Cuckolded Again!


Cuckolded, Again! A Personal Exploration into Submission and Humiliation

My wife always has this way of making me feel totally inept and worthless when she wants to. I always ask her to give me a little time. I ask her to let me prepare a little. I try to tell her how difficult it is to go from typical working class schmuck to a whimpering, cuckold pansy at the drop of a hat. It isn’t easy, and maybe that’s what makes the humiliation all that much more poignant. Maybe, that’s what gets her off.

She did just that last night. She’d been out visiting one of her lovers—a big, black guy named Louis. I was at home having a beer and watching the ball game. It was a good game, too. LSU was getting all they could handle from Arizona State.

That’s when I heard the front door open.

Right near the end of the fourth quarter, LSU was driving for the game winning score. “Shit,” I hissed to no one in particular. My wife, Ann, was home, and she was going to want to talk about everything that happened to her that day. Normally, I would’ve been interested in hearing how her encounter went, but not at the end of a good ball game. I took another swig of my beer to help prepare myself for some serious frustration.

That’s when I heard her soft, gentle laugh rise over the deep resinous voice of another man.

“Now what?” I growled to that same no one.

Ann’s soft footfalls fell onto the hardwood floor of the living room. Heavier foot falls fell close behind as they came closer to the den, and my Saturday evening football game. They crossed through the threshold into the den hand in hand. I recognized Louis from Ann’s pictures and videos. He stood close behind her, towering over her petite frame like a giant.

They caught me completely off guard. I stood and offered my hand. “Hi,” I said half-politely, “I’m Jim.”

Even if he wanted to, Ann never gave Louis the opportunity to shake my hand. She spun me around, nudging me toward the kitchen. “Go get a couple more of those beers, and bring them upstairs,” she ordered matter-of-factly.

I reluctantly did as I was told. Knowing protest would accomplish nothing other than pissing me off even more, and the frustration of missing the end of my game left me a bit compliant. It was either that or start up a ruckus we would all regret. Besides, I had agreed to the terms of this relationship and therefore bound to uphold those terms.

Ann turned back to Louis. Her hands slid around his waist. He pulled her in tight. His hands cupped her tight, little ass cheeks. They kissed deeply before leaving the room. I heard Ann’s voice rise slightly as they walked out. “What are you waiting for? Get the beers, now.”

I didn’t even think she noticed me standing in the other doorway watching them kiss.

I heard Louis ask, “You always talk to him that way?”

“How else do you talk to a worthless …,” her voice faded as they reached the stairway. I could only hear the sound of Louis’ baritone laugh.

I reached into the fridge, grabbed three beers, and hesitantly headed upstairs. I took my time. I’ve never had much of a problem submitting to my wife, but to have another man witness or even take part in my humiliation was hard to stomach. Facing ridicule and scorn is tough, enough. Then, the thinking starts. You think about everything. Is this going to get out? Are your friends or her friends going to find out? And, the big question–Is your wife going to dump you for a superior male? After all, what kind of man would let another man make love to his wife, in his own home and in his own bed?

I answered those questions on my way upstairs. A submissive cuckold has no right to ask. His sole purpose is to serve his wife, and her lover if that was her desire. I resigned myself to what was to come. I had no choice.

The door to our bedroom was open. I walked in. Louis had Ann’s cheeks in his hands holding her face gently. He kissed her passionately. Their mouths worked as their tongues explored and entwined. Louis’ shirt was open and his shoes were already off.

Louis began to kiss my wife around her ears and neck giving her the opportunity to glance over at me standing near the doorway holding the beers. “Put that stuff down, and sit over there.” She pointed to the big dressing chair next to the dresser. “I want you to watch how a real man pleases a woman. Oh, and take your shorts off, bitch. I wanna see how your pathetic little dick looks compared to a real man’s cock.” She looked back into her lover’s eyes. Their lips came together, again.

My skin turned deep red. Louis and Ann didn’t seem to notice me. Dejected, I walked past them and put two of the beers on the nightstand. I dropped my shorts and took my place in the chair.

Ann’s hands roved over his broad chest and down across his flat stomach. Her hands looked extraordinarily tiny and fair in contrast to his massive size and his deep brown skin. She stroked his sides while they continued to kiss romantically. He ran his fingers through Escort İstanbul her short auburn hair. Her hands drew back to settle on the clasp of Louis’ slacks.

