Cuckolding Ru Pt. 03


I hope you have read parts 1 and 2 before reading this one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing this! Special thanks to Pennylin for her editing and translating for Bao.

Ru and I slept naked, which is not normal for us, but it seemed right. Besides, we both were too exhausted from the day’s events to put on our pajamas. I did love how he held me close all night. I could tell he was hard all night, but we didn’t do anything.

In the morning I woke with Ru pushing his penis in my mouth. I wanted to please him after getting so much pleasure myself the day before. I noticed how small it felt after taking Chief’s fat cock in my mouth. But still, I liked feeling how rock-hard Ru was, and it didn’t take long before he came. He put his mouth on mine right after he came, and I shared his cum with him.

After a little while, Ru was hard again! And he climbed on top of me. I wrapped my legs around him, but I told him not to enter me because I felt sore from having had both the dildo and Chief’s real cock inside me yesterday. I felt bad for denying him, but I let him suck my nipples and I told him I would suck him again, but he declined.

Ru laid down beside me, and asked me softly what it felt like to have Chief’s cock inside me. I hesitated, and he told me that I could be honest. I told him it was honestly kind of scary, and at times it hurt like crazy. He asked me if Chief made me come with his cock, and I admitted that he did, many times.

I asked Ru how he felt watching me with Chief, and he said it was very exciting. He said sometimes he felt like he was the one taking Chief’s cock, and he could feel my pain. He said he loved watching me get sexual pleasure that he could not provide.

As we talked about it, Ru stroked himself slowly, and I watched him. It was the first time I had seen him masturbate. I knew that he had masturbated to porn before, I had never really watched him. It was fascinating to me.

I described what it felt like to have such a huge thing inside me. I told him how it made me breathe so hard and made my heart beat so fast. Ru stroked himself faster as I talked. I asked him if he heard me gasp when Chief’s cock stretched me out for the first time. He said he heard me make all kinds of sounds he had never heard before.

I told Ru that when Chief pushed it all the way inside me, that I felt intense pleasure and pain, fear and desire. I couldn’t really find the right English words, and I said in Mandarin that “I felt like an innocent virgin and a dirty whore.”

When I said that, Ru came, and I wrapped my mouth around his cock and caught some of his cum. But I also realized now that Ru doesn’t have much cum, compared to Chief, who could drown you when he came in your mouth.

When we got out of bed, I decided to wear my new jean skirt and a white spaghetti top, which I had bought when I went shopping with Kristen. Ru put on a thong, as Chief had told him, and I noticed for the first time that he also had a butt plug. It kind of made me feel better to think that we were in this together, that it wasn’t just about me having sex with a big white cock.

At 8:55 we were out the door walking across the street. I didn’t know what the day had in store for us. I knew there would be sex involved, and, as sore as I was, I couldn’t wait to have Chief’s cock inside me again. My dirty thoughts made me feel guilty. And I felt bad about denying Ru earlier.

What would my sister Ai think of me, I wondered? How would I ever explain this to her? She would disapprove, I knew. I decided I could never tell her about it.

As we walked across the street to Chief’s house, I wanted to ask Ru what we were doing, and if we should stop when we still could. I felt that going back to Chief’s house meant there would be no turning back. But I said nothing.

Once in the door Mei said, “Good timing, kids. Get over here.” She was naked except for yellow heels. She opened her legs “Time for breakfast.”

When we looked confused, she directed Ru to come over. Pretty soon, he was licking her pussy. She then pushed his head down until he was licking her asshole. I was amazed to watch my husband service her with so much enthusiasm.

After a little while, she pushed him aside, and told me it was my turn. I told her that I was not gay and have never touched another woman. She replied, “Well there is always a first time.”

I crossed my arms in protest and shook my head, but Chief, who was on a chair nearby with Kristen sitting on his cock, said, “Do it bitch.” My legs felt so wobbly as I moved toward Mei. I got on my knees, and crawled to do my task. I felt a little sick both from the idea of tasting another woman and from fear of what Chief might do if I didn’t.

As soon as my head was between Mei’s legs, I knew what to do. I licked around the outside of Mei’s pussy lips with my tongue and my lips. I found her knob and licked at it with my tongue. When I pushed my tongue into her, I could taste Chief’s escort bursa cum. I wondered how this man could make love to so many women and come so much.

