When he opened the door, he could not believe what he was seeing. There, standing on his front stoop was a police officer, a very attractive officer, but an officer non-the less; the last thing that he would have expected.

“Good evening sir,” she touched the brim of her cap as she spoke.

“Is there a problem officer?” his throat was dry; his voice was soft and scratchy.

“We had a report of a disturbance at the address sir.”

“I didn’t call,” he was sweating now, even though he knew he had done nothing wrong, he was still nervous, very nervous.

“Is there anyone else here sir that might have called,” she was trying to look around him into the house as she spoke, dropping her hand to her holstered sidearm.

“No. I’m the only one here officer,” his heart was pounding hard in his chest; he could feel the sweet rolling down his back.

He had nothing to hide, but the fact that an armed sheriff’s officer was questioning him at his own front door was making him very nervous.

“If you don’t mind, I would like to take a look around,” she stepped forward, closing the small gap that was between them, daring him to try to stop her.

Not trusting that his voice would not crack if he answered her, he stepped aside and allowed her to enter. As she passed him he noticed the perfume she was wearing, a soft spicy mix, one that he had smelled before, one that made him think of her as a women for the first time since he had opened the door and saw her.

“Is there anything you want to tell me before I start looking around?” she stood close to him, her hand once again on her hips, her best intimidating pose.

As she stood waiting for his response she could see why her partner had been envious of her coming out to pay a visit on this man, he was very attractive.

“No mama, I am not hiding anything,” he was starting to shake.

This was like an episode of COPS, he half expected a cameraman to show up at his doorstep.

“If you will wait right here while I have a look around.”

She did not wait for his response as she walk passed him into the back of the house.

Watching her as she walk into the back half of the house, he could not help but notice how attractive her body was. How her tight blue uniform hugged her firm round ass, making him wonder what type of underwear she was wearing.

It was her turn. The whole thing was a set up. Her partner had picked this guy out after pulling him over for speeding last week. She noticed then that the guy was very attractive not married and had had a raging boner the whole time she had been writing him a ticket. He was the perfect mark for their game. As she made as if she were searching the house, she reached into the blouse of her uniform and removed the bag of pot she had stashed there. It was time to start the game.

Reentering the front room, as intimidating as she could, she marched directly towards him, the bag of pot in one hand, and her handcuffs in the other.

“Please turn around sir.”

“Officer I don’t understand,” his face was red and covered with sweat. ” I’ve done nothing wrong.”

“I found this in your bedroom.”

She held up the bag of pot for him to see, moving her hand with her handcuffs to her baton.

“There is enough here to take you in.”

“Officer I don’t know were that came from, I swear. I’m clean,” his eyes were drawn to her other hand as she began to draw her baton from her belt. “Please officer, you have to believe me.”

He started to back away from her.

“You can tell your story once I get you to the station.”

She stepped towards him, keeping the gap between them as small as possible. She was afraid now that maybe he wasn’t such a good mark for the game; maybe her was going to be too much of a ‘victim’

“The faster you cooperate, the faster we can get this sorted out. Just turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

He could think of no way out of this. He had no idea what was going on. He hadn’t smoked pot since he was in high school and he had never had any in his house. Unable to think of any other recourse with her standing in front of him, her club half out of her belt, he did as she asked hoping he would be able to do something once she got him to the station.

Without a word, she snapped the cuffs on his hands, making them a little tighter then she would normally; this was not a normal situation, making him flinch from the pain.

“Sir, on your knees please,” she leaned in close against his body as she spoke, pressing her swollen breast against his wide back. She could feel his body heat and smell his sweat; she was starting to get excited.

“I don’t understand.”

Taking hold of the small chain connecting the cuffs, she lifted, forcing his arm up painfully until he fell to knees from the pain.

“Very good,” she purred into his hear. Now that the game had started in earnest, she could feel herself getting wet.

“I don’t like it when beylikdüzü anal yapan escort people lie to me,” she moved to stand in font of him.