Deftly, Ann’s tiny, white fingers worked their magic on Louis’ pants’ clasp. Then, they drew down the zipper in one smooth, experienced motion. Those delicate hands slid inside the waistband and around the big man’s lower back. Soft lips brushed down the man’s chin, neck and chest. Little hands pushed the trousers halfway down dark, muscular hips.

The big man continued to run his huge hands through my wife’s hair as she kissed slowly down to his navel. Soon, her lips brushed affectionately below her lover’s waistline to the top of his manhood as it strained at the fabric of the falling slacks. She pushed the fabric of the pants down a little further causing Louis’ big dick to spring out like a lewd Jack-in-the-box. The pants fell to the floor.

I’ve seen Louis naked before. Ann had taken several videos and pictures of the two together. Up until now, those pictures and videos had been the closest I had come to sharing in her sexual adventures since we had been a typical couple in the swinger’s lifestyle. Seeing her and her lover in real life was even more awe inspiring than in the digital format. Somehow, in real life the true nature of the situation is far more meaningful. Fantasy becomes reality. Feelings become undeniably poignant and we’re forced to face those feelings head on. It’s like being run over by an emotional truck. Conflicting emotions compete for control. We’re caught between those ideas of pride, dignity and manhood that we’re taught since the cradle and a new found compulsion to please and to serve unconditionally.

I struggled to submit to my lesser desires. Giving up control is never easy.

My wife knelt before this ebony giant as he stepped out of his slacks. She took his thick cock up with her right hand to get access to his big, dark balls. His scrotum stretched and contracted as Ann sucked and nibbled the loose skin. Her delicate fingers curled only half of the way around her stud’s thick tool. Her entire hand covered only one third of its length. The dark foreskin slid over then off the bulbous, deep purple head with each of Ann’s leisurely strokes. A drop of precum glistened from the tip.

Enraptured, my beautiful wife licked upward, tickling the bottom of his manhood with the tip of her tongue. Her teasing caused Louis’ cock to twitch urgently. At last, she reached the end of her man’s knob. Pursing her lips, she kissed the tip, taking the precum into her mouth. Then, with her tongue she stabbed at the slit while she pumped the shaft forcing out every drop of the thick, clear liquid.

Finally, Ann looked up into the eyes of her lover, smiled enticingly and took his enormous cock into her mouth. That fat, dark man meat filled her mouth. She drove her head forward, allowing nearly half of its length to press into her throat. Her right hand continued to slowly stroke at the base of the shaft. Her left hand squeezed and caressed his firm butt cheeks. She pulled his ass forward, burying as much of Louis’ huge cock in her mouth as she could. Then, her head would bob back up, allowing her to take in another breath through her nose before diving back down for more.

Louis shook his shirt from his broad shoulders. Muscles rippled in his arms and chest. His skin shimmered darkly. His hands held firmly but not forcefully to Ann’s head, guiding it up and down his big cock.

Sometimes, whether welcomed or not, things take an unexpected turn. I was caught completely off guard when Louis looked up from Ann’s ministrations. His eyes locked on to me. A wave of shame washed over me. I froze and stared straight ahead at Ann laboring on his giant cock, unable to look Louis directly in the eye.

“Damn,” Louis commented, “That punk is really getting off watching you suck my dick.” He sounded genuinely surprised.

My little dick stood straight up. My embarrassment mingled brutally with my shame to tear at any remaining remnants of self-respect I may have had, or hoped to hang on to.

Ann stopped sucking just long enough to calmly say, “I told you so.” Her mouth slid back onto the shining black rod.

Looking straight at me, Louis asked, “You a fag, boy?”

I could only shake my head.

“Bullshit, punk. If I told you to suck my cock, you’d suck it.” He paused. “Wouldn’t you, bitch?”

I shook my head, again, and said quietly but curtly, “Don’t fuckin’ think so.”

My wife pulled away from her lover’s pride once again. “Is that the way you talk to a man? Answer him properly.”

This time she did not immediately go back to her prize. She stared at me until I answered.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I stammered. Then, I looked up at Louis. The words weren’t easy, but they came, none the less. “Yessir…If Ann wants me to suck you off…then I guess I’ll have to.”

“Damn, boy! You really are a punk.”

The words ‘boy’ and ‘punk’ stung. İstanbul Escort Bayan I cringed, suppressing my desire to defend my manhood, but the soft chuckle following his words was even more humiliating than the words themselves. I retreated further—not through fear or intimidation, but through an even more compelling desire to please my beautiful and deserving wife.