Soon I overcome my resistance to tasting another woman, and I am trying hard to please Mei, and maybe make her orgasm. She is moaning a little, but she doesn’t seem particularly close to coming. I hope that I am not disappointing her.

I start to suck Chief’s cum out of her, and she says, “Good girl, yes, clean me up.” Using my tongue, then suctioning her pussy with my lips, I am able to get a lot of cum out of her. I swallow it all.

Mei seemed satisfied, and patted my head, indicating that my job was done. I got up just in time to see Kristen getting off Chief’s cock. He seems to have come again! Kristen motions for Ru to come over. Ru puts his head against her pussy to lick it, but she pushes him away, and tells him he needs to clean Chief’s cock.

Ru doesn’t even hesitate. He licks at Chief’s cock, and then he puts it into his mouth. I feel embarrassed for him, but Ru seems to enjoy it! As I stand there with my mouth open, Kristen snaps at me to get to work. She wants me to clean her off, and as much as I don’t want to touch her, I do it anyway. Kristen seems to enjoy making me do it, and she grabs my head and pushes me hard against her as I clean her, as I had cleaned her mother. I have to admit that this kind of degradation is starting to make my pussy tingle. I wonder, do I enjoy being humiliated? Ru only sucked Chief for maybe a minute when He told us to switch places. I managed to suck another load out of him and I know Kristen came on Ru’s face also.

When we finish, Mei has a pair of very high heels for me. I’m not used to wearing heels, but I like the way they look on me. When I look over, I notice that Ru is also putting on a pair of high heels. I don’t mind being humiliated, but I don’t want my husband to be dragged down with me.

“Don’t make him wear that,” I snap at Kristen.

She scowls back at me. “He likes it,” she says.

Ru does seem to like it. I sigh in resignation, then, out of the corner of my eye, I see a hand fly through the air, then strike me in the face. The force of it sends me flying to the floor.

“Don’t talk to my bitch that way ever again,” says Chief. “Only brothers or bitches can be in this house, and since he can’t be a brother, he’s gonna have to be a bitch.”

I’m too shocked to cry, but I want to. The slap hurts like hell, and with my heels on, I feel like I fell down a flight of stairs.

Ru goes off with Kristen and Mei, and I sit in the living room with Chief. But the morning is as normal as can be. He doesn’t try to fuck me, and we just talk. After a while, Mei comes out and joins us.

I’m assuming that Ru is having sex with Kristen, and the idea of it is driving me crazy. I don’t know how Ru can watch me have sex with Chief because I think watching him with Kristen would literally drive me insane. I suppose I can’t begrudge him that, since I’ve enjoyed having Chief’s cock inside me.

I keep looking over in that direction, and eventually, Mei and Chief ask me what I’m worried about. I ask them if Ru and Kristen are having sex, and they just laugh.

“Kristen isn’t interested in your husband,” Mei says.

“I don’t think Kristen likes me,” I say.

“She likes you just fine,” Mei says. “But she feels bad that Chief is so interested in you. Kristen was Chief’s favorite bitch for a long time, but now she knows that she’s being replaced by you. It’s hard for her to take, I think.”

Ah, I think. She’s just like me, jealous about another woman taking her man.

“But she’s helping Chief,” I say.

“She has no choice,” Mei says. “I’m sure she’s complained and been punished for it.”

I don’t feel quite so jealous about Kristen. She’s got it worse than me. She doesn’t even have a husband any more, and even though she dresses like a teenager, she’s at least five years older than me.

Then Chief told me that he’s decided to take me on my first motorcycle ride with him. He gives me some riding gear that must belong to Kristen. I’m sure that my wearing her clothes is another thing for her to be unhappy about.

The motorcycle ride was thrilling and scary. I had never been on a bike before. I was dressed in chaps, a thong with butt plug, Harley t-shirt, helmet and of course spiked heel boot. If you haven’t ever been on a motorcycle before you need to be. The vibration of the bike was so intense. I think because my vagina was so sore from yesterday helped with the excitement because the soreness made my nerve endings so awake.

By the time we stopped for a rest it was clear I was wet between my legs. Chief pointed it out, making me feel so shy. He asked “Fuck or suck?” But before I could answer, he grabbed my hair kissing me first then slowly guided me to my knees. I tried to do a good job, but I still wasn’t used to how big his cock was.

