips but I don’t think she ever felt it. We stayed till we heard the door close next to us I led her out and down to the car. I put her in on her side then got in. I looked over at her and her eyes where closed and she had a slight smile on her face. Are you OK I asked? She said I feel great, well it’s alomst time for the shoe shop boy to get off work, do you want to go fuck him too? She said I had forgotten about him. Yes , pull some where so you can clean my pussy up enough to get fucked again. I pulled into a gas station and went in to get the key. We both ran in and locked the door. She held onto the sink as I lowered her soked panties. I mashed my face into her soft messy cunk. she was totaled down there , at one point I had my chin and both lips in her pussy…My whole face was covered in her and that monster’s juices. She said that’s good lets go. On the way there I said how are you going to do this? Not in his car I said. she told me we would do it in her car and I’d have to be a watch out. Well we sat in the lot of about half and hour and her phone rang. It was him. I jumped out and walked off…I saw him walking toward her car. I sat on a bench and waited to see him leave. He took an hour do to he deed. When I saw him walk off I went to our car and there was my wife setting all prim and pretty just like nothing happened. I got in and said Hello. she said hey, I said did you have a good time? She answered yes. Can we go home now? we didn’t talk all the way home , but I noticed I was driving kinna fast. Once in the house I started undressing , I ran into the bed room my wife right behind me. She pulled off her dress and bra , but left the stockings and garter belt on. She was also wearing her panties. I asked if I needed to pull them off for a second cleaning. She said no you can do that tomorrow morning lets go to sleep. All night long I would wake up and I could feel her stocking legs next to mine. The next morning when she woke up first thing she did was pull her panties down and make me eat her. her pusst was still very wet and loose. then she showered and said she had a date for lunch. I asked who it was just said you don’t know him but you have eatten his cum out her my pussy before. She dressed in a tan denim skirt that stopped just above her knee she had on white sox with the little balls on back and tennis shoes , oh and a white tank top…no bra. Before she left and asked of a peek under..she said no. life is good

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