The lovers looked at each other and smiled. Ann said, “Go ahead. Do whatever you want. He’s not a man. He’ll do what you want, no questions asked.” She looked back to me. “You will,” she demanded, “obey Louis…no matter what.” Her eyes sparkled in anticipation.

I nodded.

She went back to her cock sucking.

Louis looked back down at me. “Then, you are a faggot…Right?” He paused momentarily. “If you suck dick, you’re a fag…Right, boy.”

I cringed, yet again!

He continued. “You’d suck a man’s ass, too?” He didn’t wait for an answer. He already knew the answer. “I want to see what a pussy you are, fag boy. “Get that dildo out of that nightstand.”

Again, I was caught by surprise. ‘How’d he know about her toys?’ I thought. As far as I knew, he’d never before been to our home.

I stood.

“Did I tell you to stand up, punk?”

I froze.

“Crawl, you stupid bitch.”

I dropped reluctantly to my hands and knees. My stomach was turning wildly. My skin was red and felt hot. I had trouble swallowing. Nervousness and humiliation nearly overwhelmed me. I crawled to the nightstand, opened the drawer and with trembling fingers pulled out one of Ann’s slim, plastic vibrators.

“Not that one, pussy!” Louis seemed to be running out of patience. “Get that big dildo, mother fucker.”

I put the vibrator back in the drawer, and took out the eight inch, black gel dildo. Looking back at the couple, I noticed that Ann was back to working on Louis’ balls. His massive cock covered nearly half of her face from my view. She was almost completely lost in her man’s genitals.

Louis continued to run his big fingers through Ann’s dark, red hair.

I crawled back to my chair. After I sat back down, Louis ordered me to suck on the dildo.

I stared.

“I told you to suck it, punk!”

I sucked.

“Yeah, I’ll bet you’re pretending that’s my cock, ain’t cha, fag?”

I could only nod since I already had a mouthful.

Ann stopped sucking to watch the show. They both sat on the foot of the bed. Ann was still fully dressed, but Louis pulled her short skirt up to massage her wet pussy through her thong. The dark stain of her juices, even against the dark material of her thong, was obvious.

The two whispered as I serviced the dildo. After a couple of nods and smiles, Ann finally had enough. “She looked up into Louis’ eyes, and purred, “I need you, baby. I’ve had enough of that pathetic wimp. He’s not worth it.”

“Okay, Baby,” he replied. Then, he turned back to me smiling and just shook his head, sapping my last drop of pride.

Ann nearly begged Louis to fuck her like a man. She told him how much she needed a real man.

That was all Louis could take. He ripped her blouse off. Ann arched her back, and leaned back onto the bed. Big, dark hands cupped her ample breasts. With a single motion he popped the front clasp of her bra with just one hand. (I’ve always had trouble with two!) Ann’s tits bounced as they fell free. He cupped them firmly and sucked frantically on her nipples.

Suddenly, I felt invisible. I abandoned the dildo, reaching out and dropping it on the nearby dresser.

In the meantime, Ann had kicked off her high heels, and was now squirming out of her skirt. Louis noticed that only a tiny thong separated him from his desire—my wife’s hot, tight, little pussy. Ann raised her legs straight up in the air. He reached down and in a moment pulled her little g-string up and off her long, shapely legs. She was now naked, except for the dark, thigh-high stockings.

Without looking back, Louis flung the underwear in my direction. If I hadn’t caught it, it would have hit me in the face. I immediately noticed that the crotch was nearly saturated with my wife’s sweet juices. Reality hit home. I had never gotten her that wet that fast.

Louis lowered his body onto hers. Her legs wrapped around his waist. Her small, white hands ran across his dark skin.

Ann was already moaning softly into his ear. They kissed and caressed each other passionately as they rolled back and forth across my bed. Finally, they settled down a little. He was on his hands and knees hovering above her as she lay on her back with her knees up and spread wide enough to allow Louis to kneel between them.

A huge, ebony hand cupped my beautiful wife’s womanhood. In moments, his middle finger snaked into her sodden orifice. His hands seemed so big and dark against Ann’s tiny, pink cunt. He fucked her hard with his middle finger. Ann groped for his manhood. She found it easily and stroked it rapidly.

They Anadolu Yakası Escort bucked and rolled across the bed some more, back and forth, stimulating each other with skillful hands.