I soon found myself bent over the seat of the bike. The görükle escort smell of oil and gas filled my senses adding to the feeling of being helpless and liking it. He pulled the butt plug out which sent fear throughout my body. However, relief spread as I felt him enter my private woman’s part. God, I guess I should stop talking like the innocent Asian woman I used to be. But I’m still not used to saying the word “pussy.”

As I was being fucked (and yes that is the right word because the way he did it made me feel like I am just a wet hole for a big white cock), he kept slapping my ass. It was not the gentle love-making that I was used to. He said dirty things to me the whole time, asking embarrassing questions about my sex life. He made me admit I’ve never come from being fucked by Ru’s penis.

He called me a “chink” and at first it was like another slap in the face, but it also gets me excited. He wants me to say it feels great to be with a man who knows how to treat a chink slut like me. I said to him, “Fuck your little chink,” and it made me feel so slutty. I couldn’t imagine having said something like that even one month ago.

When we got home, Kristen and Mei were sitting in the living room with another woman. This woman looked at me, but didn’t say anything. Kristen, Mei and Chief all looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, and they just shook their heads.

After a little while, I asked where Ru was. Kristen nodded in the direction of the new woman. I took a closer look, and realized it was Ru!

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed.

Ru was dressed like a woman and had on a blond wig. His face was all made up, with eye shadow and lipstick. I was amazed by the transformation and couldn’t stop staring at him. In reality, he looked just like a woman, even an attractive one.

I sat next to him and hugged him. It felt odd to touch him as a woman. On closer inspection, I could tell that his legs were shaved. His arms seemed to have been shaved also. Ru was already a fairly slight man, so it didn’t take much to make him look totally feminine.

“Come here, bitch,” Chief said. I stood up, but he shook his head and said: “The other one.”

Ru went over to him, and got on his knees to undo Chief’s belt. He slapped Ru’s face reminding him he only cleans cock but never blows cock unless told to. Today he licked my cum off of the cock and balls.

Ru and I were sent home with instructions to ready for tonight. I removed the chaps and boots, but Ru was sent home dressed as he is. I could make it across the street easy but I was worried that somebody might see Ru dressed up like a woman. As we walked, Ru asked me if Chief fucked me during our ride. I could tell that my answer got him excited I knew I could taste you on him. As soon as we were inside, Ru pushed me onto my back and dove in between my legs.

I helped him fix his makeup, then we laid down and held each other tight. I wanted to let him know that I loved him, no matter what. Ru asked me if I liked what Chief was doing to me, and I admitted, for the first time that I do enjoy being used like a cheap whore and being treated roughly by him. I didn’t understand it, but I almost felt like I needed it.

Ru said he had thought about being a cuckold for some time. I realized that was why he enjoyed watching videos of Asian women being used by white men. But Ru said he did not realize that he would get so excited by being forced to dress as a woman and humiliated by Chief. He feels ashamed of not being manly, and yet, he gets excited by it and his dick becomes so hard.

I must have fallen asleep, because I was awoken by Ru saying it was time to get ready for tonight. After applying a heavy amount of makeup, the next thing Ru did was give me an enema, following directions from Kristen and Mei. I didn’t know what to expect being my first one but it wasn’t unpleasant in fact it felt good having warm water in my bowels. After expelling the water Ru told me he will help me relax. Trusting my love, my husband I did as he told me by putting my ass in the air once more.

First, Ru put a funnel in my ass, then I felt a small amount of liquid being poured in. It made me feel very relaxed and light headed right away. I later found out that Ru poured in a half of an ounce of vodka. (Warning if you ever try this at home, please read about it first. Too much alcohol can result in death.) He then poured a large amount of lube after which a larger butt plug was pushed in. We were told not to wear clothes, just our silk bathrobe. I then had Ru help me slip on very high heels. Ru wore his matching bathrobe as well as his wig and heels.

Ru had to help me up because I felt so drunk. We walked across the street arm and arm. I am sure we looked like two drunk women.

Once we entered the house our robes were removed, and Ru and I were basically naked. Kristen and Mei took Ru by the arm and led him away. Chief leaned down to kiss bursa escort bayan me. He picked me up and carried me into the living room. It was the first time he had kissed me and we kissed for a long time.

