Cuckold New Year


At the start of the new millenium, while most of the world was celebrating, I was on my hands and knees cleaning the kitchen floor. But I did have reason to celebrate, for I had passed the final test. You see it was exactly one year ago on Dec 31st that I pledged to my wife that I wished to be her cuckold. I won’t bore you with the details, but our marriage had been heading in that direction for quite some time with me being her submissive and her pretty much running everything in household.

We had prepared all the paperwork. Transferred house, car, savings, checking, stocks, bonds all into her name at the stroke of midnight. The idea was Julia’s to begin with. You see I inherited a small fortune from my father and met Julia shortly afterward. She was absolutely gorgeous and made no bones about the fact that while she was attracted to me and we had much in common, my most attractive feature was my bank account. I know it sounds weird, but we really did love each other. When we married I was a virgin and Julia was not.

After two years, the marriage bed had become cold with Julia telling me I just didn’t satisfy her and she wasn’t sure if the marriage would last. I begged her to stay and suggested we see a counselor. She agreed and made an appointment with a counselor named Richard. At our first appointment, I was embarassed by the frank discussion of our sex life and my obvious lack of sexual prowess in the bedroom. Richard to my amazement did nothing to defend or comfort me in these sessions. He merely agreed with everything Julia said.

One night after a particularly gruelling session we attempted to make love. I struggled ist esc in vain to insert my erect 4 inch penis inside Julia. As I felt myself being enveloped by her warm folds I exploded and came all over. Julia was livid and pushed me off her.

“This is ridiculous! This is exactly what I was talking about at therapy today! You’re not a real man, you’re a wimp!” I began to cry. “I-I-I’m sorry Julia. It’s just that you’re such a beautiful woman, I get so excited when I see you naked I can’t help it.” She slapped me hard across the face. Whap! “Well it doesn’t help me any. I’ve got a pathetic excuse for a husband who can’t satisfy me.”

It was then that the seeds of my current predicament took root. I was on knees, cum dripping from my no flacid one inch cock, crying. I must have been quite a site. Julia sat on the edge of the bed, put her robe on and went into the bathroom. She came out and was fully dressed and looked beautiful. “W-Where are you going?” I asked meekly, still naked. “Away from you.” She said. With that she was gone and I was left alone to wonder. I roamed around our 10 room house and wondered if she would return and say she wanted a divorce. Minutes passed to hours and early the next morning, I heard her enter the bedroom. I sat up on the bed as she began to get undressed. “James, we need to talk.” She said, removing her blouse and skirt and standing there in her crotchless pantyhose and heels. Julia loved crotchless pantyhose and never wore a bra.

“When I left here last night I had a session with Richard. We discussed the best way to handle this problem and we’ve come up with a solution. So here’s the deal fatih esc James. Do you love me?”

“Yes.” I stammered.

“And do you wish to stay married to me?”

“Yes, of course.”

“And if I told you I wanted a divorce?”

“I-I-I would do anything to avoid that Julia.” She sat on the bed and took my hands in hers and looked deeply into my eyes.


“Yes dear.”

“Well here’s my solution….”

She proceeded to tell me what her and Richard had come up with. Simply put, she loved me but she needed a real man in bed and she also needed to be catered to and pampered. Therefore, she would be taking on a lover, namely Richard. I looked shocked and she told me that she had ‘known’ Richard prior to our marriage. Furthermore, If I really loved her and wanted to remain married to her I would prove my love in a test. For exactly one year starting on Jan 1, 1999 I would hand over all bedroom duties to Richard. I would also fire all the servants and grounds people that worked for us and I would take on those responsibilities. In addition, I would transfer all my assets to her and Richard’s name to take effect on midnight Dec 31, 1999. The catch was, I had to sign the document on that date to prove my love for Julia.

I was shocked, saddened and stunned. But looking at Julia sitting there naked I couldn’t help but mutter acceptance. “Fine she said, sign these.” She handed over a sheaf of papers that spelled everything out in fine detail. I signed and so began my year test. For the entire year, I sweated and slaved to pamper Julia and keep up the house and the grounds. I ceased ataköy esc my bedroom activity, although we still slept together. Julia spent more and more time with Richard, however he never came to the house. When she would crawl in bed after a late night I could smell him on her, I could see the marks he’d left.

I would quietly slip out of bed and masturbate. Julia made it clear she didn’t care when or how I came as long as she had not part of it. I would then slip quietly back to bed and go to sleep. As Christmas approached, I became more and more docile and excited. Pampering and doting on Julia’s every whim. Then on Christmas morning Julia gave me my present. “James, as of Jan 1st, Richard will be moving in with us. I want your things out of the bedroom and moved into the servants quarters. Also, Richard has made arrangements with another doctor friend of his for you to start taking some medication. Now the medication will make you more of an emasculated wimp than you already are. Now for the big present.” She unrolled a piece of paper. “Sign this James. It simply states that after Jan 1st, if you complete one year’s service to Richard and I and take the prescribed medication, castration will follow. Oh, now don’t worry. I know it sounds drastic, but after a year of being on the medication your little dick won’t be useful for anything anyway.” As she said this, she unbuttoned her shirt to reveal her beautiful breasts and I signed.

Richard showed up to pick Julia up for their Millenium New Years evening out. They both looked masterful. I was dusting and Richard walked over and shook my hand, “I’m proud of you James. Not many men are honest enough to realize the things you’ve realized and grown the way you’ve grown. At the stroke of midnight tonight, I’ll be a very rich man thanks to you and you’ll be a very rich man thanks to me.

Happy New Year….

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