Looking up at her as she stood before him, her legs spread slightly, her one hand on the butt of her gun the other gripping her baton, she looked so dominate, but still so sexy. Even though he was scared to death, he could not control the beating of his heart; he had to admit that he was also a very excited by the whole thing. He had always had a thing for women in uniforms, police especially. He started thinking about the officer that had pulled him over for speeding the week before. How she had eyed him, how when she noticed his hard on, she kept staring at it. How her breast had filled out her, uniform and how red her lips had been. When he had gotten home later that day he had masturbating thinking what it would be like to have sex with her while she was still in her uniform. It was hard for him not to get excited with this red haired beauty standing in front of him; he uniform was so tight he could see her hardened nipples; he wad sure she was not wearing a bra.

“Well what do you have to say for yourself?” she had her baton in her hand now, slapping it on the open palm of her other hand, in classic bad cop style.

The sound of her voice and the loud smack of wood hitting bare flesh, snapped him back to reality. He watched as she struck her hand with her baton, mesmerized, thinking how good it would be to have this women to take charge of him, to force him to do whatever she wanted.

Taking a step towards him, she put the club under his chin, forcing him to make eye contact with her.

“What have you got to say for yourself, slime?”

Officer, I really have no idea were the pot came from,” as she touched his chin with the hard cold end of her club, he could feel his cock coming to full attention. He prayed she would not notice how excited she was making him, but it was impossible for him to hide it from her, when he had answered the door he was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and a t-shirt; he never wore underwear when he was home alone.

“Don’t lie scumbag, I found this bag on your bedside table, after you told me you had nothing to hide.”

Keeping a firm hold on her baton, she reached up with her other hand and removed her cap, letting her long curly red hair free to cascade down to her shoulders.

As her hair fell from beneath her cap, he saw just how truly beautiful she was. His heart was beating faster now; from the sexual desire, he was now feeling, as her flaming red locks dropped to touch her blue shoulders. His already swollen cock, grew harden, straining against the thin cotton of his shorts.

“Please officer, I truly don’t now how that got there. You have to believe me when I say it’s not mine. Please, please believe me.”

He was on an emotional roller coaster, he was fearing having this beautiful Amazon woman take him in to jail while at the same time wanting her to take him, make him, force him to make love to her anyway she wanted.

“Why should I believe you?”

She removed the baton from under his chin. As he dropped his head, looking down at the floor, her juices were now flowing from her swollen pussy, her panties were soaked. She had noticed at once that his cock had stiffened as she threatened him with her baton; he came to full attention as she took control of him. Her partner had been right, he was the perfect mark.

“I have found, in the past, the best use for a lying man’s tongue is to please me, if you can manage that, maybe I will listen to your story before taking you in.”

She undid her belt, pushing her pants and panties down her smooth long legs, stepping out of them and her shoes as they hit the floor.

He heard what she was saying and he could see her pants and panties as she pushed them down her legs. He stared in disbelief. What was she doing? As she stepped towards him, now naked from the waist down, he could not lift his head to look at her, he could hardly believe what was happening.

Putting her baton under her arm, she took hold of his face and lifted it. As soon as head was far enough back for her to make eye contact with him, she took one step forward, forcing her hot wet pussy against his mouth.

“Lick me scumbag, show me that your miserable life is worth something,” she grabbed hold of his hair, pulling him hard against her.

She smelled like sweet nectar. As she pushed her smooth hairless pussy against his face, he opened his mouth to take his first taste. He was not disappointed; she tasted as sweet as she smelled. Opening his mouth wider, he licked her lips, pressing his tongue against her opening as he pressed his upper lip against her red swollen clit. She tasted so good and was so hot.

As his tongue played over her swollen cunt, she pulled him harder against her, pressing his lip harder against her swollen clit. As he continued beylikdüzü balıketli escort to lick her wet swollen lips, she began to slowly grind her hips against him, playing her now tingling clit harder and harder against his upturned face. As he parted her lips with his hot long tongue, forcing the tip of into her hot hole, she came, spreading more of her juices all over his upturned face, as she pulled him so hard into her, she was close to pulling out his hair.