I marveled at the contrasts and the beauty of each of these lovers. My angelic wife was so small and fair. Her hazel eyes glistened with lust. Her light skin was flush with the pink glow of desire. She seemed to melt into Louis’ big, dark body which radiated with power and strength.

They rolled and tossed each other across the bed. Arms and legs entwined wildly. Ann’s moans were growing louder and more urgent. Hands groped and wandered frantically. Finally, Louis came back up onto his knees. His big hands scooped up Ann’s little ass, raising her hips to meet his.

He held her butt cheeks in the palms of his hands about a foot above the bed. Her back arched. Her head and shoulders were buried in the pillows.

His hips swirled and thrust slowly forward and back rubbing his genitals across hers until a glistening film of their copious juices glistened brightly in the light of the evening sun beaming through my bedroom window.

Finally, she took his throbbing manhood into her slight hand and guided it to the entrance of her seething sex. Ann rubbed the head of Louis’ big cock up and down the slit of her pussy. I never imagined how exciting this image could be. Her tiny, white hand pressed that huge, dark slab of meat against her petite crevasse until his hefty cockhead slowly parted her swollen pussy lips. Slowly, with each thrust, she guided him deeper inside of her.

Her moans reminded me of how many times she talked about being completely filled by a huge cock. She sounded misty and distant when she described for me how it felt to have every nerve inside of her stimulated by the fullness of a real man’s hard shaft. Then, she would always seem to drift off into relating how powerful and confident a black man was. She truly believed black men were superior lovers. By this time, she had me convinced of it, too.

I wished beyond hope that I could please her the way Louis was pleasing her at that moment.

Her pleasures made my little penis grow to dimensions still less than those of Louis’ cock while still soft. I began to stroke myself as her pleasure increased. The football game was completely forgotten.

After several minutes of slow and gentle fucking Ann’s pussy had opened enough to allow Louis to thrust in and out with little restraint. He leaned forward. His hands still supported her hips. Ann wrapped her arms around his neck. They kissed deeply as Louis thrust half of his mighty cock into her and then back out. The pace steadily quickened as he lowered her and rolled over onto his back.

Without missing a beat, my wife now rode this man madly. She bounced up and down, and thrust forward and back bucking wildly. Looking over her shoulder, she shouted out to me. “You see what a real man can do? You see why I need a real man…a real…cock. Ooohhhh, fuck!” She turned back to her lover. “Show him how a man does it, Baby.”

Louis pumped upward as Ann thrust downward. As his hips fell back to the bed, hers raised preparing for another thrust. I was amazed how she could so quickly take so much cock inside of her while so much remained without. I was amazed at how controlled their thrusts were; only allowing a relatively small portion of his massive manhood to enter.

Only a few minutes had passed, and Ann was approaching climax. Screams replaced moans. Ann’s eyes were tightly closed. A bright flush rose up across her body and into her face. Ann got lost in the throes of orgasm. She screamed out Louis’ name, and came in wave after wave of uncontrollable pleasure.

At last, the screams died into gentle moans.

They kissed again. Their tongues explored each other’s mouths. Her arms still wrapped tightly around his neck. His hands cupped each of her little ass cheeks. His massive cock still pulsated inside of her. He lowered his feet to the floor, and then stood. The muscles in his legs and ass bulged as he easily lifted my enraptured wife. Her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms still clung tightly around his neck. Louis stepped forward until he pressed her slender back against the wall. She was totally immobilized. All she could manage was to bury her head into the nape of his neck.

He pulled his hips back before thrusting powerfully inside her. Faster and faster he slammed his huge tool up into her drenched sex. She screamed in response. In minutes she was cresting on the waves of another orgasm.

Suddenly, Louis swung around and dropped Ann to the bed. He fell onto her ravishing her tits. Ann was still rapt with her orgasm even though Louis’ cock was no longer inside of her.

Louis then lifted Ann one more time, flipping her over onto her stomach. He pulled her hips back and up to meet his. With her head now buried in the bed covers, she reached back and guided her dusky lover’s cock into her hot pussy. She rubbed the head up and down, spreading her juices. Then, she pushed back. Slowly, little by little that monster cock disappeared almost completely inside of my wife’s still snug pussy.

Breathlessly, my radiant Mistress moaned and whispered, “Oh, Gawd…Take it…My pussy’s yours.”

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