Looking at Chief sends shivers up my spine. He is naked except for a pair of shorts. His body is covered with tattoos. I never imagined being with someone like this. If you had told me that I would be having sex with someone like this six months ago, I would have said you were crazy.

Chief plays with my nipples and clit, bringing me close to an orgasm but never pushing me over the edge. Maybe it was the vodka talking, but I have never felt so sexy in my life. Everyone always sees my sister as the sexy one but today it is me. The alpha male wants me. It is the way nature has intended it. The alpha always dines first, breeds first, and once he is satisfied, the rest follow.

Mei enters the room and says, “Master, everything is ready.”

Her use of the word “master” drives home the point that we are sex slaves for Chief. Again, Chief picks me up, and takes me into a room that I have never been in. I look around it is not like any room I have ever seen.

There are whips, ropes, cuffs and everything you would need to torture someone. There are also several big screen TV monitors. Each monitor is divided into four images. It will soon become clear that each image is from a different camera in the room.

The women had on leather corsets with half cup bras which show their pierced nipples. They also have on matching collars and heels. It’s very sexy, and I wish I were dressed like that.

On one wall is Ru anchored with a camera pointing at his dick and another his face. Chief places me on a massage table, Kristen put a wide leather collar around my neck. Its width forces my chin to point upwards. Mei attaches cuffs on my wrists and ankles. I am then laid on my back with my head hanging down over the edge. One camera is moved just above my chin showing off my lips and a second is aimed between my legs. With my arms attached to my legs I cannot help but open for display. I may see things upside down but I clearly see how wet I am and the jewel of the butt plug is in clear view.

Next on the screen you see Chief’s fat cock moving to my lips, which I eagerly open. I can’t help but take a peek through his legs at the TV to see his cock fucking my mouth. That image is hot, and gets me even more excited. Chief pushes his cock deeper, and I do my best to take it all. Now I understand why the collar for my head is tilted just right to allow maximum access to my throat. Still, I can’t help but gag when his large cock pushes through and I feel it go down my throat.

Looking at different part of the screen, I am excited to see Ru’s cock bobbing up and down begging to be touched. The look on his face is priceless. His eyes are open wide and his tongue is hanging out of his mouth. I hear him saying something that sounds like “more, more.” I know it is Ru yet he looks like a woman. Kristen moved behind me and started to pull out the plug. When the widest part is stretching my entrance, she stops pulling and starts twisting. This drives me wild and I start to thrash about, moaning like a crazy person. She probably thinks I want her to stop but I’m actually begging her to stop teasing me.

It is so crazy watching this all play out on the monitors, like watching a porno video, yet I feel everything. By now Ru’s small but still very hard cock is leaking precum and his eyes are so wide. Ignoring my pleas, Kristen continues to twist and work the widest part of the plug in and out of my ass. Kristen tells Ru to watch, and adds: “If your sweet wife doesn’t want to be fucked in the ass when I let go of the plug, she will push it out but, if she wants to be fuck, she will suck it in.” As she lets go my ass seems to suck in fast. She repeats it four or five more times and every time it goes in.

Ru says: “Fuck her ass, oh god, please fuck it hard. I want to see her take it.” As Chief finally pulls out of my mouth and I am gasping for air, I feel my arms being uncuffed from my legs. Next Kristen walks over to Ru kissing him as she pulls on his man nipples. Mei takes Kristen’s place helping Chief flip me over onto my stomach. Chief shoves his cock back in my mouth as Mei secures my wrist to the table legs. My legs are pulled over the edge of the table and she adds a stool so that I can stand seeing how I am too short to touch the ground. Then my ankles are secured so my legs are open wide.

Next, she repositions the two cameras pointing at me. One is now pointing at my face and the second just above my ass showing my asshole clearly. When Mei finally pulls the plug completely out of me, I felt so empty. More lube is squirted into my ass, which did nothing to quench my internal fire. I need Chief to fill me up.

Finally, he pulls cock out of my mouth and moves to a position behind me. Then his cock head is at the entrance to my back passage. “Beg, bitch,” he says, but he didn’t have to say it. I’ve been begging for it. I want so much for his cock to take my ass. I’m desperate for it. I whimper and plead for him to fuck my ass, but he only teases me by rubbing against my opening.

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