Her juices spilled out of her steaming hot hole, he did his best to lick them all, she tasted so good, and her hairless hot pussy felt so good against his face. As she pulled his hair hard, forcing him farther between her legs, grinding herself against him as she came, he almost came without being touched. Having this officer, this stranger, force him to please her, was making him harder and hornier then he had ever been in his life.

“Not bad creep,” she stepped back from him, still holding him be the hair. “But if you want me to listen to your story, you are going to have to more then that.”

She pulled him forward by his hair, forcing to the ground.

The pain of having her pulling at his hair was doing nothing to quench his sexual desire for her, instead it was making it stronger. Even the pain of hitting the hard cold floor, hitting his shoulder and head, did nothing but heighten the experience.

Kneeling beside his now prone body, she reached over to her belt lying next to her on the floor, retrieving the knife she kept and began to cut his clothes off his helpless body.

When he heard the click and saw the blade of the knife, he froze, afraid that she was going to cut him. For the first time since she had cuffed him, he relived that he was totally at her mercy and that she could hurt him as well as cause him pleasure. The thought of her cutting him ebbed his sexual desire, he could feel himself begin to soften as she brought the knife closer to his helpless body, but as she began to cut the clothes from his body, it sprang back to full erection.

Slowly she cut the shirt from his chest, running the cold steel of the back of the knife hard against his sweat dampened skin. She loved the sound of the fabric cutting as the sharp knife divided it with ease, it was all she could do to hold the knife steady. Taking a firm grip on the waistband of his shorts, once she was through with his t-shirt, she dug the sharp edge of the knife into the soft cotton; it dived with the same ease as his shirt. Pushing him slightly, she moved herself so that she could have her face close to his cock as she released it from his shorts. In one quick motion, she cut his shorts in two, allowing his cock to flap freely in front of her face. He was long and thick, so much so she knew that when she finally let him into her she, it would fill her like nothing before, but first she had another plan.

Pushing on his hips, she forced him onto his back, his handcuffed hands under his tight firm ass. Taking a firm grip of his cock at the base, she pulled hard, making him squirm before leaning over his helpless body, slowly licking his shaft. Up and down, she licked his thick hard cock. Up one side down the other, teasing his thick purple head with her hot breath. Stopping she looked at him, when he made eye contact with her, she parted her mouth, leaning close to his engorged head, stopping just before his large purple head touched her lips. Still staring him in the eye, she pulled on his cock again; so hard, he lifted himself off the ground straight into her waiting mouth. The first taste of his precum to hit her tongue nearly made her come; she loved the taste of come and his promised to be so sweet. Still holding on hard to his stiff long cock, she let him relax back down to the floor as she tried to take the whole length of his hot thick shaft into her mouth. Faster and harder, she sucked on him, as she reached between her own legs and began to pinch and pull at her vibrating clit. Just as she was about to come, she could feel him tensing, approaching his own climax. Lifting her head, she let his cock fall from her mouth, moving her hand from between her legs, she took hold of him with it, using her own juices to lubricate him as she stroked his cock hard in her closed fist.

He was in heaven. He had always fantasized about having a woman take control of him, making him do whatever she wanted, and now this officer was doing just that. With two quick pumps of her closed fist, she had him coming, spraying his hot thick seed all over his smooth chest.

She watched as the first thick glob shot from his pulsing cock, shooting straight up into the air, thinking how good it would be to taste him, to have his hot thick liquid filling her mouth, but she had other plans just now. Pointing his throbbing member towards his face, she continued to pump his spewing cock hard, covering his smooth sweat covered chest and stomach with his own thick hot fluid until beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş nothing more came out.

“That is yours now give me mine.”

She took his softening penis into her mouth, sucking hard as she bite and lick him, enjoying what little come he had left to give her. Within moments, she had him hard again, filling her mouth with his full length and thickness, forcing her to lift her head; he was too big for her to take him all. Lifting herself off the floor, she straddle his helpless body, her dripping hot pussy just inched from his thick hard cock.

“You will not move. You will lay there very still. If you can do as you are told, I might go easy on you,” to stress her point she lifted her baton from the floor beside her and pushed it against his throat. “Do you understand me?”

“Yes officer.”

The baton was cutting into his windpipe making it hard for him to breath let alone talk, but he knew what she wanted, she wanted him to have to strain to reply to her.

The baton still held tight against his throat, she took his swollen member in her free hand, placing his swollen purple tip just at the entrance of her hot wet hole. In one quick motion, she released his shaft and fell onto him, forcing his thick long cock deep into her hot wet passage. In spite of herself, she let out a small scream as he divided her wider and pushed farther into her then anyone ever had. Throwing her baton aside, she reached between her legs, gabbing and pulling at her engorged clit, as she came in one great crashing wave that threaten to take over her whole body, making her lightheaded from the intense pleasure.

Never before had she cum so fast or so hard, he felt so good filling her, stretching her with his thick rock hard cock.

Removing her hand from between her legs, she placed them on his stomach, spreading his cold thick liquid over his smooth hairless chest as she began to pump his long thick member in and out of her steaming stretched cunt. As she became more accustom to his size she increased her tempo, lifting herself nearly completely off his thick long shaft before driving it back deep into her, each time going a little deep then the time before.

She was so hot, so wet. It felt so good to have his cock buried deep into her tight burning wet hole as she fucked him, so good that he was having to use all his will power not to move, not to drive himself upward as she drove herself down, taking him deep into her hot wet box.

She was near orgasm again. She could feel in building deep inside her, like she had never felt before, this one was going to be more intense then the last, if that were possible.

“Come now you scum. Fill me with you hot thick come. Let me feel it filling me. Make me come hard you worthless dog,” she was screaming as dug her fingers into his sweat and cum cover chest as she neared the edge.

Her words freed him from his bondage, he began to move, lifting his ass off the ground with his hands as she drove downward, forcing himself still deeper into her hot steaming hole, he fucked her with all his might.

As his cock reached its deepest into her she came, throwing back her head and screaming, pistoning herself wildly up and down on his thick hard cock. In the middle of her orgasm, she felt the first hot steam from his cock, driving him deep into her and hold herself there, her orgasm continued as he filled her with his hot thick cum.

Her orgasm now spent, his cock now softening deep within her, she no longer had the energy to hold herself up, she fell onto his hot sweaty cum covered chest, trying to regain control of her breathing. Her head was swimming. The fringe of her eyesight was dark, threatening to spread. Never before had she felt what she had felt as he same deep inside her. Never before had she had an orgasm so intense, so pleasing.


She did not know how long she had been lying there before he spoke.

“Please, my wrist really hurt.”

Slowly she lifted herself off his body, her blouse was covered with sweat and cum, she was amazed by the fact the he was still in her. Even when his cock was soft, he was still big enough to fill her.

“I guess I can let you go now,” she lifted herself up; letting his soft member slide from her still wet but tender pussy.

“I think I can over look what I found,” she said as she rolled him over unto his stomach. “Your argument was very convincing,” reaching for her belt, she retrieved the key to the cuffs and freed him.

He laid there on the floor after she had released him, amazed by what had just happened, not sure that he wanted it to be over. He had never come twice in such a short amount of time. He had never had an orgasm so intense as the last one, he wanted more, he wanted her to take him again. Hearing her getting dressed, he rolled over, sitting up slightly, watching her.

“Well sir, I would suggest that you keep yourself on the right side of the law from now on or I will have to back,” she slid her baton back onto her belt and snapped the closer on her cuffs.

He moved to his feet, naked, his cock sanding out in front of him, semi stiff, as he though about what he could do to get her to come back later.

Closing the distance between them in one step, she took a firm hold of his stiffing shaft and kissed him hard, forcing her tongue deep into his mouth.

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